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  1. I've seen folks who put a sign in the window, just in case, to let folks know that their dog is comfortably cool in the car. Here's an example, but I've seen a bunch of them floating around the internet.
  2. This whole post made me giggle! Cletus, you've got some great friends out there who know how to have a good time! Thanks for sharing
  3. Oh, he is just so handsome! And clearly he knows that he hit the jackpot. Welcome home, Cletus!!
  4. Oh, Karen, I'm so very sorry that you had to say goodbye to Ruby. I know you loved her dearly. My thoughts are with you.
  5. Found this greyhound video on Reddit and thought it was hysterical. Enjoy! https://www.reddit.com/r/Zoomies/comments/b1d2l7/it_used_to_be_a_normal_rug/
  6. Welcome, and thanks so much for sharing that adorable video - it made my day! I'm sorry for your loss of Brett. Saying goodbye is so very hard. I'm sure you'll be glad when you are settled in a house and can adopt a grey or two. We had two at a time for most of the time we had greys and I really liked having more than one. Definitely more expensive, but only minimally more work and I was always comforted that they weren't all alone when we weren't at home. Not that they probably cared, but it made me feel better anyway.
  7. Both of her dogs look like they are so happy! It's obvious she's a great trainer
  8. Cool! The house I'm talking about is on Rogers Street. I looked it up on Google maps and I'm thinking it must be somewhat close to your area. I really enjoyed seeing that picture - it reminded me of home (or at least where I spent a lot of time visiting!). Thanks for sharing it!
  9. Oh my goodness, just saw the picture you posted on your hike and I swear you must live very close to where my mom grew up and where my cousin now lives. I swear that's the same view I've seen when we've climbed a mesa (is there more than one in Golden? I don't even know and I grew up in CO!) by their house. Lovely picture and awesome dogs. Congratulations on Bertrand
  10. Wow - no assistance from him at all! I wish I had a servant who was so obliging!
  11. I smiled my way through every single picture. What fun!!
  12. I'm heartbroken for you. Please accept my deepest sympathies on your loss of Jules far too soon.
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