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  1. I love his white face against the dark background. Striking!
  2. I have it! If you’d like to PM me your address I will pop it in the mail for you. I also have her pattern for little greyhound dolls if you are interested. Just let me know
  3. I may. I'll look when I get home tonight. If I have it, I'm happy to send it your way. I tried briefly to learn to knit crochet a few years ago with, um, less than optimal results . I'll post later tonight once I've had a chance to look.
  4. Yes, I have been getting the same error messages as above, but after someone posted this same fix earlier in the thread, when I got "logged out" this morning I went ahead and clicked on a link and it worked, with me ending up magically logged in. So, thanks to you both!
  5. I get logged out pretty often, and get an error when I try to log in again - different from the error above. But even though it says something went wrong I actually do get logged in. I didn't see this thread until I passed that point, but if it's helpful for me to do anything to document, etc. just let me know. I'm on Windows10 and using Chrome.
  6. I've seen folks who put a sign in the window, just in case, to let folks know that their dog is comfortably cool in the car. Here's an example, but I've seen a bunch of them floating around the internet.
  7. This whole post made me giggle! Cletus, you've got some great friends out there who know how to have a good time! Thanks for sharing
  8. Oh, he is just so handsome! And clearly he knows that he hit the jackpot. Welcome home, Cletus!!
  9. Oh, Karen, I'm so very sorry that you had to say goodbye to Ruby. I know you loved her dearly. My thoughts are with you.
  10. Found this greyhound video on Reddit and thought it was hysterical. Enjoy! https://www.reddit.com/r/Zoomies/comments/b1d2l7/it_used_to_be_a_normal_rug/
  11. Welcome, and thanks so much for sharing that adorable video - it made my day! I'm sorry for your loss of Brett. Saying goodbye is so very hard. I'm sure you'll be glad when you are settled in a house and can adopt a grey or two. We had two at a time for most of the time we had greys and I really liked having more than one. Definitely more expensive, but only minimally more work and I was always comforted that they weren't all alone when we weren't at home. Not that they probably cared, but it made me feel better anyway.
  12. I'm so very sorry for your loss of River. Bless you for all you did to try to help him. It's clear from your posts how much you loved him.
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