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Bo Lassiter 5/1/96 - 2/14/03


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Very sorry Nan :(

Deerhounds Darcy, Duffy, Grace & Wellington, Mutts Sprout & Buddy, Lurchers Ned & Jake plus Ella the Westie + cats. Remembering Del, Jessie, Maddison, Flo, Sally, Stanley, Wallace, Radar, Mokka, Oki cat, Tetley, Poppy & Striker.


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Oh Nan! :weep:weep:weep I'm so very sorry that your Bo passed. How heartbreaking for you and your family. :brokenheart At least he is free from illness and whole again, loving you still in spirit form.

Jeanne with Remington & Scooter the cat
....and Beloved Bridge Angels Sandee, Shari, Wells, Derby, Phoenix, Jerry Lee and Finnian.....
If tears could build a stairway, and memories a lane, I'd walk right up to heaven
and bring you home again.

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My deepest sympathies Nan.

Edited by GreyTzu

Wendy and The Whole Wherd. American by birth, Southern by choice.
"Do not meddle in the affairs of dragons, for you are crunchy and taste good with ketchup!"
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Nan, I am so sorry for your loss. Since reading about Bo I have thought of him everyday praying for a good outcome. You can rest assured that he is in a better place feeling like he should and running like the wind. May you rest in peace Bo. My Lily sends you a big hug and kiss.



Praying for all the missing greys!

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Now that I'm a little more calm and sane, I wanted to share with you beautiful words that my obedience trainer, Jane, sent about my Bo Bo.


My heart split wide open on February 11, 1999 when I lost my majestic "wind

spirit" as I called her, my Brighton, my beautiful brindle girl...born in

November 1986. Her life was long and entertaining, she loved me more than any

human ever could, and she waited to tell me she was ready to go, so we could

be together and hold each other tight as her spirit left.


Tonight I mourn the passing of another majestic creature, Bo. A Greyhound

with the body of Atlas and the soul of a saint. Perhaps he was aware of his

destiny from the minute he was born and decided to live life in his own

unique way. The beautiful package that contained his beautiful soul could no

longer provide for him so he had to leave it behind.


Dearest Bo,


You made a very important journey today, you've gone to a place where you can

run free and fast. You stop once in a while and long for Nancy and Scott,

but then you run again because you know that when you are reunited with all

who have loved you, they will understand why you are now so happy. I miss

you Bo and am honored to have had the pleasure of knowing you. Tell Brighton

I love her and touch her velvety ears for me.




Your teacher and admirer - Miss Jane



Jane Fink

Greyfaire Kennel



Nancy and Simon Dunne, with Clown and Daisy in Greenville,

SC....but missing West Yorkshire summat chronic! uk.gif

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Nan, I am In tears, I have been following all your posts both here and on the L-list, I am so sorry. You gave Bo such love and care and did all you could do to make his time here the best. I can't even imagine the pain you must feel, he is in peace and pain free now, hold onto those thoughts to help you through !

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I'm so sorry to hear about Bo. I know your family must be devestated. You're in our thoughts and prayers. :f_pink

Denise & Strider, Blake, Fields, Frank, FlippyDoo, and Momma Gail.

The Bridge Angels Zack(Ags Marble Chip) 4/25/93-2/16/06, Wanda(Rainier Rowanda) 12/14/94-06/09/06, Brooke/Boogers(Rainier Restive) 01/01/99-10/20/08, Warlock(Rainier Rammer) 4/29/99-10/01/09), Patsie(Frisky Patsy) 5/17/96-2/05/10, Hatter(Cals Madhatter) 6/3/00-3/11/10, Dodger(Rainier Ransack) 4/29/99-4/16/10, and Sparkle(Okie Sparkle) 11/8/2000-1/28/11

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