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  1. Bevd

    Miss Echo

    I'm so sorry for your loss
  2. Sorry I'm late and sorry that things didn't work out. I have had to return a dog recently (not cat related) and sometimes, it's just the best thing to do all round.
  3. Darcy had alternating carboplatin and doxyrubicin. With the carboplatin, we stayed at the vets whilst the drug was administered and we were there and back within the hour. With the doxyrubacin, Darcy stayed at the vets for a half day. Before both drugs, she had her white blood count checked and she was given an anti emetic during the treatment. After a dose of chemo, she 'possily' slept a little more and she was slightly reluctant to eat at first but once we got her started she was fine and would eat the rest of the meal by herself. Best of luck
  4. Awwww, her lovely little face I'm sure she'll do much better once she's home
  5. I too am very glad that it's not *it* Sending lots of good wishes that the 'thing' is a simple one which won't cause too many problems
  6. Only just reading this now. I'm very sorry to hear about Callie and her diagnosis. Sending good thoughts for all of you
  7. I'm really sorry to read this Thinking good thoughts for you all
  8. Sending lots of good thoughts for Harley
  9. What an awfully long list There are four of ours there Remembering them all with love
  10. Bevd


    I'm really sorry to read this Sleep tight lovely Strider.
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