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  1. I'm going and I can't wait to get back to the beach again!! I won't be bringing my Razzy because she is getting to old to travel, but my roommates will have dogs for me to borrow I'll also be giving a talk on Greyhound Amber Alert at the Convention Center. Looking forward to seeing everyone!!
  2. My dog broke her toe and is in a bandage for 5 to 6 weeks. I am using a Medi-Paw boot which keeps it nice and dry.
  3. I have the Link for Razzy - it is a little bulky but she is petite. The Tracking App is real time but can vary based on your signal with your phone in certain areas, etc. We have had it since it first came out and they have made many improvements to it. https://www.linkakc.com/
  4. I'm sorry you are going through this One thing I will mention is my regular vet was able to do the Pamidronate infusions. Wylie never saw an oncologist. They were new to it and had only done it on one dog before, but they did it for me & Wylie and we had good results. Thank you Neyla's Mom for the Zoledronate name - I couldn't remember it. It was expensive about $600-$700 per treatment, but he had pet insurance which covered most of it. I didn't worry too much about the long term side effects since I knew his time would be limited. It would be worth asking your regular vet if they have ev
  5. Have you looked into Pamidronate or other similar infusions? We did this with my boy Wylie a few years ago and he had 6 good months post-diagnosis. It is essentially a bisphosphonate that may help strengthen the bone and reduce pain (along with pain meds). My vet was very happy with how it helped Wylie's bone around the tumor to calcify.
  6. I'll be there and staying at the Eisenhower. I got a first floor room because Razzy is getting older.
  7. I agree with either the spook harness or the freedom no pull harness. The last thing you want is her for to get loose and bolt into traffic. http://www.majesticcollars.com/harness.htm https://www.2houndsdesign.com/product-category/shop-now/freedom-no-pull-harness/ You can use a single leash clip or double, both will work. And since even harnesses are not always escape-proof, you can also use a coupler to attach the harness and collar together as a back up.
  8. I'll be there at my usual cottage in Dewey with Razzy and I can't wait for VACATION with the dogs
  9. LOVE all the pictures!! I haven't been back to Grapehounds in many years. How hot was it (be honest!)? I am a hot weather hater so I have always been hesitant to go back.
  10. Are you on Facebook? There is a group called Greyhound Sitters Exchange https://www.facebook.com/groups/362259110628359/
  11. I have always used the Freedom No-Pull Harness from 2Hounds Design. If tightened properly I feel like they are more secure than just a martingale. They were originally designed for greyhounds, so they fit them well. https://www.2houndsdesign.com/product-category/shop-now/freedom-no-pull-harness/
  12. Patty, I really like O'Rourke's, and the patio is pet friendly!
  13. JenniferS


    Robin I am so very sorry to hear about sweet Iker. I'm glad he had a greyt home with you & Xavi.
  14. I have not read all the responses, but our girl Razzy was having pee accidents in the house, drinking a ton, and ruled out negative for UTI's. This happened several years in a row with no diagnosis. When we looked back through her records, it was always around November when we first turn the heat on. She was drinking more and peeing more whenever the heat was on. We now run a heavy duty humidifier and try to limit her water intake in the winter months.
  15. It definitely could be medical or behavioral, especially with him being so new. However, I just wanted to share my experience with my girl, Razzy. She was drinking a lot and peeing in the house a lot, at certain times of year, even though she is completely housebroken. After testing her several times for medical issues with no diagnosis, we realized over the years it was happening in November, when we usually turn the heat on. Our house was so dry she was drinking a lot more and not able to hold it as long. We have a humidifier now and monitor her water intake. Good luck!
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