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    Miss Echo

    I'm so sorry for your loss
  2. Sorry I'm late and sorry that things didn't work out. I have had to return a dog recently (not cat related) and sometimes, it's just the best thing to do all round.
  3. Darcy had alternating carboplatin and doxyrubicin. With the carboplatin, we stayed at the vets whilst the drug was administered and we were there and back within the hour. With the doxyrubacin, Darcy stayed at the vets for a half day. Before both drugs, she had her white blood count checked and she was given an anti emetic during the treatment. After a dose of chemo, she 'possily' slept a little more and she was slightly reluctant to eat at first but once we got her started she was fine and would eat the rest of the meal by herself. Best of luck
  4. Awwww, her lovely little face I'm sure she'll do much better once she's home
  5. I too am very glad that it's not *it* Sending lots of good wishes that the 'thing' is a simple one which won't cause too many problems
  6. Only just reading this now. I'm very sorry to hear about Callie and her diagnosis. Sending good thoughts for all of you
  7. I'm really sorry to read this Thinking good thoughts for you all
  8. Sending lots of good thoughts for Harley
  9. What an awfully long list There are four of ours there Remembering them all with love
  10. Bevd


    I'm really sorry to read this Sleep tight lovely Strider.
  11. I'm very sorry for your loss
  12. I'm sorry to hear about the problem but glad you opted to get her xrayed when you did. I don't think I've heard of anyone getting an MRI for a diagnosis, to be honest. I'm wondering if it would be better to get someone more experienced to look at the current xrays (whilst you wait to hear from Dr Coutos team). As has been mentined, an MRI is VERY expensive (here in the UK it costs us - or rather our insurance company - nearly £1500 UK pounds) and if god forbid there is *anything* that needs big treatment, you might want to save whatever money is in your insurance pot for this year, for the treatment if you see what I mean.
  13. Striker had another chest xray this week, just to compare with the last one. We hoped that maybe the 'things' may have gone away or shrunk or something else nice but unfortunately they are still there and no matter how much I squinted my eyes, they were a little larger. But he's still doing fine so thats good He's not coughing very much (only if he gets a bit excited which doesn't happen that often LOL)
  14. Just to keep you all in the loop Darcy went back to see the Cardiologist on Monday as arranged in September, and she was pleased with how things are going. No medication changes are necessary and we have another appointment for a check-up in February
  15. Darcy had no symptoms AT ALL. None. And then she walked across the room and her leg broke. Then she was xrayed and then diagnosed and amputated. (Leg broke around 11am and apmputation was at 3pm ish). I've wondered whether I missed a sign beforehand but I know in my heart that I didn't. We had already lost one dog to bone cancer so I was more than aware of textbook signs and symptoms but Darcy really did not have anything at all. 15th October 2007 - playing with our Westie, Ella. Her front right leg is fully weight bearing as she plays 16th October 2007 - leg broke as detailed above. I've puzzled over how the osteo had been there long enough to weaken the bone to the extent that it did, yet not give ANY outward signs or symptoms. I don't think I'm ever going to know the answer to that By the way, in case there is anyone who doesn't know ( ) Darcy is now celebrating 37 months (and 2 days)
  16. I'm glad to hear that nothing 'yacky' was seen on the xray Our Ned (lurcher) slipped and fell whilst running into the house just before Christmas a couple of years ago and although he didn't really limp immediately afterwards, he did start to limp after exercise a few days later. He was only a year old but I had all the same thoughts and fears as you prior to xray. His was a soft tissue injury and it took literally months for it to heal completely.
  17. Thanks all He seems to be doing OK at the moment. There have been a couple of coughs today and he was a little panty when we came in from visiting my sister but he's settled down now and he's eaten his dinner and had a tickle so all is OK
  18. Striker (will be 12 in Dec) came to us in January 2009 as a dog who was generally not in great health. He's done pretty well but in recent months, with one thing and another, we (and the vet) realised that he may well have a 'little something' being harboured somewhere in his brain. It was never a certainty but just from clinical signs it was suspected. Still he's plodded on (plodded being the word as this dog really does nothing other than sleep, eat and have a tickle). He's recently started to cough and become rather intollerant of exercise/excitment. So today he had a chest xray and it was clear to see that there is at least one mass in his chest (lung). There are a couple of other suspicious areas but one large one for definate. He's not going to undergo further tests simply because there is no point. He's just going to have steriods and continue with his happy life of sleeping, eating and being tickled for as long as he deems suitable. (bums)
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