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Mia Is Home!

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She is HOME! But I am headed back to the vet (about 45 minutes away) because they didn't send me home with all of her medication. *sigh*


**Update 6.5.07**


It looks like Mia might be coming home tonight!!!!! I am so happy and excited! The vet wants to check her blood levels again and make sure she is still responding well to the pred, but she said Mia slept most of the night last night!


My poor girl was so exhausted when we saw her yesterday, Bob and I actually picked her up and gently laid her down on her blanket and she never even lifted her head after that, she was SO tired!! So afterwards, they were nice enough to take her back to her kennel while she was still laying down and the vet said she never got up again, she just slept all night.


I am so relieved!!! She is at least on the road to recovery and is feeling a little better today, I am so happy!!




**Update 6.4.07**


We just returned from seeing her. I am still kind of raw from seeing her in such bad shape but wanted to update so you can all keep those positive healing thoughts coming.


Mia was started on pred last night, they have been treating her for Erlichea, Babesia, Lyme, and Rocky Mountain since Saturday, but we don't have the titers back yet so we don't actually know for sure if she has anything besides Erlichea, but SOMETHING is going on besides Erlichea and that is for sure and they don't want to wait until the titers come back to start treating her for the other TBDs because she needs to get better NOW!


Her legs and feet are still very swollen and she wouldn't eat for the vet today so we brought some food with cooked chicken and she ate about a cup of food plus all of the cooked chicken. She had a pee accident in the room with us so we took her outside. She is walking well, she pooped outside but it was runny with some mucousy blood in it (which really worried me a lot since she started on the pred last night). We took it back with us to give to the vet, so hopefully all is well there and it is just irritation from having diahrea (and being on 3 different antibiotics).


Her temperature is NORMAL! And that is literally the first time in 2 weeks that it hasn't spiked back up at night so I am really relieved. We aren't out of the woods yet, and her feet still look very swollen to me, but when I spoke with the dr. that is treating her, she sounded positive and said Mia might get to come home tomorrow.


If she comes home tomorrow, we still have to watch every poopy to make sure she isn't bleeding, we will have to keep her quiet, and she will have to rest a lot. We are going to x-pen off a corner of our living room so that she can rest in there without worrying about the other hounds.


I can't wait to have her home, I am going to pile up 5 beds so she can sleep on them with all of the cushion in the world.


I am sorry if anyone is waiting on something from me. I appreciate the private messages but right now I can't focus enough to answer. I am very lucky to have a team that is keeping 2HD afloat right now because I am such a wreck. My "girls" (employees) have all rallied behind me and they are getting orders that came in while I was at Mountain Hounds caught up and getting the wholesale orders that have to ship this week out ASAP. I appreciate everyone's support and patience with me. This is literally the first time I have had a hound this sick, I have been very blessed with overall healthy animals (other than a condition here and there) so I am just taking it very hard.






**Late 6.3.07 Update**


I just talked to the vet, her fever has spiked back up and she feels like we really need to start steroids right away. We were trying to wait another day to get the Metacam out of her system before starting it, but she is going to give her something to coat her GI tract that will help prevent a reaction from the steroids/Metacam. The steroids will help control the fever and also reduce the swelling in her joints.


The ultrasound all looked good. Her spleen is slightly enlarged but that is to be expected with Erlichea, her kidneys were slightly dilated (?) but they think that is because of the amount of fluids they are pumping in her.


Her joint tap looked ok, there were some lymphacites (sp?) and a few other cells in the fluid. They are going to send it off for tests along with more blood that was drawn before the new antibiotics started.


If she feels miraculously better, she might get to come home tomorrow night, otherwise they want to keep her for another night.


I asked if I could bring a big cushy bed for her to sleep on and they told me no. :( I understand why, and I understand that her kennel isn't really large enough for a big cushy bed, but I feel so helpless and that is the only comfort I feel like I can offer my little princess so I was hoping to be able to do something for her.


Please send all the white light and healing thoughts you can spare for my little Mia girl.




**Update 6.3.07**


We visited her today at the specialist, they are going to keep her another night. They are doing a joint tap (meaning they are going to get some of the fluid out of her joints and culture it to see if there is anything bacterial going on) and they also did an ultrasound. More bloodwork, more drugs, more everything.


Her feet are so swollen, they almost look like a bear foot or a labrador foot or something, they are so big, and her joints are still all swollen.


My poor little girl has so many shaved spots on her, she looks like a beauty school dropout, but she wagged her tail for me and her eyes were bright and happy to see me. We went outside for a potty break (they were just getting ready to take her to potty when we got there so they said I could take her).


I cried when I had to leave her with the vet for another night and I am still waiting to hear back about the results from her ultrasound.





6.2.07 Mia still isn't doing well. We left her at home with Cynthia, one of my best friends, who also has greyhound (and a galgo) and I am glad we did now. She started panting and pacing this morning so she took her to our vet at home and they tranferred her to the Vet Specialist in Charlotte.


She has a 105.9 fever, Her blood levels are ok, they did more x-rays and they were ok, she has protein in her urine and they are worried about that. She is going to stay overnight while they pump fluids in her and she is starting on another antibiotic (in addition to the Doxy she is already on).


I talked to the vet on the phone and I feel guilty that I am not here, but Cynthia did exactly what I would have done and she is staying there overnight so there is nothing I can do to help her right now.


Please keep my little girl in your thoughts. We are going to get there as soon as we can tomorrow to see how she is doing and HOPEFULLY bring her home. Please pray for a miraculous improvement so she can come home with us. I need my little kissy girl to feel better soon :(

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Guest KyGrey

I am sorry you are having to go through this especially being away from home. Hopefully she will feel better soon and be able to come home.

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I'm so sorry! I"m sending more prayers for Mia! I hope she feels better soon!


What dosage of Doxy do they have Mia on? Sebau was on 600 mg/day of doxy for her lyme, and it took a dose that high to really have an effect. (she was a bit chunky at the time, at 65 pounds)

In vino veritas
Rachael with Rook, missing Sully, Sebau, and Diesel

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Guest KennelMom
:hope :hope :hope Prayers for Mia...poor baby :( I hope the specialist can get to the bottom of what's ailing her :goodluck Do they still suspect it's the Ehrlichia just not under control?
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How horrible for both of you. I KNOW what you are going through.


Just know she is in good hands and being well taken care of. Prayers, love and hugs sent your way.





ROBIN ~ Mom to: Beau Think It Aint, Chloe JC Allthewayhome, Teddy ICU Drunk Sailor, Elsie N Fracine , Ollie RG's Travertine, Ponch A's Jupiter~ Yoshi, Zoobie & Belle, the kitties.

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Sending my many prayers. :grouphug


Patti-Mommy of Lady Sophia 7-28-92 - 8-3-04... LaceyLaine 8-2-94-12-5-07...

Flash Gordon 7-14-99 - 8-29-09... BrookLynne...Pavé Maria... and 18 Bridge Kids.




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:goodluck for Mia. :grouphug for you. The distance must make things especially trying.

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Guest GreysAndMoreGreys

Oh no :(

I'm glad that she was being watched by Cynthia and that Cynthia reacted the way she did.


Huge amounts of thoughts and prayers headed your way along with Mia's. That little peanut has to be ok, I just won't take no for an answer!!!

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Poor Mia, and poor you guys!! Bad enough she's feeling so bad still, but to be so far away! I've got my fingers and toes all crossed up, and am thinking the most powerful good healing thoughts I can for you all!



My Inspirations: Grey Pogo, borzoi Katie, Meep the cat, AND MY BELOVED DH!!!
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Latest news from the specialist, they are going to have her see an internalist tomorrow and they are going to test for Babesia, which is not treated with Doxy. Best case scenario is that she has Babesia in addition to the Erlichea and we can treat with a new antibiotic in addition to the Doxy to get rid of both the Babesia and the Erlichea. If it isn't Babesia or another TBD, we are back to square one and will have to run more tests to find out what is going on, possibly immune-response. I would much rather it be Babesia, which is treated easily.


Just keep those good thoughts coming and tell my little girl to get better. I believe in the power of positive thinking and I am positive she will be better tomorrow so we can bring her home.


Heather :grouphug I wish I could have seen you this weekend, I am so sorry about Cassie and all that you have on your plate right now and you have to hear bad news about my wee little Mia. We all missed you and have you in our thoughts.

2 Hounds Design Martingale Collars | 2 Hounds Design Facebook Page

Alisha, Bob, Livvie (the 2.5 year old!) plus Mia Bella, Tippy, + Wahoo and Diesel the crazy kitties (and missing sweet Iceman, Paradise, Bandit, Cujo & Sebastian) in Indian Trail, NC

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Guest Lori

Poor Miss Mia. Did they sent the blood up to NCSU Vet School for the TBD tests? They're supposed to be some of the country's experts in tick borne diseases. Damien had RMSF a couple of years ago, was so lethargic for a while.


Prayers for Mia.

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Sending much positivity Mia's way!!!!


Bow Wow Wow Yippie Yo Yippie Yay :)


Johanna with hounds: Woodie (Molly's Marvin) (Grenade X Kh Molly) and Petra (Make Her a Pet) (Dodgem By Design X Late Nite Oasis)

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Sending along hugs and prayers.

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Guest nlochansky

Aww, thinking about you guys and Mia. Hopefully all will be easily treated and she'll be able to come home soon. :grouphug

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