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  1. Hey there Gale, did you know the reunion is Sept 10 this year?

    How is your gang doing?

  2. Aerosmom


    I read with great sadness the passing of Winslow. He was an inspiration to many on Greytalk. I'll never forget his posts to Cricket when she was fighting hard with her swim therapy. You were blessed to have him and to share him with all of us. Godspeed Winslow.
  3. OSU and many others on Greytalk recommended the fine needle aspirate instead of the bone biopsy to confirm that Snickers had bone cancer. It ended up not being a definitive result but I think that besides the pain of the bone biopsy, I decided on the FNA because there was the possibility of shattering the bone during the regular biopsy. Osteosarcoma has a very distinctive appearance on x-rays and after OSU looked them over it seemed pretty certain that osteosarcoma was what we were dealing with. After they amputated, they send the leg (or part of it) for testing, and it was confirmed that Snickers did have osteosarcoma. Hugs to your friend and their dog. Many pups have successful surgeries and do well for a while afterward.
  4. They are adorable little land sharks! Enjoy!
  5. I just saw this too. Like so many, I enjoyed the tales of Loca. She will be greatly missed.
  6. Try shining a flashlight -- ticks reflect light. It certainly is easier to spot them on a light-colored pup though.
  7. Sending lots of healing wishes for Diamond and family. It is so unfair that you had to go through this trauma. Unfortunately the majority of dog owners really don't take responsiblity for their dogs and think it's their right to roam off leash. I hope Diamond feels more better soon.
  8. I'm so sorry to read about Bugsy. You wrote a beautiful tribute to her. It made me cry because I can feel your sadness and love for her. Godspeed Bugsy.
  9. How hysterically funny to find the poo bag dangling from a tree branch!
  10. Wow! The news got better and better! It is so fantastic to read about NO changes in Darcy's lungs after all this time. You must be sooooo thrilled.
  11. Joining the chant for clear x-rays for the beautiful Miss Darcy!
  12. I'm so sorry to read this. When my 5-year-old Snickers started limping just a few months after her fifth birthday, I was stunned that she had osteo so young. It can happen, although I think I remember the average age is 9. Did you join Circle of Grey yet? Dr. Cuoto at OSU is a wonderful, caring resource too.
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