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  1. Another cautionary tale. DH and I went on a trip this winter, leaving our cats and dogs in the care of a petsitter who had been great with them in the past. Nonetheless, we left tons of notes and really labored the point that Pogo and Brilly can have issues, so when in doubt, MUZZLE! Sure enough, the poor girl had just stepped into another room "for a minute!" when she heard a fight break out in the kitchen. It seems some sugar was reachable on the counter, and the two boys got into it. Brilly had a couple good gashes needing stitches. Everyone was shook up, including us out on our va
  2. I don't know who to thank for adding such a sweet note to Wabi's Greyhound Data page. I just saw that this morning, and it got me sobbing all over again. Thank you, kind person!! That's my girl! Aw, Patsy, how neat. I'm glad it gave you a Wabi moment. Thanks for sharing it with us.
  3. Thanks, Wendie. I appreciate the hugs.
  4. Thanks, EmbersDad and Patsy. : I sewed up Wabi's coat for the pillow last night. (Stabbed myself once, and managed to wear a cut into my thumb, 'cause I'm such a pro.) I need to get stuffing. I'm egging my husband to paint me a picture of a dandelion, in his own loose style (which I can't come close to). I got a brass heart pet tag engraved like this: Wabi Thank you Eat the Dandelions It's now on a silver chain around my neck with two other heart tags (for my first dog, Hobie, and for Happy, our broodie who died two years ago). The tattoo idea
  5. Aww, Elizabeth, thanks! You have her essence pretty well summed up. Those pictures all just bring back those early days, when she was with you and I was just starving to get my eyes and hands on her. I think that's pretty clear in that last pic, where I'm just lost in love with her on the floor in your office during our first meeting, oblivious to you or H (his feet behind me expressing patience :rollingeyes: ). Looking at those pictures, I can just about feel her thick soft puppy fur, that stayed so soft her whole life. That rolling toss of her head and those bubbly eyes jus
  6. Thanks (on-going!) : My husband likes the idea of the Wabi pillow, too. I just got an email from JoAnn's announcing a sale on pillow stuffing: it's fate!
  7. *snuffling* Thank you. You're right; I do feel ... well, "glad" isn't the right word, but I know it saved her a lot of longer term suffering to go so quickly, and while she had been able to enjoy her life right up to the last couple hours. Meanwhile, Pogo is trying to climb up in my lap, wagging and snuffling his wet nose in my face. He's very distracting!
  8. Thanks. No, it never is long enough, is it? I've been washing and sorting through her stuff (coats, pajamas, collars, booties, sweaters) to send to the Galgos, and there's this one plush fleece coat that neither DH nor I can let go of. I'm thinking of ... I know this sounds morbid ... filling it with stuffing, and having it as a pillow. Am I totally around the bend, or have I come up with a neat idea??? I'm doing it, either way!
  9. Thank you for this. It makes my heart glad to think that her wonderful, quirky little self has had such a wide reach. You've made the (good) tears come again. That's a good point. I'm still waiting to hear back from Big Dave about his opinions on this design. I'll ask him about the style, particularly.
  10. It's been a week, tonight. Still finding ourselves suddenly overcome. Still learning how to skip big parts of our routines, how to not look for the third dog, how to not hear her breathe at night, how to step over the dandelions without noting where the best ones are. The worst has come, and gone, but it will be a cold cold winter. Thanks for this outlet, and for the caring.
  11. Hmmm. I'll look at it that way, too. But, I'm kind of consistent with putting frame-shapes on things, even if the things then stick out of the frame. I get what you're saying, though. I did want it to have a little sort of water colory or pastel-like background to it, if it works out with tattooist to do get that effect, and for that I'd want the border. Also, the bit of red sets off the green well, I think. Still trying to jump-start my brain and get some painting done! I have a deadline, and it's looking pretty impossible right now.
  12. : Yes: where? Who? IF?? I know that inner debate! That sent me on yet another definition hunt, since the meaning is not easy to translate or simple. I found this page, which really puts it so beautifully. Here's what it says specifically about the word "wabi" (as separate from the term "wabi sabi", which the page defines so nicely): While I would say that she was not "free from ... indolence," she had the rest of this down in her own way. Even balance, in her own off-center way. I love this first paragraph on the page: Thanks, Gil!
  13. What do you think of this for a tattoo? I've been thinking of putting it right over my heart (or, you know, just above the chest pocket region). Not big. Just a couple inches. I don't even know if he can do it like this; sketchy and loose. Or, maybe I'm going to get cold feet, and be satisfied with the drawing by itself!
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