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  1. A dremel is the only thing that is used on my grey. She has naturally long quicks so I have the vet staff do it.
  2. My grey just might be one of those that needs more frequent dentals too. I am hoping after this next dental she can go a little longer in between, but time will tell :-)
  3. Thanks for all the feedback. I have posted in the hookworm thread prior and tried various treatment protocols as well as spending hours on research. I didn’t take the hookworm issue lightly. My grey was treated consistently with dewormer since I’ve had her. I will get bloodwork done on her prior to the dental. There were no comments from her adoption group about her previous one. I will be sure to confirm my vet uses appropriate anesthesia protocols for Greys. I will take off work for the cleaning and the next day also just to make sure I can monitor her 100%. Patrick’sMom, that’s awesome you avoided extractions with the annual cleanings! Very proactive! I am glad they all went well. So good to hear. Until the dental I am going to continue with brushing and giving her daily dental chews, that she enjoys.
  4. This is very reassuring! I appreciate your feedback, thank you.
  5. A few months ago my female grey (4 yrs old) was seen for her annual wellness exam. The vet suggested she may need a dental cleaning and would have to be sedated for it, since I asked if there was a less invasive one they could do while she was awake. I realize this may be terrifying for dogs either way. He said he would check her at her next exam to see if he would still recommend the cleaning. There was only one tooth in particular that looks like it needs some more serious cleaning. The gum line is red and there is much plaque/tarter on the back tooth. I give my grey a dental chew once per day and do brush her teeth regularly, although I need to get better about doing it daily. She does have bad breath, which can be caused by gut issues too. I am nervous of her being put under for this possible cleaning with greyhounds being so sensitive with things like that. She has a history of hookworm and I expect she will have them life long. I have concern that if she is put under that will cause another load of hookworms to emerge so maybe she would need a Drontal dosing afterward? She is currently on monthly Advantage Multi now. The adoption group I got her from had done a dental when they got her (2 years ago). Grateful for that. I of course will talk more in depth with the vet when the time comes. I know good dental health is important for both dogs and humans alike. I have never had a dog who needed a cleaning so this is new to me. Has anyone ever had their pets vet suggest a dental for one tooth in question? Not all vets are the most grey savvy so I would like to see other people's experiences with dental cleanings etc. Please share your thoughts/opinions and suggestions. Thank you in advance.
  6. My grey seems to like the Nutrisource Chicken & Rice-large breed. I am happy with the protein being 23% and fiber 5%. I do have to order it online though. I also use Purina Pro Plan and have tried the Savor as well as the Salmon sensitive Skin & Stomach. All result in decent stools for her. Good luck with the food search!
  7. These greys look soo much like my brindle girl!! Piper especially, OMG! Could be the twin of my grey. She is the sweetest thing too. I am so lucky to have her. Her sire was BD’s Grayson who is the son of Dodgem By Design.
  8. Smurfette, I hope you have a fast recovery! Paddy is there for you :-)
  9. Can’t imagine the shipping being too much...how do we do this? Not sure if I can receive a personal message or..?
  10. I have a few extra Fresh Factor supplement bottles that I would be willing to give away to someone in the Milwaukee, WI area or could ship locally. Had some Grizzy Omega Health dog oil too that I wont be using for my grey. Might donate that to a local humane society... Spring cleaning.
  11. My female hound does this all too much on walks. Rossfox, I understand the concern you have with your male getting injured. I would just gently give a pull on the leash immediately after he is done doing his business, to try and lead him away. I initially started doing this because the dirt flinging got so wild that my hound was almost stepping in her own mess, before I could pick it up. Some people in my neighborhood would have a fit unfortunately if they caught my hound doing this on their lawn, so I try and be respectful by leading my hound away and either saying ah ah, kind of like a no no. They are just being dogs when they do this but it can get carried away if not redirected. You could also try and have some treats with you to distract.
  12. Pedigree Dentastix. bacon flavor or original. I brush my greys teeth every couple days although daily is ideal. My grey loves naturally shed antlers but not sure how well those help with plaque and tarter. No dentals needed yet.
  13. I have emailed customer service and asked my question. I am overly cautious of food expiration in general and want to make sure I am not tossing stuff out too early. Bad habit. Thanks!
  14. I thought the expiration date on the bag applied when unopened only?
  15. Once dry dog food/kibble is opened, stored at room temperature, in its original bag, then put in a plastic storage container, how long is it good for? I have looked online but would like to hear your opinions.
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