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  1. Smurfette, I hope you have a fast recovery! Paddy is there for you :-)
  2. Can’t imagine the shipping being too much...how do we do this? Not sure if I can receive a personal message or..?
  3. I have a few extra Fresh Factor supplement bottles that I would be willing to give away to someone in the Milwaukee, WI area or could ship locally. Had some Grizzy Omega Health dog oil too that I wont be using for my grey. Might donate that to a local humane society... Spring cleaning.
  4. My female hound does this all too much on walks. Rossfox, I understand the concern you have with your male getting injured. I would just gently give a pull on the leash immediately after he is done doing his business, to try and lead him away. I initially started doing this because the dirt flinging got so wild that my hound was almost stepping in her own mess, before I could pick it up. Some people in my neighborhood would have a fit unfortunately if they caught my hound doing this on their lawn, so I try and be respectful by leading my hound away and either saying ah ah, kind of like a no no. They are just being dogs when they do this but it can get carried away if not redirected. You could also try and have some treats with you to distract.
  5. Pedigree Dentastix. bacon flavor or original. I brush my greys teeth every couple days although daily is ideal. My grey loves naturally shed antlers but not sure how well those help with plaque and tarter. No dentals needed yet.
  6. I have emailed customer service and asked my question. I am overly cautious of food expiration in general and want to make sure I am not tossing stuff out too early. Bad habit. Thanks!
  7. I thought the expiration date on the bag applied when unopened only?
  8. Once dry dog food/kibble is opened, stored at room temperature, in its original bag, then put in a plastic storage container, how long is it good for? I have looked online but would like to hear your opinions.
  9. PaddysDad thank you for your reply and input! :-)
  10. I am interested to hear about the greyhounds who have/had life long hooks and how the owners manage them. Were the greys lives shortened significantly due to hookworm complications? If so, what were they? My grey has had the crap de wormed out of her since 2017. So now what?? I have had long discussions with our vet. Still no understanding of when and how often to de worm when its been so long. It is naive to think that when a greyhound has had hooks for most of their life that they could ever really rid of them. A grey will always have them, so how is it safe or effective to keep de worming when it isnt getting rid of the hooks completely? If the deworming isn't as often will they just get out of control again? I just saw a small amount of blood in my greys stool after she has been having good formed ones. I really dont get it. Used and alternated Panacur/Safeguard, Drontal Plus, Strongid, & Advantage Multi. Followed the prison protocol...so many questions and no answers...
  11. +1Edited to say once the hooks were under control things definitely got better.
  12. Those lucky greys! Stunning ladies to say the least.
  13. I like to use some paw balms on my greys pads and use booties. You can always lay down a layer of straw over any snow. In southeast Wisconsin we are at -24 right now. My grey is handling it like a champ considering. She realizes she needs to potty immediately and we RUN back in the house. She wears 2 layers of jackets.
  14. Chicken or turkey baby food in the small glass jar was the trick to get my grey to start eating her other food while dealing with hooks. I had to make sure to give her 3 small meals a day and still do. My greys vet recommended a Pepcid or something similar during the gurgling stomach moments. Trying to prevent the stomach noises with making sure there was less time between feedings worked as well as being persistent with offering the tastiest food. Seeing them be in such discomfort is tough. Hoping you get the Drontal you ordered soon!
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