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  1. I'm so sorry for your loss. Bella was queen of the roost and she loved her home and all that you did for her. She had the best life She is running painfree and having the time of her life, just remember she is still with you, always will be in your heart! Hugs to you and the family.
  2. Julie also says hello...I told her I had you for my SS. She since moved out of Naperville to Arlington Hts and soon to move out of the state is her plan!
  3. your welcome!!! I hope you enjoy the things for you as well. Have fun! Merry Christmas, glad you rec'd it!
  4. gr8kids


    I am soo sorry for your loss of Lexie. I totally loved the pictures you would post of her in all her different outfits ready for each holiday. She was a special girl and she touched many people. Thank you for sharing her with all of us and bringing a smile to our face. May all her memories help you each day as you heal from the sudden loss of this sweet girl. Hugs to you!
  5. Oh Tricia, I am so sorry. Holly was a beautiful little girl that fit in your family so well. She had a job and she did it well. She is running free at the bridge, with Murray, River and the rest of her friends. Your tribute was beautiful. I remembered almost every picture you posted, except the latest ones for I believe I included them in your calendar. Sending you hugs and hoping your memories help you heal.
  6. Oh sweet St Nick....I am sorry to say I had to send Bo to the rainbow bridge yesterday...my heart is broken, and I am dogless for the first time in 11 years. I don't want to mess things up so I will do it for my friend's grey Mookie. She is 7 yrs old, a small bossy brindle girl. She loves stuffies. She has no food allergies or limitations. She likes to go for walks and bark in the yard. I love tea any flavor but ginger or with hibiscus, and love dark chocolate, nuts (not pistachio or cashew) and sweets of course. I love popcorn too! I hope this helps.
  7. I'm soo sorry for your loss. Though she was in your life for a short time, you gave her the best world she could know. In that time, she gave you so much. Just know she is running free at the bridge and painfree. Hugs to you!
  8. So sorry for your precious one to have to be taken away. It is never easy, but remember the love you shared and the memories, though your time together was short you had a special bond that can never be broken even when one is running at the bridge out of pain! Until the one day you meet again, may the memories fill your heart with love!
  9. With a heavy 💓 and tears rolling down my face, I said goodbye to my little girl so she could run painfree at the rainbow bridge on 6/9/18, moving on to her next life. Sky you have been a part of my life for over 9 years. You were meant to be for me, from the beginning you were a healer, a caretaker, protector, a lover and reminded me to play and have fun. I remember when I brought you home and the face Storm gave me. She looked at me like this wasn't the same dog we met at the farm. You were now playful and full of life, at the farm you were in heat with a small dog bothering you all the time. You helped through my ups and downs with my treatments, laying across my lap when I would come home to make sure I rested. You felt it was your job to protect both Storm and myself and would not let us meet any other dogs in the neighborhood. You were there to help me get through Storm's CA and passing. You welcomed in Grace who was sick from day one and helped her get well and give her the best last few years of her life. You were there for me and the family when both Dad and Mom passed. You welcomed in Bo, the two of you were a greyt team. You made every day a little brighter. Sky you had a big heart that loved everyone, except the pups, if they got too close. You had no problem telling them you were the Alpha! You were the one I would come home to and you would bark only if something was wrong, you would tattletail on the other. I remember when you and Storm had your own party and pulled out and opened all the dog food and treat samples I had from a convention. I know you were the one who watched as Storm did most of the damage and eating the prizes. I loved how your eyes would tell your story, asking for an adjustment from Dr. Stimac​ or wanting your massage from Mary​​. You were always gracious and gave a thank you kiss. You also stood close to the door at meet & greets to make sure they saw you and gave you some attention so they can learn about greyhounds. I named you my 'happy girl' because you had spunk and were full of life. You loved going for walks and meeting the neighbors and then patiently lay in the grass while I had a conversation. You loved to go for rides and travel. I will never forget our first trip and it was to Myrtle Beach and the hotel floor was tiled and you jumped from one bed to the other to avoid walking on the floor, just like a child. You even were fed standing on the bed. You loved the sand at sunrise. You loved to play with your stuffies and pounce on them. Oh you were full of life. Oh, but your aching bones and weak back legs made it hard to jump on the bed, go down the stairs, walk a half a block, or pounce on your stuffy. Your eyesight worsening making stairs more difficult. Your love and 💓were not wanting to give up but your body did. I set you free to play and run and pounce again with no pain. My heart has a huge hole in it missing you. Sky until the day comes that we meet again, run free, you will always be my 'happy girl'! Thank you for gracing my life for so many years. I love you! ❤ Bo and I will go on but a day won't go by when I don't think of you and missing your little kisses and your gentle 'woof'! Run free little girl.
  10. Sorry for your sudden loss. May the comfort of Clifford not being in pain help you heal.
  11. Sending puppy dog kisses and hugs to you in your loss of Minnie. He was a fighter and loved every minute with you, now he is at the bridge and is an angel for you. May those special memories your shared help you heal each day and have comfort in his painfree world.
  12. So sorry for you loss of Buffy, she was a fighter and loved life. May the happy memories help heal the broken heart.
  13. thank you, Sky is doing better, swelling subsided after some homeopathic remedies and a canine massage, stopped the antibiotic due to poor appetite. Her appetite is getting back, she is starting to get her spirit and will to do a little digging back. She still has a fluid collection in her right leg that appeared again after the swelling went down and is going down slowly. This irritates her and being the weaker leg, having the extra weight on it doesn't help. My happy girl is on her way back...
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