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  1. Thanks to everyone for their replies. I’ll think it over with some wine this weekend!!
  2. Thanks DAKS! Even though Nutisource Chicken and Rice is not “all natural”, it’s better to be cautious. Also, a number of grey owners use ProPlan Savor.
  3. Hi Has anyone tried Nutrisource Chicken and Rice dry food? We boarded Chowder (using their food) and noticed a small weight gain and firmer poop. Also, has anyone tried mixing Nutrisource with other dry food, since it is pricey? Thanks!!
  4. Thank you to everyone who responded!!! Great feedback from a fantastic forum
  5. What is the safest and most effective way to clean grey’s ears? We have tooth brushing down pat and Chowder’s ears are next. Thanks!
  6. Oyster Chowder, born in in Australia in March 2011, raced in Macau. Thanks!
  7. Thank you for everyone for responding. This forum has been great since we joined in December and has really taken the anxiety out of being a new grey owner. Thanks again to everyone!!!
  8. Hopefully the weather may soon get warmer. Thinking about flea and tick prevention, and if I should use a collar or eatable pill for our grey. Any recommendations on type and/or brands?
  9. Thanks everyone for your great feedback!! Also, her breath has been getting really bad. When I saw Busderpuddle’s post mentioning bad breath coming from the gut, I started putting some yogurt in her food. After 2 meals, no bad breath! Hope it continues to work.
  10. How often do folks brush their greyhounds teeth? Also, how do they brush them? We are slowly getting our gray used to finger brushing with a soft cloth on the outside of the teeth. Thanks!
  11. Thanks for the excellent feedback everyone!! I guess I’ll keep sniffing and brushing!
  12. How often do greyhounds need to be bathed, especially during winter? I understand that they do not require bathing more than 1x month, because of minimal oil in their coat. Our greyhound does not appear dirty and does not smell. Any feedback would be appreciated!!
  13. On my 1-14 post, I questioned the possibility of cooking and blending carrots instead of using Olewo. I did the experiment and Olewo won!!
  14. Zoomdoggie, good point. I’ m guessing that cooked carrots may be easier to digest than raw.
  15. Has anyone tried cooking and pureeing raw carrots instead of using Olewo (at $16 per pound)?
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