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  1. Thanks for everyone’s replies. We live in a condo so the grass isn’t bagged. She doesn’t have any stomach issues from eating the grass. She tends to like tall grass and it gets stuck in her teeth and of course is in her next poop. Seems like grazing is normal behavior and not harmful. Thanks for your feedback!
  2. Chowder has been eating some grass whenever she goes for walks and this has become more frequent. After the lawn was cut last week, she was eating clumps of cut grass. Have any others experienced this behavior with their greys? Also, any idea why this occurs and could it be harmful? She is not in any apparent distress, in fact her poops have been firmer and darker. Any insights would be appreciated. Thanks!
  3. PENNSYLVANIA Valley Veterinary Hospital Dr. Lindsay Shreiber 1145 Valley Forge Rd. Phoenixville, PA 610-935-8110 Website has hours and services listed Dr. Shreiber has experience and expertise with greys and did a fantastic job of diagnosing and treating Chowder (Pancreatitis due to malabsorption). I highly recommend Dr. Shreiber.
  4. DantyDuchess, our vet did not give a cause but it seems that greys with this condition are often put on a low fat diet. Poor Chowder had side effects from the steroid (Prednisone) so we cut the dosage from 2 pills per day to one. Couple days later, side effects were gone.
  5. Hubcitypam, let us know how Poodle is doing. Good luck!
  6. Thanks, Hubcitypam. We’re trying to keep her fat ingestion down but she is quite thin (now 49 lbs., was as low as 45). Hopefully we can treat her Pancreatitis and put on some weight.
  7. Greysmom, thank you very much for your excellent advice!!
  8. After 2 days of diarrhea, took Chowder to the vet. Although the routine bloodwork came back normal, Dr Shreiber gave her a shot to calm her GI tract, a B-12 shot and sent a blood sample to Texas A&M. The results came back indicating inflammation of the pancreas and malabsorption. She is now on a therapy of B-12 shots and Prednisone. Dr. Shreiber was very knowledgeable about greys, proactive and knew about the diagnostics at Texas A&M. It is great having a vet who is grey savy!
  9. Thanks to everyone for their replies. I’ll think it over with some wine this weekend!!
  10. Thanks DAKS! Even though Nutisource Chicken and Rice is not “all natural”, it’s better to be cautious. Also, a number of grey owners use ProPlan Savor.
  11. Hi Has anyone tried Nutrisource Chicken and Rice dry food? We boarded Chowder (using their food) and noticed a small weight gain and firmer poop. Also, has anyone tried mixing Nutrisource with other dry food, since it is pricey? Thanks!!
  12. Thank you to everyone who responded!!! Great feedback from a fantastic forum
  13. What is the safest and most effective way to clean grey’s ears? We have tooth brushing down pat and Chowder’s ears are next. Thanks!
  14. Oyster Chowder, born in in Australia in March 2011, raced in Macau. Thanks!
  15. Thank you for everyone for responding. This forum has been great since we joined in December and has really taken the anxiety out of being a new grey owner. Thanks again to everyone!!!
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