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  1. This is also happening to me on both my phone and my desktop computer. If I click on any forum, it opens that forum and I'm actually logged in. I can then "back-up" to main forum and I'm logged in. It's really bizarre behavior.
  2. We have had our travel trailer for 5 years. Our greyhound, Sider, took right to it but June Bug HATES IT. The floor moves, there are lots of noises outside in the campground, the AC might eat her blah blah blah. Sider has now passed away and I took June with me on a 4 month jaunt this winter following sunshine. She finally learned how to settle and was perfectly fine while I was in the trailer with her, but she had tons of anxiety if I walked out without her. She would stand in the window watching me at the picnic table whining and panting. If I brought her out with me and put her in the pen, she would fuss to go back inside. It was a difficult 4 months. I finally had to put her on anxiety herbs to take the edge off. Luckily, I was able to find pet sitters in the campgrounds I visited so she could go stay with others when I would leave for the day. Bottom line, will depend on the dog.
  3. Change is hard! I will leave it at that (I feel like I have a new brand of underwear... It's fine, but different.)
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  5. I have had claims take a few days, and others take 2-3 weeks. The longest it ever took was 3 weeks. It depends on their processing load, and also your vet's response time for updated records (they need the doctor's notes from the visit you are claiming). I'm cool with it because they are clear about what they cover and they've never denied anything I thought should be claimable; and they've paid things I didn't expect to be claimable. They are always super friendly on the phone.
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  7. I've been trying to keep some larger 6-pillow pocket beds in stock, but they seem to sell even before I get them up on Etsy! Keep an eye on my facebook page, too, for earlier previews. https://www.facebook.com/TheScrappyMutt/
  8. Have you tried putting a sock over it? Cut the foot off and slide it up the leg over the area where the pins and such are.
  9. I put a dab on his toe where the corn was and then wrapped a pantyliner on it sticky side out. Secured the liner to his foot with a piece of tape and covered the whole thing with a toddler sock. Then I used a piece of tape to keep the toddler sock up. Toddler socks are awesome for foot issues, and I have used pantyliners for leg/foot/tail issues for years. They rock because whatever you put over them has extra stick to stay in place.
  10. I have been making pillow pocket dog bed covers for a few years because they are easy for fosters. I donate most of what I make to Greyt Expectations Greyhound Rescue, and realized I could make more money for them by having an online presence. I also make squeaky toys and braided toys (braided toys aren't online yet) with the scraps and have some of my quilts available. Take a look! http://www.thescrappymutt.etsy.com
  11. Pam, it was right in the aisle in CVS. White box with a red (and blue) stripe. The tube is about 4" long and I used so little of it I probably won't need another tube for the rest of his life. http://www.cvs.com/search/N-0?pt=product&searchTerm=ichthammol
  12. I bought the generic ointment from CVS. I also tried the Burt's Bees ointment, but Sider hated it. I don't know if it burned or what but he would run when I came to put it on him. He didn't mind the ichthammol.
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