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  1. Change is hard! I will leave it at that (I feel like I have a new brand of underwear... It's fine, but different.)
  2. Jester

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  4. Yeah, that about sums up their races in the back yard. Junie is still a quick little thing and Sider gets frustrated that he can't catch her
  5. Jester


  6. I got my shirt today I love it, thank you for doing this!
  7. A little birdie told me that you are probably meeting this pup on Saturday: PH Make It Rain I have to tell you that she's one awesome pup and she'd love to go to Dewey! (don't let the white face fool you; she's not old )
  8. It's just like a kid who breaks his arm. If it was set right, you will never know. He will be slightly more susceptible to arthritis (just like the kid).
  9. I'm so sorry, Sheila. I will always remember the beautiful Aria. Thank you for letting her go and ending her suffering.
  10. Jester

    Izzy Is Gone.

    Thank you for loving her enough to let her go. She will be missed.
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