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  1. mine eats burgess greyhound and lurched dry food mixed with water and a bit of a can of wet food. she has shiny coat and her poos are a normal consistency. most dogs are happy with dry food, it eliminates picky eating and will ensure a well rounded diet. definitely check what they feed them at the kennels though, they will advise you!
  2. we decided to adopt a girl who had been previously adopted but given back after a week due to severe separation anxiety. we knew we wanted her to sleep downstairs so it got to bedtime and we gave her a kong and went up. she howled all night and tried to jump the stair gate. eventually at 1am i went and slept in the living room near her. the next night, she howled for 20 mins and then settled and went to bed. by the third night she didn’t make a sound. large spaces can overwhelm greys, we don’t use a crate but when she’s left by herself we shut her in our hallway which is quite small. just pers
  3. my girl picked this up very quickly, like two days quickly! we just put a bit of cheese in front of her and taking it away if she lunged for it. if she didn’t go for it straight away, she got the cheese. she now knows with all good related things, lunging at it will not get her it! she has to wait until she’s allowed to get it. just keep going with it!
  4. recently adopted a three year old girl. she loves her toys but also loves to tear them apart! she’s got through some quite tough toys and it soft toys only last a matter of time :/ she managed to chomp straight through a rope toy the other day! i’m concerned about her choking on small pieces of ripped up toys. wondering if anyone has any good recommendations??
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