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  1. It is always nice to start gaining daylight. While our earliest sunsets were earlier this month, so we've been gaining time at night and our latest sunsets still haven't happened we do start gaining more time at night than we lose in the morning. The other thing about being in the northern hemisphere is we will be closest to the sun on January 4th and farthest from the sun on, it's either July 3rd or 4th forgot which it is this year.
  2. Those that have been on GT for a while know Dennis and his great knowledge of greyhounds and how well he expresses his thoughts into words. To those that don't know Dennis I would say he is the person that knows every in and out of what makes a greyhound tick. https://www.facebook.com/groups/470273329733654/permalink/2670897666337865/
  3. I think it's great that the adoption groups will take back a dog for whatever reason can't stay in the adoptive home. It's the language in the contract that I'm against. Having a place to fall back on would be a perfect scenario except that you are legally bound to do so. What if you had a friend or relative that would love to take your dog. Legally, according to the contract, you can't give your dog to a person like that. I guess the adoption group could sue you. That is what I'm against. I don't want a dog ending up in a shelter when a group will take the dog back. To me it's a win, win situation without the perceived legality of where the dog has to go. Here in the U.S. you can safely say greyhound adoption is at 100 percent. A couple of groups have imported greyhounds from either the U.K or Ireland, forgot which, because they have no dogs to adopt out and there are a number of adoption groups that have a few dogs or no dogs and are waiting for some. When demand is more than supply you are at 100 percent. I hope you find a good solution to your problem and it sounds like fostering the dog and letting potential adopters come to your house to see the dog works well for everyone. Dick
  4. For years I've said the same thing. It would be nice if the adoption groups said if the need arises and you need to rehome your pup we would be happy to take the dog back and do the rehoming again. Either I own the dog or I don't and if I don't then why am I paying all the food and medical bills? If I do then I can do with the dog as I please. Is there anything else that you purchase that you don't own except for big ticket items like a house or car that you own with a bank? Even the house or car there is no stipulation that you can't sell or give the house or car away as long as the lender gets their money.
  5. You might try contacting Bob Crossland. He has a greyhound farm in Oak Grove and he can probably tell you what hauler goes to his farm from Florida. While I don't want to speak for Bob you might ask him how much he would charge to hold your dog if the hauler dropped the dog off at his farm. That way you could go to the farm at your convince, say on a Saturday. Of course if you are anti-racing you may just want to get name and number of the hauler and be done with it. I don't have Bob's number, but I'm sure you can find it on the internet. Dick
  6. People and animals are right-footed or left-footed. With a greyhound as the lid opens they push off on their dominant back foot and it doesn't matter the foot. What does matter is as the dog approaches the turn he will switch to his left lead if he is on the right. He has to in order to hold the turn. Think about the cadence on the left lead, left, right, right and left. the two right legs coming down one after the other helps the greyhound hold the turn. If the dog isn't on his left lead going around the turn he will "blow the turn" or keep going straight instead of turning as fast as he needs to. As the dog heads down the backstretch he will switch to his right lead and as he approaches the far turn will switch back to the left lead and as he exits the turn and heads to the finish line he will switch back to the right. The only race where it matters which lead the dog breaks on is the 660 yard race because the starting box is right where turn 3 is and the dog doesn't have time to switch from his right to his left lead. Trainers, at least good trainers, know all their dogs and whether they are right or left-footed. I'm not a trainer, but what I was taught by Dennis, for those that don't know Dennis that is Dennis McKeon and he is one of the great minds when it comes to greyhounds and if you google his name along with greyhounds you will find a lot of the articles he wrote, is if your dog is breaking off his wrong lead there is something wrong with him.
  7. One great thing about slo-mo is it makes it easy to see what lead the greyhound is on. The cadence for a left-lead in double suspension gallop is left rear, right rear, right front, left front and the opposite for a right-lead. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ARiYEaHMB-4
  8. Have you looked into a product like this? There are probably other products like this out there. https://www.wood-finishes-direct.com/blog/how-to-make-decking-non-slip/ I've never used it so i don't have an opinion about it, but you could look into it especially is your deck isn't stained yet.
  9. When you look at the muscle tone he was certainly a working dog. https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Rubens,_Aletheia_Talbot,_Countess_of_Arundel.jpg
  10. Picture is uploaded and added pet name.
  11. Done. If there is anything else let me know. http://www.greyhound-data.com/db.php?i=2398689&time=1573360380
  12. Marc, Done. Yes, the owners of G-D have done a good job updating everything. Dick
  13. Yes, it is distance. Most sprints are 550 yards and most routes are 660 yards, though some tracks vary a little. Dick
  14. Chris, So she has a registered name with the NGA of Braska Pandora so this will be easy. I thought she didn't have a racing name. If you give me her pet name I can enter that also. As you know I can also enter pictures of her so if you have some now or in the future just post them on this thread and I'll put them on G-D.
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