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  1. Exactly. At one time everyone could enter a pedigree and edit on G-D. This made it easy for an adopter to post pictures and put something in the comment box. When the changes occurred there were a lot of complaints, but people didn't realize the chaos that happened that forced these changes. As you stated, Saints paying for sinners. <sigh>, and it also made it more time consuming for some. Every day Ilse and Werner get a list of new pedigrees, changes made to existing pedigrees and new pictures added. They go through these additions and changes to make sure they are all legit. Every so often I'll get an email from Ilse asking if some dog from the U.S. was sent to Ireland or Australia because the land of standing was change. The answer is almost always no because all that was sent to the country is semen. The dog is still standing in the U.S.
  2. A few years ago there were people wrecking havoc on G-D. Pedigrees were being changed for one and people were spending a lot of time correcting this along with other problems. Some people having multiple identities was another. The owners of G-D decided people were going to have to get verified by sending them a form of identification like your license. While some people objected to this that is the way it is. I think, but am not positive, if you aren't verified you can still see everything on G-D, but can't post in the forum.
  3. Try again in the morning as sometimes it is just the website having a problem. If you still can't login let me know and I will notify them. Are you verified? Dick
  4. Done http://www.greyhound-data.com/db.php?i=1360459&time=1563405603 http://www.greyhound-data.com/db.php?i=2231055&time=1563405738 Dick
  5. Greyhound-Data has added some new fields and if anyone wants me, or someone on GT to edit their dogs G-D page please post the information here. If anyone wants to add pictures just post them here. The retired with owner is new, but wouldn't apply for people here unless they owned the dog as a racer. Adoption group is new. Adopted owners email is new. Some people want to try and connect with people that have siblings. Year of passing is new and the whole date can be entered. Dick
  6. The dogs are given their kennel names at a very young age. Some use a theme. I had one dog whose kennel name was Foreman and the farmer used boxers for the males. Some of the other kennel names were Ali, Frazier and I think Norton. The dogs all know their names, whether they respond to it in a new setting with new people is another story. For the past few years I've put the dogs kennel name on his/her G-D page.
  7. Remember a lot of people keep their dog in one room with a baby gate. While they can go over the baby gate or a four or five foot fence, they tend not to. There are always exceptions to the rule, but these are a very small percentage.
  8. Kentucky Bronco ran 58 races all at Jacksonville. He was an erratic breaker so you never knew what to expect from him. If he hit his break, even decent, he was usually in the money, but for as many times as he broke decent he also broke 6th, 7th and 8th. Dogs like this have the early speed, but never learn to time their break so it was a crap shoot whether he would come out or not. If he got out he would run hard and could pass a dog at times or be passed by a closer, but in general he could hold his position. Then in his 58th he did something that he never did before, he interfered. We call them fighters, but in reality these dogs are trying to play with another dog. You can't do that in a race as the dog is suppose to be looking straight ahead at the lure. They took him off the track and schooled him three times. The first two times he was fine, but he interfered again in the third schooling race and he was retired. His race replays are on TrackInfo and I explained in a previous post how to tell the box he was in and where he finished. Dick http://www.trackinfo.com/dog-search.jsp?keyword=Kentucky+Bronco&x=2&y=7&by=dogname
  9. Actually, you are in luck about his races as St. Pete./Derby Lane archives races going back a number of years. This is his TrackInfo page and you need to know the date and race he ran in http://www.trackinfo.com/dog-search.jsp?keyword=JW+Maksim+Rhythm&x=12&y=10&by=dogname The red numbers on the left are those numbers. In the top race you can see he ran on 2014-05-06 so May 6, 2014. The E4 is important as that is the evening card 4th race. Wednesday and Saturday they run both and afternoon and evening card. You also need to know what box he is in. As you read across that top line the first bold number is a 6 and that is what box he is in. You may want to know how he finished in the race and the last bold number id, obviously, the time he ran, but the numbers to the left of the time 8 16 means he finished 8th 16 lengths behind the leader. The other bold numbers are where he was at different points in the race and you can see he didn't run well, but look at the next race down and you will see he finished 2nd 2 1/2 lengths behind the winner, but those 1's to the left means he had the lead at those points in the race. Now that you know this, go here and click on replays. http://www.derbylane.com/liveracing.aspx There is a drop down and if you dog ran in the first 6 months of the year up to June 30th you need to click Derby Lane (SK) and if his races were July 1st to the end of the year click Tampa at Derby Land (TK) Now you need to change the year 2019 to 2014. To use the 2nd race down where he ran 2nd he ran that race on May 1st E8 so change the month to May and click on the 1st. On days that there are two cards you will see they run the numbers 1 thru 15 together twice so you have to determine which is the afternoon and which is the evening card. I would think the second set of 1 thru 15 is the evening, but I didn't check that and it will, obviously, be easy to tell if it looks really bright out or not. I know this looks like a real lot, but once you do it once or twice you will see there isn't much to it. To anyone that had a dog at St.Pete./Derby Lane your dog will be there, too. Dick
  10. JW Maksim Rhythm ran 44 races all at Derby Lane. He was a dog that needed to in front at the 1st turn to have a chance to win as he was all about early speed. He was not a dog that ever closed so he had to get out front and try to hold on in the stretch. He was in the money 19 of his 44 races with 7 wins which isn't to bad as he was near the 50 percent mark of in the money. He was a C/D dog that won some C races, so he ran in B, but never won a B race. I also have this Greyhound-Data thread going if you want me, or others to add any information. Dick
  11. XT's PISTOL ran 53 races between Mardi Gras and Sanford Orlando with 51 of those races run at SO. She didn't have much box speed or rush to the turn most often being from 4th to 8th at the turn. So she could close a little doing most of her running from the backstretch to the wire. While she only had two wins she was 2nd- 5 times, 3rd- 5 times and 4th- 6 times. Dick
  12. Bam's Barney ran 176 races all at Caliente . He was a dog that as a bettor was hard to figure out because he would go stretches of breaking at or near the back of the field and then he would go stretched breaking on top or near the front. When he broke well he would, as you would expect, finished in the money most times. He was in the money 91 of his 176 races with 22 wins. Even the wins were all over the place from grade E to A. Mega San Onofre ran 215 races all at Caliente She was a good racer with 130 times in the money and a good part of her career was in A and B. As long as she broke decent and got to the turn in good position she had a chance to win and being in the money 130 times she did this more often than not. Dick
  13. Don, MW Neptunia was a very good racer being in the money 64 times in ninety races all at Gulf. Most of those races were in A and AA and he did most of that running from the front. She had good speed out of the box and to the turn. While she could get caught in the stretch there was just as good a chance she would fight hard to the wire and hold her position. Mw's T-Rex was one of the best dogs in the country last year as he was one of the eight dogs invited to compete in the big championship at Naples in January of this year. He raced 94 times between Naples and Palm Beach and has been in the money 68 times with 31 wins. He is all speed out of the box and to the turn and once on top he is tough to catch. Of those 31 wins 31 have been either A or stakes wins.
  14. RJ's Gomer Pyle ran 104 races all at Southland. He was a dog that needed to be 1st or 2nd to the turn to have a chance to win and he had the speed out of the box and rush to the turn to be able to do that. He could get caught in the stretch at times and other times he was able to close and catch the dog in front of him. It would probably depend on whether a closer was chasing him or whether he was chasing a quitter. He made it to and won in AA so he was a good racer. Rooster Fancy ran 89 races between Palm Beach, Flagler and Naples. Like Gomer Pyle she needed to be at or near the front at the turn. She was a dog that basically held her position all the way around. She would vary no more than one position up or down from where she was at the turn. She was a C/D dog that was in the money 41 times. Peppered Bakin ran 47 races all at Gulf. She was a dog that needed to be near the front at the turn, but her problem was she wasn't consistent with her break and often broke poorly. The races she broke poorly she finished poorly and the races she broke decent to good she usually finished in the money. Dick
  15. Without anything scientific to back this up, just my eye from watching who knows how many thousands of races I would say no to the bigger dogs having a tougher time breaking. One of the great dogs breaking and rushing the turn on top was the 83 pound Flying Stanley. In general a greyhound fits its body size. So you can't put 83 pounds on a frame that should be 75. Well, you can, but the dog won't be a good racer. LOL The trouble a Flying Stanley would have and did have was negotiating the sharp turns at Palm Beach. He was better suited for a track with more sweeping turns. Plus, getting out of the box, providing you have the fast twitch muscle fiber to do so, is about timing the opening of the lid. Some dogs get the timing very early on, some learn it later and to some it seems like they never get it. Dogs rock in the box so you want to be going forward as the lid opens. I don't know the exact height for a starting box, but I would guess it is 40 inches or maybe just a little more.
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