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  1. I know there have been a number of threads about dog steps to help older dogs getting in and out of a car. A number of people have explained how to make them, but I saw this video of a greyhound using the steps and thought I would post it. https://www.facebook.com/KathyMal/videos/pcb.2892102547550708/10219655620513640/?type=3&ifg=1&__tn__=HH-R&eid=ARCNBVXyPbpv3AtoOqA_ee-nd5A2dkX9uEoiDYBYlE8R3Kxisad59tSSSw4x79nVRw7pyUy5e6H3B3oC
  2. Just a reminder that I, and a few others on GT, can edit your pups G-D page. There is now a field for adopted owner and pet name. There is also a bereavement section where we can add the date of death and a couple of sentences if you wish. Plus, up to three pictures can be posted on the G-D forum and if you want pictures posted just add them to this thread. G-D added a watermark to the pictures because pictures were being taken from G-D without the owners or G-D's permission. You still own your pictures, but G-D will go after people that steal pictures from their site. Post whatever information you want added to this thread and I or someone will add it. Dick
  3. Done, but I couldn't upload the video. I may not have permission to do that from the mods. If you need something changed or added let me know. http://www.greyhound-data.com/d?d=BGR+ShirlyTemple&sex=&color=&birthyear=&birthland=
  4. FYI: I can post pictures on her G-D page and there are now fields to enter who she was adopted by and also her pet name. If you want me to do any of these things just post the information here. Dick
  5. Daytona was scheduled to close on March 28th and they closed a week early because of the virus. Sanford Orlando was going to close the first week in June, I think after the Belmont, but with them closing because of the virus they decided to end racing last week. This put probably 1400 dogs into adoption at once. Both tracks would be considered low end tracks so not many of those dogs would move to another track so adoption is where most would go. Naples closes May 3rd, but I would guess a lot of those dogs will go to Iowa as their meet starts May 16th. Since Naples is a very good track dogs that don't go to Iowa would probably go to other tracks unless they are older and get adopted out. With Derby Lane, PB and Jax all closed, but will reopen when the time comes I would guess you will see some of the four-year-old dogs from those tracks also get adopted out. Some of the dogs from DL, PB, Jax and Naples will also go back to the farm. Sanford Orlando is the track that really threw a monkey wrench into the smooth flow of track closings and putting extra dogs into adoption, but all the dogs are being cared for and the tracks are helping by paying the kennels and some are buying food.
  6. If you watch the race closely you will notice near the finish line after the break Chill has a problem with the 3 and gets knocked back. Then as they enter the backstretch he jumps out and goes around the 3 and one other dog. As far as having an extra gear, that is what most dogmen and women and gamblers call it.
  7. Chillaxification is probably one of the top two or three dogs in the country. If you like a closer he is the dog to watch. He is never out of it even when he looks like he is and this is the way he runs most of his races.. He is in the 1 box http://www.trackinfo.com/video-box.jsp?raceid=gSL%2420200306T02
  8. With Big Kenny Moon it is impossible to give any information since he only shows one race, the other race he was scratched, and in that race he was last all the way around. There is a good chance he ran more than that one race since back then we put in all races by hand and a lot of dogs have incomplete records. Mac's Gideon shows 7 races all at Tri-State and he didn't have any early speed and didn't have any late speed. You can figure out that isn't good. He had one maiden race where he finished second and his other races he was between 5th and 8th. Mac's Zed ran 70 races all at Tri-State. He had no early speed with most races being 5th, 6th, 7th or 8th out of the box and to the turn. However, he was a really good closer so he did all his running from the backstretch to the finish line. While he didn't go from 8th to win he could go from 5th or 6th to win or be 2nd. Races he was 7th or 8th to the turn he would usually be passing dogs and had a chance to be in the money. Though he only had 6 wins he was in the money a nice 41 of his 70 races and he was always moving forward. Nice that they were all therapy dogs. Dick
  9. I would continue to pay the 100 dollars a month to myself. Open up an account and put the 100 dollars in it ever month just like you pay ever other bill. If you need the money for the dog it is there.
  10. https://www.ocregister.com/2020/02/26/therapy-dogs-take-the-bite-out-of-travel-at-john-wayne-airport/ I like the last sentence. “I’m happy to be covered with dog hair,” Wagner said. “It’s a great look.”
  11. SJ’s Princess ran 27 races all at Sanford Orlando. She was a dog that needed to be on top at the 1st turn to have any chance to win. Her problem was she didn't have great early speed. LOL In her 27 races she had one win, two 3rds and three 4ths. They tried putting her in the shorter 330 yard races, but that didn't work out and she is now your pet and I'm positive she is a better pet than a racer. Dangerous Lion ran 140 races between Sanford Orlando, Mardi Gras and Palm Beach. He was a dog with not much early speed. He could rush the turn a little, but nothing that would get him to the top or even 2nd in most races. To run 140 races you have to be able to do something and that something was to close. He did most of his racing from the middle of the backstretch to the finish line. He could come from far back to be 3rd or come from 4th or 5th to be 2nd or win. He was a nice racer with 86 races in the money out of his 140 starts. While he ran in grade A I would consider him a nice B dog who could win B, but not A. Dick
  12. I would think a number of groups will be getting dogs in the next few months. Daytona will close the end of March and Sanford Orlando is closing in early June, the 5th I think. Between those two tracks there are about 1350 dogs and since those are considered low end tracks most of those dogs will do to adoption and not another track to race. While I can't speak specifically about your group getting dogs, there will be a lot of dogs available. Just to give everyone an idea as to what is going on with breeding greyhounds in 2017 there were 7,181 individuals whelped, in 2018 that number was close to the same at 6,867. For 2019 I have the numbers through November and that number is 6,249. That is about 570 a month so the 2019 total should be about the same as 2018. Dick
  13. Bam's Barney ran 176 races all at Caliente He was a dog that at the peak of his career he ran a lot of A and B races. In those races he really needed to be 1st or 2nd to the turn to have a chance to win. He had the early speed to do that so as long as he hit his break he was usually near the front at the turn. If he broke poorly he finished near the back. In the lower grades he could be 3rd or 4th to the turn and have a chance to win. Of his 176 races he was in the money 91 times and that is pretty good and pretty consistent. Mega San Onofre ran 215 races all at Caliente. She was a little better racer than Barney running in A and B for longer periods of time. She could close a little and if she was 3rd or better to the turn she was a threat to win even in A. She also never gave in a race and even if she was 7th to the turn she could end up 3rd or 4th. She couldn't close enough to win, but she tried more often than not. She was in the money a very good 130 times with 39 wins. Dick
  14. HRF needed to have more speed out of the box, but most of the time he got out poorly and that set him up for getting in trouble at the turn. He finished in the money three times and in each of those races he got out of the box third, second and third. His other seven races he was 7th or 8th out of the box except for one time when he was 4th. What you don't want to do is get to the turn with the pack and be on the outside because all it takes is one dog that goes a little wide and you get blocked or pushed around. He is a big boy at 85 pounds. Good luck with your new boy I'm sure he will be a great pet. Dick
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