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  1. LOL I bet if you got a lure pole she would run.
  2. This is really funny because DLT Poison Ivy ran 94 times all at Gulf. She was all about speed. LOL She would have to get out of the box and rush the turn on top to have a chance to win and she got to the turn on top more often than not. She had tremendous speed to the turn getting there on top a very impressive 67 out of her 94 races. That speed usually comes at a price as she would tired in the stretch and get caught. However, she wasn't a dog that totally gave it up in the stretch and had 9 wins and was in the money 60 times in total. She did make it to A, but was really a B/C dog. Dick
  3. If you are on FB you can go here https://www.facebook.com/groups/470273329733654/?ref=direct scroll down and you will see a post be Jenn Boswell. She runs or helps run the adoption kennel at B'ham and she might be able to help you get in touch with a person that can help you. Dick
  4. Eastnor Rebel ran 57 races all at Derby Lane except for 6 races he ran at Gulf's short meet. He was a dog that needed to be in the top three to the turn to have a chance to win. He could close a little and even if he didn't close he could hold his top three position all the way around. He seemed to like the Gulf course winning two of his six races he ran there. The problem is Gulf only runs about a 40 day meet so he came back to DL. He had 8 wins and was in the money 22 times in his 57 races so he wasn't in the top three to the turn more than he was.
  5. Locokatrina ran 71 split between Jax and PB. She started at Jax and had early speed, but would quit in the stretch. her first 15 or 20 races she would make the top at the turn only occasionally. It wasn't that she didn't have the early speed it was getting her timing to break correct. Once she got her timing down she was often on top at the turn and would usually give it up in the stretch. Jax is a deeper track and more demanding to run on and the decision was made to move her to PB. PB is 5 yards shorter and a little more harder surface which favors early speed dogs. After a few 545 yd races she was moved to the super spring 301 yd course. The problem with running super sprints is every dog in the super sprint had early speed, that is why the dogs are in the super sprint. Now instead of having to outrun a couple of early speed dogs to the turn in the 545 yd races you have to outrun 7 dogs to the turn. You never know till you try them in SS how they will do. She didn't do much better in the SS than she did in the regular sprint course. She won 3 super sprint races and 2-550's at Jax. She was a dog that really needed a 500 yard race, but we don't run that distance in the U.S.
  6. Rules today are made to stop the 1/2 of 1 percent bad people from doing what the other 99.5 percent would never think of doing. I'm sorry for your loss and when you are ready either post here or send me a PM with what you want put on your pups G-D page.
  7. I can enter anything you want. When anyone could enter information you have no idea how much time was spent trying to correct either misinformation or anti-racing stuff. G-D put in a comment section for bereavement so a few sentences can be added by a G-D team member for the adopted owner, they put in a field for pet name and adopted owners name and three pictures can be added. It only takes me a few minutes to enter whatever information you want added and I'm happy to do it. People changed the owner of the iconic sire Kiowa Sweet Trey's dam, they changed the land of standing for Djays Octane and so much more. We still find things that were changed that never should have been. Dick
  8. I was wondering why the dogs were in the tree till I realized those are suppose to be squirrels. LOL But, the cartoon is pretty good.
  9. Hi Robin, Good to see you back. Dick
  10. Done and you are more than welcome
  11. Patty, Done and sorry for your loss. http://www.greyhound-data.com/db.php?i=1571470&time=1551886476 As you know G-D allows up to three pictures and if you want me to add two more, now or in the future, just post the pictures here. Dick
  12. Anyone that has been on GT for a while knows Dennis and he might be the most brilliant mind when it comes to greyhounds. Dennis does have a FB page. https://www.facebook.com/dennis.mckeon.33/posts/10155764262681829
  13. Done. http://www.greyhound-data.com/d?i=1697250&z=J1fwXU
  14. There isn't much info on your pup. She shows 20 races all at Tri-State.The first race that shows in July 4, 2011 and the next one is in Sept. 2011. That is a big gap and while it's possible she was hurt it is just as possible that there are missing races since this is 2011 and people were still putting in some tracks by hand. For the races that show she had very little early speed usually being 7th or 8th out of the box and usually 7th or 8th to the turn. She could close a little, but with a record of 20-0-1-2-3 not much. Whether she went to a lower end track that wasn't reporting to G-D after her last race that shows on Jan 1, 2012 or was adopted out I don't know. Dick
  15. Sorry for your loss. Done and I added Davis as his pet name. If you would like me to add your name as adopted owner I can. Dick
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