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  1. Have you looked into a product like this? There are probably other products like this out there. https://www.wood-finishes-direct.com/blog/how-to-make-decking-non-slip/ I've never used it so i don't have an opinion about it, but you could look into it especially is your deck isn't stained yet.
  2. When you look at the muscle tone he was certainly a working dog. https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Rubens,_Aletheia_Talbot,_Countess_of_Arundel.jpg
  3. Picture is uploaded and added pet name.
  4. Done. If there is anything else let me know. http://www.greyhound-data.com/db.php?i=2398689&time=1573360380
  5. Marc, Done. Yes, the owners of G-D have done a good job updating everything. Dick
  6. Yes, it is distance. Most sprints are 550 yards and most routes are 660 yards, though some tracks vary a little. Dick
  7. Chris, So she has a registered name with the NGA of Braska Pandora so this will be easy. I thought she didn't have a racing name. If you give me her pet name I can enter that also. As you know I can also enter pictures of her so if you have some now or in the future just post them on this thread and I'll put them on G-D.
  8. Chris, It looks like I never answered this as sometimes I don't look down the line far enough and posts like this I neglect to answer. While not that many years ago G-D frowned on entering unregistered dogs they have changed a little because they are now trying to show all the "dead" dogs that don't show up are really not dead. If you give me all the information you have I'll see what I can do to enter the dog. I'll ask to make sure it's okay. I never just ignore a post so if anyone asks a question if I didn't answer ask again as I've just missed the post. Dick
  9. Killer Huxley ran 156 races between Dubuque, Derby Lane, Mardi Gras, Naples and Tri-State. He ran about half his races in sprints and half in routes and he was a better router than sprinter. He had no real early speed though there are some races where he got out of the box decent, but no one would consider him early speed. One of the reasons he was a better router was because he could close and the extra length of the routes he liked. He was really a pretty nice racer being in the money 78 of his 156 starts. He would be considered a nice A/B dog. Dick
  10. It will be interesting to see what comes of this. https://pharmaust.com/mpl-and-vet-trials/ And this. https://www.u-vet.com.au/news/new-treatment-for-dogs-with-lymphoma-seeking-participants-for-clinical-trial
  11. LOL I was thinking the same thing. Even with their rolling blackouts PG&E still caused one of the two big wildfires. You can't keep shutting the power off every time the weather conditions become dry and windy out there. there must be 5 or 6 times a year the conditions are like that and how do restaurants and businesses survive? How about all the spoiled food in people's homes if the outage goes for a few days. Not being an electrician I don't know the answer to this. In your house if something shorts out you would blow a circuit breaker. I know there is a lot more power running through the lines so I assume there are no circuit breakers big enough to put on the lines so when a line goes down or a transformer gets hit that the circuit would blow. We have all seen the wires or transformer just sparking away.
  12. Hi Grahame, This is an old FB thread, but in the comments, near the bottom, is says the last three letters are just the number of the pup. https://www.facebook.com/196341957367614/posts/ever-looked-in-your-greyhounds-ear-and-wondered-what-the-tattoo-meanssimply-put-/231610910507385/ Australian stud book info if you don't already have it. http://www.galtd.org.au/contact-us Greyhound-Data has a tattoo search engine, but I didn't find a match for your dog. http://www.greyhound-data.com/earmark.htm Hope you get some answers. Dick
  13. Steve, WW Machu Pichu ran 73 races between Dubuque, Wheeling and Southland. He only ran one M race at Dubuque and that was his very first race. Dubuque is a seasonal track that usually closes in October so I think that is why he one had one race there. At Wheeling he ran 10 M races before he finally won. His racing style, of breaking slow and having a good finish isn't the style for Wheeling where you really need to be near the front at the turn to have a chance to win. Plus, Wheeling is our second best track so a lot of good dogs there. The decision was made to move him to Southland our best track. However, Southland had the chance to be a better fit for his style of racing as their sprint distance is 583 yards as opposed to Wheeling's that is 548 yards. At Southland he bounced back and forth between the sprint distance and their 660 yard 3/8ths course. He never excelled at either distance, but his closing ability when he fired was outstanding going from near the back of the pack to winning in the stretch. His problem was he didn't fire that often, but was a nice C/D dog. Dick
  14. BGR Fuzzy Navel ran 144 races between Dubuque, Naples and Jax. She ran about 75 percent of her races in sprints and the rest in routes. While she never won more than a C race she was very consistent being in the money over 50 percent of the time. While I said she never won a race higher than C that isn't exactly true because near the end of her career there was a stake race at Jax and she won one of the qualifying rounds going box to wire. I would think she was in the stake races as a filler dog and surprised everyone by winning one of the qualifying races. In her route races she had a lot of early speed and would have to hold on to win and she did this a few times. In her sprint races she had some early speed, but would rely on a late kick to win or be second. Because she has a little early early speed in sprints if she made it around the turn without getting in trouble and was 5th or 6th she had a good chance of being in the money. My guess is the squirrels need to be smart enough to be near your fence or a tree if they are to live long. LOL Dick
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