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Found 8 results

  1. recently adopted a three year old girl. she loves her toys but also loves to tear them apart! she’s got through some quite tough toys and it soft toys only last a matter of time :/ she managed to chomp straight through a rope toy the other day! i’m concerned about her choking on small pieces of ripped up toys. wondering if anyone has any good recommendations??
  2. Hello everyone! I have never used this site before, but am looking for some advice! Two weeks ago I brought home my very first retired racer, and he's amazing. I know there is definitely an adjustment period that can last much longer than these 2 weeks, but as a first time greyhound (and dog in general) owner I just want to make sure my new bud is doing ok. As the title of this post states, he is pretty much scared of everything (I'm assuming because everything is new to him?). Other than myself, he is terrified of nearly everyone and tries to run and/or hides behind me, whines/yelps in the morning (even after I take him out at 5:30am), is extremely reluctant to go on walks (but does great on them once I am able to get him to start walking), gets so terrified of stairs I can't even physically move his legs to teach him and he ignores any type of treat, etc. Is this normal? Is there something I can be doing to help him not be scared of really everything? I am trying to be extremely positive praise him whenever he tries to meet anyone or does anything new. Thank you in advance for the advice! Bonus question: I'm assuming like many newly retired racers, he doesn't understand the concept of toys. I tried a big tennis ball, rope, [safe] squeaker and non-squeaker plush toys, realistic toys to try to trigger his prey drive, and more, but no luck at all. The only thing he seems to like is his Kong. If you have any advice on toys either that would be much appreciated!
  3. Hi All: You've been so helpful with insight into our new grey's freezing issues. We're at the three month mark now and while it's still an issue, I do believe we are finding solutions and it is gradually beginning to improve (fingers crossed). I've noticed that over the past months, she's showing less and less interest in toys and she also seems less playful generally while in the house. It is of course February, and it's constantly grey and cold, so that may be playing a role. But I'm wondering if this is just normal settling in behavior or if it could suggest boredom or even depression? We have to keep her walks on the short end and nearby because of the freezing, but we take her to all day doggie day care two days a week (which she seems to love) and try to let her run once a week (though that's weather dependent). Is she just getting more comfortable? Adjusting to being a single dog? Or could it be signaling that she is less than happy in her new environment? She is 6.5 years old, so not a puppy. But she had a reputation for being playful with her foster, and that just seems to be less and less the case. Thanks so much for fielding all our questions as newbies - there' so much to learn!
  4. Hello community! I adopted my sweet Sprocket about 3 months ago. Within about a week he had discovered squeaky toys. This thrilled me to no end, seeing him play and have fun. Mostly because he has some pretty intense anxiety issues that I was informed of prior to adopting him. During the time we've been together, he has made great strides in overcoming his anxiety. So in an attempt to further strengthen our relationship, and at the advice of my friend (who happens to be Sprocket's vet, and an experienced greyhound owner), I've enrolled him in obedience classes. He is doing well, though I know he likely won't ever sit, not that it matters to me either way. But I'm worried that, possibly, the stress of the class (1 hr, 1 day/week for 5 weeks) may have made him reluctant to play with his toys. I don't recall an exact correlation between the start of class and the stoppage of play, but he no longer plays with his toys, or me, like he did in the beginning. Is this just a phase, or what? I just want my boy to be happy. Any advice is greatly appreciated.
  5. We have had our current dog Essie for about a year and a half, we recently adopted her sister Abbey this past week. They got off to all things considered a good start with a couple barking incidents but not much else. Our current dog is possessive of her kennel while our new dog is a toy hoarder. Now Essie doesn’t mind Abbey taking toys from her she is actually doesn’t care. Except that this time the toy was in her kennel and this caused and issue leading Abbey biting Essie and leaving a gash under her eye. Needless to say we are stressed out thinking that we have ruined our old dog’s life by bringing a new dog in. Reading this board however we realize that however unfortunate this event is it has happened to several people and they have stuck it though and have dogs that coexist. Things we have read on line from time to time contradict each other so I wanted to get advice of what has worked for you on several topics. They are fine on walks so we will continue to walk them together and we will go with muzzles going forward. Our current dog sleeps in our room; however our new dog sleeps in her kennel down stairs. There were suggestions of the new dog should sleeping in the room with us so she bonds with the pack quicker. Should we allow her to sleep in the room outside her kennel? During the day when we are away they stay in crates. Is it okay that their crates are in the same room? Our new dog loves toys, if we have muzzles on should we allow her to have toys? When is there a time we can allow toys? Maybe have a play time when they are separated where we give them toys to play with? Our old dog seems a little traumatized by last night events any ideas on how to get her back to normal? Should we pay more attention to our older dog? Who do we feed first?
  6. Hi all! I've got a 5 year old male greyhound who I adopted 2 years ago yesterday. He's a pretty great boy, very quiet and sweet, loves other dogs and people, a bit clumsy, the usual. One thing I would like to work on with him is getting him to play with toys again. When I first brought him home, we had some toys for him and he would play with them a little and seemed to have a grand old time with them when he did, but then he got into my yarn (I'm a crocheter). He came running into the room with a big yarn ball in his mouth looking like it was the greatest day of his life, and I instinctively yelled NO! and took it from him. I don't think I've seen him pick up a single toy since. He'll chew rawhides and bully sticks, but no toys. Not plush or rubber or rope. I was hoping eventually the aversion would fade, but after almost 2 years, it looks like it's stuck. I feel like toys are a great way for him to amuse himself, play with me and others, burn energy, and otherwise increase his quality of life, but whenever I've tried to get him excited about toys, he gets shy and avoids. Has anybody else had this problem? Any advice to overcome it? Thanks a lot! Jackie
  7. Hi folks. I've had Moon for a month now, and all things considered, I think she's doing great. Only two accidents in the house (and one was definitely my fault!), none recently, and hardly any behavior problems. One issue Moon has is separation anxiety, though I think it's probably a pretty mild case. She was destroying things, scattering trash everywhere, etc., but a combination of time, removing the opportunity to destroy, and puzzle toys seem to have helped, though I really haven't left for more than a couple hours at a time, max. She whines and cries when I leave and as I head to the door when I come back, but all things considered, I think she's doing all right. Which brings me to my question. I'm looking for some more good puzzle toys to keep her busy when I'm gone, but it's tricky, because Moon is ... unmotivated. Ever since I made her Kibble Nibble provide an easier payoff, she uses that quite a bit, but her Kong cube toy generally goes untouched. She doesn't seem to like chewing rubber/vinyl/plastic toys, though she goes to town on rawhide and those filled bone things. The Kibble Nibble seems to work because she can just push it around with her nose and gobble up the rewards. So, knowing all those idiosyncrasies about her toy preferences, does anyone have any suggestions for more puzzle toys? I'm happy to buy them, I just don't want to buy any that she won't use.
  8. Hi all, We are in the process of adopting a grey who is in foster for another week and a half. We have an existing 12 year old mixed breed dog who is smaller- around 30 pounds, and I have a few questions about having more than one dog. We have not allowed our existing dog to have toys because he is a toy destroyer -- he tears up stuffies and eats the squeakers (and similarly destroys dog beds.) We've given him things like a Kong, but he is a little possessive with them (maybe a 5 on a scale of 1-10, but occasionally more than I am comfortable with) and since we had our son (who is 9), it was just easier to not have any toys about. He does play well with a tennis ball in the yard, even with my son, but if he brings it inside he gets growly and a little snappish. So, I am hearing from the foster mom that our new grey LOVES toys, and I want her to be able to have them. What would you do with our Sr. dog? How do dogs generally work the toy thing out? Should I have toys for our Sr. dog and be working on desensitizing him to my son (and later the other dog) touching his toys? Or should we just have him be the "no toy" dog? He doesn't seem super motivated by them (he seems to know he is not allowed). In fact, we have had a nyla bone that my son bought for him in the entryway for 3 days that he has completely ignored. The other issue is that we do allow him (since he's been about 10) to be on the furniture and my son's bed. Can he be the furniture dog, without us letting the grey up on everything too? We held off until he was getting older and just more comfortable on the chairs, etc. He has never liked the floor, and since he eats his beds, we felt it was the only alternative. I know there are a lot of variables, but I am just wondering what others might do. Thanks a bunch!
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