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  1. My grey Jack had the same injury, it took a very long time to heal and he was in a lot of pain until we found the right meds. Jack did well with Meloxicam (liquid), Gabapentin and Methocarbamol. I too was worried about OS, X rays were clear and I did consult with Dr. Couto who concurred with my vet on the iliopsoas injury. Jack made a full recovery but he does tweak it if he plays too hard. I hope Finn starts to feel better soon. If you search iliopsoas injury on Greytalk you can find more info.
  2. Jacks hip flexor (groin injury) was extremely painful. He was non weight bearing for a significant amount of time which is why I thought it was osteo. Good luck, I hope you find the answers and can come up with a treatment plan.
  3. Also, it took a little bit to get Jack on the right meds to ease his pain. When he was most painful, he was taking Gabapentin tid, methocarbamol tid and meloxicam at bedtime. He is only 50 lbs. soaking wet but needed this combination to be comfortable.
  4. Dr. Couto was very helpful and his reply time was very quick. He requested digital x rays and videos of Jack. I was worried about Osteo and he was able to rule that out. In the end he and my vet had the same diagnosis but, the peace of mind I had after Dr. couto said he did not see anything on rads was well worth it. Good luck to you, hope your girl is feeling better.
  5. My dog has been battling an iliopsoas injury (hip flexor), the vet told me it is frequently experienced if a dog splays out. Jack has been in significant pain, not weight bearing on right back leg, yelping, collapsing. He was x rayed, had a consult with Dr. Couto and dx. was iliopsoas strain, most likely from playing with other dogs and chasing frisbees in the yard. He has been on a variety of meds and is now doing much better. Gabapentin, meloxicam and methocarbamol were what helped him the most. Your dog may have a few things going on, but if there is an iliopsoas injury it is very painful and takes a long time to heal (at least with Jack). The vet can check the iliopsoas easily to see if your dog is painful there. Best of luck to you and I hope your girl feels better soon. Also Jack was recently diagnosed with a grade 4 hear murmur, he was evaluated by the cardiologist who said he has mitral valve prolapse but has no symptoms and we just need to keep an eye on it.
  6. Thank you tbhounds, I appreciate you experience, expertise, guidance and support!
  7. Update on Jack. Dr. Couto reviewed x rays, reports no sign of bone cancer. He suggested iliopsoas injury which is my vets working diagnosis. Unfortunately despite a variety of treatments Jack continues to be in pain, especially when he gets up. Bloodwork done showed an increase in liver values, vet took him off carprofen and we will start meloxicam after one week. Jack is on Gabapentin 300mg TID and Methocarbamol 500mg TID with little relief. This is a very frustrating injury and I am worried about my boy who loves to run and play, he is restricted to leash walks and may be getting a bit depressed. Appreciate any additional thoughts and advice from anyone who has been through something like this, it seems like such a long recovery. Jack has had this injury before and bounced back much quicker, vet is very surprised he is still so painful. Dr. Couto reported that the spondylosis (noted on x ray) is a common degenerative finding in dogs but was not a common diagnosis in greyhounds and generally does not cause pain or lameness. Thank you
  8. Thank you everyone for your help. I have provided Dr. Couto with all the information he wanted (all I can say is Wow, he is unbelievable). We go back to the vet this week and will see how he is.
  9. Vet visit today, unfortunately no real improvement with hip/back pain or with corneal ulcer. Increased Gabapentin and on a new eye medication. Exploring acupuncture and laser therapy for hip/back anyone have experience with laser therapy? Am also going contacting Dr. Couto for a consult. What is the best way to contact him and get him the info he needs? Thanks for your help with this.
  10. The report said X ray of pelvis, hips and right stifle was unremarkable, should I have the whole leg x rayed?
  11. Jack, who just turned seven and who I have had since he was 12 weeks old has been struggling with pain in his hind end. I noticed he was limping on back leg on and off and was having some trouble getting up and down. I brought him to the vet, he was prescribed Carprofen 100mg q day with food. During this time he was being treated for a recurring corneal ulcer, he only has one eye due to an issue before I got him. the pain in his hind end got worse with night crying and collapsing when he got up, refusing to use back leg. X Rays were done and read by a radiologist who diagnosed mild spondylosis deformans at L5-L6 and L7-S1. The alignment of the L7-S1 was unremarkable, unremarkable pelvis and hips and unremarkable right stifle. Bloodwork and urinalysis was normal. Due to increased pain vet prescribed Gabapentin 100 mg twice a day, continue Carprofen 100mg q day and Methocarbamol 500mg three times a day. He remains on drops for his eye ulcer which seems to be resolving. He has been on his new med regime for 10 days, however he is still experiencing a lot of pain when he gets up, sometimes goes to the ground and frequently holds up his right hind leg. This seems to get better quickly and he is able to move around, but gingerly. Any thoughts on medication regime, should I talk to vet about increasing Gabapentin? Of course I am worried about OS at this point. Could this be the beginning of LS? Any and all thoughts are appreciated. I am worried about him. Thank you.
  12. This is not for the holiday card exchange just for the holidays in general.
  13. I am in New York, those are very cute!!! Thank You. I need one with a more generic message so I can send them to my friends who do not celebrate Christmas.
  14. Does anyone have a resource for a greyhound themed holiday card? I did a search and just have not found anything I like. Thank you
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