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  1. I have had two greyhound puppies, as I remember by the time they were around 8-9 months old they were eating 2 cups in the morning and two cups in the evening, plus treats. My greyhound puppies did self regulate pretty well regarding their food so I knew when to give more or cut back. Both of my greyhound puppies were so lanky and lean, they did not really fill out until they were all over a year old or more. Nothing like a greyhound puppy!!! I also have a whippet puppy who is 16 weeks old, he is about 21 pounds, starting to lean out and look like a whippet instead of a pudgy puppy. He eats three times a day 3/4 of a cup at each feeding. Good luck with your puppies!
  2. I have a nine year old greyhound who can be nervous, he is blind in one eye and used to being an only dog. I recently got a whippet puppy who was 8 weeks old when I bought him home. Best advice I can give, closely monitor their interactions, provide space for your older dog to have some time away from the puppy, separate food and water, walks together (when puppy is able to go out after shots). I did use a muzzle on my grey for a bit until they got used to each other, no longer need one, initially, I also kept puppy on a leash when he was sharing larger spaces (this helped with housebreaking and making sure puppy did not get too intrusive with grey). When I brought the puppy home I introduced them outside the house, puppy did not have full series of shots so we did not walk together until this was done. Walking them together definitely helped, supervised play time and close supervision in the house. There was a time I was not so sure bringing a puppy into the house was my best idea, but it is working out. Jack my greyhound seems to enjoy having a friend, he is eating better and is perkier. I make sure Jack has his own space to relax away from the puppy which he appreciates! Puppy is crate trained and sleeps in the crate at night. There will most likely be grumbles and growls while they work things out. Good luck!!
  3. Agree join the greyhounds with corns group on facebook. My dog was diagnosed with corns over the summer. I have learned so much from the facebook group. I can hull the corns easily, I also use a dental tool. There are many options to help you make your grey more comfortable. People are having a lot of luck using colloidal silver. Join the group if you can, it provides the best information I have found. Good luck, once you get the hang of it hulling is not a big deal (if your grey tolerates it) and the whole corn thing, although a pain is not as overwhelming.
  4. Also, I am planning on walking them together as soon as I get Scout. I will bring Jack on walks alone also as I want to give him some special attention but, again, will try to integrate them together as much as possible. This approach has worked for me in the past and will adjust as needed.
  5. I am introducing a new puppy to my almost 9 year old grey later this month. I wound up getting a soft sided ex pen to provide the puppy with a comfortable place to be around my grey but not in his face all the time, I have it set up in the family room where we spend most of our time. Jack can be in the same room with "Scout" but also have his own space. Of course we will be working to integrate them and luckily have a very large fenced in yard for them to be supervised while they play. I also have a crate for the puppy to sleep in at night next to my bed. I was also lucky enough to take a week and half off from work after the puppy comes home to help set up a routine and schedule for Jack and Scout. Let me know what works for you!!! Good luck!
  6. I cut the tape round, a little bigger than the corn, sometimes it would stay on for a few days and sometimes not. I checked it several times a day, if it was not sticking or covering the corn I replaced it. Also I had to make sure Jack's pad was dry I pressed it on and had him stand on it for a short period to make sure it stayed on. It was a trial and error process, you will find out what works. Also you have to get the good duct tape, like gorilla, it is really sticky. Good luck
  7. Just had my first corn also. I posted in another thread. But this is what worked for me: epsom salt soaks twice a day with Burt's Bee's hand salve applied after soaks. I did this about two weeks, then the corns started to raise up from the pad, once I could see them I used duct tape on them. I left the duct tape on until it needed to be replaced (sometimes in a day or sometimes two days). After about two weeks of duct tape I was able to get the corns out, one was very small, the other larger. I tried the nail polish for about a day but Jack was not cooperative about letting it dry thoroughly. I did get some colloidal silver and put a drop on the pads that had corns every other day, there is a lot of information about that on the Greyhounds with corns page also. Good luck, I was overwhelmed at first but now that I have gone through the process I feel much better prepared if they return. I now make sure Jack's nails are kept short all the time. I also used a Therapy boot for Jack when he was having difficulty walking which did help a lot.
  8. Update on Jack. After two weeks of Epsom salt soaks and Burt's Bee's Hand Salve then duct tape, I was able to pull two corns off his pads, one on each foot. They both came off relatively easily, one was small and the other one was bigger and came out with a long root attached. Has anyone experienced this, he was not bothered by me fooling with his feet, he is still limping a bit but I imagine he may be a little sore. I soaked the foot after the corns came out and am keeping them moisturized and clean. Nails are kept short. I have some colloidal silver for the pads but have never used it, anyone with experience with colloidal silver? I feel much better prepared for corns if they return, not so overwhelmed. Thanks for all your help and guidance.
  9. Thank you everyone for your perspectives. Hearing everyone’s experiences and opinions helps me to make decisions for Jack. Everyday it gets a little less overwhelming and just something to manage the best way we can. I did get a Therapaw boot which has helped, twice daily epsom soaks, nails trimmed short and keeping pads moisturized is my plan for now. Just started this course of action so we will see if it helps. Jack does go to the vet this week so I will also see what she says. Thanks again I will keep updates going as I am sure to have more thoughts and questions. I am on greyhounds with corns Facebook which I am sorting through, just have always trusted the expertise on this forum!
  10. Jack my 8.5 year old grey has a corn on his pad. I have joined the facebook group greyhounds with corns and am getting a lot of good information. I have had greys for 25 plus years and this is my first grey with a corn so I am just looking for additional advice. I am very familiar with Greytalk and have gotten so much good advice over the years I thought I would just check here to see if anyone had recommendations regarding treatment. I have started soaking Jack's foot in epsom salt twice a day and have been applying bag balm. The corn has not yet erupted so cannot be hulled at this time. I have read about using duct tape, nail polish, Lori Rose Homeopathic cream and am feeling a bit overwhelmed. I want to try more conservative methods before going the flexor tenotomy route and have ordered Jack a Therapaw boot. I am very thankful this turned out to be a corn as has been very lame and although x rays showed nothing I was worried about osteosarcoma. Thank you all for your support and advice.
  11. I have raised two greyhound puppies and one whippet/greyhound mix puppy. All of the pups were very lean as they grew, it was difficult to put weight on them, they were all so busy. My most recent puppy who is now 8 1/2 years old was so lean and petite, barely 50 pounds as an adult has just recently started to fill out at a whopping 53 pounds. Give it time, a healthy, balanced diet and certainly check with your vet. Good luck
  12. I remember being in a very similar position with my grey. Jack was diagnosed with a groin strain, he was in a lot of pain for a long time, seemed like forever. I was concerned it was osteo and did a consult with Dr. Cuoto. We were able to get the pain under control with the right medication but it took several trials. I did x rays which were clear, diagnosis was based on physical exam, we did not do an MRI as he slowly got better but I was ready to pursue orthopedic specialist if needed. It was a long very slow healing time, he is back to normal now. Every once in awhile it flares up but I know the signs and immediately take action to reduce any further damage. I wish you the best of luck with Finn. I know how difficult it can be as Jack is not the most confident dog and also gets overwhelmed easily.
  13. My grey Jack had the same injury, it took a very long time to heal and he was in a lot of pain until we found the right meds. Jack did well with Meloxicam (liquid), Gabapentin and Methocarbamol. I too was worried about OS, X rays were clear and I did consult with Dr. Couto who concurred with my vet on the iliopsoas injury. Jack made a full recovery but he does tweak it if he plays too hard. I hope Finn starts to feel better soon. If you search iliopsoas injury on Greytalk you can find more info.
  14. Jacks hip flexor (groin injury) was extremely painful. He was non weight bearing for a significant amount of time which is why I thought it was osteo. Good luck, I hope you find the answers and can come up with a treatment plan.
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