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  1. Oops. Missed this question until today. No, there is no chest panel.
  2. A friend has a through the wall dog door for her Leonbergers. It's huge, as are the dogs, but I think it's flush with the floor, like a regular door. It was built into the wall when the house was being built.
  3. Here in Maine, we use the Maine rescue organization's coats - http://www.chrisanthemums.com. Lots of choices in styles and colors and specifically made for the greys. We use the regular fleece most of the time, but we do have a polar fleece ultrex coat with a fleece snood for when it's really nasty out. If they seem like something you'd like, please consider ordering from them. Like most rescues, they've been bringing dogs up from Florida almost weekly and could use the money. The fleece is nice and they are good quality. Also they come in 4 sizes.
  4. Our Chesapeake is unable to calm down after exercise without a quiet walk. We subscribed to the tired dog is a good dog theory, which was great with our other Chessies, but not with Logan. We've had him 9 years, he's almost 13, and he still can't calm himself. He loves his walks in the woods, but a quiet road works too. I think it's just who he is. We've been to hundreds of dog training classes and nothing has changed that behavior, but he can sit on a dime, stay as long as you ask him to, heel, come and do pretty much anything else you ask of him.
  5. When Mac (greyhound) came home, Logan (Chesapeake Bay Retriever) gave one low quasi growl, and the two went in the back yard to play. They sleep together when it's cold and get along fine. Occasionally a food issue because Mac savors each individual kibble and Logan inhales the whole bowl, but a NO from me is all it takes to keep the peace when Logan offers to help Mac finish his meal.
  6. I use gauze wrapped around my finger. My toothpaste is enzymatic so as long as it gets on the teeth, it will do it's job. I also have a product that I add to their drinking water. My vet has several; my favorite is Fresh Breath, mostly because it's much less expensive.
  7. According to my vet, if you're using an enzymatic toothpaste, there's really no need for a brush or one of those things you put on your finger. Just wrap a little gauze around your finger - much easier. The toothpaste does the cleaning and the gauze has enough texture. Even easier are the products that you put in their water dish. I've been using Fresh Breath - a capful with each bowl of water. My vets (I have two) both sell a product for dental cleaning - different ones. Mac's teeth are clean as can be.
  8. Many thanks. I'm using fleece, but want to do some in stretchy cotton knit. It may be too late for the fleece, but I'll make the next try larger. It's already a cold winter here and he needs something to keep him warm at night.
  9. I am working on some pajamas for Mac. I bought a pattern on line and have put together the basics - no sleeves, legs or collar attached yet. I decided to try it on him just to see how the fit was and discovered I can't get it on him. He's perfectly cooperative - lets me put it over his head, or put his legs in openings, but clearly I'm doing something wrong. If I put his back legs in first, nothing else is right. If I put his head through the neck opening, his front legs won't go in. If I put his front legs in their openings, his head can't fit through the neck opening. It's one piece, with no moving parts - what am I doing wrong? Do I need to open a seam and use velcro? Which one? This seemed so simple and now I'mm baffled. Help!!!
  10. change password

  11. Harnesslead fan here too. Easy and secure. No rubbing either.
  12. Thanks for the ideas. I'm not sure what we'll do, but I'm going to look into the things you all mentioned. Fortunately they stay out of the garden, so I have that, even if the yard looks pretty awful.
  13. We are fortunate to have a large fenced in back yard that is much like a race track, at least according to Mac. He is able to run like the wind and now has his running path and his playing circle - both well defined. It's mud season in Maine and the yard is a disaster. I'm not going to try to grow grass in his running path or his playing circle, but he's worn them down to dirt/mud. Is there something that I can put down that he can run and play on that looks better than dirt? Seems like pebbles wouldn't work, mulch wouldn't stay put and I don't think he'd like a solid surface like stone or concrete. Any thoughts or suggestions? Are we just going to have to settle for dirt?
  14. You could try a mixture of boric acid and sugar in small containers (think bottle tops for soft drinks) inside your cabinets. Kept the roaches away when I lived in New Orleans - no sprays and cheap. Boric acid can be poisonous to people and I would assume dogs as well, so make sure to keep it out of the dogs reach.
  15. Thanks Dick. He is a great pet - amazingly friendly with everyone and loves attention. So far, he's mastered the slumber ball, but hasn't gotten on the couch - yet.
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