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Protecting stitches

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So, Ned was attacked by a small dog (corgi mix). He has a row of stitches below his rib cage near the last few ribs. I put a t shirt on him and muzzled him for overnight. I put duct tape over the muzzle but he managed to scrape the tape off and licked at the stitches through the t shirt all night apparently. The stitches are still in place but the area looks irritated and a bit swollen. 

I need ideas on how to keep him from irritating the stitches. I am thinking a second t shirt over the first but we are expecting record temperatures and high humidity over the next few days .As it is, the poor boy will not be happy he can't go in the lake with Maggie and I. Any suggestions are appreciated.


A cone won't really work because we are at my lake cabin which is a small space. 

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Getting creative here could you make a waterproof patch to put on the shirt?  Stick a waterproof gauze bandage to the outside of the shirt over the area and then attach a piece of cloth over the patch so the whole shirt is not heavier just the spot you need to keep dry?  You could also spray some bitter apple or chew repellent too.

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