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  1. I'm in Western NY but rent and our landlord would probably have a heart attack if I asked to dog-sit two greyhounds in addition to our two girls. Our adoption group, Buffalo Greyhound Adoption, offers sitting services. There are many volunteers with greyhounds or without that would happily help. Your dogs would be brought into someone's home not a kennel. Here is our website, if you are interested I can give you phone numbers as well but don't want to publicly post them without permission: http://buffalogreyhound.org/contact/ If you don't hear back from someone through the site in a
  2. I agree with all of the above. You can't correct Max for guarding "his" space, and you will not be able to teach your child the boundaries of a dog until they are older. You need to have an area that is Max's only, that your child cannot access. That way Max can remove himself from the situation if he is ever uncomfortable, and maybe will not feel the need to guard other areas of the house. You should put his bed and his food/water in this area to entice him. Or maybe lots of nice treats or toys he only gets while in that area. Both of our hounds are allowed on the couch. We physical
  3. So relieved it's not more serious! Poor Carmen for having the discomfort. Wishing her all the best for the management long-term and recovery of the raw skin. Carmen and Amelia sound just like our two girls. We recently had an emergency vet visit on a Sunday night- during a play date, a friend's dog bit and tore skin on our girl, Nox. We were there until 2am with both dogs, obviously. A long time to wait due to other emergencies, but the techs had the most fun coming into our room (to update us on wait time) and both dogs went crazy tail-wagging, giving kisses, wanting to play. Other than
  4. We now have two greyhounds, but even when it was only one, our older girl always chose to sleep in the other room from us on the couch. Dog beds aren't good enough for her apparently! Now both dogs choose to sleep in the other room, sometimes coming into our bedroom to see if they can get an early breakfast. Some dogs adjust, others may have a harder time being alone. Is there a possibility either of you could spend some time sleeping on the couch near her until you do some alone training where she knows you aren't leaving her? That way you aren't allowing her upstairs but you are still t
  5. There are a lot of helpful posts I have found on here in regards to the walking situation, as for in the house/through the window I wouldn't be concerned. I would think rewarding him for breaking his attention on the cat is good, but not sure if it's worthwhile. For the walks, both of my greys are very prey driven. My "older" girl (3 y.o.) we got at 18 months and I immediately started teaching her "leave it" by simply turning the opposite way from whatever she locked onto after saying "leave it" firmly. She learned that if she stiffened up, pulled, or was too excited that we would not get
  6. Any update on Tres? We just brought home a second hound last week (2 years old) and she has been acting similarly to Tres. She only guards squeaky toys, and our "older" girl (she's 3 years old) isn't even trying to take the toy- she's just walking past. It doesn't have anything to do with bed placement, it was happening anywhere they walked past each other if the new hound had a toy. We did end up taking away all problem toys except for one (took them when she wasn't out, not directly from her) and we are working with her to not resource guard the toy with us. She lets us pet her while she has
  7. I think your schedule is very generous. My husband and I work at the same company, only 10 minutes away from home. We carpool, but we work 9 hour days. We only come home to take our girl out during lunch if we will be stuck any longer than the 9. She has separation anxiety so is crated- she loves her crate and feels safest there. If she is left out she has a meltdown and howls/jumps around. For her safety we keep her in the crate. We do not come home at lunch only because it upsets her more to be let out for such a brief period and be put back in. Each dog is different, but we found what works
  8. My 2 (almost 3) year old female has done this since the day we got her (December 2017). In my readings, it is a territorial thing. Just like marking, it leaves pheromones for other dogs to smell when they come through. So it can become a cycle, if more and more dogs are in that area. We didn't mind she did it, we joked she was "taking off" like a rocket and we would even jog a few steps with her exuberance, after. However, she started trying to do it on concrete/asphalt (she's a last minute- oh crap the grass is gone- type). At that point we followed the advice above and said "let's go" and jo
  9. I've always seen mentions of baby-gating so that they can still see out. Do you recommend this? Our girl has tried to jump these (to get to my parent's cat) and got stuck on top and gave herself a brush burn. What about two in a door way (for the height)? Our set up would allow us to just close our bedroom and bathroom door to keep her off our bed (not allowed on) and out of garbages, she would have free-roam of the kitchen and living room (in an apartment that's all we have). I think being closed in where she couldn't see would also freak our girl out, so that's what we were intending to do.
  10. I did forget to mention the music! We always leave music on and she seems to really like that. Even if we are home with her and our neighbors are loud she gets anxious, so we feel that the music helps drown out background noise. We actually live in an apartment complex, I realize I didn't mention that. I don't think we are alone in this, but on other posts sometimes I've seen people suggest just to let the dog loose if they are anxious. For us we know our girl would only hurt herself or get the landlord called on us so it's something we can't do. Definitely do not feel like a failure for y
  11. I'm glad that you posed this question because we have very similar hounds from what it sounds like. We've had our girl for a little over a year now. We have to leave her in the crate for 9 hours while we are at work during the week, and she happily runs into and stays in her crate. She is quiet as a mouse (so our neighbors tell us) and sleeps happily while we are gone. When we have left her loose even to take the garbage out, we can hear her howling and it's obvious she has a bit of a panic attack and jumps on the door (wreath torn), counter (knocked things off) and we worry about our books be
  12. As always, wonderful advice! I'm only coming up on a year since having my first grey, so I can't say I have as much experience as everyone here. But we found when we tried to feed her the "best" food (we thought)(Blue Buffalo, grain-free), our girl could not digest all the nutrients and she had mushy stool. We never tested her for worms, but we switched her to another brand of food that was better on our wallet but still had the same nutrients. Still mush. I scrutinized the label and realized the food must be too rich for her (30g protein, it was a sport type of food). Since we've switched
  13. She just finished a round of Cephalexin prescribed by the vet last night. We do the urinalysis each time she has blood and they've never found crystals (if you can find them that way), just elevated white blood cell count. I just want to try to prevent causing a flare up, I want to do the x-rays if it comes back but she gets so poorly every time she's on antibiotics I just need help to keep weight on her and keep her happy in-between. I myself struggle with UTI's from kidney/bladder damage so for me at least my diet helps protect my kidneys. Thank you for the suggestions, I will definitely
  14. Long time reader, first time poster. Glad someone made a post on this topic. MaryJane, that is all very helpful information on what you feed in a day. My girl does not like kibble and will refuse eating every few days because she wants our food. We really do not give her scraps but have fallen for the sad eyes and grumbling tummy and given her dog safe veggies or ground beef in her kibble then she gobbles it up. This time though, I'm really trying to wait it out and see if she will just eat her plain kibble. She has only eaten maybe a cup of food over the last two days. My question is, I
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