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  1. Our hound knows us completely and loves us dearly, but when I throw the tennis ball and he brings it back, and I try to take it back, he will growl. I don't believe he would actually bite us, but is frightening. Any thoughts on this.
  2. Three hours leaving their dog in the car - for sure this couple are a couple of certified idiots with diplomas. We seldom leave our dog alone three hours in the house.
  3. OK, so I know if I went thru all the posts I could find this exact topic covered half a dozen times. But I am lazy, and I just want to post it again. OK, so our hound, Bullet, has gotten a small scrape on his hind leg, just below his knee, and above the ankle - not sure if these terms will work, but they do for me. Anyways, the scrape is about 1 inch long, by about 1/8 inch wide. The meat is showing thru in this area, but it is very shallow - just the top layer of skin is gone, and of course the hair. So, needless to say he is licking this quite often, and making it even bigger. It was slightly smaller when we first noticed it. I know he will just lick off antibiotic cream, and most likely will tear any kind of dressing we could put on it. Not sure about this, as this is the first time. What are the suggestions? I certainly don't want to put a cone on him.
  4. Of course I have the AC running, as stated plainly in my original post!
  5. Well, as to why take my hound to the store if I go there. Its because my hound likes to go with me or my wife anytime we go in the car. He enjoys the ride and he wants to be with us. So, we like to take him. We would never leave him more than say 20 minutes, even if it was winter and no chance of the car overheating inside. Some stores like Home Depot and Lowes, now allow dogs to come into their stores. Certainly pet supply stores like Petco, Petsmart welcome dogs. Our hound has no separation anxiety when we leave him. In the car he just lays down and waits for us to come back. Just wanted to hear other's thoughts.
  6. Thanks for all the replies. I live in Georgia, and so I don't see anything in the chart pertaining to Georgia. So, good info. I will get a window sign made up and put it in the windows. Our areas here are pretty safe, so hopefully there will be no problem with the car being stolen. And of course a 75 lb dog in the car would scare a lot of people off. Of course my hound would just want the burglar to pet him, and give him some ear rubs.
  7. What does the group think about leaving a grey in the car with the AC running, in order to go into a store for a short time. In the winter I have left him in the car for a little while and he does just fine. I live in the south, and so it never gets very cold, and I only leave him for no more than 20 to 30 minutes. The car never gets cold inside, and he has his bed and blanket in there. So, I know he is very comfortable. But the summer is way different. Leaving the windows down as far as possible and not allowing him to get out, is not an option, as it still gets hot in a car quickly. I have heard pros and cons regarding the car being stolen, and so that is a worry of course. Any suggestions, as I love taking him places and he loves to go.
  8. We have had our hound for 17 weeks now, and he is settled in and doing very well. He is the only grey we have, but we have a cat and they get along OK. Actually our grey is scared to death of the cat, and just avoids getting near her, but they do nap very close to each other and so I am not afraid of the hound attacking the cat. My question is this. My wife and I would love to go to various events during the day, and we have been crating him. He seems to be OK with crating, but the longest we have left him in his crate has been a couple of hours or so. Every time we leave to go somewhere, he really wants to go badly with us. So, we feel very guilty about leaving him. It's like leaving a kid behind. Should we be concerned that our leaving him will be harmful to his happiness? We take him for a walk everyday for at least an hour. I know a lot of people work and leave their hounds in a crate for long periods of time. Should we consider not closing the door to the crate when we leave, which would allow him to roam thru out the house while we are gone? We just feel so guilty about leaving him, so its really us that I am hoping for some answers or suggestions.
  9. Wonder if I could hire him out for new garden preparation in our neighborhood.
  10. Thanks for the advice. Yes the grass he is eating is fresh young grass that is just now growing. I see no signs of illness in any form. I wonder if he would like some ranch dressing to be sprinkled on?
  11. I'm sure this topic has been posted before, but I will post it new. OK, so my noodle nose is a very healthy and happy hound. He, however, has taken to eating grass. Not sure exactly how much, as each time we have caught him doing it, he had already started. We have not changed his food, and he has the same energy and personality as always. His poop is the same as before, so not seeing anything about him that looks worrisome. ???????????????????
  12. I am not too worried about the grass, as much as him getting a bad cut in his foot from a hidden sharp object. I will just continue to work with him by pulling him away and giving him a treat. Maybe it will click some day with him to get the treat and leave the plowing behind.
  13. OK, so here is what my noodle nose has started doing recently. He is a 2 year, 9 month male and a wonderful dog. We go walking everyday on a paved trail, and he will wonder off to the grassy side to sniff, pee, and poop. He likes to poop a lot during a walk, and the only way to keep him from doing this is to have him walk on my left side, and further est away from the grass on the side of the trail where he picks up the scents of other dog's pee and poop. He just recently started a new habit. After pooping or peeing, he will back scratch the dirt with both front paws and back paws to cover up his business. I know dogs do this and I have not problem - EXCEPT - he really digs down deep with his scratching, and it looks like a John Deere tractor with a turning plow has been there. I am worried about him cutting his foot/feet very badly on a sharp rock or something in the ground. As hard as he scratches, a sharp rock would really cut him deeply. Any suggestions on what to do - if anything, other than keep him on the paved trail, and not letting him go to the side of the trail.
  14. Suggestions please. OK, so I am now convinced beyond a doubt that my hound poop marks. He is healthy, and at home poops in the morning and then in the evening - firm as it should be. He has no hookworms or other parasites, per the vet. He weighs what he should weigh, and we feed him kibble at around 21%, 2 cups in the morning, 2 in the evening. Here is our walk of today - leave the car and he starts sniffing the bushes on the trail immediately - so he will take a big poop, firm, right then, and pee. OK moving on down the trail, at 50 feet, pee again, 100 feet, pee again, 500 feet, pee again, 600 feet, time to poop again, very soft, impossible to pick up. Moving on 800 feet, pee again, 1200 feet, pee again, 1600 feet, pee again, 2000 feet - looking to poop again, and does, very runny, impossible to pick up. Moving on, now we go into the beautiful historic town of Rockmart to see all of the small shops. My wife goes into a antique store while I walk the hound down the sidewalk, lined with flowers and decorative edging. Uh oh, poop time, on the nice, clean, sunny sidewalk, runny, not too much available but very noticeable, as his poop factory hasn't had time to stock up new supplies yet. So, everyone is looking at me and expecting me to do something about the poop. I am perplexed as to what to do. A garden hose and soap is not available on the sidewalk in front of the quaint shops. This has become the routine. I got him used to a clicker, which he responds to perfectly with other training. So I decided to take the clicker and click it with a nice treat right when he squats over. So he ignores me and the clicker, poops, and then comes to my side to get the obligated treat. He's very smart on this. Also, he can squat and poop in milliseconds, giving me no chance to even blink. I also believe that he can somehow condense air into liquid immediately for his peeing supply. I may look at getting a patent on that. I would prefer that this pooping routine be reduced, but not sure how to do this. Any suggestions.
  15. We have had our hound now for 4 months and he has settled in very well. He has growled at me only 3 times in the first a couple of months. One time I was trying to take away an item he had gotten, and he didn't want to give it up. He growled heavily, but he didn't try to bite. I scolded him and took it away, and all was fine. We were great buddies again. Two other times was when he was on his bed and I started petting him - he was asleep and it startled him, and I understand that as I had read about it here. He didn't try to bite, just growled heavily, and when he saw it was me, he was OK. Back to being great buddies. This last time, tonight, he had just finished having a drink of water and was walking back into the living room. I knelt down and started petting him, and he growled - not a real long growl, or loud, but it was certainly a surprise. A minute later I am sitting on the couch and he comes up and puts his head down between my legs so I can give him his ear rubs, as I do this quite a lot. Since we have had him, I have been very active in handling him, petting him, rubbing his ears, brushing his teeth, holding his feet, wiping his feet off with a wet rag when he comes in, picking him up to put him on the scale, hugging him a lot, and he is fine with all of that. He is a very sweet dog. Any comments?
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