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  1. Hi everyone! We have a grey who we adopted 10 months ago and we are really struggling to “read” her emotions - she’s just a very unpredictable hound! But we love her lots. When meeting other dogs, she will pull me over to them, tail wagging wanting to say hello. They will sniff politely for around 5-10seconds but then out of nowhere she will growl. They don’t even have to be sniffing her face, just “in her zone”. But whilst growling at them, she will continue to sniff them - and we just can’t work out if she wants to say hello or for them to leave her alone! And this is all
  2. Hi, I recently adopted a Macau Greyhound (Tres) who has spent six years at a race track, which is longer than typical racing dogs . He’s very sweet and loves people . I feed him in a separate room so he’s had no interaction with my other dog (Taylor) while eating . He doesn’t seem to be bothered by me . But he growls at my other dog our dog beds and toys . I can feed both dogs treats at the same time in vicinity of one another and have been trying to feed them both treats when they are near each other and have toys . My other Doug Taylor is a 13-year-old Doberman with mobi
  3. Hi everyone, I have been reading this forum a lot over the past 6 months and have already learned a lot from this community. I was hoping I could get some help with an issue I'm having. I have a 2 1/2 year old female greyhound that LOVES people and other dogs. She has never shown aggression towards another human and very rarely with other dogs (always a clear reason why like trying to hump her or standing over her while she was dozing on the floor). However, something happened yesterday that I am hoping for some help with. My brother adopted a greyhound as well about a week ago and
  4. Good Afternoon Greyhound Friends! I wanted to ask a quick question about Greyhound to Greyhound behavior. We have had our boy for close to a year and a half and overall, everything is going wonderfully and he has really done well adapting to his retired life in our home. He gets along with small dogs, non-greyhound dogs, and other greyhounds; however, I do have one question - Sometimes, when we are at Greyhound Events he will growl and/or air-snap at other greyhounds -- especially if the other grey approaches him "nose to nose." I am just curious what other people's experience is with
  5. Hi, I'm new to this forum and have had my retired greyhound (he's called Kai) for 1 week. I know this isn't a long time at all, but my grey has started to show signs of space aggression already and this is something we want to nip in the bud as soon as possible so that it doesn't escalate. His bed is next to the sofa in our house, as that's the only place it would fit (it's quite big!) and we've been snapped at a few times by Kai; the first couple of times due to our fault, the last one for seemingly no reason at all. The first time was because my boyfriend's dad came over and touched
  6. This week we had an in-home consult with a trainer who uses the positive reinforcement training recommended in Retired Racing Greyhounds for Dummies. I thought I’d post my notes here for others who may have similar problems. (Our boy Django just turned 2, and we’ve had him for 2.5 months.) Sleep Aggression Start be petting gently while he’s on the floor and wide awake and give him treats when he responds positively (our boy has no problem with this, so this would likely not work if anyone is not at this stage yet.) When he’s comfortable with that, gently nudge him while he’s lying down an
  7. Hi All, Prepare for a novel.. this is the first time I have posted and I figure I will just spill my/our whole story in one go. Here are some basic facts about our situation: - Wife and I adopted a 3 y/o male (Stanley) about 3 months ago (Thanksgiving '16) -Both my wife and I are first-time dog owners -We don't have kids, but we do have several young nieces and nephews that like to come to our house. -We live in a fenced yard in a typical cookie cutter neighborhood -Stanley is not cat safe -Stanley seems to be afraid of other dogs -We are signed up for a greyhound only general o
  8. Hi All, Cyrus has been with me for about 5 months and has settled quite well. He's very much the dog I was looking for and I couldn't be more pleased. My problem is however not with him, but with the human I live with. I originally adopted Cyrus with my live in bf, who is now my live in ex-bf... I haven't moved out yet because he pays for some of Cy's care and the rent is cheap. Neither of us owned dogs before him, but I was way more committed to the idea of dog ownership than him (he's a selfish manchild). Needless to say I'm way more in tune with Cy's needs and behavior. About a mo
  9. Hello All! Cyrus has been adjusting to life here pretty well. Everyone tells me how handsome and well behaved he is and I feel like such a proud mom Nothing new to report on Mac front, but no news is good news. A really strange thing has happened tonight though. Around 10:30-11pm tonight Cyrus goes into his crate to lay down and I head upstairs for a second. We've been playing crate games and he's gotten pretty comfortable hanging out in there on his own terms, so this isn't the strange part. I make it too the top of the landing and I all of a sudden hear sounds that honestly give me fl
  10. Hi everyone, I wanted to describe an incident that happened today with our 3.5 year-old, Cooper. He has a tendency to pick things up from the ground on his walks outside (acorns, mushrooms, garbage, etc). Today, he picked up something that resembled a chicken bone, but he did it so quickly that I couldn't get a good look at it initially. He took a bite, which made a crunching sound, and then it seemed to have gotten stuck across the roof of his mouth. He continuously put his head down, shaking his head and pawing at his face to try to get it out. His mouth started bleeding and he seemed to
  11. Hello! We've had our Maisie girl for right at a month. She was only off the track a few weeks when we brought her home from the adoption place - she will turn two in April. She's settled in really nicely - loves to snuggle, goes outside on a schedule, and has even gotten some tricks down! We had a weird experience tonight though: We had just given her a bath and she was doing her zoomies to finish drying off. We decided to give her a rawhide bone, something we had never done before. Man, did she go after it. She took it and went immediately to the farthest couch. When I si
  12. Hello, Long time lurker, but after our issues with our newly adopted Greyhound I figured it would be a good time to reach out. We recently adopted a retired racing greyhound (about 2 months ago) and it has been fairly good so far. Our dog has been adapting pretty well, but he does have what seems to be sleep and/or space aggression issues as well as possessiveness. After a few weeks of perfect behavior he will have a relapse where he snaps/growls/nips (i hesitate to use the word bite, but he has broken skin, just not a full out chomp, if that makes sense). After each "incident" my wife
  13. Hi! I'm a first time grey owner and have generally been super pleased with our big red boy Biggie (he will be two in February and we've had him for 2 months). He is very friendly to my boyfriend and I, loves meeting/greeting new people and loves belly rubs + cuddles. I have done a ton of research /reading grey talk to work on what I think are Biggie's mild/moderate resource guarding and sleep aggression. He doesn't bite or snap - but will get very growly occasionally - probably a total of 8 times in 2 months. My concern is that I find it hard to work with Biggie on these issues when they
  14. Hi All, I've posted about my new grey Biggie's growling/listening issues previously - and to help work on/manage them I've scheduled an appointment with a local dog trainer (that advertises using only positive training methods). Any suggestions on what to expect or look for? I've never had to go to a dog trainer before and am really hoping to get some good strategies to use from him/her to work on with Biggie. Should I expect to just speak to them about the issues I've been seeing initially or will they independently evaluate Biggie themselves in addition to talking to me? I'm thin
  15. My computer's been down so I've been kinda scarce around here lately, but I have a bit of an issue that's been building for awhile now. If you want you can just skip to the end, but otherwise bear with me. So Dane has become more comfortable here, he's become stupidly protective of the house/his territory. He gets really riled up on our walks around the neighborhood when he sees other dogs (though I don't blame him because a LOT of them are really rude in dog language+the number of "beware of dog" signs around is unreal....). At our training classes and the dog park, he's lovely. Completel
  16. Sheldon is my third Greyhound. My first two boys came from New England tracks and were in much better shape when they came to me than my poor Sheldon. He I a wonderful dog but if really pushy in regards to human food. He actually brings counter surfing to a new level. I am concerned that he is going to burn his nose due to the fact that he really would like to be able to pull food out of the pan that is cooking on the stove top. I am afraid to move away from the spot if he is in the kitchen for fear of him actually ending up trying to get what is in the pan and burning himself. He also w
  17. My daughter and son-in-law adopted a lovely greyhound 2 months ago. They have been wonderful about informing themselves on the best way to deal with her and with greyhound traits in general. I have started walking the dog once during the day - my son-in-law works from home and walks her also during the day. They tell me that at first she loved other dogs, wanted to rush up and meet them, but lately has become afraid, esp. of small barky dogs, and whimpers and growls. I noticed the other day when I walked her, there was a dog behind a fence, set well back from the street, just looking out,
  18. Hi, My name is Tracy and I’m new here. Me and my boyfriend Jim adopted a greyhound named Bo 2 months ago. This might get kind of long… Bo is sweet and was very shy and withdrawn at first. The first month he was like a zombie. It was nearly impossible to even get him out of his crate to go to the bathroom. He mostly just slept a lot. He had zero interest in play or toys, but we knew this might happen so we were very patient. Then, after about a month, he really started opening up. Playing a lot with toys, being super goofy and energetic in the morning and when we came home, and loving w
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