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  1. Dakar isn't noise sensitive at all, thunder/fireworks are all fine, except when it comes to drones. The sound of drones sends him into a panic and he'll try to escape them at any cost.
  2. Check and make sure she doesn't have hookworms. That can make putting weight on difficult.
  3. Mine did the same thing when we first moved, turns out he doesn't like the new walking surface, we don't have side walks in our new neighborhood so we have to walk on the road which is sharp and pebbly. We now walk downtown close to my office (he comes to work with me). Maybe the walking surface is uncomfortable?
  4. We're the same- we even went through a phase where we had to feed a lunch as well as he was having stomach issues. We're back to 3 times a day now.
  5. You're right- three days of panacur will not cut it. It seems like Moxidectin (Advantage Multi/Coraxis) is the key ingredient in treating hookworms. I would stick with the alternating of Drontal plus and AM. It can take a long time to get rid of hookworms, we have been treating for almost a year.
  6. We started using it to see if it could help with Dakar's separation anxiety, we're on our second box and I do think it has made a difference coupled with consistent alone training. We started seeing a difference around the 4 week mark, he seemed more dog like if that makes sense, more playful, less shy around strangers, and while he still wasn't happy about being left alone, he was doing better. Try a box and see if it makes a difference, if it doesn't you may be out $50, but at least you gave it a shot.
  7. Per the FDA report, there were 10 complaints against Nutrisource, it doesn't state which formulas, but regardless they're not WSAVA. Until it's known what's contributing the DCM, I'm sticking with what's been shown to be safe.
  8. We used to feed it, but since the whole DCM thing, we switched to Purina. We've had good results with the Pro Plan Savor Chicken and Rice- it's reasonably priced and poops have been firmer/less frequent.
  9. He went off it once before, so I threw out the bag and got a new bag and all was fine, after he went off it a second time I called it quits. When I went to dump it out of the plastic bin it was stored in, the bottom had beetles and their respective larvae in the kibble. I don't know if it became infested before or after I put it in the bin, but I was pretty grossed out by it.
  10. We were feeding pro-plan sensitive and stomach salmon for awhile, he was doing ok on it, but was eating more than the recommended feeding and still wasn't putting on weight. He suddenly went off it and refused to eat it any more so we switched to pro plan savor chicken and he's doing a lot better. Less poops, less frequently.
  11. The same is true with rats as well- males are a lot more friendly/cuddly where females tend to be more independent and aloof. I think the phenomenon transcends a lot of species.
  12. We used to use food toys- they "worked" in that they distracted him while we were leaving, but he was never really ok with being alone. As soon as he was done with the toy, he'd find a place to lay on the floor and watch the door until we returned- for hours. He has mild separation anxiety and when we moved house it REALLY started to kick into high gear (pacing/panting/chewing the blinds). We then realized this wasn't going to be fixed by a kong, so we are now working with a behaviorist and don't use food toys at all, just desensitizing absences/departure cues slowly (painfully slowly).
  13. You can switch to Coraxis which is the same as Advantage Multi, just without the fleas medication, it's also made by Bayer.
  14. Our hound will go through cycles of this, feeding more meals throughout the day helps, for example our hound gets 4 cups of food a day- 1.5 in the am, 1/2 cup at noon, 1.5 in the evening and 1/2 cup right before bed. If the squeaks have already started- he'll turn his nose up at kibble, but the one thing he has reliably always eaten is bread. 1 slice of bread seems to do the trick and soaks up the acid/bile. After a few minutes he's ready to eat kibble mixed with warm water and all is back to normal.
  15. Any info on our boy- Kentucky Bronco ? He's a gentle giant.
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