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Found 7 results

  1. Hey guys! I was hoping you could give me some advice, as I’ve adopted my first spanish greyhound! She has been with us for about a week and I'm not sure if I'm giving her enough stimulation or too much stimulation! At the moment our routine is as follows I wake up at around 08.30, have a coffee and wake her up (at the moment she sleeps in our conservatory,) since my partner does not like having her in the house! At around 09:00 take her for a 1-2 hour walk we have to walk around quite a bit until she finally has a wee! (Which at the moment she is only doing once a day) then come back home at around 11/12 she has her lunch breakfast half an hour after we arrive! she then just sleeps most of the afternoon I start work at around 15.00 but I work from home so I try to keep an eye out on her! I try to give her a snack by around 18.00 this normally comes in the shape of a kong! then finally depending on when my work finishes I take her for a long night walk usually around an hour! At the moment we've slowly started going to the dog park as sometimes she gets a bit fearful of other dogs! If we go into the dog park and there's a few dogs there she will run around with them until she pretty much exhausts herself 😂 we then come back home I give her, her dinner at around 9 and depending on how settled she is I don't really take her out again. Should I try to take her out more often? I've been told by other galgo owners that they (the galgos) get really bored on their walks and that I should just try to make her run more often! (But since she is a rescue and pretty recently adopted I do not feel comfortable releasing her!) Many thanks in advance for your advice.
  2. Hello! My name is Lae, living in the Saint Paul area of Minnesota! My boyfriend and I adopted Big Mike from GPA Minnesota about a month ago. I just wanted to introduce ourselves and let you know that I already lurked a little and felt a lot more at ease about some of his behavior (especially being suddenly afraid of being outside sometimes) I hope to learn more and maybe connect with some of you in my area 🥰😊
  3. Hi Community! I am a new member thinking of adopting a Greyhound. My research has indicated a Grey (likely ex-racer) would be the right choice, but I'm looking for guidance from this community to help me think through whether this is right for me/the dog and what considerations I should be aware of. I am a newish dog owner (had a dog when I was very young) as well as never having owned a Grey, so I want to make sure I tread carefully in making this commitment. I live in a high rise apartment with no yard (a little green space for bathroom breaks, would have to go to public spaces for any vigorous exercise) and would mostly be worried about the dog being able to get into elevators, interaction with other people and dogs in the building, and not having too much room in an apartment. I work long hours, sometimes unpredictable, and do not have a significant other, so the dog may need to be home alone for anywhere between 9-12 hours at a time. I would plan to get a dog walker for days where it stretches on the 11-12 hour end. I am hoping to get the dog potty trained to use a pee pad (or in the bathtub?) in an emergency, though I know that's idealistic. In light of my lack of experience, working hours, etc., I think I should be looking for a somewhat low energy dog, maybe around 4-5 y.o. (ie not a pup), that is, importantly, able to be alone (though I'd love it to be otherwise affectionate and cuddly). I know I should look for a Grey that has been fostered so that hopefully I won't be working from the ground up training and assimilation-wise and so that any issues hopefully won't be a surprise. Does anyone have experience adopting under similar circumstances or have insight on what else I need to consider? If it helps, I am in New England.
  4. Hi everyone! I just adopted my first greyhound, she is a fawn girl named Bambi! I've had her for a little over a week and I love her so much already! I do have some concerns as far as leaving her alone, though. The first day I left her alone in my apartment, she was confined to the living area. I felt comfortable leaving her outside of the crate because her 2 foster moms told me she was never destructive and they had no issues with her. I left her about 4 hours and came home to a disaster. She didn't destroy anything, but she peed and pooped EVERYWHERE. The next time I decided to crate her. She did fine for the next couple days. As of recently though, she has been peeing or pooping in her crate when I leave her. For about 2-3 hour intervals. I take her out to pee/poop before crating her EVERY TIME. She is positive for hookworm, so at first I was thinking it was because she couldn't hold her bowels due to diarrhea, but then she started urinating her crate as well. She doesn't show any signs of disliking the crate. She'll lay in it while i'm home without an issue. I also give her a frozen Kong full of peanut butter and yogurt so work on while i'm away, but I think she goes through it in a matter of 30 minutes. I live on a third floor and going up/down the stairs has been a challenge for her. She has finally learned to come up (with treats of course) and I will soon be training her on how to go down. For now, I have to carry her down. I don't know if maybe the stress of the stairs is also a factor. Whenever we finally get downstairs and close to some grass, she will statue for at least 10 minutes before she starts sniffing and finally moving closer to the grass to relieve herself. It never takes her less than 15 minutes. I try to get her to run/jog with me to tire her out, but like i mentioned, she will statue until I finally give in. The longest I've waited has been 30 minutes, where she will not move no matter what. Completely uninterested in sniffing, running, jogging, anything. Maybe she is getting some anxiety from being outside? Please help me with some suggestions/ideas! I hate for her to be so anxious, not only for myself, but I can imagine what she is going through.
  5. Hi! Im excited to have finally been matched with a handsome red male greyhound from West Virginia. I already have two cats at home. I was given the choice between two greyhounds and picked the more calm of the two. When my adoption group tested Red with cats they said he showed no interest and ignored the cat. He moved in last night and I brought down my large black male cat, Spike. Spike is more dominant and stand his ground kind of cat. I thought I could get a swipe from Spike. Reds ears perked up when he saw him and we made a loud Hey to distract him. Spike got scared, hissed, and ran up the stairs with no reaction but confusion from Red. Red is very quiet and never whines or barks. The only sign of interest when hes in his crate and the cat walks by is a little perked up ear. I want to try again introducing Spike one on one, but Im nervous. What are some signs to look out for from Red that say hes too interested in the cat. (He is of course muzzled and leashed when out of his crate). Do you have any tips for living harmoniously with cats and introducing safely? When I go back to work on Monday, is it safe for cats to wander freely with Red in his crate or should I isolate the cats in a room with litterbox and food and water until I trust Red more?
  6. Hi All, You can maybe label this: Research Is Not Experience. I've been lurking here and on Reddit's greyhound forum, and I've read both Adopting the Racing Greyhound and the For Dummies version. I knew from all my reading that I'd want a greyhound with previous in-home experience. So I choose an adoption group that does fostering. But the greyhound I was matched with wasn't fostered, which I hadn't realized until I'd already met her. Of course I'd already fallen in love and decided to take her home by then. But now she's pacing and whining, and hasn't tried to lay down outside of her crate. It's making me wonder if I've bitten off more than I can chew. I work full time and was hoping for a dog that could make itself right at home. Disclaimer: it's only been a few hours since she came home. So I'm almost certainly getting ahead of myself, but I still can't help but worry. Does anyone with experience teaching greyhounds how to Dog? Any advice, commiseration, smacks upside the head?
  7. Hi! I'm Adelaide, and I'm new here. I have a greyhound named Dante. He is four and he is my first greyhound. I adopted him on May 13, so we're still getting used to each other. One particular problem I seem to have is to get him to come when he's called. He does it sometimes... so I know he understands that he should come, but sometimes... he just doesn't. I've looked online for training methods for other dogs, but does anyone have specific greyhound-oriented training for this, or suggestions? Thanks! (This is him, by the way!)
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