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  1. So we’ve had 🍑 for nearly two months now and she’s become very vocal! We spoke to the shelter who gave us the advice to mark her barks so when she barked we opened the backdoor to go to the bathroom and if she continued to bark after that we were to ignore her, stand up and leave the room. It’s been a few weeks of us leaving the room when Peaches is barking but nothing seems to have changed, if anything she’s got a bit worse! She used to sit on her bed or on the sofa with us while we ate and was quiet however now she barks at us constantly while we’re eating. We have always praised her with “good girl peaches” and lots of strokes and fuss when she’s sat behind us quietly so we’re not sure where this behaviour has come from unless she’s testing the boundaries. The problem is because it’s happening while we’re eating we have to grab our plates and drinks etc when we leave or she’ll eat it, and we can’t get through a meal without walking back and forth 5 or 6 times; she follows us when we go out and as soon as we sit back down she starts to bark again so there is no settled time to reward her for; I’m sure you can imagine this is getting quite frustrating, especially as she was so good with meal times at first! Once we’ve finished dinner and have tidied away she relaxes on the sofa with us and is cuddly and quiet again so I don’t think she’s hungry... maybe just greedy? The other issue we have is that she barks at my partner, she isn’t aggressive towards him and she chooses when she does this. Today for example she was sat with me on the sofa, Jack came downstairs and she got up, greeted him, she wanted to play so they played for a little then she went for a drink, when she came back in she stood looking at him barking constantly. We both ignored her and after 5ish minutes of continuous barking we left the room to go and sit in the dining room. I came back to sit on the sofa once she was quiet and she jumped straight on, had a sniff and lick of my face then lay down next to me. Yesterday when we were both sat on the sofa she choose to lie with her head on his lap instead of with me so I know she isn’t scared or possessive or anything. Usually I take her for walks before and after work and my partner works from home so feeds her and spends the day with her however due to recent events I’m now at home all of the time so do most of her care as my partner is still working. She went to be spayed on Tuesday (17.3.2020) and I’m wondering if part of the excessive barking over the past few days is a mixture of energy because she can’t go for a proper walk and letting us know she’s in pain?We were looking into taking her to classes on the weekends but with what’s going on I imagine classes won’t be happening! Could we please have some advice on what to do? Should we continue with moving out of the room or do we start to just completely ignore her, especially if we know she’s been outside to do her business? also if this change in barking is due to her having a slight change in her routine with me being home now, how do we go about fixing this? I’m worried that she is demanding walks etc from my partner and not me, but I’m not sure how we go about fixing this? I really hope someone can help! Lauren, Jack and Peaches 🍑
  2. So we’ve had 🍑 for two weeks now, and while she’s starting to come out of her shell she often gets bored in the evening. We’re taking her for 3 walks each day, one in the morning, one after work and one before bed, each one is a minimum of 25-30 minutes long. When we have to go out she’s left with a stuffed frozen kong and a few tough toys to keep her occupied and when we’re in the house with her she has her softer toys to play with. I know greyhounds don’t really know how to play with toys but while we’re around she has little bursts of playing (and destroying) but then gets fed up and paces around the house. Are there any toys you can recommend for restless greyhounds? We don’t want her to be bored but don’t want to push too much on her either... any advice would be welcomed! X
  3. Thank you all! The kong works a treat and she barely notices we’ve gone when she has it! Today I was able to leave her downstairs while I showered without any barking or crying too so hopefully we’re going in the right direction! Next on the list of things to tackle is walking without freezing every other step and restlessness at 9.30pm...! We’ll get there!
  4. Thank you. Once we’ve left she’s quiet, it’s just the initial separation that she doesn’t like. We don’t go to her or let her hear us when she barks for the reason you’ve said. I want her to feel settled and I understand this will take some time and getting used too, I just wanted to check we were doing the right thing! X
  5. She sleeps downstairs as we don’t allow her upstairs. She has a sofa full of blankets and cushions, a duvet and an orthopaedic dog bed with blankets and soft toys so comfort isn’t the problem!
  6. Hello all, After a few months of meets, walks and excitement we finally brought home Peaches on Saturday 15th February! She had a great first day with us, sniffing around the house, going for a walk or two and cuddling up on the sofa in the evening. We let her go at her own pace and didn’t pester her for attention, letting her choose to spend time with us if she wanted too, that night we went to bed and she slept silently until we got her up on the Sunday morning. Sunday was another great day, she ate her food well, had regular toileting, went for 3 walks and we snuggled on the sofa in the evening, again she went to bed quietly and didn’t make a peep until we woke her up on Monday morning. On Monday we woke her up, fed her and took her for a walk as usual, then I had to go into work for an hour or so so I left her with her kong full of peanut butter and kibble to distract her as I left. We have cameras through the house to check up on her and everytime we checked through the day she was snoozing on the sofa and seemed happy! When I got back from work however things changed, she because stuck to my side and became anxious whenever I left the room, even if my partner was still with her (we’ve spent the same amount of time with her). Today I have tried to go out of the room or out of the house for short periods of time to get her used to the idea of me not being there all the time as I go back to work next week. She seems to have a few barks and whimpers but then settles herself on the sofa, however tonight when putting her to bed she began to bark and, although it didn’t even last as long as a minute, she hasn’t done this before and now she seems hyper alert, pricking her ears up to any small sound inside or outside the house. I know we’re only on day 4 but we’re new to owning a dog and we just want her to be happy and comfortable here... I want to say that it’s normal for her to be un-phased by us for the first day or so then start missing us once she grows attachments to us, but I’m unsure how to go about making these secure attachments without her becoming anxious whenever I’m not around... help please! I want Peaches to have a really happy home here as she’s such a shy, quiet and timid little girl who deserves the best! Thank you! I hope we can learn how to settle her! Lauren, Jack and Peaches 🍑
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