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  1. Thank you so much for your response! It’s given me some direction on how to proceed and made me feel that it’s not a hopeless endeavor. I know I’ll refer back to it as well. Max is getting some nice pets right now during nap time rather than me trying to get 5000 chores done, which I can tell he appreciates. 😌
  2. This is a great idea. I heard from his adoption agency that he didn’t like being crated in the past, but in this situation it might make him feel safer.
  3. I think this might be best for safety. I agree with you that he’s not “misbehaving” through growling, it’s just scary to me because I don’t want him to reach his limit and he just seems to be getting grumpier and grumpier. Sometimes he’ll growl as soon as the toddler walks in the room, even if she’s nowhere near his space.
  4. I know - that would be ideal and we had it when the little one was not so active. We split the big living space in two with the gate, but kiddo needed more room to play and run, so the gate is typically open now and Max has our bedroom to go to which is safe and comfy, but isolated.
  5. Hi all, This is so tough to write about, and I’m a bit at my wit’s end! Needing some fresh perspectives. My hound Max is 7, we’ve had him for 4 years. My kiddo is one and a half. We’ve tried to teach good lessons about petting nicely and we always supervise their interactions. I feel like our house has become too small for them both (1500 sq feet, but 500 of it isn’t dog or toddler safe) and they are constantly vying for the same 1000 sq feet. The toddler LOVES Max, but this feels like a tough age where comprehension of how to be nice hasn’t really caught up. We had some issues with space aggression at the very beginning with Max, years ago, but worked through them. He’s been good about sharing space with us for a long time now. He’s not so good at being kind to the kiddo. And he’s stopped listening to me when I ask him to get up and go to another room for his or kiddo’s safety. He’ll guard the couch or his bed, and just double down on growling. I don’t want to give him up since he’s been part of our family for 4 years, and he’s an older dog now and has a history of behavioral issues since before we had him. Also, I feel that things will even out once kiddo is 3 or 4 and able to understand the rules a bit more. Does anyone have advice about how to get through the next couple of years? Thanks so much.
  6. Yikes. Thank you for your take on this, at least I’m not the only one going through this issue. We are putting up some temporary fencing ASAP.
  7. We’ve recently moved from an apartment in the city to a house in a more rural area. I’m used to limited space and leash laws, so is my greyhound Max. Our neighbors have three dogs and lately they’ve taken to letting them wander in the front yard, and whenever they see my dog they come running for us, until I yell and stomp and throw things to get them off my property. Not ideal. My boy is not good with non-greyhounds and would fight or bite a dog who ran up to him while he’s on leash. I’ve told the neighbor that he is not friendly to other dogs, but he doesn’t seem to care about his dogs possibly getting hurt. We are saving money to get our property lines drawn up and completely fence the place, but any suggestions as to what we can do in the meantime would be so appreciated!
  8. That's encouraging! After those two meetings I am definitely leaning more towards another boy, but we still have a ways to go before formally adopting our 2nd and we hope to look at quite a few more greyhounds.
  9. Hi all! We have been discussing possibly adding another greyhound to our home and are in the process of vetting a few candidates. Today, we met a little black and white spotted girl, who Max seemed to like, but she would relentlessly snark at him whenever they were close enough to sniff. (She whipped her head around to snap at him twice during mutual butt sniffs). I'm assuming this reaction is NOT a great sign of compatibility. We also met a brindle boy that sniffed Max politely, but didn't seem terribly interested one way or the other. Is it too much to hope for more of a visible reaction than this? I really want a companion for Max - someone who will want to engage with him.
  10. Not at the moment. We've been out of town, then dealing with some health issues of the human variety, so I haven't been too much in touch with my friend who has Miles. I will definitely update if I hear any news about him pertaining to this, though!
  11. It makes me a bit concerned to see in her pedigree that her mom and dad were half siblings. That doesn't seem like something you'd ever see in a healthy NGA dog.
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