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  1. hahaha its brilliant. Tiny, few, firm and less smelly
  2. Thanks BatterseaBrindl for this. We've found a raw food supplier at our place and yes they freeze them in blocks of 80 to 100g and it comes in a variety of meat plus green tripe and sometimes crushed bones in it. We've decided that we'll do a plan similar to yours - raw in the morning of approx 350g and followed by the evening meal of Coprice kibble with a mix of some houndlog. It's the first time we're using the raw blocks this week as the only time we fed our grey raw was in some mornings with either a chicken frame or veal bone. Kibble was still being fed in the evenings that time and the poop was firm and small. When we switched back to kibble for the whole day (after 5 days of raw feed in the morning) his poop later in the day ended up like pumpkin mash. Back to raw in the mornings and that firmed things up
  3. Thanks Remolacha, I recently had a chat with a lady customer at a raw food supplier on the weekend and she's going on a mix feed too so looks like it won't be a problem
  4. Hi all, I'm currently doing some morning meals for my grey using chicken carcass and raw tripe. Dinner would usually be kibble and some soft food. I went to visit my local raw food supplier for pets and they have recommended that if i fed a raw diet, i should make it completely raw and i should not mix it this way. They've advised that this is due to the gastric acidity as raw stimulates strong gastric acidity while processed/dry are not good acidity stimulators. Is this true or is this all about marketing their products? I understand that raw and dry should not be mixed together at the same time however I'm doing raw in the mornings then dry in the evenings. My plan for raw is either one of these - chicken frames, veal bones, veal brisket. Always with some raw tripe. Would really like to hear from your experience and what some recommendations are. Thanks so much!
  5. Thanks for this and I'll try the "going the other way" method and hopefully that does the job. He went absolutely mental the other day ( a huge tug and leap) when a collie was off leash running along the footpath with its owner on a bike. I guess he wanted to race him
  6. Oh boy that backflip. I remembered the time when mine did a side flip and landed on his side with a thud. No whimper or whine but i think that thought him not to pull hard on the harness!!
  7. We've recently adopted our 1st greyhound and although he's been labelled as cat trainable, we would like some advice base on your experience etc. We do not have a cat in our house and do not intend to get any in the future, however our windows are from the floor to the ceiling and being on the 2nd level, our grey has the ability to look outside on our street in full view. When he sees a cat across the road at the end of the driveway, he will often be fine and just stares at it or makes a little whine. However when its close to our home, like on the street or just across on the footpath, he will bark, whine and gets quite excited. My question is, what would you do in that instance or even before he gets excited? I would usually call him over and if he does (50% of the time), i would praise or give him treats......he would then head back to the window. While on a walk, he tried to go after a cat running across the road too which I understand its in their prey drive. But do you walk away from the target or just continue walking and pretend nothing has happened? Thanks in advance for any advice you can provide
  8. Thanks everyone for all your comments. I guess its only what we can do as a preventive measure for now and will target it when it comes
  9. Hi all, we will be adopting our first greyhound very soon and I've read a lot about corns in greys being very common. I've seen lots of posts regarding treatments etc, however is there a way to prevent them from happening in the first place? Would moisturizing their paws regularly minimize corns from occurring? Thanks so much and would love to see what has helped for some.
  10. Thanks so much for all your input. Makes me more at ease and yes definitely commonsense needs to come into play for food prep and cleanup. Cheers again
  11. I'm planning on feeding a mixture of raw food and dry food for my greyhound and was wondering if its necessary to wipe their mouth after they eat? They will be fed the raw food outside but I'm just worried of the spread of bacteria when they come into the home and have their face all over the sofa etc. Apologies if this sounded silly but was wondering what you would do or will they lick it clean themselves or maybe leave them outside for awhile before coming into the home? Thanks in advance
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