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  1. Started using an adaptil collar a few days ago & I think it’s helping. I did keep him muzzled & them separated by a babygate for a full 2 days when he arrived. He’s been here 3 weeks now. It is getting better. Seems to be more w direct eye contact & direct approach which can’t always be helped but I’m just trying different things & moving beds further apart. Never feed together. I put my old guy on my bed & the GH isn’t allowed up there. He’s now tossing a toy around near my older dog. My older dog is turning his head mostly away as to not engage in unwanted behavior. Overall slowly getting better. There is no treat issue. It’s all about the toys.
  2. @Bizeebee yes they met before w/ no issue. They are fine w/o toys. I can feed them treats right by each other & I can take any toy from him. If I have treats then toys are no longer important I think it’s more if he’s approaching him. Taylor the doberman has lived w a GH his whole life as I’ve fostered many but never have I dealt w/ thus issue. Tay could careless about the toy so he’s not actually trying to take it from him. We spent a good deal of time today w Tres in a bed w toys, me and Tay on the floor next to him. I was giving both treats - Tay has his back/not looking at Tres. There were no issues so I feel good about that. The only thing I’ve tried is when I see the growl I don’t really correct him - just tell him in a soothing voice it’s okay. Then I get treats and wait for him to seem okay again & he gets treats when I exchange a toy for a treat & when he’s being “nice” when Tay is in his vicinity. Was just hoping for another idea how to help him know everything is ok & plentiful.
  3. Hi, I recently adopted a Macau Greyhound (Tres) who has spent six years at a race track, which is longer than typical racing dogs . He’s very sweet and loves people . I feed him in a separate room so he’s had no interaction with my other dog (Taylor) while eating . He doesn’t seem to be bothered by me . But he growls at my other dog our dog beds and toys . I can feed both dogs treats at the same time in vicinity of one another and have been trying to feed them both treats when they are near each other and have toys . My other Doug Taylor is a 13-year-old Doberman with mobility issues . I’m not sure if my new Greyhound senses his elderly-ness, or if the resource guarding is just because he feels insecure . I’m not sure how to handle Tres growling at Taylor.. from what I’ve read I shouldn’t necessarily be taking his toys away but just giving treats to him when he’s behaving how I want him to behave. I’m just concerned because he’s been especially growling today and Taylor has just been pacing the house looking for a place of refuge. Tres keeps trying to take Taylors bed and growls when Taylor comes near the bed or toys. There are literally six dog beds in my house for the dogs to lay in the entire basket of toys . Resources are not limited and Taylor is not trying to take Treaty from him. He will totally let me take the toy from him whether I give him a treat or not it’s just my other dog he has an issue with. I have had Tres in my house for 2 weeks. This is the first home he has lived in. Both dogs are baby gate separated when I leave. Thanks for any advice or things to try I see lots of resource guarding stuff in general but looking for dog on dog specific resource guarding with beds and space in addition to toys . This is my second Greyhound but I never had these issues with my first Greyhound. But this is my first race track Greyhound seems to be much different/difficult than just the stray Greyhound that I adopted.
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