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Found 7 results

  1. Hi, I recently adopted a Macau Greyhound (Tres) who has spent six years at a race track, which is longer than typical racing dogs . He’s very sweet and loves people . I feed him in a separate room so he’s had no interaction with my other dog (Taylor) while eating . He doesn’t seem to be bothered by me . But he growls at my other dog our dog beds and toys . I can feed both dogs treats at the same time in vicinity of one another and have been trying to feed them both treats when they are near each other and have toys . My other Doug Taylor is a 13-year-old Doberman with mobility issues . I’m not sure if my new Greyhound senses his elderly-ness, or if the resource guarding is just because he feels insecure . I’m not sure how to handle Tres growling at Taylor.. from what I’ve read I shouldn’t necessarily be taking his toys away but just giving treats to him when he’s behaving how I want him to behave. I’m just concerned because he’s been especially growling today and Taylor has just been pacing the house looking for a place of refuge. Tres keeps trying to take Taylors bed and growls when Taylor comes near the bed or toys. There are literally six dog beds in my house for the dogs to lay in the entire basket of toys . Resources are not limited and Taylor is not trying to take Treaty from him. He will totally let me take the toy from him whether I give him a treat or not it’s just my other dog he has an issue with. I have had Tres in my house for 2 weeks. This is the first home he has lived in. Both dogs are baby gate separated when I leave. Thanks for any advice or things to try I see lots of resource guarding stuff in general but looking for dog on dog specific resource guarding with beds and space in addition to toys . This is my second Greyhound but I never had these issues with my first Greyhound. But this is my first race track Greyhound seems to be much different/difficult than just the stray Greyhound that I adopted.
  2. Hi all, This is my first post on this site - and first of all, let me say I'm so grateful a site like this exists! Here is a brief (kinda) breakdown of our issues: My husband and I rescued our greyhound, Ragnar, in August of 2017, at which time he had just turned 2. We both grew up with big dogs, but neither of us had ever owned a greyhound before. Let me start by saying Ragnar is the sweetest dog - everyone who meets him says the same thing. He will stand next to you getting pet for as long as you'll let him, give kisses, and is all around just playful and sweet with strangers and friendly with other dogs. He does get a little worked up over small kids, but more in a playful way, and doesn't realize how big and heavy he is compared to little children. So we avoid these situations and have kept him muzzled around kids just in case. So shortly after we adopted Ragnar, he started exhibiting some aggression with food, toys, and furniture to the point where he has bitten me and my husband, and his father in law who was staying in our home and making commands toward Ragnar. If we gave him something highly prized, like a bone, for example, and went to try to take it away, he'd start growling and probably bite if we proceeded. If we went near his food bowl while he was eating, he would pause and start growling. The few times he's actually bitten has been mostly over furniture. He used to be allowed on the couch (we decided no more couch access and got him a big, comfy bed instead) and we'd tell him to get off so a human could sit down, and if tried to physically move him off, he'd bite. My husband said he bit him once just by telling him to get off- I don't know if he was approaching him or what triggered the dog at that point. Anyway, we've tried a variety of things and had behavior specialists come over recently to give us some training tools. We've tried implementing the practice of approaching his food bowl with treats, trading toys for treats, etc. There has been some improvement. However, my husband is still very doubtful that the dog can improve and doesn't want a dog in our home that will bite people (however, it seems to only be with those very familiar with Ragnar and not really strangers). My husband thinks the dog is aggressive, and that we shouldn't have to accommodate the dog's behavior by keeping him away from kids, putting his muzzle on, or dog-proofing the house. He wants to get rid of the dog and ultimately get a "normal" dog who doesn't have these issues. I tell him other dogs are going to have other issues, or very possibly the same issues, but he doesn't believe me. Anyway, the point of my whole post is to ask if any of you have experienced similar issues and if you think these behaviors are normal or at least something we can and/or should work around? We do want to start a family within the next year or so, so obviously that factors in to all this. I'm just having a hard time imagining giving up this sweet dog, who I feel attached to now like a child. I understand some dogs, especially greyhounds, have their comfort zones, so sometimes you have to accommodate that (i.e., don't get in a sleeping greyhound's face), but I'm wondering if this is crossing the line into something dangerous, and I am too attached to the dog to see that? Please tell me what your thoughts on this!! Sorry for the long post! I just wanted to give as much detail as I could to give you guys the full story. Thanks so much!
  3. Hi All, Prepare for a novel.. this is the first time I have posted and I figure I will just spill my/our whole story in one go. Here are some basic facts about our situation: - Wife and I adopted a 3 y/o male (Stanley) about 3 months ago (Thanksgiving '16) -Both my wife and I are first-time dog owners -We don't have kids, but we do have several young nieces and nephews that like to come to our house. -We live in a fenced yard in a typical cookie cutter neighborhood -Stanley is not cat safe -Stanley seems to be afraid of other dogs -We are signed up for a greyhound only general obedience class starting late March. Before I get into the challenges, let me note that we love him dearly and he seems to continue to make positive strides in acting like a well-socialized dog. With this said, every time I get comfortable with him and think he is all the way settled in, we seem to have an episode that takes us several steps backward. I have read and understand that it can take years for Greys to settle in but human nature gets the best of me. Brief synopsis of our first three months with Stanley and the challenges we have faced with him: Separation Anxiety: At first, he had some mild SA, but after some alone training, he seems to be fine if we leave him alone in his crate (knock on wood). We consider this to be resolved at this point. Growling while being pet when he is laying down (not in his bed or crate) We noticed early on that he would lay down next to us, and after 10 or 15 minutes of begging us to pet him would apparently get fed up and would then let out a growl, get up and go to his crate. We just decided we shouldn't put him in this situation anymore and rarely sit on the ground and pet him anymore. He doesn't growl if we don't overdo it. (We are hopeful that after many months or even years he will become more comfortable with us and become more cuddly, but aren't holding our breath) Maybe uncomfortable with kids? **Disclaimer** we never leave kids and the dog unsupervised together but we do let them interact together. As we aren't behaviorists, it is tough to tell what is going through his mind when the toddlers come over. A few observations we have had. 1. Initially, when he heard a baby cry, his ears would go straight up and he would pace which was the first concern we had. He seems to be less aggravated by crying and screaming now and will often times remain lying in his bed when it occurs, so maybe he has started to learn that crying comes from babies and it is no longer all that concerning to him... 2. Sometimes, he will get very excited when the kids come over, get down in a play bow and want to rough house with them at which point, I distract him into doing something else as he is too big to play with them. 3. One time he was laying down and a toddler walked close to him and he let out a little growl, got up and walked away. 4. Resource Guarding: This one is brand new. We gave him a high-value treat (bone) which he was loving but I didn't want him to devour it until I knew his stomach could handle it. He has very seldom demonstrated and resource guarding, so I didn't think twice about it and reached to grab the bone after he had been working on it for about 15 minutes. He immediately gave me a pretty long growl at which point I backed off, tried to distract him (he wouldn't take the bait) so I tried taking the bone again and this time he showed teeth. Then I took the trade up approach with his favorite treat (peanut butter) and was able to get the bone away without issue. (I will admit that this was stupid of me to think I could take the bone away and obviously I have now learned that he resource guards high-value treats). I then proceeded to do a few rounds of positive reinforcement trade up training with the bone that same day and he seemed to respond relatively well, though I do think he will still guard until I train him for months. Other Dogs: He seems fearful of other dogs especially if they are hyper. He will growl and bear teeth quickly if they don't respect his space. However, after he settles in and the dogs spend some time together he is fine with them and will even play with them (As an example, he wouldn't even enter the dog park today). Startles Easily: He is scared of loud noises but loves meeting new people. ( I don't think he is a spook by any means, but he is easily startled). A good example of this is he will often lay on the rug that is under (and infront of) our couch while we are on the couch. If we move position even slightly or rustle the blanket, he often time seems to be startled and will get up and go to his crate. Severe propensity to statue while walking: He will walk moderately well if we take him to the park, but won't walk in our subdivision. He statues immediately after leaving our driveway. Synopsis: Here is our biggest concern......Is he a risk to have around the kids? Both my wife and I are anxious people by nature and I'm thinking every behavior he has exibited so far has been in the norm, but the growling is definitely an unsettling experience which gives us pause. We have been and remain committed to keeping him (we would be devastated to lose him) BUT we are also angst-ridden when kids come over so ultimately I am just reaching out for some thoughts, advice and support. Anyone that made it through this whole book...I applaud you. Thanks in advanced for your help.
  4. Hi All, Cyrus has been with me for about 5 months and has settled quite well. He's very much the dog I was looking for and I couldn't be more pleased. My problem is however not with him, but with the human I live with. I originally adopted Cyrus with my live in bf, who is now my live in ex-bf... I haven't moved out yet because he pays for some of Cy's care and the rent is cheap. Neither of us owned dogs before him, but I was way more committed to the idea of dog ownership than him (he's a selfish manchild). Needless to say I'm way more in tune with Cy's needs and behavior. About a month after we got him there was one occasion when Cy growled at me when I tried to take a high value food treat away from him. I immediately recognized this as a problem and started adjusting my behavior to discourage resource guarding and he hasn't done it in the months since or so I thought. When I brought it up to the ex he seemed very unconcerned at the time since he'd never growled at him, I didn't push the issue because I didn't want to be obnoxious about it. Forward a few months and I'm upstairs and Cy and the ex are downstairs and I hear a sharp single bark. Cy rarely barks and it's only ever been at cats and men he doesn't know. Kitty was in bed with me, so I go downstairs and Cy is laying on the sofa in front of the ex. The ex plays it off like 'oh, he just barked'. Knowing how little he barks I'm concerned by this. I look around the arm of the sofa and I see a shredded wad of foil. I promptly tell him to drop it ad Cy does without issue. Turns out the ex was eating a burger and Cy took the wrapper off the table and barked at him when he reached for it. I asked why he was allowing him to continue chewing on foil and he finally admit that he didn't want to get bitten since he'd recently growled at him when he left chicken wings on the table and Cy got a hold of them. I rage at this because of how hard I've been working to discourage bad behavior. I asked our other roommate about it and he said he growled once when he was eating but stopped after he gave a firm leave it command. Once a dog gets a reputation for biting, no matter the reason, it will carry a label. I don't want that for my dog, he's been through enough in his life to be punished for idiot humans. Obviously I can't police where the ex eats in his own house, but clearly he's setting him up for failure by eating high value foods in face and being lazy about disposing properly. Who knows how long this has been going on. Until I can get my own place, having another person to look after him for free when I'm not around is a helpful. He's mostly ok with my requests for his care, but he's just very lax and isn't as concerned (hence the ex title). Anyone out there have any advice for dealing with bad influences on your dogs or people that undo the work you've put in? I tried to explain all the reasons why it's a problem and what he should do in the future should Cy react again, but he's so hard headed!
  5. Hi! I'm a first time grey owner and have generally been super pleased with our big red boy Biggie (he will be two in February and we've had him for 2 months). He is very friendly to my boyfriend and I, loves meeting/greeting new people and loves belly rubs + cuddles. I have done a ton of research /reading grey talk to work on what I think are Biggie's mild/moderate resource guarding and sleep aggression. He doesn't bite or snap - but will get very growly occasionally - probably a total of 8 times in 2 months. My concern is that I find it hard to work with Biggie on these issues when they only seem to happen infrequently and (of course) in the worst possible places. Biggie seems to growl more at large men who are coming into a room while he is in bed - they won't even be near the bed - just entering the room and Biggie growls. Tonight's incident that prompted this post is that Biggie got a hold of my brother's dog's marrow filled bone (we don't give him anything like this since he isn't ready for it) and was laying in bed chewing it. My Dad walked in the room and Biggie growled at him. I came in after the first growl and had my Dad walk in again - eliciting another growl from Biggie. I gave him a firm no then said "drop it" and gave him a treat and took the bone away with no problems. (Luckily he is learning "drop it" pretty quickly) My question is - how should we be addressing this? I know the prevalent school of thought is don't discourage growling but I really can't have him growling at my Dad when I am visiting my parents. Unfortunately my Dad is very set in his ways re: dog training and he is definitely of the school that a dog that growls at him in his house needs a "butt whipping" . He hasn't disciplined Biggie physically yet - and I am trying to keep him from getting to that point. I've been trying to educate my Dad how greys need time to adjust - but I would really love to have an appropriate and concrete response in place for my Dad/myself/others when Biggie growls. Any advice would be supremely welcome - I love Biggie and want to keep helping him adjust positively without scaring people in the meantime!
  6. Hello all! We adopted our dog 1 month ago today and he has made great strides. I first posted about our difficulties with steps (which were not optional because we live in a second floor apartment). He finally decided to do them on his own, though he tends to hop his back legs up and down, passing over two steps at a time with them. Is this worth trying to fix? He also won't come up with us, but if we take his leash off at the bottom and go up ourselves, he will follow in less than a minute, so we're accepting that. He was freezing on walks quite regularly (sometimes taking 45 minutes-1 hour to go around the block! It looks like we have pretty much conquered that one ---- we aren't sure if it was our "clicking and treating" every time he started walking again on his own, or if he just got used to the crazy stuff going on outside. Either way, it is a relief! This brings me our next issue. He is quite toy possessive and growls if we ever try to take a toy or chew item away from him (which is the same if he manages to get something dangerous in his mouth). I've done some reading about trading up and teaching "drop it", but we are novices and sometimes there is a lot of confusing information out there. He will drop whatever is in his mouth for a treat and we can usually then pick up the desired object without an issue, but we definitely want to make sure that this behavior does not develop into a bigger issue. We have not tried to take away his food....should we? I guess my big question here is, when is it too soon to hire a trainer to help us make sure we are on the right track? We were told not to do this by the adoption group for the first 'couple of months'---but then I've read things about how this sort of aggression can develop into a much larger problem. Would love to hear opinions. I've only read briefly about NILIF training, and wonder what others' thoughts are on this concept. Thanks for all of your help! I've spent hours and hours on this site trying to learn more about greyhounds!
  7. Hi all, You may remember us, I have a 3 year old little fawn girl hound called Fika and we adopted her littermate brother Ferris last month - he flew from FL to Chicago and has been home for about 6 weeks. Fika came to us after being trained in a prison program and living in a foster home, so she didn't require much training and has always been super eager to please. Ferris has only lived at the track or an adoption kennel and is still adjusting to being in a home - though he understands car rides, stairs, wood floors and windows now - not to mention potty training! We understand all this and have been working really hard with him both on our own and in obedience classes (we just had our second session). He's a different dog who will have different needs and that makes sense. This morning Ferris was sleeping in bed with my husband and really scratched/bit him good... We think he got startled in his sleep or was dreaming, but it was scary and he's pretty scraped up (fat lip and everything). What I've learned from searching GT is that this is somewhat common and it's our fault for letting him in the bed with us, especially so soon. Remember we're rookies - these are our first dogs and neither of us grew up with pets... Our plan now is to take away his bed privileges indefinitely and keep working hard at the obedience stuff and establishing that we're in charge. Is there anything else we should be doing? There are two dog beds in the bedroom for the pups and they have the rest of the place to themselves. Ferris has been banned from all furniture, no couch either, just the beds on the floor. Then, later in the afternoon I was practicing commands with Ferris and tried "drop it" and he growled and barked at me even though I was trying to trade him for a piece of chicken breast. He had a plastic "busy bone" toy smeared with peanut butter with a couple rawhide disc things, not something I thought he'd be THAT crazy about... I haven't really gotten him to understand "drop it" before and was trying to work this into our daily training a little bit each day. Snarling with teeth bared when I only said the words - didn't even get my hands on the toy. Lousy timing. And yes, stupid on my part to try working on this after what happened earlier, just trying to be consistent and not miss a training session And so, today, our new hound beat up my husband and is growling at me - we're really feeling sad about it. Ferris is family, we love him and are committed to both of these pups, but this has been scary and frustrating. I don't think Ferris really should be punished for any of this and we aren't mad at him, just hurt. Hopefully this will just take a while to get past... but things definitely feel different here than they did yesterday. Here are some pics of my boy... I'm hoping he'll be happy here once he calms down a bit I'd love any advice or stories you may have, I have faith that he'll be a great pet - though this has been a doozy of a Thursday.
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