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Found 9 results

  1. Hi all, This is my first post on this site - and first of all, let me say I'm so grateful a site like this exists! Here is a brief (kinda) breakdown of our issues: My husband and I rescued our greyhound, Ragnar, in August of 2017, at which time he had just turned 2. We both grew up with big dogs, but neither of us had ever owned a greyhound before. Let me start by saying Ragnar is the sweetest dog - everyone who meets him says the same thing. He will stand next to you getting pet for as long as you'll let him, give kisses, and is all around just playful and sweet with strangers and frie
  2. Hey everyone. Feeling more than a bit stressed about my rescue grey Jack. I've had him for about 9 weeks and I KNOW that's a short length of time, but a few things have come up that make me quite uncomfortable. Firstly, when I got Jack I commented to the rescue that he was absolutely huge (definitely top percentile of greys) and that this was a bit of a concern for me. The idea was that he was a such a sweet and shy boy that his size shouldn't be a problem. He was very pully on the lead and still is (I harness him) and that's helped manage it but every walk is quite the workout. The
  3. Hey, so I’ve posted about our one year old greyhound/Irish wolfhound mix Enzo we adopted three weeks ago. Enzo has been generally great and calm since we got him. He has been sweet to the dozens of dogs he has met on our walks/at the park and loves strangers. He even has been letting me brush his teeth with a finger brush and also clean/lift his paws whenever we come in from outside. He isn’t food aggressive, I have literally taken food out of his bowl as he has been eating, and wasn’t toy aggressive with 5 previous toys. We take his toys away from him after 20 minutes or so and put them
  4. Hi, I recently adopted a Macau Greyhound (Tres) who has spent six years at a race track, which is longer than typical racing dogs . He’s very sweet and loves people . I feed him in a separate room so he’s had no interaction with my other dog (Taylor) while eating . He doesn’t seem to be bothered by me . But he growls at my other dog our dog beds and toys . I can feed both dogs treats at the same time in vicinity of one another and have been trying to feed them both treats when they are near each other and have toys . My other Doug Taylor is a 13-year-old Doberman with mobi
  5. Hi All, Prepare for a novel.. this is the first time I have posted and I figure I will just spill my/our whole story in one go. Here are some basic facts about our situation: - Wife and I adopted a 3 y/o male (Stanley) about 3 months ago (Thanksgiving '16) -Both my wife and I are first-time dog owners -We don't have kids, but we do have several young nieces and nephews that like to come to our house. -We live in a fenced yard in a typical cookie cutter neighborhood -Stanley is not cat safe -Stanley seems to be afraid of other dogs -We are signed up for a greyhound only general o
  6. Hi All, Cyrus has been with me for about 5 months and has settled quite well. He's very much the dog I was looking for and I couldn't be more pleased. My problem is however not with him, but with the human I live with. I originally adopted Cyrus with my live in bf, who is now my live in ex-bf... I haven't moved out yet because he pays for some of Cy's care and the rent is cheap. Neither of us owned dogs before him, but I was way more committed to the idea of dog ownership than him (he's a selfish manchild). Needless to say I'm way more in tune with Cy's needs and behavior. About a mo
  7. Hi! I'm a first time grey owner and have generally been super pleased with our big red boy Biggie (he will be two in February and we've had him for 2 months). He is very friendly to my boyfriend and I, loves meeting/greeting new people and loves belly rubs + cuddles. I have done a ton of research /reading grey talk to work on what I think are Biggie's mild/moderate resource guarding and sleep aggression. He doesn't bite or snap - but will get very growly occasionally - probably a total of 8 times in 2 months. My concern is that I find it hard to work with Biggie on these issues when they
  8. Hello all! We adopted our dog 1 month ago today and he has made great strides. I first posted about our difficulties with steps (which were not optional because we live in a second floor apartment). He finally decided to do them on his own, though he tends to hop his back legs up and down, passing over two steps at a time with them. Is this worth trying to fix? He also won't come up with us, but if we take his leash off at the bottom and go up ourselves, he will follow in less than a minute, so we're accepting that. He was freezing on walks quite regularly (sometimes taking 45 mi
  9. Hi all, You may remember us, I have a 3 year old little fawn girl hound called Fika and we adopted her littermate brother Ferris last month - he flew from FL to Chicago and has been home for about 6 weeks. Fika came to us after being trained in a prison program and living in a foster home, so she didn't require much training and has always been super eager to please. Ferris has only lived at the track or an adoption kennel and is still adjusting to being in a home - though he understands car rides, stairs, wood floors and windows now - not to mention potty training! We understand all th
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