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  1. I'm not sure about chondroitin, but for calcium they should get a good amount from their food and not need any additional. I am taking a biochem class right now and the most important thing I've learned so far is that we should all be taking Omega 3s! It can help reduce inflammation in pretty much all tissues.
  2. Jake is just over 3 months out of surgery for his broken leg. He still limps most of the time, but as you said it depends on the time of day. It's worse when he has been laying down and just getting up. I'm not sure how to tell if they're in pain so I'll be watching for updates... Edited to add that the surgeon said his bad leg might be just a hair shorter than his other one, so I'm not sure if maybe he will always limp
  3. We used to go to the dog park late at night when there wasn't anyone else there yet. It was great, except a word of warning- he ran into a bench in the dark and broke his leg! Make sure it's well-lit!
  4. This is what we do. We found a wonderful young lady who just graduated college. She still lives at home so for her it's a chance to be on her own for a little while and she's a dog lover so she likes Jake. He gets to keep his normal routine and we pay her the same or less than a kennel. Win-win-win!
  5. As long as there's nothing medically wrong with him, can you leave him home for the second, longer walk of the day?
  6. Well lately he's been whining at 2am regardless of whether he's on the bed at all. But we started giving him rimadyl at night again (healing broken leg) and that seems to help. I don't want him to jump willy nilly, but he sometimes won't take an invite... he needs to DH to physically get out of bed
  7. So the funny thing is that I made this post a few months ago and Jake has since stopped waking us up... until this week! Great timing to revive the thread! http://www.allpetseducationandtraining.com.au/snuffle-mat-mayhem.html This is how to make a snuffle mat, except I used some rubber matting because I couldn't find that kind of mat they used.
  8. Can she have the run of the house instead of just your room?
  9. These things happen and it was not your fault at all. You took great care of him with what resources you had available at the time. I know this is probably not even on your radar right now, but I would refuse the charges from the e-vet if they did such a poor job that you had to get it re-done! Honestly I would call the clinic today and explain the situation and then stop the check or CC charge ASAP if they don't work with you. They have to know that this isn't the right way to treat pets and customers and hitting them in the pocketbook is the best way to do that. It might give you something to do instead of worry
  10. It sounds like she is already bouncing back! She will be doing 3 legged zoomies before you know it!
  11. I would think that if he does it when getting ear rubs then it is a good sound!
  12. We took Jake into the emergency vet one night for what we thought might be possible bloat because he was coughing and gagging but not bringing anything up. The vet took one look at him and said "not bloat" because he was wagging his tail and alert. He had bronchitis.
  13. I haven't been through this exactly, but we went through something similar a few weeks ago when Jake broke his femur. I'll echo what everyone told me then because it is so true- the first week will be bad, but it gets better after that. The peeing and drinking is normal and just let her go as much as she wants. If she is having a hard time getting out you can put pee pads down and try to let her know it's okay to go in the house. Jake got to the point where he would just lay and pee on himself which was awful, but he was just in pain The hard part was only about a week or even less for us and then he learned how to manage on 3 legs for awhile. Also he lived on canned food for a good two weeks. Good luck!
  14. That's great! I think most greyhounds do well with the run of the house. If I were you, I would take down the crate unless he uses it still. If he is like my boy and never uses it on his own, but it away but keep it for medical emergencies. In that case, he'll probably be too out of it to complain much.
  15. Make sure your vet is familiar with greyhounds and knows what a healthy one looks like. I would be wary of her gaining "a lot of weight" especially on a smaller frame. We went from 77 lbs to 80 in our retired boy.
  16. No matter what you decide about a crate or babygating, you may want to leave more often, even just taking a ride around the block. That will show her that you always come back.
  17. You can also try a muzzle for the first few days to make sure he isn't getting into too much trouble. They can get to things through the muzzle, but it makes it more difficult. Also, when Jake was home after his surgery my husband set up his ipad as a webcam with a free app called Presence. It worked pretty well for being free! Also, as far as maintenance is concerned you could try putting a sign on the door and it might help.
  18. Okay, thanks to everyone for your responses. They called in carprofen to our Costco. They vet tech said he needs exactly 75mg because of his weight and we can't mess with that dosing. Also, she said it was 2x a day for 2 weeks. She said we can do once a day if needed, but I was still kind of confused at the dosing for this and why I couldn't to a smaller dose if needed. Can anyone enlighten me?
  19. Is carprofen fairly quick to work? I am 100% out so I am leaning towards getting some for when it's needed, but I want to make sure that will work.
  20. Jake broke his leg very badly about a month ago. He was on tramadol and carprofen (same as Rimadyl) until Tuesday and yesterday. The vet wanted us to run out and see how he does. He seems to be a little more reluctant to use that leg as of yesterday, but not terribly in pain or anything. The vet said he will call something in if he needs it, but I'm not sure if I'm worrying about nothing or if he really is in pain. Also, I kind of want him to be in a little bit of pain with movement so he doesn't try anything crazy! Advice?
  21. No advice, but nothing at all was your fault! The vet is trained and paid to take care of your pet and they made a mistake. It happens and I'm not saying you should sue them or anything, but it most definitely was NOT your fault!
  22. I agree. I know you said you are moving to a bigger place in June, but I would think that 2 well-adjusted greyhounds in a small space would be less work/ stress than one hound with severe SA.
  23. Congratulations! Does the group your working with do same day adoptions, or have you already been approved? I'm only asking because a lot of groups don't adopt out the same day and I wouldn't want you to think they were being standoffish or anything. Either way, this is a step you will not regret!
  24. Ordered! Hopefully my husband won't think it's too girly for Jake, but I just love the pattern!
  25. For the lucky hound one, the color says raspberry but it looks red on my screen. Is it a red color? I would want it for my male hound. Thanks!
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