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Found 5 results

  1. Lola has been having major gas since last night. She's not passing it. Her tummy is actually squeaking so loudly at first I thought is was a kitten or some other small critter. She has skipped 3 meals (definitely not Lola-like!) and is presently out in the yard eating grass. Other than than the squeaks and not eating, she's acting normally. Any tips on how to help Lola? Is this a situation that needs the vet? I'm worried about bloat.
  2. For the past 9 years, I've fed Wendy twice a day, 1 1/2 cups of food at each meal. My son and I were just discussing Wendy's quirk of occasionally leaving her breakfast uneaten. He says that when he dog-sits her, he feeds her the 3 cups of food, once a day, in the evening and she scarfs the whole meal down. Feeding her one big meal a day scares me because our Ridgeback barely survived bloat (with surgery) and I have PTSD from that; he was fed once a day and I've always blamed the heavy meal for the bloat. Intellectually, I realize that it could have happened regardless, but.....Anyway, how many times a day do you feed your Greys? And, is it okay to switch an 11 year old dog from two meals a day to one?
  3. Hey everyone, We just adopted our new retired racer, Indy, on Wednesday. It was love at first sight and he is incredibly well behaved, especially considering he has no idea what's going on in his new world. He's adjusting to life at home extremely well and learning incredibly quickly. If there was one "issue" we have had thus far, it is his lust for food. We haven't been able to eat in peace and I've been trying to getting him to back away when I ready his meals to mostly no avail. He was a tiny bit underweight when we adopted him, so we've been adding a half a cup a day (totaling 4.5 cups in a day - 2 cups for breakfast, 0.5 for lunch, and 2 for dinner). On to my point: Today, he was bugging me extra for food any time I would even walk into the kitchen. When it came time for him to eat dinner, he devoured it, coughing and throwing up his dried food, whole, while still eating. I was serving it to him completely dry, but added some water to it once he began gagging. He wolfed down the rest and even ate everything he threw up all in under two minutes. I googled his vomiting mid-meal to make sure that he was ok and then stumbled onto the deadly effect of bloat and how one of its primary causes is eating too fast. I now need someone to either tell me straight up to watch him closely (he's napping and currently showing no symptoms as far as I can tell - though I'm paranoid that his stomach looks bigger) or that he is most likely fine and one meal eaten too vigorously can't cause bloat and kill him. I'm in a state of mental anguish at the moment and just need some advice/reassurance from experienced owners. Please help!!! Thank you all so much for being a resource. Justin & (hopefully-not-bloat-suffering) Indy
  4. Ok, so I totally don't think so, but I'm just a NERVOUS WRECK when anything different "happens" with my little buddy, so I figured I'd ask. Today Billy was outside longer than he should have been. TOTALLY MY FAULT, and I feel like the worst mom in the WORLD. I got busy moving furniture around in the house, and since he doesn't bark to come in, I just didn't think about it! His spot where he lays outside, by the opening to the underside of the house, read 87.6 degrees... not horrible, but still, it was probably 45 minutes that he was out there. ANYWAY, when he came in, it took me probably 20 minutes of cooling him with cold water in the shower to get his panting slowed down. Then I trotted him out and stood him over the air conditioning vent, which he thought was the greatest thing ever by the way. I checked his temperature after I cooled him and it was 98.4 to 98.6. Oh, and he stood through everything. He was never "woozy" or exhausted and couldn't get up kind of thing. After only maybe 5 minutes there, he was thoroughly back to normal and ready to PLAY!???!! I wanted to oblige, but instead gave him a quick once over exam. When I came to his belly, I pushed on it slightly and out came the biggest BURP you've ever heard from a dog. Obviously he'd ingested a LOT of air from all the panting. And THAT'S where the bloat question comes in. The big ole burp, plus the heat, makes me wonder if he's ok. As I type this, he just did zoomies around the yard, and then pooped a huge pile. I don't see any protrusions from his sides... just his normal ribs showing, and nothing different below. He's acting totally normal, and just wants to eat and play like any other day. Does he sound ok .... THIS TIME??? Signed.... THE WORST MOTHER EVER.
  5. Katie survived emergency bloat surgery 11 days ago. Yeay! That's a whole saga, of course. But, to the present issue. What to feed her?? We fed her canned ID (prescription) food for several days, and have been trying to transition her to a more normal diet. Whatever that's going to be. I'm probably screwing her up by trying too many different things, but she's not eating enough, and I'm concerned about her losing more weight. The vets said that any kibble would forever after have to be soaked before feeding. That makes sense: get the swelling out of the way before it goes into her stomach. But, she literally spits it out on the floor after it's been soaked. Mixing it with canned food (completely, with an immersion blender) gets a few bites in, anyway. She'll eat the canned, no problem. She'll eat the un-soaked kibble (a different brand than before), no problem. Soaked? Nope. If you had a dog who bloated, what and how did you feed him/her afterwards? Did your dog ever bloat again? If so, could you pin down why with any degree of confidence? Disclaimer: Katie is a borzoi, rescued from S. Korea, not a greyhound, but Greytalk rules for this kind of discussion, and I still have a greyhound! Thanks for any help or advice!! Obligatory picture: Katie with Meep the Cat
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