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  1. Purina also has a veterinary Hydrolyzed diet. Also seems to be showing in stock at Chewy, unless I am looking at the wrong food
  2. Katy_3131


    I am so sorry, I remember fondly the stories of the LWM...
  3. Ducky, can you please add my IG Isen, he was the last of my original 5 pack. He was 15. I just got him back yesterday.
  4. Welcome from Indianapolis! She is a very pretty girl!
  5. Ducky, that is perfect. Thank you.
  6. Ducky, can you please add my friend Nicks grey? Twiggy (Pals Twiggy) He went to the bridge yesterday. So going to miss that cow doggie.
  7. We have a bite not collar on our boxer dobie mix right now. It seems to work very well and doesn't bother him.
  8. Dr Matt Cantrell at Community Pet Heathcare in Zionsville. My wife is an RVT and our sighthounds go to him, and she doesn't work at his clinic. He is reasonably priced and super easy to work with. http://www.communitypethealthcare.com Eta: If you have/can get a care credit card, that can be a life saver at time when a bit of cost is involved.
  9. Ducky, can you please add Tien my little IG girl...4th dog in 19 months. I cant handle this...
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