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  1. Hello you guys I once more need your honest opinion and maybe someone experienced this type of problem with their Greyhound as well Faye has been with us for a month now (whew, time really flies) and overall she´s a wonderful and easygoing girl, very calm and still anixous or scared at times but nothing like in the beginning - it´s already so much better and I can see her change everyday. She sleeps through the night and also got a hang of our daily routine or rather what´s left of it because of the pandemic She lies or sleeps in her crate all day...and this is where the not so fun par
  2. Hi everyone! Long time reader first time poster. My boyfriend and I adopted our first grey 3 weeks ago. She is a very sweet and polite velcro hound who loves her food! We had a bit of a spook last night and I want to get the community's advice on how to handle this and make sure she is comfortable in her new home. For reference, Rhea spends the day lying on the floor next to us as we work in the living room. She goes into her crate in our bedroom voluntarily at bedtime and the crate is always open. She has really started to open up and become more comfortable with us this past week - wagging h
  3. We have had our lovely grey since December 2019. He settled fairly quickly on a night, sleeping in his crate downstairs. We went away in February 2020 with him and he was allowed to sleep in the same room as us. Since our return he has been crying on a morning, sometime as early as 02:30, but more often 04:30/05:30. I know the obvious solution is to let him sleep in our room again, BUT, our go to dog sitter if we are to go abroad later in the year will be my parents and they can't replicate that at their house (due to already having a dog and not enough floor space for 2 in
  4. Hi everyone! I just adopted my first greyhound, she is a fawn girl named Bambi! I've had her for a little over a week and I love her so much already! I do have some concerns as far as leaving her alone, though. The first day I left her alone in my apartment, she was confined to the living area. I felt comfortable leaving her outside of the crate because her 2 foster moms told me she was never destructive and they had no issues with her. I left her about 4 hours and came home to a disaster. She didn't destroy anything, but she peed and pooped EVERYWHERE. The next time I decided to crate he
  5. Hello Everyone! I have a brand new 2.5 year old boy, fresh off the race track, and in our home for just about a month. For the most part, he has adjusted very well and we love him to pieces. Sadly, we do have a bit of separation anxiety (I understand this is to be expected). I've read quite a bit on alone training/SA and I think that he has a pretty mild case, but I would obviously like for him to be completely stress free when he has to be home alone. So my question is this: Should we crate him when we leave, baby gate him, or let him roam free? In the almost 4 weeks that we
  6. We brought home a beautiful 3.5 year-old girl yesterday. We are technically fostering her until her leg has healed (she will likely need surgery), at which point we can officially adopt. She was designated as cat-friendly, and that seems to be accurate so far. She's the only dog in the house, and we have just the one cat who has been cautious but calm so far. Our new girl, Nio (we haven't picked a real name yet) completely ignored the cat at first. Now she will look at her occasionally, but her attention is broken very easily. Based on what I've heard, that's pretty much the best case scenario
  7. Per my adoption groups advice, I've always crated my greyhound when nobody is home. However, I am thinking about transitioning him out of the crate, and would like some advice! He's always been crated because we also have a cat. At first, he really seemed to like his crate, but now he's not. Lately I've had to lure him to get in his crate, so I think it may be a sign he's more comfortable in the apartment rather than his once safe-haven crate. In addition, I just received a noise complaint about him crying/barking during the day when he's alone. I'm wondering if I transition him out of the
  8. Hello! I've had my greyhound, Ziggy, for about 9 months now. I've always been crating him while I leave the house because that's what my adoption group, and other greyhound owners have always told me to do. Ziggy is fine in his crate -- When I leave for work he walks right in it and curls up with his toys. When I come home, he knows to remain calm and quiet for about five minutes while I ignore him before I let him out. However, when I leave at a random time, like if I go out to dinner, or leave for the gym, I walk him in his crate and he's hesitant. He doesn't want to go in, and then
  9. Hi everyone! First time Greyhound (and dogs in general) owner here. This forum has been a life saver so far! I was hoping someone could give me some advice about our new grey, Jax. He's 5 years old and just came off the tracks a couple of months ago -- he had a full racing career (174 races!). We brought him home a week ago and he seems to be adjusting wonderfully. He hasn't had any accidents, responds to us well, and seems to enjoy hanging out with us around the house. We have a crate set up for him and he had no problems going in and out of it during the day and sleeping in it a
  10. I've been trying to manage this problem on my own by researching extensively through GT and using my adoption group. I've tried several things and can't see the light at the end of the tunnel. Any advice would be great. I recently adopted a retired racing greyhound named Buttons at the beginning of May. I work 3-4 times a week. The foster told me she does well crated for 7-8 hours. The foster has several other greyhounds and has a doggie door (which my girl learned how to use very quickly). My roommate has a dog (not a greyhound), so my girl is never completely alone. During the fir
  11. Hello! I've had my greyhound for almost six months now. He has always been really good in his crate. He gets in it all by himself every morning when I leave for work. He used to just relax, and go right to sleep in it. However, about a month ago, Ziggy started to push his crate pad and blankets to the front of the crate, and he curls up in the back of the crate on no padding. I also used to keep the crate covered, as it felt much cozier. Around the same time he started pushing the bedding to the side, he started pulling the crate coverings through the bars of the crate and tearing up the crate
  12. I have sooooo been avoiding starting this thread. Partly, I wanted to try to narrow down the behaviors (get to the root and all that) and partly because I didn’t want to have to catalogue all of it but….. Main issue: peeing (his not mine) where it isn’t appropriate, namely inside house, crate and car. (You want a laugh about the car – check this outWithout too much detail, maybe I can streamline this discussion. There seem to be two factors at work here: (1) his drinking habits and (2) the combination of his subtle signs (“excuse me, I glanced in the direction of the door, twice what more
  13. Edge has been with us for almost six months. He never soils in the house and has been fine alone in the crate for up to 5 hours and he goes in all night too. During the day he will often go in there to sleep on his own with the door open. I would like to take it away and get him used to being in a "safe" area with a baby gate when we are not home so he can drink or eat. He is a very timid dog - yes - a wuss! The safe area is the mud room and it's not near where his crate is. May I also add that we have a domineering cat that he's afraid of most of the time. Would love to make the transitio
  14. We brought home a new greyhound yesterday. She is young - barely two and not housebroken. Thankfully she has chosen a rather cheap throw rug as her spot of choice when we do not catch her in time. That is something we can deal with. The rub is she was previously adopted and barely lasted a few days in that home apparently kept crated while owner was at work and this was horrible - crying whining etc. Separation anxiety?? After her return to the adoption agency it is unclear whether or not they crated her but we were told she hates the crate. Needless to say we have two set up in the living
  15. I've had Bronto since August 2013 and he's been so great. For the first couple weeks we had him, we would make sure we put him in his crate whenever we left the house, just to be safe, but since then he's been able to roam the house all the time. He's never shown any signs of separation anxiety - no messes in the house, no destruction, nothing. He just sleeps from what we can tell. We've had maybe a handful of days where he'd be left at home for 8-10 hours, and still he's been fine. Additionally, he's been fine not pooping/peeing for up to 12-14 hrs on a pretty regular basis (overnight). (
  16. We finally did it! We said goodbye to the crate! It took over a year, but it was an accident that made it happen Houston is usually only crated for a few hours, longer than 4 and I would feel so guilty, even though he didn't seem to mind it much (ran right in when we picked up the car keys!). So, more for my sanity than his, we installed gates to keep him in the tile floor kitchen. When we would come home he seemed nervous and anxious and had peed on the floor at least once every single time, no matter how long. So, we thought maybe un-crated just wasn't his style The one thing this di
  17. Hello! We had our home visit last night (2 months after we applied, the waiting is killing me!) and the volunteer suggested we put the crate on the main level of the house. We have a 3-level town home and two cats and were originally planning on having the crate in the bedroom so a.) the dog would be with us at night; we don't let the cats in the bedroom, and b.) when no one is home 3 days a week, we'd be able to shut the bedroom door for cat safety purposes. Do I need to worry about the cats still if the dog is crated? He said putting the crate in the bedroom might cause seperation anxiet
  18. I adopted a greyhound 4 weeks ago and have recently encountered a problem. At first my greyhound would go in her crate and whenever i got her leash she would come running out and ready to go outside. She has now started to not come out of her crate. a couple weeks ago she would not come out all day i tried pulling her out but she layed there until her crate was literally sliding along the floor and I gave up. I pet her a lot and encouraged her tried treats and nothing worked eventually I just ahd to lift her out and then she was happy and wagging her tail and came outside. Now eveytime i
  19. Hi fellow members, My girlfriend and I are new adopters of Sam, a 3 year old ex-racer, who we have had for almost 2 months now. Things are overall going very well with Sam. He has an extremely calm temperament (exactly what we wanted), he is getting along well with our cat (after cat de-training), and he is nothing less than an angel when we are around. HOWEVER, when we are not around, he tends to panic. We both work 9-5 jobs so Sam is alone for most of the day. We always leave a kong before leaving and the radio on, he can go a few hours without saying a word, and then he can begin voc
  20. Hello! Just got my Talos tonight and I've run into a bit of a snag... My bedroom and any usable shower and/or bed is upstairs. My dog knows what stairs are and learned about them in a prison program. But he hasn't connected that my stairs are the same type of deal as the prison stairs. Originally, I wanted his crate up in my room next to my bed. That's obviously not working out. Right now, my solution is to crate him downstairs and hang out on the couch, but just for tonight. What I want to know is how to proceed. I'm concerned that if I go sleep upstairs and leave him down,
  21. ...did you feel safe leaving your grey(s) and cat(s) loose in the house together when you're not home, if ever? We've had Sweep for four months now, and we always crate her overnight and when we're gone. I work from home, so other than overnight, she's rarely crated for more than two or three hours at a time. When we're home during the day, she's unmuzzled and has the run of the house, and we are just super-mindful of where everyone is at any given time. (Not too difficult when we have three velcro pets!) We feed them separately and at different times and have had no issues in that area. S
  22. Some background: We've had Mika now for about 6 months, and have had very few problems with him. He was a double-bounce and had been in three foster homes and two homes before we got him. He's smart and his last foster mom was pretty good about laying out the rules. Mostly he's a good boy, but he's got a couple issues. When he is unsupervised, he has to be crated. Really this is for his own protection, since he is SUPER destructive. Most of the time he is fine, but occasionally he finds things and chews them up and very often ingests them. We tell people his middle name is "dieta
  23. Good grief. We've had quite the week with our newish (6 weeks) greyhound. So far in the past few days, we've had gash on leg, loose poop on rug, trip to the vet, put on antibiotics, and now, she peed in the crate today. She was only in there a couple of hours, but she is muzzled, and I am wondering if she was just bored/frustrated since she can't chew or anything. There is a tiny possibility that our other, smaller dog went in there and did it -- but I don't think so. I just happened to walk by and notice it was wet/stained. The only other time she peed in the house was first thing in the
  24. Hello. My family adopted an almost 4 year old greyhound close to three months ago. It has been an adventure to say the least! Here’s the rundown of the biggest problem at the moment… At night he’s waking me up crying and barking. We bought a crate and had been putting him in that at night but he now it has become a problem as he gets very upset during the night, even has tried to bite his way out of the cage and getting his jaw stuck. For several days we tried having him upstairs with us. The first night we baby gated him into our Master bathroom, which worked out well. Night two he w
  25. We are currently in the works of adopting a new pal for Rhythm.... I was hoping to get input on everyone's experience adding a second dog. I have lots of questions and would really like to get some advice! We will of course, discuss with our adoption group as well, but I like hearing different people's opinions on this type of thing Muzzles - When should we muzzle them? Definitely when they are running in the yard together, and in the car (at least at first)... When else should we have their muzzles handy? Should we muzzle them while we're gone until they get used to each other? Rhythm
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