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  1. Hello, as the title said I am curious on how long alone training took before you and your grey were comfortable with them being left alone. I was also wondering if even without training it would naturally get better as they simply get accustomed to it and you returning every time. For some background I have recently adopted a lovely ex racer. He suffers from SA despite trying to begin alone training immediately three weeks ago. He becomes very stressed, although thankfully not destructive and whines and barks loudly. I have gone right back to the beginning using Patricia o'Connells great
  2. Hi everyone, it has been a week since we adopted our Spirit. He is up to 5-10 minutes of being alone. Of course, he doesn't like it. The trouble is, he takes about 5 minutes to eat his kong because he doesn't like peanut butter, so instead he gets kibble and chicken in the kong but that takes him no time at all. The one time I packed the kong more tightly, he just licked at it for a few minutes and then gave up. Then we got him a bobble toy that distributes kibble, but that also takes him about 5-10 minutes, plus sometimes he gets i
  3. Hi all, I adopted my sweet girl Ellie in late November of last year (2018). Since she’s been with me she's had trouble being alone. I’ve tried everything I can think of and that has been suggested to me. Here is a list: Consistent alone training; 30 seconds, 5 min, 2 min, etc, working up the time Calming chews Exercise (long walks, 1hr + brisk walk or until she didn’t want to walk anymore) Adaptil collar Special toy for absences Kong with peanut butter (only when she’s alone) A mirror and window near her crate Rescue remedy Melatonin A mannequin that I pretend is real to keep her company L
  4. Hey everyone, I've been lurking the forums quite a lot for the past few days, as my wife and I have adopted a 4yo ex racer for about a week and a half now. He's an AMAZING boy, super sweet and really likes a cuddle. But a bit too much - so yeah, it's yet another separation anxiety post. And a long one at that, so thanks to whoever reads through! My wife has dreamt of getting a dog for the past 5 years; we did a ton of research about breeds that would fit our lifestyle and the Greyhound was on the short list, especially because we moved to the UK and there's a lot of ex racers who need
  5. Hi there - I am a first time grey owner and have had my 3 year old boy for about 3 months. There has definitely been an adjustment period, but he is generally doing really well with me and my partner. He is currently crate trained and stays in his crate when we are not with him, but we would like to be able to start leaving him in the house not in the crate. I need some advice on beginning this process as I have just started and the barking is really bad. He even barks when one of us leaves the apartment (and the other is home with him) when he is not in his crate. He even barks if I g
  6. Hello! We adopted our 2.5-year old greyhound about 3 months ago. He’s the perfect dog for us and we love him dearly. Unfortunately, we’re dealing with some stubborn barking when we leave (no destructive behavior or house training issues). This problem didn’t start until after about a month in – the first month, he was very quiet when we left for work or if we went out at night. We could leave him for the full workday with no problems. He would sleep for the whole day in his crate (we have a nanny cam on him that records noise and movement). About a month in, we noticed he started bark
  7. Per my adoption groups advice, I've always crated my greyhound when nobody is home. However, I am thinking about transitioning him out of the crate, and would like some advice! He's always been crated because we also have a cat. At first, he really seemed to like his crate, but now he's not. Lately I've had to lure him to get in his crate, so I think it may be a sign he's more comfortable in the apartment rather than his once safe-haven crate. In addition, I just received a noise complaint about him crying/barking during the day when he's alone. I'm wondering if I transition him out of the
  8. Hello! I am so glad this community exists. I have been lurking for a while, but I have a question for you SA experienced greyt parents out there. I have a new rescue, a little girl named Kira that is 2.4. She only ran two races and she was very lucky to be retired early in September First, I want to say that I know this is only day 5 and (after reading this forum) I realize that I have been extremely lucky. She is calm and has even started playing/tail wagging. I have never met a more chill or tolerant dog. I can touch her mouth, paws, ears, and she is okay. She also pees and poos on a leash!
  9. Hello! I've had my greyhound for almost six months now. He has always been really good in his crate. He gets in it all by himself every morning when I leave for work. He used to just relax, and go right to sleep in it. However, about a month ago, Ziggy started to push his crate pad and blankets to the front of the crate, and he curls up in the back of the crate on no padding. I also used to keep the crate covered, as it felt much cozier. Around the same time he started pushing the bedding to the side, he started pulling the crate coverings through the bars of the crate and tearing up the crate
  10. I've had my Grey for just over a month and only recently (this past week) she has started showing signs of separation anxiety. This comes in the form of her whining and howling a bit for ~30 min after I leave (according to my neighbors) and, more worryingly to me, she doesn’t touch her water, Kong, or the treats I hide about while I’m gone. As soon as I get home she’ll run around and be excited (I remain calm) and THEN she’ll go after her Kong and her treats. I’m trying to work on alone training with her, but I could really use some advice. For the past week, every day I’ve been steppi
  11. I am sure this topic has been covered before.... extensively.... but I couldn't find the exact answers I need and I am in a bit of a pickle. Hoping y'all can come to my rescue again. Wasabi is 2 1/2 and I have had her for 3 months. When she first got home I worked on leaving for short periods and returning. She did ok but not great. Trainer suggested a crate. Got crate. She was okay in crate when I left (no more than 2hrs) for about a month. Then she started howling in crate, even when I left treats or frozen kongs. Now she resists getting into the crate, even with her favorite treats, so
  12. Hi all, My fiance and I adopted our first greyhound, Charlie, in August. He is a great dog, he's just a little bit of a baby and whines... a lot.He has gotten better, but he still cries when we leave. We live in an apartment, and our neighbors have not complained, yet. I still feel bad that they have to listen to him whine and it breaks my heart to hear him cry! He stays in his kennel when we leave. If he is out in our apartment he will howl and howl, even if I am out just for a few minutes. He is only alone for a few hours at a time, because I am able to come home for lunch. I don't
  13. Hey all! I've been a lurker here for a while. About 2 months ago I brought home my first greyhound, a 2.5 year old red brindle I named Luna. She was in foster for 1 week before I brought her home, and while her foster mom reported no signs of separation anxiety, I was concerned when the first evening I had her, I had to make an emergency trip to Walmart for 10 minutes and I returned to her howling her head off. I had done a ton of reading and research before getting a greyhound, and knew that a percentage of them have some SA upon adoption and that alone training is a must. I started alone tra
  14. GT has many threads on people vexed with their hounds' SA (posts to which I have certainly contributed!), so I thought it would be good to mention the flip-side: that if separation anxiety does rear its head, with time, love, and patience, the symptoms can indeed wane. When we got Doug 6 months ago, he exhibited signs of SA -- panting, pacing, whining, and then non-stop howling. Not only did this make him (and me, naturally) feel awful, but it also wasn't super for the other tenants in our building. We had started alone training from day one, and had in the meantime tried everything from D
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