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  1. I am packing, and unfortunately my sewing stuff is packed, but I have some chair cover velvet (blue and black) leftovers that could be nice and sturdy. I could send it to whoever want to try to make a ball
  2. Hello me freends! Do knot worry Miss Paris, momma-bear always allows us on HERBS couch. We ware just knot allowed on da current tenant's couch. I hope... Misser Pippin happy gotcha day! It can't be 4 yeers alreedy can it? Happiest obs da birfday to Miss Daphne too! Twelbe is grate! Glad dat Miss Rita's bisit wentid well, I hope she did knot catch me eye illness Noffing much going on, dis raining so dis da purfect day fur a good long nap! Yoor freend, Charlie
  3. Miss Andipants, yoor right, dis very hard to libs wiff siblings. Sumtimes Zorro del galgo runs and I had to run faster eben tho I didn't heer anyfing just to make sure I did knot miss a cheese wrapper! Who am I kidding, I NEBAH miss one obs dose Misser Pippin, yoo made us laff and laff! Miss Wiki, we will knot LIBS wiff da Misser, we will be tenants! Den we can awl habs owr own place and he can be messy in hisown place, butt we will be messy in HIS yard . Da poor guy is unaware wot damage a greyhoundie and a galgo can make on a beautimous lawn! We will mobed in in Joone!
  4. Miss Paris, Miss Paris! I wuz remiss in answering to yoo! I yam glad yoo still like chompers! I had a hard toy dat ran in da yard at my foster daddy's home manee yeers ago. I did thot it wuz dangerus and BORK BORK BORK at it and den bite it to flip it upside down. Den it wud knot run anymore and fosser daddy said : "CHARLIE! Yoo killed it!" Den hadda flip it upside up agin and den I wuld start to BORK BORK BORK at it agin. Oh wut fun it wuz! Dat's an interesting life yoo live wiff manee critters. We do see sum birdies heer butt dat's aboot it. Altho da odder day, a falcon landed right in
  5. Misser Merc, da Cap'n is still among us on a high dose obs pain medicashun! Dis him yesstirday Him is hiding hisown troatballs well on dis photo. Noffing much heer, momma-bear is werking frum home. She does knot want to git owt unless dis to walkie us or she absolutely need to. Dis crazy heer! We wentid to da park yesstirday, butt dare wuzn't gud freends dare, so we left. Dare ware many freends, butt dey didn't wantid to run wiff us. Yoor freend, Charlie
  6. Hello me freends! Today is a fart day! Dat's wot a noo bag obs fud knot properly mixed in wiff da old one does to me! I suppose momma-bear will habs to be more careful! We still do knot know aboot Miss Robin and can't wait fur da noos! Thank you for your kind words. Sekind-momma knows there is a whole tribe behind them and she is most grateful for all the kind words. I have not heard from Jack or his sekind-momma today. I will keep you posted. I am afraid she might change her mind because he does well on massive doses of gabapentin, but at this point, he has two fist size lumps
  7. Dr Robin!!!!! Do yoo heer us???? Happy gotcha day Little Miss Hada!!! Charlie - impashient houdie
  8. Well Misser Spirit, ifn yoo do knot know how dem turdles got dare, bettah not eet dem. After awl, dey haven't got dem outside spices on dem and dey havent been baked by da sun. Charlie - knot a turdle fan, but a culinary eggspert
  9. Gud murning me freends! Lookit dat I'm da furst houndie obs da day! Miss Jen, dat's exactlee wot we thot too. Maybe Miss Karen habing awl dose houndies stuff around makes her sad. I used to libs close to Miss Karen in da UK but nevah got to meet her, but she is an incredibly kind woman dat I can say! Miss McMolly wowser wot's up wiff dat! We'll send yoo sum sunshine! Ohhhh da pretty flours! Miss Cherry is lubbing her dinosaur! I hope Miss Paris likes hers as much as Miss Cherry lubs her dinosaur! Dis a great toy I suppose! Dis weekind wiff da temperature I got cau
  10. Hellome freends! Beautimous day heer! We will enjoy da sun! Miss Wiki,just lick it, it might go 'way! Yoor freend, Charlie
  11. Oh I DO remember that video let me find it again! (Many minutes later!) It was posted on the Retired Greyhound Owners group on Facebook. Meg Reynolds posted it on September 8th 2018, but it was a video by Corey Morris posted originally on his profile on September 4th 2014. If you go on the group and search "Marshmallow" you should find it! I cannot seem to be able to share the video. Jack seems okayish, but in pain. The tentative date in Tuesday evening, unless she can secure a at-home vet. We shall see. He wasn't as thrilled as the other times to see me, but he still got a hug and
  12. Momma-bear says fanks yoo, she is already dressed and ready to abindon us MIsser Merc, maybe yoor momma can buy yoo marshmallows? I lubs dose cloud fuds! YOor freend, Charlie
  13. Hello me freends, You remember me brodder Jack? Him iz assuposed to go on a bridge soon. I dunno why, I do knot lubs bridges, dey sway and makes it hard to walkie on dem sumtimes. But anyhoo dat's wot momma-bear said. Jack's health is declining rapidly. We went to the park together a mere 3 weeks ago and he was running around with the boys. His second momma tells me she thinks he has had enough and I trust her judgement. His lymph nodes are making it harder and harder for him to eat and drink properly. They will schedule the vet as soon as they can. I will go to see him one last time t
  14. Owiiiie Misser Neizan! Misser Merc how awr yoo? Did ya git soft fud? Happy gotcha day yestirday Miss Molly McDoodle! Me eyes awr purfect! I can see!!!!! Momma-bear still puts eye drops in dem to make soore and da bet-lady said 7-10 days so I should be over dem drops soon! Yoor freend Charlie
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