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  1. We are sorry to hear about Ruby... Miss Cynthia, Charlie and Zorro el galgo
  2. Hello Miss Isabella! Miss Chris I lubs habbing visitors! Butt I also like when they leabes. I yam knot a very strong headed houndie and ifn somebody gets into my home and prance about I just retreat and wait for hisownself to calm down. Wiff Zorro del galgo I learnt dat ifn I growl, he will be da one retreating! I like Zorro del galgo, we do much sniffing togedder! I habs noffing at all to report! Charlie who wuld like to try owt Miss Susan's yard
  3. Congrats Miss Dr Michelle! And Miss Soozin for da house! And happy birfday to Miss Chris! Dat's funneh aboot da dubble meet sammich! I hope yoo git one! Nice summer collar Misser WBSB! Miss Little Hada! Wot a skare! At leest yoo ware gracious enough to stop limping AFORE checkin in! Dash iz gone and dat iz awl dare iz noo here... Yoor freend, Charlie
  4. Good luck on da big day Miss Soozin! Wowser Misser Merc dat's a big owl! Miss Lizabeff, ifn momma-bear ebah finish herbs thesis, she we go to da gun market and do just as you say! Dat's funneh! Good luck Miss Michelle! Charlie, awaiting momma-bear any sekind now
  5. Hello hello! Miss Soozin, dats owr terrasse, dis flat on da ground dis KNOT going to fall anyware! Miss Paris' momma, I go to werk wiff my feetsies and ifn dey get dirty momma-bear washes dem in a bucket. Can't yoo do da same? Miss Lizabeff is a reel hero! Dare iz thunderboom tonight, so I stayed wiff momma-bear all night. She needed da protekshun! Charlie, knot skared Ok maybe a liddle Juss a liddle...
  6. Freends, I yam BAKK ON DA GRID (on da internet grid dat is!) We culd knot git da internet becoze da building is noo and we had no postal code. And dat mean no one culd get here to fix owr internet. So it took fureber, butt now I yam online and well! I habs grown used to da noo flat. Dare's a lotta room to be away frum Zorro del galgo when I want it. Plusalso, we habs a feeding stashun and a drinking stashun now. Before we only had a feeding stashun eech and we wuld drink outta me feeding stashun. Momma-bear's tomatoes awr so big dey hadda move in da moving truck! Dis photographic ebidence : Dis a avocado plant in between da two tomato trees! Also dis week a noo freend iz staying wiff us while his momma and daddy and kiddos awr away on holidays. Dis Dash! Dash iz pushy, butt momma-bear says becoze him iz four years old and I yam six anna half and I yam much more matoore. See Miss Paris? Momma-bear says I yam matoore! Dis him! Him iz leaving on Saturday. I yam happy to be bakk! Yoor freend, Charlie
  7. yu guys! We had dinner at our noo house, dis ok. Zorro del galgo found lame-chop and played wiff it and plusalso he found hisown toy basket! So dats ware it wentid! At our noo house dare iz sum chikken baton too and FREE bags of food! I kid yoo knot! I just wantid to say bye! We will knot habs da innerweb until da innerweb guy comes and pug it bakk in. So in da meantime do knot worry! We will habs our innerweb again in ten days! Momma-bear will be on da snoozebook, butt I will knot be allowed to tiktikttiktiktik Bye fur now! Charlie
  8. Isn't it what a bath mat iz fur? Resting houndies bums while momma's habs their shower? Charlie, learning
  9. Juss a kwik run frew Miss Paris, all dat mobing excitement, I do knot know how yoo did. I wanna stay wiff momma-bear and I yam afraid dat she iz going to leabe wiffout me and me fud...I keep folowwing herbs ebberybare and sleeping in da middle obs hallways. Am I doing da right fing? Yoor freend Charlie who do knot want hisown kibbuls forgottid
  10. Say what!? Omg.....I am in shock... Sending all our love to you Vanessa Miss Cynthia
  11. Misser Merc, do knot let yoor momma fool yoo like dat! Yesstirday dare wuz sum bomb in da sky and I did KNOT askid momma-bear and jumped right in bed wiff her! She said eben though she habs a noo mattress, dat I culd stay fur da night until I felt bettah! Als- Evangeline Angelina Angie mi guapa galga! Do knot tell la mama, butt I had hidden a toy and now I yam knot letting go EVER! Zorro el muy inteligente galgo! Hey Oh! And Charlie, miffed
  12. Hello me freends! Miss Lila, I hope dis juss noffing, relax and take it eesy ok!? Tonight iz a national holiday here in Quebec and dare's gonna be bomb in da sky, and we habs to habs da windows open or we will cremate inside da flat (dat will be a problim obs da past next week!) I see in da footure dat momma-bear iz KNOT gonna be spending da ebening alone! We habs a problim to for da move neggst week. Yoo see, momma-bear plantid tomatoes and now dey awr twice as high as Zorro del galgo. How we iz gonna git dem to our noo place iz a mystery. We will habs tomatoes fur da rest obs owr life! Dis photographic ebidence. In front dat iz an abocado tree. A bery small tree...And we iz knot allowed to pee on it. Also yesstirday we gottid owr dinner at 8 PEE EMM. Den we gottid a cup at 4 AH EMM, den we gottid a sekind cup at 10 AH EMM. Momma-bear had sum essplaining to do . Turns owt she wentid to do some drug consumption harm reduction and prevention at a rave. She also said she iz getting to old for dat poo! Dat iz awl! Charlie who gottid half frozen dinner on time tonight No, dat iz knot all! I did knot speak to me preciosa Angelina! Yoo see, la Mama put all me toys and even Mister Hermaggadon in a box and now tengo nada to play with Zorro el muy muy triste galgo
  13. Well Misser Merc, yoo awr bery brave and all...I'm not, so I appreciate when I git sum support. I wuld alreedy be D E D ifn I wuz libing in Floridah lyke yoo! In da YOO KAY we did knot habs dangeroos creatoores. We did see sum bunneh when da kennel peeps got us owt fur walkies, butt dey awr harmless! Charlie knot da brave lyke Misser Merc
  14. We saw a grass snake during owr walkie, Zorro del galgo wuz innerestid, butt I got askired! Then it startid raining and we hadda cuddle in da car to git warm. Dat iz awl! Charlie da dry now
  15. Misser Johnny! Yoo iz funneh! Miss Lizabeff! Be careful down dare! We awr bakk frum a walkie and low amd behold, it startid raining and den we hadda run bakk to da car! We saw a grass snake. Actually, four grass snakes! Dats all! Charlie who did knot eet peenuts
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