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  1. Hello me freends! I yam bakk home! Miss Mam took reel gud care obs me and I made freends wiff Misser Kibo, Misser Sid and Misser Nigel. I hugged them afore leaving and dats becoze I like them, I do knot hug ebberyone I meet. It iz calm and quiet in da house, butt we awr gonna go and git Zorro del galgo bakk from hisown sitter soon, so I yam trying to cram in as much sleep as I can afore he gets here! My bacashun wuz bery tiresome. Miss Mam likes to walkie very fast and very far and I do knot lyke to walkie very fast and very far. Momma-bear and her manfreend took some (hundreds!) obs pictoores obs awl obs us when momma-bear gottid me bakk. We awr gonna look froo awl obs dem then show your a few. And Miss Mam will get awl da hundreds obs dem! Bakk to sleep, onlee a few minits left obs peace and quiet! Yoor freend, Charlie - bakk home
  2. Charlie, momma-bear is missing you something fierce, but I see you are having a lot of fun! Miss Elizabeth,thinking of you and Richard... Miss Cynthia
  4. Hey Misser Zeke, let go obs Miss Paris' daddyman!!!! Miss Patsy, do yoo lubs or do yoo lubs fresh peas? Today momma-bear served me breakie, butt I noticed Zorro del galgo wuz knot dare! She did knot eben put a bowl owt fur hisownself! I looked and looked and he wuz no ware to be found! Momma-bear told me to eet me kibbuls afore they go mushy, butt I really wondered ware Zorro del galgo wuz. I hope he iz knot hungry.... Charlie, I told you, Zorro is at his sitter, he is fine Also I learned yesstirday dat we shuld knot smell da horsey's paw hoof becoze dey can kick yoo. Momma-bear iz telling me awl kind obs useful stuff fur my stay wiff Miss Mam! Charlie
  5. Hello me freends! Miss Soozin, dat's so cool aboot yoor future to be poopie! We hope he becomes a grate companion and also a show dog, butt onlee if yoo two want it! We awr bakk frum da cottage and now I need to pack my kibbul to bring to Miss Mam Dis gonna be so much fun! I soore hope Misser Kibo does knot eet my kibbul and does knot step on me lyke Zorro del galgo does ALL DA TIME. I hope I git to meet dem horsey and dat we go for onlee short walkies OH and also I hope Miss Mam lyke to watch da teebee so I can lay across her lap and she can pet me all evening. Ok now which bed shuld I pack? hmmm decisions decisions.... Charlie - packing up hisown bed
  6. Good birfday to awl daddymans!!! we awr atta cottage and dis hot. Zorro del galgo goes in da wadder butt I do knot wanna git wet. I do knot know ifn da lake iz dirty or knot... i can knot wait to relax at mam's house. I hope she lets me tiktiktik wiff yoo guys! Charlie - hot
  7. Miss Lizabeff, at leest yoo do knot habs owr noses, dat wuld be a bery long Qtip! We hope yoo and Misser Richard iz A-Ok and dat Misser Merc will knot stay too long alone. Momma-bear iz on bacation! Knot dat it changes anyfing, butt...Ima see me freends at Mam's house Probablee on Monneyday or Twosday! Charlie, upsitted!
  8. Zeke Ohhh Molly McTrouble, what have you done? Miss Cynthia
  9. Maybe we will onlee know late late late late late afternoon when Miss Cindy will finally be awake Charlie - knot drinking coffee and already awake
  10. A swimming mouse? I agree, I fink it will be fine wiff a foo cups obs vinegar. Ifn it wuz me, I wuld of eaten da mouse, so why knot drink da wadder? Charlie - thoughtful
  11. Poor Miss Sherrie, all iz always happening to yoo. Feel bettah now! Miss Lila, dat's so bad dat yoor momma-bear can knot prepare da fud right. I always like my fud da same way, yoo know wot yoo git and yoo know when yoo git it and yoo know ware yoo git it and yoo know dis coming so yoo nebah go hungry. Aren't yoo hongry? Oh! Habs yoo seen dat bideo obs da golden who needs hisown fud cooked? Hisown daddyman puts hims bowl in da oben and den serve it and he eats it, otherwise he doesn't! But da fing is...DA OBEN ISN'T EBEN SWITCH ON! It's all fake! Goldens awr knot bery bright I fink. Dat's awl I habs to say fur now. freends Charlie - who might go D E D sinst dis assupose to be hot hot hot and apparently da AC machine needs to "defrost"
  12. Miss Sherrie, we hope yoo feel bettah Miss Nancy too gud fing yoo awr seeing a doctor! Miss Andipants, dat's sad to heer aboot Miss Lilly's littermate Zorro del galgo did knot sleep wiff us last night as he slept wiff hisown noo toys. Wot a doodyhed! Yoor freend, Charlie, who nebah sleep far away frum momma-bear
  13. Miss Susan, does Misser Nikita wuld like a noo cat toy maybe? And a can obs wet fud? Dats birfday material! Hey! He habs da same birfday as Zorro del galgo! Happy birfday Misser Nikita! Zorro del galgo iz staying in Montreal, I do know fink Miss Mam wuld like to habs TWO galgos to care fur during a whole week! Yoor freend Charlie
  14. Gracias amigos fur da birfday wishes! Dis me! I yam now ATE yeers old, lost some toofers and an ear along da way butt I yam still as fast as a galgo can be! I also broke my birfday boy badge, I thought it wuz STUPID! I yam a grown man now! Zorro el galgo, wiffout a badge, butt wiff cookies!
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