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  1. Miss Myka! How wunnerful lookit yoo recobering lyke a pro! Miss Paris! Charlie
  2. Miss Myka, we came in to check fur updates (and take a snax) Charlie, awaiting PSSST Misser Spirit, dem giant cookies awr Frozen Treats and dey awr da bomb! Yoo shuld ask yoor da Ma fur sum!
  3. Miss Mam, we awr sorry to heer aboot Misser Pap's Brodder... Miss Myka! Wayt till da Cap'n hear aboot yoor misadbentoore! He will probly fly ober to comfort yoo! We awr bakk frum a Deff March! Yoo see, da National Park heer awr now allowing dogs on certain paths. And we wentid fur a Deff March! Heer iz photographic evidence obs da Deff March: And heer's me standing wiff Zorro del galgo, looking at sumfing I wuz onlee abul to finish da Deff March becoze momma-bear PROMISED us we wuld git a FROZEN TREET and I do lubs dem FROZEN TREETS. Heer iz photographic evidence obs dem FROZEN TREET Dat iz awl! Charlie, now resting until Wednesday or sumfing
  4. How is Misser Pap's brudder? We are finking obs yoo.. Miss Dippy! Happy gotcha day! Dat's pawsome!!!! Noffing much, we gottid no walkies and no nuffing yesstirday which wuz knot da bomb. Momma-bear wentid to help train da new baby police officers and she wuz done fur da day when she came bakk! As I type this, I yam hopping we git owr breakie soon... Charlie
  5. Yay Miss Jen Dats an awsome pictoore Miss Molly! Charlie
  6. Ohhh Miss Jen, ware's yoor innerview? We awr crossing owr paws! :Rofl yoo guys! Momma-bear culd knot go inna baff wiff WBSB's daddyman! Dare wuldnt be any place fur wadder inna baff ... Wot momma-bear? :Lol Anyhoo, yoo made us laff and laff! I do knot drink whisky, butt I like it, ifn momma-bear iz knot careful I will start by sniffsniffing herbs drink and maybe a slurp ifn I yam lucky. Butt she habs taken dat bad habit obs putting herbs whisky glass on a high tabul. So I cannot sniffsniff it anymoor Yoor freend, Charlie
  7. Miss Jennie, best obs luck woff Knarl! We lubs yoor hedgies name! We missed so manee birfdays! Happy birfdays Miss Ivy, Miss Lucy and Misser Ambi!!!!! Dat iz awl fur now, momma-bear iz habbing a hard time, da monff obs May iz a hard time fur people and dey kill demselves and momma-bear habs to werk a lot. So she habs been gibing us extra pets and taking baffs wiff a cuppa wine. I do knot like wine butt Zorro del galgo does so she muss be careful. I prefer whisky. Hey dat makes me fink we habs knot been whisky tasting in yeers! Momma-bear we shuld go! Bye fur now! Charlie, still coming to da club ebbery once inna while
  8. Momma-bear can't wait fur da next episode, butt as fur me, I fell asleep... Charlie
  9. We habs gone on a deff walkie, butt after dat... Oh after dat me freends... I discobered: DA FROZEN TREATS Momma-bear wentid for an icy cream and she brought bak DA FROZEN TREATS. Dis a sammich obs cookies dat do knot make us sick wiff icy creem in da middle. I shared one wiff Zorro and lemme tell yoo IT WAS DA BOMB Charlie, lubbing dem FROZEN TREATS
  10. Hello hello me freends! We awr bakk and we awr glad to see dat dare iz hope fur Liddle Atom! Butt really? Who noo yoo needed Viagra at such a young age! Dis weekind we wentid to Quebec and we got to stay wiff owr freend Frankie! Momma-bear had da serbice fur herbs granddaddiman and she needed to spend AWL weekind wiff herbs fambly! Her granddaddyman iz now inna box and when they can, dey iz gonna put da box inna ground wiff a liddle model car. Becoze herbs granddaddyman lubs hisown cars! Momma-bear eben took herbs grandmomma bakk home wiff granddaddiman's Cadillac. She wunnered wot he wuld habs thot aboot momma-bear's dribing hisown Cadillac! Well da sun iz owt and we ...well...Zorro del galgo and momma-bear awr on da patio! I am staying safely inside, wot ifn I got a sunburn? Charlie
  11. Yoo rest and get better Liddle Atom! Dont let dat idiotpathic thing get yoo! Charlie
  12. Liddle Atom we just heard! Ifn I culd gibs yoo my hart I wuld, butt I canknot,momma-bear says no. Perhaps yoo can habs Zorro del galgo's? Keep us postid Charlie
  13. Hello me freends! Oh Miss Susan, we saw yoo got yur stuff bakk! How eggsiting! We did knot sniff momma-bear over, butt we did smell herbs shoes becoze dey smelled like places we habs nevah been before! Momma-bear finds herbs hair bery light, butt she habs been a model fur seberal years for her hairdresser at shows and him knows wot he is doing. Plusalso dis free Miss Lila, I thought I wuz ready fur da Big Shed, but it turns owt dat it got really cold and I prefer to keep me fur a liddle bit longer! I'll let yoo know when I wanna start shedding agin! Miss Tin! Lookit like yoo had a marvelous trip! We saw dem pictoores, how can yoo resist KNOT taking awl obs dem galgos home? Although I just culd KNOT pictoore a home full obs 50 Zorro del galgo. Oh boy, I'd pack up me stuff and leabe! Oh Saint! Yoo wentid on a walkabout! Nonononono do knot do dat! Plusalso, ware do yoo go wiffout yoor momma? Yoor freend, Charlie
  14. Ohhh da pole, I lubs lubs lubs da pole! I wish we can play soon!!! Ohhh Miss Felicity 😅 wot a naughty gurl yoo awr! HIYA Miss Paris!!! I sabed yoo a donut! Be quick becoze I might juss eet it... Yoor freend Charlie
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