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  1. Oh Miss Vanessa! I wish I wuz libbing wiff yoo! Da DREAM to eet dat much! Congramatoolashun on da work annibersary Miss Jerylin! Charlie who's looking atta all da snow
  2. Miss Andipants, da Cap'n shud arribes on Sunday murning until da Monday night a week after! We are bery eggscitid! Charlie
  3. Miss Galina? Why are you a pesto awl obs a sudden? Misser Wee Hamish enjoy yoor show! Charlie, eggspecting snow snow snow and more snow
  4. Miss Chris Miss Soozin! We sure do habs pool in cages! I wuz eben offered to swim in one while I wuz sat upon and me answer wuz OH DOG NO! I will knot git my fur wet! Miss Molly McFloofy! I made a freend atta park just lyke yoo! Eggscept he wuz black and white. He hadda big white pompom on hisown tail and when he wagged it, it made me wanna play wiff hisownself!!!! So I playbowed and he playbowed and den we ran and ran and ran. He soore doesn't run as fast as I do, butt it wuz fun anyway! Yoor freend Charlie who just wantid da white pompom tail
  5. Miss Patsy! We need pictoores! Misser Merc dat musta been EGGSTAUTING! I myownself like to make soore my momma-bear pack enuff kibbul fur da trip. We nebah know ifn we iz just gonna leabes fur 1 day or fur 3 weeks. I say we bring two bags each time juss to make sure! Miss Molly dat's just messed up! I bet yoo wuld play awl day wiff Misser Wee Haymish! Charlie
  6. Miss Fancy? I fink ifn yoo got corn yoo can eet it. Is it still on da cob? Charlie always finking aboot fud
  7. Hello me freends! Sorry I habs been absint again! Miss Soozin, I once caught a goldfinch and thot dey ware pretty. I swear I just wantid to see it up close! Miss Ivy, knot long until yoor momma iz home wiff you AWL DA TIME! Won't it be faboo? Remember we saw Jack? Me brodder Jack? Heer awr sum pictoores Dats us following owr mommas Dat's Jack wonnering why Zorro del galgo iz so doofus And dat's a portait obs Jack And dat's awl! Charlie who iz gonna share hisown bed wiff Jack agin neggst week!
  8. Hello me freends! It wuz so cold I hadda put my booties fur da wolkie and I do knot like me booties ...or wolkie in da cold. Or in da heat. Or in da rain. Momma-bear says I yam a bery capritiated houndie. I prefer to say I yam a houndie obs gud taste. Noffing noo to say reelly, we appreciate yoor stories! We lyke reeding yoo and seeing pictoores obs yoo Night me freends! Charlie - off to bed
  9. Why you awl laffing at my petticoat? Isn't it a coat you ware to git pets? Charlie
  10. Oh Miss Velvet! Yoo remind me obs my freends and fambly in Old England, me momma wuz black juss lyke yoo! Dat's a PURFECT emoji fur Miss Cherry! Miss Galina! Yes momma-bear hadda find a noo place fur Jack to libes since ex-daddiman didn't wantid him anymore. Now he libes close to us and we see him frum time to time Zorro del galgo wore his pajama to da park today and he gottid barked at. Dat's (almost) nebah happined to me in me damper petticoat! Yoor freend Charlie da fashunista
  11. Misser Pippin, we got woken up Five FIFTEEN! Butt at leest it wuz to habs breakie. I do lubs an early breakie! Charlie, dancing fur fud wheneber da feeding happins
  12. Miss Andi? Wot's up wiff yoo awl being upside down? Misser Merc, yes pleese! Or we can just put a hat on his galgo hed, after awl dis cold outside! Charlie
  13. Happy gotcha day Miss Chancey! Misser Merc, I yam quite jealous dat yoo can go wiff yoor momma ebberybare she goes. Ifn it wuz me, I wuld NEBAH leaves me momma-bear's side! Miss Jen iz bakk home wiff Miss Myka Miss Lila, momma-bear wuz feeding da birdies and one obs dem musta thot me leash wuz a branch or sumfing! We thot aboot Jack coming heer fur a staycation. Yoo fink ifn we paint Zorro del galgo wiff black spots we can gibs him back and keep Jack instead? 🤔 Food fur thot (and fur me belly!) Charlie da wonderer
  14. Ohhh Miss Molly McUpsitted dats really neat! Momma-bear says dey habs a reel gift wiff doggies, so I fink yoo will like dem! Charlie who hadda bird on hisown leash yesstirday
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