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  1. Ohhhhhh lookit dat Possum!!!! Lucky yoo! Misser Pippin, momma-bear habs a fing to say to Miss Kerry dat might juss gibs yoo a honky pig. I will let momma-bear eggsplain : Kerry, here if honky pig last 10 minutes, it's a good one. At most 2 days. You will be annoyed for a grand total of 30 minutes over 2 days. Pinky swear! Oh Pippin is soft and delicate with his toys? Too bad, it will last him all his life and you will eventually get so annoyed you will throw it out buy earplugs They are so cute when they have fun! PLEEEEEEEEEEEEASE KERRY! Give that boy some happiness, look at him!!!!
  2. Hello me freends! Vary cold owt! BRRRRrrrr Smell ya laddah me freends! Charlie PEE ESS Miss Wiki, Me brodder Jack LUBS dem honky pigs. Yoo awr bery lucky to habs yoor bery own!
  3. Hello me freends! Misser Clarkie, I yam glad yoo awr A-OK! Misser Merc, Me and Zorro del galgo got skin tags awl ober. Apparently, us light skinned houndies get dem AWL DA TIME. And dis true! I got one on my earsie when I came home wiff momma-bear and one on me bum (remember when I got my eer stappuled to me butt???) And had dem remobed becauze it boddered me on me eersie (I did KNOT lyke dat at ALL). I got one right now on me thigh. Zorro del galgo got one on hisown shoulder. Momma-bear takes da size and dem she show dem to da Bet-lady at owr annooal bet-check and dat's dat. Da bet-lady
  4. Hello me freends! Welcome liddle Misser Capone! Miss Chris dat's a nice house! Ware awr da houndies? Good thot fur Misser Clarkie! Yoor freend, Charlie
  5. Momma-bear HATES poo-hands! Yoo know wot Misser Pippin? I do knot like when momma-bear iz home wiff noffing to do, cause den she takes us for deff walkies. BUTT when she iz home and werking, we can nap calmly and I can nap at momma-bear's feetsies! Miss Wiki found herbs Mistress Noffing happening much heer! Yoor freend, Charlie PEE ESS : Miss Paris, yoo awr a star? And people awr videochatting wiff yoo? How nice! When momma-bear is chatting on da sofa, I can get up and I block da webcam wiff my nose! Butt when she iz at herbs desk, I can knot do that
  6. Yoo guys awr so early! I thot I wuz gonna say Hi furst! I can KNOT compete wiff yoor experience Charlie da knot so early-guy
  7. Hello me freends! Phew, glad ebberbuddy iz better! Momma-bear's werk has says "Yoo continoo yoor gud werk, butt yoo gotta stay awl day wiff yoor puppies Charlie and Zorro and liddle Mystic" So now momma-bear iz home wiff us AWL DA TIME! Jack habs had his sekind round obs chemo and dey lowered his dose becoze his white fur white walker white cells ware too low. Him iz happy now! Hisown momma iz assuposed to deliver a child in TWO WEEKS! so he will come and libs wiff us until she pushes da kidlet outta her! Time fur kibbles!!!!!! Yoor freend, Charlie PEE E
  8. Hello me freends! Misser Spirit, I took yoor advice and let momma-bear burritoed me and gabe me a cushion fur me hed fur me mid-afternoon nap. Dat's ryte after da top obs da afternoon nap and afore da late afternoon nap, which iz afore we go walkie. Heer iz photographic ebidence : Miss Wiki, yoo awr quite beautimous! Knot as much as Miss Paris, butt ya know, yoo got yoor charms Oh dare iz Miss Senorita Rita! Bery bery kwete! Miss AndiPants, dat leg luks gud now! Hope yoo can walkie and go fur runs and play soon! Noffing much happined heer. Momma-bear wuz werking from
  9. Hello me freends! Happy late Noo Yeer! Sorry I wuz absint, dare wuz no fireboomer dis yeer and we went far far away in a cottage just to mae sure dare wuldn't be any and GUESS WOT? Ppl made dare own firewerks. So much fur finding a kwiet place fur me to spent a kwiet noo yeer ...Anyhoo I surbibed (barely) and I yam bakk on me 4 footsies. Except momma-bear chopped my toes. I yam telling yoo, dis does knot look lyke a gud start to a gud yeer. Wot am I chopped libber? We habs one more day obs vacashun wiff momma-bear (I heard da muffled sound obs a deff walkie fur tomorrow) and after dat
  10. Oh I can KNOT wayt to see Miss Wiki! Pony Widge! Dat's sum big ball obs hay! Yoo gotta be careful odderwise Miss Mam will tell yoo yoo awr fat agin. I know, I heard her say it! Misser Merc, ifn yoo want a noo TEE BEE, we can send yoo Mystic, just put on da discobery channel, and put her ryte in front obs it. It shuld take aboot 1 to 10 minits! Misser Pippin, da funniest part wuz Zorro del galgo who wentid into a corner, sat down, put hisown paw up in da air and acted guilty. Because usually, dis HIM da does da naughty fings Happy birfday Misser Roman! Today wuz da birf
  11. Hello me freends! Lots happined, we ware watching a show aboot birds and insects on da TEEBEE and Mystic da cat decided to JUMP and catch da birdies. Da TEEBEE gottid broken and momma-bear hadda go and git a noo one. Well she got an old one dat werks grate fur much cheaper actually. But now momma-bear iz home, da Misser iz gone to hisown house to do hisown fings and...Its rainy outside. We got absolutely noffing to do... I will go nap now! Yoor freend, Charlie
  12. Thank you for your love and thoughts. Jack's parents were touched and grateful for the love and support. Ohhhhh Jen What a crappy week.... Miss Cynthia (knot supposed to be here!)
  13. Miss Jerilyn, we just heard, we awr so sorry We awr keeping yoo in owr prayers Miss Chris dat's a beautimous tree! We do knot make one heer as Mystic is too young and uncontrollabul, we habs done one at the Misser's. Also Misser Merc, do KNOT tell momma-bear about da greyhound challenge, she might just pick me up Yoor freend, Charlie
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