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  1. Hello me freends! Do knot worry, momma-bear will git wormed ifn need be! Miss Angie, Zorro del galgo is in awl sorts obs emoshuns right now aboot yoo habbing a dentil and he will bark to yoo later when he compose hisownself. Dat's all fur now! Charlie
  2. Awwww nice to habs this fambly reunited! Miss Ducky, yoo awr an angel! Yoor freend, Charlie
  3. Thanks for the support and the poop and spray offer We do need to have a conversation... And yes yes it was/is exclusive, I do have some values I quite cherish Miss Cynthia
  4. Hello me freends! Misser Merc, yoo gotta chew yoor fud bro! Maybe a slowfeeder wuld help yoo? Misser Roman, wot a doofus! Me freends, momma-bear habs had water coming owt frum herbs eyes. She habs seen dat da Misser habs been active on da apps dat make people meet odder people and it broke herown hart. We really lyke da Misser, butt ifn he makes momma-bear be KNOT happy, we wanna poop in hisown shoes. He is a very nice guy, we get along very well, I have nothing to say about our compatibility. He checks MANY MANY boxes and criterias. But if he choose to "shop" elsewhere and
  5. Hello me freends! Miss Chris, we just can knot git ober da fact dat they turn owr poop into sumfing yoo wuld put into yoor garden. I myownself, when I go to da Misser, deposit my poop in strategic areas in da garden, but momma-bear always pick it up Misser Merc, yoo awr a drama llama too We lubs dat eggspression too! We just wentid owt walkie and we gottid surprised by da rain. I yam now standing and KNOT mobing until momma-bear dries me wiff a towel. Zorro del galgo already dried hisownself on owr white walls. Such A Doofus... Yoor freend, Charlie - wantin da
  6. Miss Chris I heard Miss Mam say during da winter dem ponies git fat I heard it frum herown mouff! No banditch and no blud! I yam brave! And for all we know I probably only caught the tip of your tail fur Momma-bear Charlie
  7. We laffed, yoo guys awr funneh bunch Maybe it is Miss Lizabeff's morpheen doing dat? Sorry I habs been absint, momma-bear habs been crazy busy and she culdn't eben stop to gibs us a proper walkie. Oh and it wuz raining so maybe dat's why we did knot git a proper walkie... Anyhoo, I hope I can come bakk reel soon me freends! I yam knot always dare to tiktik, butt I always reed yoo! Happy annibersary to Miss Kathy and Misser Jim I lubs yoo boff bery much! Also I gotta go and look sad, momma-bear caught me tail in da door. I yam sure I can score eggstra kibbul tonight wiff m
  8. Hello me freends! Oh we git up at da crack obs dawn too, butt momma-bear goes to werk, so she habs NO time to tiktik in da murning (eggspect sumtimes when she lets me habs sum freend time!) Miss Molly, wuz it eben yoo? Wuz dare any ebidence? Innocent till proven I say! Miss Patsy, momma-bear knows wot yoo mean. She says she iz DYING to git bakk onna plane and leabes fur anodder continent I can't belive we awr so hard to live wiff. For myown part, I yam bery happy dat momma-bear iz heer awl da time. Mystic iz now in herbs "Lemme push dat off da floor/table/dresser and see w
  9. MISSER SPIRIT hahahahahahhaha yoo iz a hoot! Misser Merc, buddy,wot happined? Yoor freend, Charlie
  10. Hello me freend! Miss Laila, we hope yoor dad did git sum noos.... to dat doktor! Little Misser Battle, do knot desperate, yoo'll git dare! Noffing noo heer. It wuz a patrol guy who said we ware knot allowed. Butt dey shulda put signs dat's all! Today Zorro del galgo and I decided to drink all obs Mystic wadder! She came crying fur halp when she found owt! Time fur dinner! Charlie
  11. Hello my freends! Gud job Wee liddle Misser Battle! Sorry I wuz absint yesstirday, yoo see momma-bear took us on a death HIKE. Yes yoo heard dat right, we climb AAAAAAAALL atop da mountain, it wuz 251 meters high (dat's aboot 50 thousands miles for me freends in da Yoo Ess obs da Hay) and den we saw dis : And den we climbed sum more and den a guy told us we ware KNOT assuposed to be dare. Dat it wuz a DOGLESS mountain. Dat's da saddest fing we heard in a while. So sinst we ware already at da top (jok'es on him ) we hadda go bakk down agin (da way we wantid to go anywa
  12. Becoze yoo keep laffing at me, heer iz sum photographic evidence dat I yam cleen on da hed now! Momma-bear gottid a noo lens and now she takes lotsa pictoores obs us. And dis Zorro del galgo wiff hisown cheetah pose! Yoor freend, Charlie - cleen now
  13. I'd like to add sumfing! No poop in da house and no poop on yoor brodder's hed Habs a gud day evberbuddy! Charlie
  14. Greyhound actually have ticker fur, and let me tell you, fur doesn't protect anything! It is not a husky! I think with both breeds you can get lucky or unlucky regarding vet visits and such. Especially considering you have absolutely NO idea what a galgo has been through. A grey you might have some medical background on him. They are NOT rough and tumble play dogs, either greys or galgos. A nip can tear skin on either. That being said, I never had anything so bad that it required a vet visit (well except that one time ). You should meet both, you would really get a better feel of the breeds. R
  15. Usually the coat on galgos is shorter (mine is wired haired so longer!). My grey sheds more. As for tail banging and skin scrapes, my galgo has seen more than my grey since he has a longer tail and is more active. I have had more health issues with my galgo than with my grey (both 8 years old now). I have been once to the emergency vet with my grey because my galgo rammed into him while they were running. My galgo, well, lets just say he has seen many specialists and vets and had an operation and all that (unrelated to the running injury). I wouldn't say one is more fragile than the other
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