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  1. A noo baby fur Misser Merc Oh Get well soon liddle Festus, yoo can do it! Miss KLilly, yoo luk gud in dat pictoore! Platonically obs course! Today me momma-bear iz wurking at home. Butt it is nice (but cold outside) I yam waiting fur breakie butt then I might be a pesto to go outside and lay down in da grass. Miss Lila, wuld yoo recommend a nose nudge or a whine? Charlie, finking aboot da whining
  2. Ohhhh welcome liddle Albus!!! Halise, 2 negative tests is for recovery, if he tested negative, it is probably just a flu. It is too late to do anything about it, but you should be ok, if you develop symptoms (unlikely) call your doctor I think you were quite prudent! Momma-bear go way! Lookit Big Clem!!!!! Noffing noo heer, we awr at da Misser place to enjoy da outdoors. It is warm and feels gud! Charlie
  3. Miss Molly dat wuz yur day!!!! Gud murning ebberbuddy! Momma-bear iz slacking dis murning, we still haven't had breakie! Ima go check dat she hasn't forgotten! Charlie - starbing
  4. Oh Chris that plant is lovely! What is it? Not as lovely as Lila mind you ♥️
  5. Charlie says : Why not look for HOUSE PLANTS! Poor Charlie, still not getting the hang of the hunt
  6. Miss Tin! I count 1...2...3...14 minus 3 divided by 5 plus 10 take it power 2.... ... ... 9 houndies!!!!! Charlie - mathematishun
  7. Wayt Miss Andipants! Yoo CAN KNOT pee on dem garden? Miss Laila, we do need a noo item to lookit for! Today we wentid fur a deff march to see a friend obs momma-bear. Awl obs dem ware waving at us froo da window and we wentid to see dem atta window. We culd knot hear or touch dem, butt momma-bear waved and waved and we waved owr tails. I wuz so happy to see odder people (I lubs momma-bear, butt I lubs ebberbuddy too!) dat I did KNOT wantid to leabes! Momma-bear eben tried to leabes wiffout me, and I just stayed dare waving me tail! Den she pulled on me leash and I hadda go home and leabes dem waving kidlets Miss Kerry, PHOOEY I say! Ifn she didn't unnerstand, she can KNOT be halped! We lubs dat image, now dat's a measure we can awl get behind Miss Nancy, dat's cool wiff da virtual bisit! I hope I can do dat too! Yoor freend, Charlie
  8. Wot beautimous portraits! Much bettah dan Zorro del galgo's face ifn yoo tell me! Charlie - Who hadda zoom meeting wiff St-John ambulance to see wot we culd do to halp whilst staying home on me bed!
  9. Ohhh Miss Fancy, why doesn't yoor da mom take more after yoo and I and stay safe home wiffout long walk or chasing obs truck or barking at strangers? I will nebah unnerstand hoomins! Yoo go Miss Ducky!!!! Yesstirday we had an issue at owr home. Zorro del galgo habs a favorite toy and dis a hermmageddon from Ikea. Da problem iz dis 2 years old and dey do KNOT sell it anymore, so we can KNOT order one. And den dis happin : Momma-bear says dis how da last hermmageddon died. By being stripped obs awl hisown limbs and den ASSPLODED. So we know da end iz near. Thing iz, Zorro del galgo will KNOT play wiff anyfing else, dis his faborite. So momma-bear put da hermaggedon in a quarantine and got awl da odder toys owt. Dis owr libing room now : Zorro del galgo does knot wanna choose a noo toy to play wiff. We awr gonna try fur a foo days, butt so far, noffing werks. We do knot know wot to do. Da end iz near. Ifn Zorro del galgo breaks hisown hermaggadon, we awr all doomed. DOOMED I tell ya... Yoor freend, Charlie - napping
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