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  1. Hi All, We have a gorgeous girl, Sable, who has been with us for three months now. My partner and I work full time and have a dog walker come in to walk her for an hour at lunch time, then he pops by in the afternoon to let her out. We had a few issues early on, we initially had her roaming downstairs with an open crate, but we found she just paced and howled the whole day, as well as chewed things and pooped on the floor. So we then decided to crate her and she was much better in a confined space, but would still bark. A month ago she was a lot better and we got it down to literall
  2. Hi everyone, it has been a week since we adopted our Spirit. He is up to 5-10 minutes of being alone. Of course, he doesn't like it. The trouble is, he takes about 5 minutes to eat his kong because he doesn't like peanut butter, so instead he gets kibble and chicken in the kong but that takes him no time at all. The one time I packed the kong more tightly, he just licked at it for a few minutes and then gave up. Then we got him a bobble toy that distributes kibble, but that also takes him about 5-10 minutes, plus sometimes he gets i
  3. Hi everybody, We've had our Arrow for about 8 months now and she's so wonderful. Things are going great. Her statue-ing was an issue at first, but it has improved quite dramatically. We have recently started to have a little issue with her whining in the middle of the night. One thing I should mention is that she will not go up the stairs, where our bedroom is. So she sleeps downstairs on her bed and we are upstairs. I've tried to work with her on the stairs, but she seems quite scared of them. When she whines in the middle of the night, I let her out but she mainly just eats a bit
  4. I'm hoping to hear from some owners who've managed/treated/"beat" separation anxiety and can give us some perspective. I've read a lot about it, but have not really had first hand experience until this foster dog. I'd like to get my head wrapped around it a bit better, so we can do a better job at letting our adoption group and potential adopters know what this pup will likely need. We've had this 5yo hound for about a month now, he was surrendered by his owner (she'd had him for about a year) because he had developed separation anxiety - which manifested as howling/crying and chewing the
  5. Hi everyone! I just adopted my first greyhound, she is a fawn girl named Bambi! I've had her for a little over a week and I love her so much already! I do have some concerns as far as leaving her alone, though. The first day I left her alone in my apartment, she was confined to the living area. I felt comfortable leaving her outside of the crate because her 2 foster moms told me she was never destructive and they had no issues with her. I left her about 4 hours and came home to a disaster. She didn't destroy anything, but she peed and pooped EVERYWHERE. The next time I decided to crate he
  6. Hi all, I adopted my sweet girl Ellie in late November of last year (2018). Since she’s been with me she's had trouble being alone. I’ve tried everything I can think of and that has been suggested to me. Here is a list: Consistent alone training; 30 seconds, 5 min, 2 min, etc, working up the time Calming chews Exercise (long walks, 1hr + brisk walk or until she didn’t want to walk anymore) Adaptil collar Special toy for absences Kong with peanut butter (only when she’s alone) A mirror and window near her crate Rescue remedy Melatonin A mannequin that I pretend is real to keep her company L
  7. New first-time grey owner and previous lurker on the forums (lots of great info from you folks!) I have been struggling with our new boy Tully having isolation distress/separation anxiety. Background: Tully came off a farm in TX as a failed racer, not quite 2 yrs old. Sweet disposition, the calmest 2 year old dog I've ever had. Big issues arose when I tried to leave him alone during the first week. Lot's of gentle, slow attempts at crate training. When I was able to get him crated, shut the door and leave the condo, Tully bent the steel crate bars with his teeth, destroyed an "indestructi
  8. Hey everyone, I've been lurking the forums quite a lot for the past few days, as my wife and I have adopted a 4yo ex racer for about a week and a half now. He's an AMAZING boy, super sweet and really likes a cuddle. But a bit too much - so yeah, it's yet another separation anxiety post. And a long one at that, so thanks to whoever reads through! My wife has dreamt of getting a dog for the past 5 years; we did a ton of research about breeds that would fit our lifestyle and the Greyhound was on the short list, especially because we moved to the UK and there's a lot of ex racers who need
  9. Hi guys, I'm having a little bit of an issue with my sister's greyhound - 5-yr old ex-racing male - that I'm going to be looking after for a few weeks soon while she's on holiday. My family originally had him as a foster dog, but we all fell head over heels in love with him and only last week he was officially adopted! He's had two minor issues with growling at my mum (when she tried to move him off my sister's bed, where he wasn't meant to be), and snapping at my sister when she tried to stop him licking his paws, but other than that he's been a sweetheart! That is, until he scared me
  10. We adopted Maira two months ago and she has been doing great at settling in. Initially we had some fearfulness issues but most were easily corrected with counter conditioning. For instance, she was terrified of walking down the sidewalk. After about two weeks of using counter conditioning she came around and relaxed enough that we could walk her. Now, two months later, she walks down the sidewalk like she owns it. I did the same for her fear of the vacuum, her fear of crowded places, her fear of the stairs, etc, etc. None of these took longer than two weeks to counter condition. Leaving he
  11. Hi all. Thanks for reading this post. My husband and I have adopted a four and a half year-old female grey on 21st Oct this year. We thought she was settling in well but I started wondering if she has SA. Since I am currently looking for a casual work besides my own business, I spend lots of time at home at the moment. Here is my typical routine and how my grey goes; 6:10 Walk for 20 - 30 min. She does #1 and #2 7:00 Husband leaves - she used to follow him to the front door and whine a bit but not anymore. She quietly lays on her bed. 7:30 Breakfast! Then she sleeps till 1pm
  12. Hey Greytalk, its been a while! This was a tremendously greyt source of info when I got my first greyhound, Chance. Sadly, he passed this June, unexpectedly at age 12. I still cry all the time to this day. He was my first Grey and saw me though my Leukemia in 2010 (some of you may remember!) Anyway, I finally pulled the trigger and rescued another ex-racer, Milly. Milly is quite the Velcro dog which I love but is troublesome too bc of her SA. Chance never had this problem so Ive been researching and trying various methods. I searched the SA thread on here with not much to go on, so I figu
  13. Hi, Let me start off by saying I don't think my newly adopted greyhound has full blown separation anxiety, but he does seem to have isolation distress. At the foster's he broke out of a crate twice resulting in injury to himself (also at the vet they found metal deposits in his teeth, so he wasn't doing well crated at the track either), so the foster was leaving him loose where he would chew up pillow's, papers etc when she left. Her solution was to leave him with his e-collar on while she had to leave so he couldn't get into things. He wasn't chewing doors/windows and is perfectly conten
  14. I've had my four and a half year old greyhound for right at eight weeks now. It's been so tough! I was actually reflecting yesterday which will be harder, my first dog or my first child. I'm single and live in a one bedroom apartment. It's just the two of us here. Though there are many, these are the two newest problems I don't have answers for: (1) She wakes me up once or twice during the night to go out. UTI was treated a couple of weeks ago, secondary to chronic diarrhea caused by hookworms. Urine tests fine now. She does have crystals in her urine but no signs of stones according to
  15. Good Afternoon, All! I am new to this forum, and a new Greyhound Parent. I adopted my Grey about 4 weeks ago and I will start by saying he is a very GOOD dog. He has been very easy to walk, have in the house, etc. He enjoys sleeping, and playing with a few squeak toys here and there. He has seemingly welcomed both me and my husband into his life very well. Upon arrival, we did everything “by the book” as far as welcoming him, letting him explore, practicing leaving, etc. All was seeming to go pretty well, until Week 2 (this is where I am seeking thoughts / advice). Previous to living w
  16. I'm a very new hound owner and I adopted my 2 year old greyhound on Saturday... i've had some settling in issues which id love some advice for. When he arrived home on Saturday he was super chilled out from the get go wasn't needy or whiney and slept the whole night with no disturbance. (He gets crated at night.) I'm currently keeping him confined to the living room using a baby gate as I have two cats and i'm trying to get them all used to each other. So far so good. On Saturday evening I noticed that the end of his tail looked black and rotten with blood coming out the tip, so i planned on t
  17. Hello, We have been dealing with separation anxiety for the past three weeks with our new rescued hound. He has two meltdowns a day barking and howling for about 15/20 minutes every time we leave and the walker leaves. Sometimes he whines even if we are in a different room than he is and cannot see/get to us. Our next door neighbor works from home and has started complaining ( we are in a loft condo building ) about the noise. More than assuring him that we are working on it, we really don't know what to do, let alone giving him a timeline of when he'll be calm. He never makes a sound
  18. Hi Greyhound Gurus! I was just curious, for those who have adopted/owned multiple greyhounds in your life, have you noticed a pattern of males or females being more/less prone to SA? As I understand, females tend to be (as a generalization, not a rule) a bit more bossy/aloof. Does this translate to being better as an only dog? I would love to hear your stories! From the owners I know (and admittedly, it's a relatively small sample size), the trend does seem to be that the males are more likely to struggle as an only dog, but I know, I know... YMMV
  19. Hi, We are planning on picking up our retired greyhound this coming Friday. How do we balance letting him get settled into his new home and giving him reassurance and letting him get to know us, with avoiding separation anxiety? 1) In the first few days, can we start doing SA training (e.g. going out the door and coming back in, leaving him for 10 mins etc.)? When do you recommend starting that training? 2) We do not plan on having him sleep in our bedroom long term. However many of the books/forums recommend letting him sleep in your bedroom at first to help him settle in and adjust to the
  20. Hi there - I am a first time grey owner and have had my 3 year old boy for about 3 months. There has definitely been an adjustment period, but he is generally doing really well with me and my partner. He is currently crate trained and stays in his crate when we are not with him, but we would like to be able to start leaving him in the house not in the crate. I need some advice on beginning this process as I have just started and the barking is really bad. He even barks when one of us leaves the apartment (and the other is home with him) when he is not in his crate. He even barks if I g
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