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  1. I'm not sure about chondroitin, but for calcium they should get a good amount from their food and not need any additional. I am taking a biochem class right now and the most important thing I've learned so far is that we should all be taking Omega 3s! It can help reduce inflammation in pretty much all tissues.
  2. Jake is just over 3 months out of surgery for his broken leg. He still limps most of the time, but as you said it depends on the time of day. It's worse when he has been laying down and just getting up. I'm not sure how to tell if they're in pain so I'll be watching for updates... Edited to add that the surgeon said his bad leg might be just a hair shorter than his other one, so I'm not sure if maybe he will always limp
  3. We used to go to the dog park late at night when there wasn't anyone else there yet. It was great, except a word of warning- he ran into a bench in the dark and broke his leg! Make sure it's well-lit!
  4. He is doing SO WELL! Thanks! He is using it more and more and only really picks it up when trying to run (which he is NOT supposed to do!) We keep making him give us "paw" for things because it forces him to use his other 3 legs. Since the surgery he's been reluctant about it, but for a McDonald's fry he practically pawed my face off! He got a couple chicken nuggets (one with a pill but don't tell him that )
  5. This is what we do. We found a wonderful young lady who just graduated college. She still lives at home so for her it's a chance to be on her own for a little while and she's a dog lover so she likes Jake. He gets to keep his normal routine and we pay her the same or less than a kennel. Win-win-win!
  6. So I didn't get a photo (horrible I know) but does your dog go crazy over McDonald's? Jake has always been a beggar, but he is usually content to wait until we're done and politely beg for scraps. Yesterday we had McDonald's for dinner and I had to physically shove his nose out of my food several times. He doesn't do that with anything else, even other fast food. I don't know what they put in that stuff... Here's an old photo just because:
  7. As long as there's nothing medically wrong with him, can you leave him home for the second, longer walk of the day?
  8. Well lately he's been whining at 2am regardless of whether he's on the bed at all. But we started giving him rimadyl at night again (healing broken leg) and that seems to help. I don't want him to jump willy nilly, but he sometimes won't take an invite... he needs to DH to physically get out of bed
  9. These are italians but you get the idea... I think Jake is the one with the cigar trying to steal all the chips! Also a phoenix PSA- AAGI has a nail clinic at the old Phoenix track tomorrow. $5 per hound!
  10. So the funny thing is that I made this post a few months ago and Jake has since stopped waking us up... until this week! Great timing to revive the thread! http://www.allpetseducationandtraining.com.au/snuffle-mat-mayhem.html This is how to make a snuffle mat, except I used some rubber matting because I couldn't find that kind of mat they used.
  11. What time should Jake show up? Is it BYOB (Bring your own Bone)?
  12. Can she have the run of the house instead of just your room?
  13. I see Wash's "I hate you" but Jayne looks a little more like "I'm so pathetic please someone help me!"
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