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  1. So STella is doing great everything is like before except stairs. full three legged zommies in the back yard, chasing squirrels even jumping into the van not doing that well but she gets in the van. SHe is two Chemo treatments in and she is tolerating the Carboplatin well.
  2. Ok i have been busy and tired so the updates have slipped. Stella is doing great the procedure was completely 7 days ago. She was up latet that night. And came hime the next day at lunchtime. First few days were rough but she insists to going out to potty and insisted on going on a few short walks over the the first few days following the procedure. 2 days after the procedure she insisted on going out and laying in tye back yarf sunny spot. She is eating well at meal time again but she now gets 1 cup of dry food and 1/3 of a can of can food. I have not decided if we will changer her diet long term or not. Yesterday when thunder storms rolled through the mid Atlantic she was trying to do our staircase to get to our bedroom her prefered location for storms. I carried her up and she let me. But wanted to come back down shortly after when DW came home from work. She can manage the 3 steps out froun and 2 steps out back and refused to use the ramp for ether front our back steps. Her procedure sight looks good and we had to go to using a muzzle with stool guard to keep her from licking it as she can easily get the cone of shape off. Thanks everyone for your help.
  3. Thank you everyone helper harness found and order on Amazon to be here Monday. It looks like the rough gear one but has more padding on the chest and straps. I am already have a hard time keeping Stella from running enen on three legs when she gets excited. Runners are up for our hardwood through the kitchen. My DW is going to try to work from home for the first week and we are setting up a x pen in the family room were i will sleep with her. I am thinking i might set up the second x pen in our fron living room so she can see and be seen fron the home office. That room also gets good sun and both hounds like to lay in there during the day. I am trying to prepare myself for this but as you can imagine I am just a 6ft tall 200lb blubber bald man. But not around the kids or dogs. Thank you all i will keep you updated as things progress. Ryan
  4. So our second Grey Stella has been diagnosed With a tumor in her hind leg. We are going in for a Oncology consult On Monday We will likely go in for surgery the same day. I am consulting with Dr Couto but the Oncology center we are going to is staffed with one of Dr Coutos former Students. So my Question is what should I expect after Stella comes home post Amp. how long until she can get up and around, will she have trouble going potty with 3 legs? Can tri paws do stairs? what supplies should I have on hand pee pads helper harness any suggestions? Thanks in advance, Ryan
  5. Stella has a great apatite and will steal food from her four and two legged brothers. We are going to up her meals and up her protein. Thanks all Ryan
  6. Has any experienced weight loss in there hound when giving them pregnasone? Stella has been on it for a few weeks now and we are tampering the dice down now but she has dropped from 63 lbs to 53 lbs and lost 3 lbs in the last two weeks. Her weight has been a. Bit of a roller coaster sence we got her she was 55 lbs and sick,worms. Them we got her well and she got up to almost 70 lbs to heavy for her as I think her race weight was 65 lbs. Thanks Ryan
  7. Update: Dino is now 85 lbs and on low dose Tramadol and we are giving laser therapy a try. I am also considering adding or switching his Supplements to Next level joint fluid. We use Get up and Go mix now with CMO and Yuca extract. We tried golden past but it didn't seem to help and is was messy. Drum roll it seems to have helped walks are a little easier and he is a bit more playful. Nothing earth shattering he isn't a puppy again but I think this may help us be more active and that should help too. Thanks ks again Ryan and Dino
  8. Thanks, how often should blood work be done?
  9. Any worried about long term NSAD use?
  10. Hi again helpful grey talkers So Dino was dig paws with Arthritis last year but it wasn't our normal vet and I attributed it to a not fully recover for a slip and fall two years ago. We this year another more Greyhound savie vet said the same thing saying she thinks it's in his hips and front wrists. I noticed this Year Dino really started to slow down, he is a 8yr old 85lb male. He has recently lost weight too down from 90lbs. Dino is on a pile of supplements: Greyhound Gang get up and go Plus CMO and Digestive enzymes. Fish oil Golden paste/tumeric And starting Yuca again after some more education on proper dosage and mixing. Thanks Greyhound Gang. We have started Cold laser therapy and that did seem to have some effect. So what I am asking about what long term pain management. I don't think we will use it all of the time just enough to get him moving so we can him moving more which should help. Thanks Ryan Niki Cole Dino and Stella
  11. So just an update I was looking for the bump on Dino's side and I couldn't find it today. I feel a little silly now but relieve at the same time. Thanks for all of the advice and kind thoughts. Ryan,Niki,Cole Dino and Stella
  12. So Crisis averted no bad cells in the aspiration. We will be keeping an eye on it. On the side we love our new Greyhound savie vet. Now if we could just figure out why Stella is coughing. Looks like we are taking one of our hounds to an internal med vet. So Dino is just old and lumpy and probably getting laser treatment. Thanks all Ryan
  13. Thanks all been worrying all day. Dino does have some random soft bumps that have showed up but never changed in size. He also had what we call his side whiskers ranub thick like hair that looks he has a whisker one on each side about the center of the ribcage.
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