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  1. My greyhound had three episodes of yellowish bile vomit. I took him to a vet who ran tests and he has pancreatitis. He was given an antiemetic and low-dose prednisone. Hope it all works.
  2. Can someone please give me the name of the website that lists each greyhound by their racing name and who their parents and siblings are? I know I used this many times and now can't remember the name of that website. Thanks for any help.
  3. I live in a condo as well and was concerned about the whining when we first left Polar alone (in a kennel). I bought a Nest (nanny cam) and that alleviated much of the anxiety we had about leaving the house without taking him with us, which he totally loves to do. He sees us all as a family of course. The Nest allowed us to keep an eye on him with our iPhones, even talk to him and hear him as well. Very comforting. We are retired and are home with him most of the time though.
  4. I would just manage as you are for a bit. Without seeing what led to the incident it is hard to tell. My take is that it probably wasn't aggression but who knows who was to "blame." As the dogs get older you may be able to relax and all enjoy each other. Young rambunctious dogs can lead to a lot of rambunctious play. Good luck and nice of you to take care of all these animals.
  5. I feel really strongly negative about these type of leashes. A lot of people in our condo building and out and about have these types of leashes on their smaller dogs and I hate them. Their dogs come right up close to mine and I swear I am ready to kick them if they approach after I have told the owner to pull back and control their dog. It gets dicey in a condo building but I am not risking any confrontation between my dog and a dog he does not know. My Polar is recently blind and I need to be ultra careful around these types of leashes. Even if I didn't have a dog I'm not a fan of someone just letting their dog come very close to me without my asking first. A lot of owners just don't get it. "My dog is friendly" does not cut it. I know you love your dog and I would probably love your dog too, but back off until we know each other.
  6. Funny story. My first greyhound had sleep aggression but because he was my first greyhound I did not immediately recognize it as such. I was dancing through the room where he slept one time in the morning and reaching down to pet him on his bed and he was up and bit through my thick terry cloth robe in a nanosecond. It was scary. So I took his bed and put it in the closet as "punishment" and he did not have access to it. I went upstairs to take a shower. We had lots of rugs in that house but only one really authentic hand-woven EXPENSIVE rug. When I came down from the shower I noticed he had gone pee on that rug, not any other. Never could get the stain out completely no matter which professional I took it to. Moral of the story was I probably should not have taken away his bed, as many people on this site told me years ago. I gave it back to him fairly soon and I realized he really didn't even really understand what he had done when he tried to bite me. He was so startled to be touched in his bed that he just reacted. Even so, that makes a dangerous situation with children. All of us learned to call him to us and have him get out of bed before we played with him. Only at the very end did he allow me to sleep on his bed with him to keep him company during his illness. He was 12 when he died and I truly lost my best friend. I am so devoted to this breed. Maybe I was a greyhound in a past life haha!
  7. That is such good advice. I do try to avoid and will continue to do so. I don't punish him by saying "no" or anything, just "calm down" and I keep him close. I have to admit I don't particularly like this dog either. I have made a lot of progress with walking down the halls and running into people. The ones he doesn't know we say hello and just keep walking. No reaction from Polar. To people he knows and recognizes their voices, he loves to get attention.
  8. My pretty newly blind 3 year old Grey, Polar, really dislikes a dog in my condo bldg. It makes it very difficult to be walking the halls or outside on a walk and run into this other dog and owners. Polar just automatically reacts very negatively toward this Vizsla and I swear can smell him or sense him from 30 feet away. He will start jumping in front of me, barking, and I react by usually stopping, telling him to calm down, and hold him by the collar. Their dog has not barked lately, but is just straining as well to get over to us. What is the best way to deal with this situation. I usually try to avoid going out when this dog is out, but it just does not always work out that way. Any advice would be great.
  9. Yes, I did see a specialist at the University of Minnesota. She confirmed the diagnosis but gave me good advice and comfort. He is using OcuGlo now and has I believe some vision left in bright light at distances. He is doing very well though not as active as before. He is only 3.
  10. I ordered this ramp today from Chewy.com. It was $119, a little cheaper than Wayfair. Thanks for the suggestion.
  11. As I understand it from literature given to me by my vet and written by a vet ophthalmologist," most forms of PRA are inherited as an autosomal recessive trait, which means that the affected dog has inherited one abnormal gene from each parent." The other important thing in this one-page handout is that "there is no treatment available for this genetic disease. The disease is not painful and does not affect the rest of the body. All affected animals eventually go blind." So that is what I read the day I learned my dog had this disease. Depressing. But I am learning more, working with him all the time now, and as mentioned, totally determined to give my boy as good a life as I can. Thank you to every one of you who comment. I totally appreciate it.
  12. That is so cute. I want to keep my greyhound active as much as possible and to the extent he feels comfortable. Thank you so much for writing these tips. I have purchased 2 ramps but returned them as they just didn't seem right or stable or wide enough. I am going to keep searching. He can still jump in the car to my discovery, but I have been lifting him out. I will order another dog ramp today and start working with him again on that. He absolutely loves car rides and I believe that is a highlight of his day.
  13. Hi. Thanks so much for replying to my post. My boy will be turning 3, born on 5/30/2014. His racing name is JS Polar Bear. He has Lonesome Cry and Kiowa Mon Manny as his grand sires. I was told by my greyhound vet that it is a genetic disease, there is no cure, otherwise he is healthy. He was going to contact the owner (at a Kansas greyhound farm) to check things out. I plan to see a vet ophthalmologist at the University of Minnesota but had to wait a few weeks for an appointment. I am plugging along with working on things with my boy Polar. He seems to see sort of okay in bright daylight, but things get worse in the evening. It is just such a sad thing to watch. Luckily we live in a somewhat large condo on the main floor with no necessary steps and a big yard to walk him. Please keep in touch and let me know about your boy! My thoughts are with you. My email is kathleen.meyer@yahoo.com. Thanks again. Please see my reply below on 5/28/2017. Thanks. Let me know if you find a link here.
  14. Are you suggesting I shouldn't go out with my greyhound. That would hurt him more than anything. I have already gotten him used to walking right beside me when we go places. He loves car rides and I believe he will continue to love them. If I see him become stressed I will do what is best for him.
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