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  1. No....Mama iz at da wurkjob. In fact, Thursdays are a leetle bit ub a late day on accounta Town Hall iz open late - an uses sum ub doze later howers as open howers fur any memmber ub da public who wants to drip in wifowt a poyntment if dey habz qweschins, consurns, or anyfing. She sez sumfin abowt open gubbernment.
  2. You might have a greyhound when you go to be every night with massive legs draped across you, and an occasional smell that could bring tears to ones eyes....
  3. MMMMM chicken scraps.....ah gess dat makes up fur sum ub da luking at udder doggess and stuff....an ub corse, Wiki IS reallee cute...
  4. Sheesh, Ivy...Now yur mama iz tawking abowt doze cute eerzees, too. Hmph. Dat leetle dogee iz getting lots ub tenshun frum owr Mamas.
  5. Oh Pippin....dat iz a very cute leetle fing....ah wud be very updset abowt her cheeting wif dat!
  6. Hi Ebbery Wun...we are all cawt up. Mama iz swooning ober dat pichure wif da peenut butters jar. She iz at da wurkjob an reel bizzee....but we hopped on da pooter reel qwick to say hi and check on Flizze. We are sorree she loss so many toofers, but at lees she is a-ok!!! Mama showed Leo on Saturday an himz wuz reel gud. Den she did a reel qwick trip to NOO Jersey wif da trailer to bring back a race horse who wuz retiring frum racing to a barn in Masachusetts fur a sebenteen lebben yeer old gurl so he can start a noo life. Dey got da horse on Mama's wurd dat he wuz nice....so she always feels a beeg responsibilitee when she duz dat...but she sez it wuz lubz at furst site fur bowf ub dem! Gotta go protect da howze frum da Kittehs wile Mama iz at da offiss. Lubz, Fancee Too
  7. Oh, Merc. Doze eyes!!! In a plantonical way, ub corse!
  8. Nutmeg! Yu had froggeez? Dat sownz like fun. Unforchunately we see dem DED on da rode neer owr howze. We habz lots ub dem in owr neybor hood. Mah brudder Dustin used to sniff dem an den luk all sad at da Mama dat dey wur DED. Miss NOO Carol...dat stuff duz KNOT sooprize mama. She tends to be a spiracee threerist. Oh, Miss Nancy ub Canada....Mama lubbed dat pichure. Ivy! Habz a fun trip!!!!
  9. Ah gess dat iz gud noowze fur Roman considering all da awful fings dat scare owr hoomans wen we limp.
  10. Gud fawts fur Roman an Wikkie. OH, Miss England Carol dat iz juss WRONG. Miss Jennie - Wen Mama's cuzin went DED in a car assident, Mama an her udder cuzin (himz sister) went an got da doggie creemashuns frum himz three Rotten Wilders and brawd da hurns in to da funeral parlor affer da wake (which had a close casket) an opened da lid reel quick an put dem in.....Shhhhhh....... On da topic ub presentashuns...well Mama did wun lass August and insted ubz da wurd "public" ....well...she furgot da "l"...let's juss say dat she DID feel da need to correct dat wun. Unforchunately, she notissed it during her pubLic presentashun ub it - and cud only correct it fur da innerwebs vurshun.
  11. Miss Fancypants, yur suggeschun KNOT to cross her eyeballs iz a very gud wun!
  12. We are juss checking in - an habz KNOT caught up - but we want to wish Miss Cynthia well wif da Zorro Sichuashun - and fink dat miss Vanessa habz gibben sownd advice on dis subject.
  13. Oh, Miss Nancy....doze ess emm zees always seem to be needed.
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