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  1. We will be finkin ub Abby.... Pippin...yes...deer habz been a fosser girlie heer but no girlie ub da howze since Lily....
  2. Miss Lizbef. Be careful owt deer. Mama sez da rodes weren't icy juss sowf ub Boston, but it wuz onlee threelebben pedigrees away frum freezing....
  3. Fanks, ebbery wun. Yes, daphne...amazing an askeerie how fast dis wuz. mama an daddiman juss lubbed Harold wen dey met himz....we know he iZ wif himz unka JJ sumweer.
  4. Happy Sunday ebbery wun. We are all laying around on da bed...knot da calf....watching ole western moobeez becuz daddiman sez Mam needs to learn to rest a leetle...an a raw cold Sunday iZ perfect. She made fresh cranberry bred after he made a nice brekkie....an now we all are cuddling. Unfortunately daddiman iZ gowing to Noo jerese toonite to do a few lectrical wurkjobs. We lubz jabbing himz home, so we will miss himz. Misser Tony....congratumulashuns to miss carnooba! Mama fawt da same fing abowt a noowze ladee up heer on da tee bee. She sez no wun needs to see a bursting bellee button...hehehehe. Oh, miss Jennie.....dat storee iZ da topper. the answer tonda sideways cow iZ dat somehow da pichure got rotated. Mama was achuallee sideways ober Dacia, but selfeez do weerd flipping an she laff an laff wen she saw how it came owt. pippin, we do knot disagree abowt being taken frum a mama so young, but dat iZ da practiss an at least deez peeple place da bull calfs in homes... we got very sad noowze....ah will let mama sheer.... hi all....as you know we stopped to meet JJ’s two year old nephew Harold in West Virginia and we’re waiting to adopt him as soon as he was done racing. We got a call on Thursday that they had rushed him to the vet and had to euthanize him due to what appeared to be liver failure...possible mass. Burst ..given how rapidly he was declining. The trainers girlfriend called in tears....she said it was worse knowing that he had a home full of love lined up. She offered to send us his collar and muzzle so he would always be remembered. She then asked if we were interested in his full sister. We of course said yes. She was still racing so same deal. So she raced Friday and ended up pulling a muscle in her back end. She doesn’t have the strong racing record that her. Rather did so they are talking to the owner to possibly send her out as soon as the injury is healed anough to travel. God works in the strangest of ways....so we may use da funds frum JJ to transport her r to support that kennels adoption group. We will let you all know...
  5. If anywun wants to grab wun ub da pichures frum Schnozbook ub da babee, feel free.
  6. Glad to heer Beka iz ok. Hammish, on da dairee farms, dey take da babeez away frum deer mamas an feed dems wif a bottle rite away so dey can get da milk frum da mamas fur da bizness. Dey are treeted well an get gud helfy cow milk, but da mamas produce moor milk if dey are beehing milked by da hooman on a skedool den by da babe. Dey do like to be in a hurd ub sorts, tho he iz a bull calf an dey tend to be moor loners. He will KNOT stay a "bull", tho. Himz hurd will become him an da donkey. Dey alreddy like eech udder. He got unner da fence in wif da donkey wen Mama wuz rite deer - an started trying to NOOrse da donkey rite away! He fawt it mite be himz mudder! Da donkey wuz reel nice abowt getting away....but den once he wuz back on himz side, dey wur visiting thru da fence an stuff.
  7. Oh no....KNOT to wart wee. Wen people ask daddiman why we habz a bull calf, he sez becuz dey habz prittee eyes. Apparently, he asked Mama why were wure getting wun an dat wuz her answer (she did KNOT remember da converstashun) an he thawt dat sownded juss fine.... She finks dat it realle iz himz answer an he juss puts in on herbz.
  8. We juss notissed abowt Beka! We are checking in on herbz, too.
  9. Hi Ebbery wun! Do yu rememmer me? It's Dustin...or Dustbin az mah brudder an himz frenz calt me. Lila...we habz been finkin ub yu. An Dippy, Too. An we hope Hammish's nose haz stopped leeking. Miss Kerry, we hope yu are feeling all better. An Miss Patsy - we hope DH's hed gets better. Ah no ah habz mist sum fings, but ah did mah best to catch up. Daddiman an Mama brawt us home a baby bull caff. Himz name iz Chance fur doze who asked...like da cow on Walton's mownten. Daddiman an Mama take turns feeding himz owt ub da bottle. Anywun who iz on Schnozbook can share a pichure if yu want to. Mama can't seem to make dat work deez days. Oh, an mah payne in da....ah meen, mah brudder Dudley had himz furst day ub skool today. Mama iz at work, but da trainer came an worked wif Dudley an Daddiman. Mama an daddiman wur very sooprised wen da trainer sed dat he wuz a very brite doggy. Ah habz been getting all sorts ub prase fur beehing such a gud an pachent beeg brudder. Ah miss JJ lots, an still luk reel sad sumtimes becuz ah fink abowt himz all da time. So don't Mama an daddiman. Dey talk all da time abowt how da howze isn't rite wifowt himz. Andipants, we lubz yur pichures! Oh, an all da pichures frum all da trabels an meet ups dat owr frenz are habbing! Az mah brudder wud say... Ah lubz all mah frenz.... Dustin
  10. Hi ebbery Wun. mah mama and daddy are habbing honey on da moon wutebber day meens owr in Kentucky. Fanks Hammish fur posting da picture ub mah hopefully fuchure brudder. Yu luked reel nice wif your mama in da show! miss guest? Did dat jimbo Scotty grandson have a home already picked fur Jim’s? miss lizbeff...owr simpafy. dippy? Are you ok still? Mama sez fank you fur all da burfday witches.
  11. Spirit...in reference to da comment abowt da remote....yes..we are hiding dem! Owr brudder JJ used to eet dem all da time. Mama used to say dat if he burped he wud change da channel....
  12. Yes... Miss Lizbef. Owr fambilee reallee beleebz dat deer iz a beeg plan sumweer - an maybe saving yur mama da payne ub nowing how her son iz dowing is part ub dat plan...but it duz KNOT make it eezier on da rest - an we are finking ub yu. Welcome back, Miss Michelle! Oh, Dippy - habz Velvet's tale gawn back to normal?
  13. Fanks fur da nOO club!!! An ub corse, da snaggs! Laila...she habz been reel bizzee an today at da wurkjob habz been crazy wif wun crisis affer anudder. Sheesh...ah wish she cud come home so ah cud snuggle wif herbz. Lila an Yung Misser Kevin - all dat snow!!!! It iz cold an dreeree an rainee heer!
  14. Look at beautiful Dippy!!! And Beautiful Whiskey....
  15. Trying to add a picture, but not having great luck...will work on it...:)
  16. I love those two pictures! She looks as good now - if not better!!!!
  17. I assume someone may have posted this already - but what a great story for our breed! http://www.msn.com/en-us/news/good-news/from-racetrack-to-hospital-how-1-greyhound-is-changing-lives-of-sick-kids/ar-BBRLmi4?ocid=ientp
  18. Welcome! Never hesitate to ask questions...just shows you care and are concerned. My JJ was fascinated with his reflection - and 8 years later still is! I think he just thinks that he's hot looking. I think you are doing right by the pee situation. My Dustin was just two when I got him - and was a sensitive soul - so I like what you are doing with the touch stuff and don't think he's too young for that at all. I'll defer to others for the other questions! Best of luck. By the way - rules are that we need pictures!
  19. Love the pics - and there is no better medicine for human or hound than a good order of fries.
  20. Best wishes for full recovery. BTW, adorable pic - and hysterical photobomb of the "maniacs'....
  21. Glad to hear he had a better day!!! Patience does wonders with these guys.
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