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  1. Like it has been said: Let Him Sleep in YOUR room..He does not need to sleep in your bed, but in your room. He has never been alone in his life.
  2. I used to give one of my Galgos turkey necks until one day he got very sick. It turned out to be pancreatitis so no more turkey necks. He is on a low-low fat diet for the rest of his life.
  3. X-rays or an MRI..I have lost 2 to bone cancer. It did not show up on an x-ray for one of them so had to go for the MRI. Sorry you are going through this.
  4. Walliered


    I am so sorry Robin.
  5. Google on line. I found it at Allivet for $1.57 a pill. The generic name is Oclacitinib. See if you can get it cheaper under the Generic name. Maybe try a Canadian pharmacy or Alldaychemist.com (India).
  6. Why don't you try very early or late when the dog park would be empty? I take my two Galgos to a soccer field and bungie cord the gates.
  7. Just had a dental for one grey yesterday and it was $400. So, I think antlers are too hard and could break teeth.
  8. Why don't you foster and see how that goes. It all is well, adopt your foster.
  9. I will be camping by myself. I have been single over 50 years and still lovin' it. Thank you all for the information. I hope to be ordering my Oliver soon (it is about a 8-9 months turn around). Still trying to figure out a tow truck..nothing at all fancy.
  10. I may purchase an Oliver trailer and camp with my hounds. This would be my first endeavor with dogs. Any suggestions or comments?
  11. If she is not feeling any better, I would move the appointment up to tomorrow morning. Watching a dog suffer is a terrible thing and speaking for myself, it was a very selfish thing.
  12. Zantaz is what I give my Galgo two times a day for stomach acid (per Vet)..I have 1/2 of a 75mg at each meal. Zantac. ...sorry about the spelling. I actually buy the Dollar General brand and use a pill splitter to cut it in 1/2. I Galgo has pancreaticis.
  13. I take my Galgos to a very large soccer field to run each day. Mousie runs and Ronnie just eats rabbit poop. He grazes the entire field with a muzzle on. So far it does not seem to be bothering his stomach, but my question is: will it mess him up?
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