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  1. Like it has been said: Let Him Sleep in YOUR room..He does not need to sleep in your bed, but in your room. He has never been alone in his life.
  2. I used to give one of my Galgos turkey necks until one day he got very sick. It turned out to be pancreatitis so no more turkey necks. He is on a low-low fat diet for the rest of his life.
  3. X-rays or an MRI..I have lost 2 to bone cancer. It did not show up on an x-ray for one of them so had to go for the MRI. Sorry you are going through this.
  4. Walliered


    I am so sorry Robin.
  5. Google on line. I found it at Allivet for $1.57 a pill. The generic name is Oclacitinib. See if you can get it cheaper under the Generic name. Maybe try a Canadian pharmacy or Alldaychemist.com (India).
  6. Why don't you try very early or late when the dog park would be empty? I take my two Galgos to a soccer field and bungie cord the gates.
  7. Just had a dental for one grey yesterday and it was $400. So, I think antlers are too hard and could break teeth.
  8. Why don't you foster and see how that goes. It all is well, adopt your foster.
  9. I will be camping by myself. I have been single over 50 years and still lovin' it. Thank you all for the information. I hope to be ordering my Oliver soon (it is about a 8-9 months turn around). Still trying to figure out a tow truck..nothing at all fancy.
  10. I may purchase an Oliver trailer and camp with my hounds. This would be my first endeavor with dogs. Any suggestions or comments?
  11. I have had two hounds with corns (3 each on different pads). The vet can hull them and that will give temp. relief. Once you have watched a couple of times there is no reason you cannot do it yourself...there should be very little pain and no blood. DO NOT ever let a vet talk you into surgery as it is very painful for the dog to get over and the corn will just come back..I tried everything under the sun on my dogs (ointments, soaking, shoes, etc.) and nothing worked on mine but the hulling. Thera Paws shoes does make it easier for your dog to walk, but of course it does nothing to heal the corn..
  12. If she is not feeling any better, I would move the appointment up to tomorrow morning. Watching a dog suffer is a terrible thing and speaking for myself, it was a very selfish thing.
  13. Zantaz is what I give my Galgo two times a day for stomach acid (per Vet)..I have 1/2 of a 75mg at each meal. Zantac. ...sorry about the spelling. I actually buy the Dollar General brand and use a pill splitter to cut it in 1/2. I Galgo has pancreaticis.
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