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Found 8 results

  1. Hi All, New owner of Arrow (six weeks) with new question about limping: Ours had a nice run of circles and zoomies in our small back yard yesterday. She took a walk last night and did great. Then this morning she had a slight limp. It seemed to go away after a few minutes so we thought it might just be that her leg was asleep or a cramp, etc. But she froze worse than every before on her walk this morning, then when we got home she started limping again. It seems to kind of go away after a while of walking, but it's been persisting all day, particularly right when she gets up. We suspect it may be a cracked nail, but not completely sure. When do you all decide a limp means a vet visit? Also, we keep finding different bits of advice as to how often to clip: every two weeks, 6-8 weeks. Any thoughts? Thank you all so much - this forum has been priceless for a new grey owner!
  2. Haven't posted here in a number of years, but I am still kicking. LOL Moved to Central Texas a few months ago and I'm looking for a greyhound-savvy veterinarian in Killeen, home of Ft. Hood, in Bell County. Our new group uses a vet down in Round Rock but I would like to avoid a two-hour round trip for routine care. Thanks. Lois
  3. My dog hurt her back the vet says that's all it is. So he gave me aspirin for 10 dys for it. She seems better today but she shakes every once in a while, Is this normal? She's also very sensitive dog.
  4. Hello everyone! We are proud new greyhound parents and we are looking for a good vet in the Charlottesville, VA area! Please let me know who you see if you live in the area. Thanks!
  5. Hi all! That's right, my crew is imminently moving to Pittsburgh, PA, and we want to get a vet lined up before we arrive. I saw the recommendation for VCA Northview hospital in the greytalk vet list, but that's pretty far from where we'll be living in Squirrel Hill. If anyone has any recommendations for greyhound-savvy vets that don't require a bridge or a tunnel, I would love to hear it!
  6. I recently moved to the west side of Cleveland, and I am looking for a vet that is familiar with the special needs of greyhounds. Unfortunately, the Greytalk vet list does not include any vets close to me. If anyone has a recommendation, it would be much appreciated if you post a reply. Thanks!
  7. Hi Greytalk team Can someone recommend a good vet in the D.C. , metro area? I have not had a great experience with the vet clinic that I have been using in the Dupont area. They have so far been unable to diagnose hookworms. They also then turned me away as an alarmist after I was worried that my girl was unwell, and that I suspect that she may have eaten some plants. They said she was just exhausted and dehydrated and gave her an IV. It actually turned out she had picked up some a random piece of plastic and luckily threw it up two days later. They are also pretty pricey and are always pushing prescription food for my girl. ( It seems to give her allergies) I do have another vet that I trust that is 2 hours away, so in case of emergencies I couldn't make it there in time, so I am looking for an affordable reliable emergency care or minor incidents. I am considering pet insurance ( embrace) if affordable is an issue. Thank you!
  8. Hi, My dear Gracie is in the end stages of renal failure. I am trying to figure out when is the right time. She hates our vet and I don't want to traumatize her by euthanizing her there. I'd like to do it at home when the time comes. I've looked around on the internet for mobile vets that will come here, but I just can't tell whether they're any good or not. Does anyone have a recommendation for a mobile vet who is, well, perfect? I'm in McLean VA, so areas that are close are Arlington, Alexandria, Fairfax, Falls Church, Vienna, Bethesda, Southwest or Northwest DC. Thank you so much for any help! Danielle Marquez
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