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  1. Thanks, Time4ANap. Based on the comments here and on other threads, we likely won't be going back to the dog park much if at all, which is sad as they seem to enjoy their sprints. One of the main problems with our local park is that a number of small dog owners insist on bringing their dogs into the area designated for larger dogs. The sign on the gate clearly says '30 lbs and up ONLY.' But there are always several 5 - 20 lb dogs in with the large ones (even though there is a separate small dog area). I've heard some small dog owners say things like 'my dog prefers to be with the big dogs' or 'my little one is a terror with other small dogs' so they put them with the large ones. Of course, this creates a potential problem when a grey with high prey drive is present. And based on how she responds to squirrels and rabbits on walks, one of our two has a *very* high prey drive. Our city is building a new mega dog park that supposedly will have 4 size areas plus one for senior dogs. Not sure if even that will help, but if owners follow the size rules, perhaps we will be able to take our greys there occasionally. But again, based on our recent park visits and the feedback in these forums, I think our days at the dog park are likely over.
  2. Thanks houndtime and lukasmom for the helpful feedback. After posting this, I discovered how to search the forums for previous threads and found an informative discussion on dog park behavior (original post 12-22-18). In hindsight, I regret starting a new thread and wish I could delete this one but don't see a way to do so. My apologies for the redundancy of the question posted. Thanks again.
  3. Hello All, Two months ago, we adopted two beautiful hounds. They are 2.5 years, littermates (sisters), were at a breeder / training facility (but not raced), and not housed together until adoption. Overall, they're doing very well with the transition to our home...mastered the dog door, no destructive behavior, settled into a routine. They have bonded with each other and with us. Best of all, they are very sweet and gregarious. They greet everyone with wagging tails and smiling eyes. Our city has a nice dog park that's great for greys. It's huge with wide open space for sprints / zoomies. On the first couple of trips, our dogs were the hit of the park...gentle and playful with other dogs, actively greeted people. But on our past 10 or so trips to the dog park, our girls have become the 'nuisance of the park.' A couple of minutes after arrival they team up and fixate on one dog to chase, usually a much smaller dog. Sometimes the other dog will run and enjoy being chased, but in many cases the dog they chase is overwhelmed and apparently threatened by the playful albeit menacing presence of our two. They surround the other dog often squeezing it between they as they run. Sometimes, one of them jumps back and forth over the other dog as it's running. A few owners have said 'it's okay' but others are clearly bothered by their intense style of play. I've tried redirection and distraction, but within a minute they are usually pestering the same dog on which they were fixated earlier. I just have to pack them up and leave the park. Is anyone familiar with this kind of behavior? Or have suggestions on how to remedy or better manage it? I would hate to just stop taking them to the park as they enjoy it and benefit from the exercise. Thanks so much for any input you have to offer!
  4. I bought a package of deer antlers for our two hounds. They chewed them for about a minute. No interest after that. Given the expense of the darned antlers and not willing to give up, I soaked the antlers for a day in fresh chicken broth obtained from cooking a pan of boneless breasts. Then I heated the oven to 200, put the antlers in and turned it off, allowing the antlers to dry thoroughly overnight. Major difference. At first, the dogs were obsessed with the antlers...had to take them away after a half an hour or so. Now, they chew them intermittently but not obsessively. Just a thought.
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