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  1. Wait, what? My Ma misunderstood somefing? You know what? I find that very plausable. Sorry Miss Susan.
  2. Well here I am, finally giben my meger weekly check in wif my friends. Last week and the coming week are gonna be really frantic for Ma at werk--or so she says by way ob excusing her gross neglect ob my needs--on account ob she is trying to complete the 4th migration pass, ob getting data from the current system into the new system, by Thanksgibing. Her users can review the data and see if all the changes they asked her to make in her data extracting programs have got it all right yet (knot a chance ) frewout December, while she gets ready to do it all again in January. I'll be here as much as I can nag her into letting me. So now to ... AndiPants, I too share you lub ob eating the vegimals that come my way when Ma chops them to cook! Oh golly, that is a great "sleeping off a bender" photo ob you conked out after your fun Sattiday last weekend. Miss Tin, Phoebe is lubly! Ma also just loved the bristlenose Pleco she had in wif her gold fish years ago. His name was Lug. He was knot dat interesting ghostly white color ob your plecos. Dustin, I bet some ob your smarts hab rubbed off on your bruver Dudley and that's what the trainer is seeing. You are a super big bro! And welcome to that cutie liddle (for now) calf named Chance! We do understand about the missing ob a houndie who will neber be forgotten. It is hard. I am mighty relieved to see that Beka is knot doing that worrisome head turning fing any more. Fuzzy found the couch! That's good. Nate found the tubeob hand lotion on the side table in the libing room. Twice. That's knot good. Molly and Mistress had birfdays! Hey Mister Tony! It is always great to hear from you. Congrats to Caladium for acing her Canadian citizenship test! Miss Susan, get one ob dose bell hangers to put on da inside knob ob your bedroom door. That way Hamish can alert you if he eber needs to potty in the night. Miz Ducky, what a beautiful quilt picture ob Hada running like da wind! Hamish, NO WALKABOUTS. It's in The Rules. Aw, Miss Elizabeth, what a beastly time you are habing. Shame on da Mister for being so selfish. Dat makes me angry on your behalf. Facing bof da loss ob your Mother and the need to move your Brother and clear up his home--well that is a lot heaped on you plate and none ob it is tasty stuff you'd want on your plate. I hope some relief finds its way to you. Ma and I are keeping you tucked on our hearts and in Ma's prayers. for Miss Susan venturing into cooking! Learning to cook some ob da fings you enjoy eating is great. Freeze meal-sized servings and enjoy! Miss Jenny's DIL. Um. Now, about all this mirth about chilly Southerns. It is funny seeing some folks all bundled up when you don't really feel all that cold. BUTT remember that there is acclimation to weather, both cold and heat, at werk here. It's a big deal here when we get below freezing! Or eben need a jacket. Miss Susan, remember how miserable you were wif the heat this summer? It was indeed hot! Butt Ma did knot mention that it was also a rather mild summer. She's seem way more really hot days in some summers. She bets you'll find yourself feeling the hot summers less and out "cold" winters more as you acclimate to libing in the South. And yes, yes indeed...sometimes Southerners will talk you ear off when you just wanna get on wif your walk. Practice gracious conversation enders. Blame Hammish's puppy energy! Spirit It was SO much fun seeing Ducky and Susan last weekend. We ate and talked and laughed. Ducky, when you get time, send me the dates and hotel info for Mountain Hounds, please? Lucy
  3. Well, Here I am, back amongst my friends for a bit. Ma and Auntie Ann met up wif Miss Susan and Miz Ducky at Culver's for dinner last night and yaked and yaked for eber while I was home, starving in the dark. Iniquitous! Nattie went to the vet ofr his annual checkup and, to no one's surprise, he still habs those pesky, resistant hooks. Treatment goes on. TTCs, aka Temporary Turd Covers Miss Elizabeth, I'm so sorry fings are piling up so high and hard on you. You deserve a break today, as that old commercial used to say. Miss Kathy and Ivy and Beka, what a frightening experience to choke on salad and knot be able to breaf. I am so glad there were capable people wif you who could offer help. Poor Mister Patsy is struggling wif a concussed brainbox. That was a really unfortunate freak accident. I hope you 2 will still find much to enjoy on the Hawaii trip. AndiPants, what a fun adventure you had! Wow. You are gonna have lots ob fun lure coursing. Ma's gonna be cooking and doing chores today. I'm gonna nap. Spirit
  4. LuLu, if you can't avoid a Halloween hat at least you are rocking it! Aw, Dippy, I'm sorry you are habing a hard time wif da darks and da confusion. Miss Susan, show if you and Hamish enjoy it and find it fun and fulfilling but you know there is no reason to force yourself to do it if it is knot something you really want to do. Yay for Lila's Leaf Miracle! Miss Robin and Dustin, how exciting to meet JJ's real nephew. Harold is lubly! Feel better soonest, Balti. Miss Elizabeth, there has been much going on that is difficult and sad. Take good care ob yourself. We lub you. Ma's got another frantic week at werk so I will do my best to keep up wif all the doing's here. Spirit
  5. They are adorable, snug under their blankies. Piper loved jammies and blankets but MoMo, Spirit, and Nate seem to be confirmed nudists.
  6. An extra hour ob sleep? Pppfffftttt! Internal Time...Intestinal Time. Tummy Time. We are HONGRY! Feed us NOW! I got nuffin' from that picnic yesterday. Ma is such a meany! Nate went wif her and had a lot ob fun. He got tons ob petting and was super happy about that. He behaved really nicely with eberyone and let all the liddle girlies pet him. Ma answered a ton ob Greyhound questions, including the inevitable "Is that a Great Dane?". Da nice maintenance guy known as Devil Dog said that Nate should be called Nathaniel, so now Nattie has a new name for when he's in trouble. He says he got two bites ob BBQ rib. I could hab put up wif some petting to get that, Ma. Really. Remember that for next year. Ma and Auntie Ann went to interview a company about putting new flooring in owr house and brought home 3 samples that they are moving about the house to see in different rooms and different lights. This is likely to be a bery disruptive project for me. Miss Susan and Hamish, I'm glad you are OK if Junior won da show. If you just lub that stuff, then do it! If it is knot your thing then you can cheer Laze and Dianna and Junior from the sidelines! Miss Nellie's Awkshun is afoot! Miss Robin's birfday! How exciting! Cake and ice cream and celebrations! Spirit
  7. Miss Carol Ann, you Halloween costume is wonderful! So clever and charming. Oh and look at the cutest liddle Disney Princesses. They are adorable. Hey Nutmeg and Chancey. We been habing weather like yours--blowy and wet. I do KNOT like going out and getting spritzed by rain! What do you 2 do when it is raining and you are apposed to go out and potty? Good luck in da dawg show Hamish. If you gotta lose it is knot so bad losing to your favorite bruver. Am I knot right? Ob course I am! Ma says that it might be a good idea to mail the tickets or meet up and get 'em. Howeber, she finks you all should indeed drive together. She used to know that part ob Greenville pretty well since that venue is right next to the church she went to for all the years she lived in Greenville, so she can be a good driver or navigator. Galina and Oasis! You bof loot great in your costumes. I bet you cheered lots ob hearts wif you visit. Isabella, owr Piper hadda stay at a spa for a few days whilst Ma went to a werk training. He was like you--he lost weight and pined for her. Butt she fed him up real good and he was AOK soon. I bet you'll be fine soon too now that you're home wif your folks. Fuzzy! You scored a night on the big bed just like Hamish did! I myownself tried that last night. I told Ma she could sleep on my bed. Fair exchange, right? She did knot see it that way. She made me hop down so she could get in her bed. Then she said I could come back up on the big bed butt by then the moment had passed. Harumph! I slept in my own bed and left her all alone. Laila, I'm glad your Dad is firm on the no smoking. Good for him! MIss Elizabeth, I am sorry that you are now an orphing. Dat is hard eben when your Mom is a venerable 98. I fink one is neber ready to lose a parent. I know that you lub her and miss her. Safe travels, Miss Halise. AnidPAnts, someone ob you hounds has gotta fill the Announcer role in you fambily. It is really necessary to bugle when there are visitors. Miss Chris, I know that what you really miss is Atom hisownself. Spitter! What a funny name. Almost as funny as Big Whizzer. Yay for eating, Lila! Well, Ma's werk is habing its fall picnic today. She got permission to take Nate. I mywonself would HATE all the strangers wanting to pet me so I will let him uphold the fambily hound honor. MA kinda enjoys seeing all the fambilies and kids at these things. Besides, the food is coming from Bubba's Barbeque and Bash! If she does knot share wif me I will prolly bite her or shun her or something equally dastardly to let her know she was BAD. Spirit
  8. I love the hair and the sword! Also, Sid has the best deadly expression going on!
  9. Lila, I'm sorry Mistress is tired and stressed butt I'm glad you are eating up your food, even if it is a slow process. Oh goodness no, Miss Elizabeth. I am so sorry that your Mother was so badly hurt in her fall. You and your brothers are in my heart and you are in Ma's prayers. Miss Tin, what an exciting opportunity for you and Mister Michael to help Galgos. Miss Cindy, what a wonderful man your Kevin habs grown into. I can tell how proud ob him you are. Owr brudder JJ used to eet dem all da time. Mama used to say dat if he burped he wud change da channel.... Dustin, that made Ma laff and laff. Isabella, I bet you are frilled to see your humans back from their exciting trip! What wonderful photos! Grammy worked wif da Red Cross after WWII and was stationed in Japan. While there, she an a couple ob friends took a big trip to China and she loved it. That was in 1948, so it was an adventurous time. Her pictures were wee tiny liddle Kodaks, all black & white. Yours are spectacular! Daphne and Bitzi, I am knot enjoying da outdoors right now either. Rain! Miss Elizabeth. We are thinking ob you. Spirit
  10. What a wonderful character Milo is!
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