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  1. Velvet, I'm sorry your friend has gone. Miss Jen, it will be good to bring Myka home. We lub you. Take good care ob yourself and return to us when you feel up to it. Battle habs a cute white spot! Skirmish! I lub it! AndiPants is going racing again. Sorry about the rejuicing diet, Flizzy. Hada, I would be scared ob da racoon. He looks kinda mean. Ivy and Cherry, I fink it is neato and wonderful that you get walks wof you friend Tracey and then more fambily walks! Mistress, good luck wif the eyeball exam. It'll be OK. Ma says those places don't eben make you take all you clothes off like other doctors do so I you don't like 'em you can RUN! Lila, sorry the poops are still less than perfect. Keep trying. I bet you'll get you poop mojo back soon. During this pandemic Nate and I hab gotten so used to habing Ma at home that now, when she leaves, we get real anxious and antsy and pester Auntie Ann. I suppose we gotta get used to a new normal just like Ma. Spirit Thank you for all the happy retirement wishes! I think I'm going to really enjoy having 4 days free to do what I want and need to do. That already feels like luxury. I remember that my Mother sort if eased into retirement as well, doing just a bit of work for the first few months. Lucy
  2. Chancey, I really don't see the problem. I mean, where better to barf than your own crate? I myownself hab been eating grass and barfing in the bedroom in the early morning hours a couple ob times lately. Ma has knot been frilled. Nutmeg, the tattoo got partly done. I fink Miss Susan spent most ob the day getting stuck and then called it and will goo back later to get the new tattoo finished. Look! Miss Susan told her own story and I coulda kept my trap shut. Ack! Super HOTs are afflicting Miss Banessa and Miss Carol Ann. So far we just hab normal hots, which are bad enough. Enjoy young Battle, Hamish. You'll soon hab a bro to romp wif! HAPPY OH CANADA DAY!! Spirit Well, this is day 1 of semi-retirement! I've got to go in to work to take some final personal things from my desk. I'll be fully off for this week and next and then on to the three day a week work schedule. Mixed feelings abound. I think the real feeling of being retired won't come until we're done with the software go-live and I'm really not working at all. I'm looking forward to having 4 day "weekends" right now, though! I live in the county but our city council voted to require masks in grocery and drug stores, so I'm going to do our grocery shopping in the city. It will be a longer drive but safer since this area is full of people who won't wear masks unless forced to do so. Lucy
  3. Lila, your poos are improving! Spirit Miss Nancy, you've had such miserable and varied symptoms for so long that I think you are very wise research and follow up with 2nd, 3rd, etc. opinions. Something is wrong. Doctors aren't infallible. You deserve to find answers and relief. Lucy
  4. Fruitcake, Miss Robin, you hab my very best wishes for patience and no technical glitches and community spirit (!) from one and all as you manage the town meeting remotely tonight and present the budget. You are a champ! Merc, I got that your Dad was and so I figured he was still in the horsepiddle. He's home! I bet he'll get less crabby now that he's home surrounded by lub. I hope he begins to feel better soon. We got BIG rain storms yesterday afternoon and evening. Ma and Auntie Ann had the 2 big litter boxes cleaned and sunning outdoors until they were suddenly getting filled up wif rainwater. Nate doesn't RUN when it thunders but he gets up from his bed and walks wif purpose to the baffroom and lies down by the potty where he seems to feel safe. I just sleep on my bed like normal. Spirit
  5. Miz Ducky, I'm so sorry your granddaughter habs dis virus. I hope her youth will carry her though with none ob the scary symptoms. Ma once had to restore using Carbonite and it went well. Took a while to figure out, but went well, so my paws are crossed that you'll find your stuff and get it all back. Miss Elizabeth, Asheville is about an hour north ob us! It is a neat, artsy, creative sort ob place. Lila! Ma says I'ma ear wax factory and she pours that stuff in my head too! I hate it! Miss Banessa, enjoy that new comfy mattress! Spirit
  6. Miss Susan, sorry the cousins are so tetchy. That'll make 'em far less fun to have around. Miss Elizabeth, I'm so glad you got Mister Richard closer to home and where you can see him. Merc, sorry about the firewerks thunders. Miss Kathy, you're right back in a mask eben though you are retired! At least you have a pretty purkle one wif houndies now. Ivy, I'm glad you and Cherry did knot miss out on the treats. Lila, I'm sorry for bof you and Mistress that the job got in the way ob more fun stuff, though if Mistress idea ob fun is cleaning the floors she might as well just stay at werk. Lots ob trouble wif foods...knot me--I eat great! Tinker is owr food freak. After trying qwality food after qwality food, what that cattie wants is the Hill's Science Diet Metabolic food Auntie Ann's plump Siameses eat to lose weight. Skrawny Tinker will only eat that diet cat food. Ma talked to the vet and he said it was AOK to just go wif it so now Tinker gets a heaping helping ob diet cat food and the cousins each get a meager portion of the same food. At least this stops Tinker from running over to their bowls to steal their food. Fuzzy and Gino got chiropractical care and are feeling good! Laila, I'm so sorry that bof your 'rents are hurting. I sure hope relief is on the way. Poor CK and Miss Halise. Firewerks are the very devil! Owr AndiPants was the three dog! And the one dog! You did a lot ob racing. I hope that when it all feels familiar, you'll win some races and have some fun! What an interesting variety ob great dog breeds you met! We had some significant haze last evening that we think was Sahara dust. Ma is finishing up her last on call before retirement begins Wednesday. She's taking off W-Th-Fri ob next week and then all the week after that and then she'll start werking 3 days a week. Plus also, the Old Girls hab the date set for replacing the flooring in the house--July 20-22. They're starting to box stuff up with plans to put tarps down in the garage and ferry boxes and small furnitures out to live in the garage whilst the flooring is put down. One ob Ma's first retirement jobs is to find some place where Nate and the catties and I can spend the daytime during those 3 days. They think we'll be less stressed if we come home at night to owr humans, eben if the house is in confusion. I'm gonna be stressed no matter what they do on account ob I am a hound who is wedded to my routines. Spirit
  7. Merc, I get pills! I take something for my thyroids. I get that pill wrapped in the fake bacon flavored paste Ma gave Miles all his pills with. I also get a Dasequine, otherwise known as a poop drop 'cuz it's brown and shaped like a gum drop. THey bof taste real good. Plus also, the evening pills are immediately followed by GREENIES!! So at my house, pills are a good thing. Abby, I know it's been tough for you to be in and out ob camp, butt I suspect it habs been harder on Miss Sherrie. Share the power ob houndie lub wif her, OK? Miss Sherrie, I'm sorry you got careless virus idiots around you. We do too. How hard and wonderful that oyu could help your friend face her questions and fears. I am so sorry you are extra specially sad about Mister Jim, bout you lub him and miss him. I'm so glad you had him in you life for 47 (!!) years. Rats. Ma says I gotta go. Back later! Spirit
  8. AndiPants, I hope you will hab a blast racing! Miss Elizabeth, I hope that Mister Richard is moved so he's close to home and you can get his stuff to him. He'll be way less unhappy wif his stuff. And wif you visiting. Miss Banessa, I am getting really demanding in my senior years. I bark and whine and stamp my feet and DEMAND what I want when I want it. Gimme my food! Gimme my pills! Gime my GREENIE!! Lemme in. Lemme out. Gimme ICE! Come to bed NOW. I got Ma pretty well trained to know what I'm demanding. Spirit I understand that people are getting tired of restrictions and tired of not working or limited working. The thing that makes me both sad and furious is that too many of them want to have all those things back without being willing to follow even minimal public health safety measures. They protest, angrily complain, and ignore expert recommendations. Putting everyone around them in danger. Lucy
  9. Mam, I hope you son will test negative for that virus. Looking at the Washington Post this morning, Ma saw that SC is now just behind Aridzona in Covid cases in the US, moving from 3rd to 2nd place. That is shameful! Like the old Hertz commercial...We're number 2 so we try harder? Humans! Spirit Spirit gave me a needed laugh this morning. Nate eats in his crate because he gobbles and then tries to muscle in on Spirit's food. Spirit had apparently finished eating and thought we should uncrate Nate so he whined and woofed outside his brother's crate. So sweet! They then jostled and chased into the living room and out the door into the yard. I sometimes forget the Spirit does enjoy Nate, at least sometimes. Lucy
  10. That sounds like cautiously good news for Mister Richard! Sounds like good planting choices, Miss Susan. Spirit
  11. Lila's hongry like a wolf! Charlie is visiting and hading fun. You gots lots ob fun freckles and speckles, Charlie. MIss Patsy, I hope the your trip to Glacier National Park is relaxing and fun and revivifying. Ivy, we're gonna wait for the good news from your vet. Zeke, that tail ob yours looks and sounds real uncomfy. I hope the vet can find some effective treatment nearby. Well, knot having that virus is a bit ob good news for Mister Richard, Merc. I hope he gets answers and help soon. Spirit For Susan: https://www.thespruce.com/long-blooming-perennials-2131857 https://growbeautifully.monrovia.com/12-robust-summer-blooming-perennials/ https://hgic.clemson.edu/factsheet/growing-perennials/ (this has a list of perennials for different conditions at the bottom) https://hgic.clemson.edu/bulbs-in-the-landscape/ (this links to other more specific fact sheets form Clemson Extension as well) Do consider a mixed border with some small shrubs added in. Butterfly Bush, carpet roses, hardy hibiscus?
  12. My old boy, Spirit, would react the same way. He doesn't like change in routines AT ALL, even if the change might make things easier for him.
  13. Miss Elizabeth and Merc, I sure hope Mister Richard is home wif you soon. Guest, Nate's on Advantage Multi ebery 2 weeks and Nemex suspension on the alternate weeks. They'll try that for 3 months and test again. Fortunately, Nate does knot seem to be suffering much. His poops are eben pretty good. KNOT as good as mine, I will say. I got firm, bouncy liddle brown balls and he gots formed but soft. I WIN! More bats in Real England returned safely to their homes! Spirit
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