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  1. Ivy and Cherry had a wonderful day full ob walks and treats. Miss Kathy and Mister Jim enjoyed some human treats too. Miss Kathy, reading that tome is qwite an achievement! Stay dry, Tiny and Tiller. Wow, Velvet! You got followers! People watching you snooze on that great sofa you hab. Good news about Jimmy the Barn Cat. Kaila and Widget sure make a great team! What a beautiful and charming remembory ob Gizzy frolicking in the ocean wif Mister Dan. You know, owr temps this morning are right there wif Ivy--chilly! Ma's playing Retired Lady today and pl
  2. Mam, it is your biirfday!? Happiest of Birfdays! Ma and Auntie Ann weeded the front flower bed and you all wii neber guess what they found! Nails! At least so far no one habs found one the hard way. Spirit
  3. for blue skies and lunks full ob fresh air for Miss Jennie and Miss Chris, the hedgies and the houndies!
  4. That's a great photo ob you houndies and your Dad in a spectacular setting, Laila! Pisser, I sure hope your kiddybeans get all better soon. That's a great picture ob Widget anf Kaila! Poor liddle Jimmy. Fell better, kitteh. Ivy, had a good playgroup. Fuzzy is a player and Gino is still learning. We got really chilly weather right now, for SC in Sept. Spirit
  5. Good job , Summer! For some it's the pleading eyes, for some the sharp bark ob command. Some succeed wif limpid eyeballs surrounded by white hairs denoting wisdom and frailty. For others it's the stamping feet and antsy, angsty agitation that get the humans to cede to owr desires. One way or another, houndies win. Those roofers went about with a rolling magnet to catch the nails. Ma hopes it worked well. They did knot do an outstanding job ob putting things away when they moved them. Ma's gotta move a water barrel and cement blocks before she can mow. Plus also, rearrange the s
  6. Nutmeg, this is true. Ma and Auntie Ann are grateful for the new roof and for the 3 1/2 inches ob rain that we got. I'll hab to werk to muster gratitude for all the disruption. Oh, the beautiful Breeze! AndiPants, like Lila, I hope that the rain and thunder boomers will extinguish those fires and clear you air. Lila, that pressure point stuff is interesting and I sure hope it gibes Mistress a good tool to help you when you're feeling poorly. Oh, Miss Robin, I am so sorry that Pisser is so sick and that you had such a stressful and exhausting night. Tiny, I sur
  7. Lila, that palliative vet visiting you at home is a good idea. A after all, how bad can it be wif PAL in the name? I hope there is help to make you feel better and less stressed so Mistress will knot worry so about you. I'm really glad you like this vet lady. She sounds like she'll be a real good partner for you and Mistress. Miss Patsy, that sounds like a fun cabin trip to Manysodas! At my house eberyone lubs cheese . Even the 3 catties. When there is cheese, the kitchen is pandemonium! Cats screaming and milling about, eager for cheese. Hounds standing noble and patien
  8. Oh, boy! Do I eber hab my werk cut out for me this week! Ma can't eben keep the day ob the week straight. She spent all day yesterday finking it was Wednesday. Noor is absolutely beautiful! Welcome to your wonderful new home, Noor! Miss Chris, I'm glad the fires are settling down a bit for you. Lila, dear friend, I am worried about you. I'm real glad that you are feeling better. SWAT team!? Ma is demanding to return to yet another Zoom meeting where she will get more and more frustermated wif others. Butt knot wif ME. Spirit
  9. I have one hole-digger but no buriers. I bet you have to keep an eye on you hound.
  10. Velvet, I'm so sorry that your big sister habs been put in such a dangerous and difficult situation by her werkjob. I DO understand how hard this is for restaurants and bars but lives are so much more precious. I hope your sissy stays well and safe and that her employer does right by her. Miss Jen, I'm glad you are safe and cooler, butt sorry about the smoke. Sorry you Mom is feeling needy and demanding right now too. As if daily life is knot ENOUGH at the moment. Ivy, that was way too much adventure for a playgroup! The running and petting are fun butt the heartstopping eggsc
  11. I love your snugglers! Not one of my 4 would tolerate snuggling with another hound.
  12. Dudley, I'm sorry you got all those tick diagnoses. Your folks are gonna make sure you get what you need to be OK. Miss Nancy ob the 'Burg Oh no, Miss Banessa. I am so sorry that Bibbi decided it was time to cross The Bridge. I know that you will miss her lots and lots. She was a great kitteh. We're getting spritzed on right now. I don't really like to get wet. Ma got her flu shot yesterday and is was feeling a bit peaky last night. I fink she's OK today. Spirit
  13. A most terrifying time for Miss Chris, and Miss Jen, and eberyone on the west coast. All are in my heart. And the sad remembory of 9/11. Altogether, a most somber day. Spiritus
  14. When reaching for things I long for long legs. Chris, what a tragedy about the young boy and his dog and missing Grandmama. Jen's photo looks like an old sepia daguerreotype. So many fires and so many people and places at risk. One feels so helpless. Lucy Hey, Miss Tin! Looking forward to Noor! Laila, fink that I did just want Ma's attention for a bit a 4:30 AM. Spirit
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