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  1. I'm doing fine and so is Ma. Nate spilled a can ob Ginger Ale into a basket ob sewing magazines. Ma went and cleaned it all up real fast. She's feeling kinda tired after mowing and extra chores but all is well. Auntie Ann is doing fine in Charlotte. Ma liked Miss Susan's house. Miss Susan is gonna be able to make it into a wonderful home! Ma got real lost getting home so she's gotta navigate better next time. Spirit
  2. Miss Banessa, Auntie Ann will be in a decent hotel so she's knot dreading fings at all. Honestly, Ma is knot dreading the week either. She'll miss her buddy butt she libed alone for a long time, so she'll be OK. There is something to be said for being able to choose exactly what you wanna watch on TV and knot hab to make a mutually satisfactory decision. About dem catties...her bet is that those selfish stinkers will sleep in a cattie-pile on Auntie Ann's bed and ignore Ma completely, like they usually do. About one third ob the time Tinker comes in to bisit Ma in the watches ob the night. He hops up on the bed and purrs and asks to get under the covers--always at her left shoulder--and then he makes biscuits on her arm until they bof fall asleep. She likes his visits on account ob she misses him when he hangs wif the Watch Cats. Ma will hab all ob the chores to do. Serves her right since Auntie Ann habs been taking such good care ob her for the last 6 weeks. Spirit
  3. Miss Michelle, many congratulation upon successfully defending your hard werk. Aren't you proud! And you didn't even hab to use firearms! Miz Ducky, I bet you are relieved to get the last ob da storm limbs out ob your yard. Ma and Auntie Ann hab to got shopping for a new microwave since the one ober da stove croaked this week. Boy, they didn't realize how much they used it until they couldn't. Auntie Ann habs to drive up to Charoltte, NC (about an hour or so) on Sunday to stay all week long for her werk. Ma will be home alone for the first time since the 2 Old Girls moved in together. I am prolly gonna hab my werk cut out for me keeping her from being scared and helping her remember all the chores. She's also gotta mow da grass for the first time since the hip replacement. Fun, Fun FUN! Spirit
  4. Happy 12th Birfday, Bea! You had the best party. A day-long bash in your honor. I'm 12 too. It's a great age to be. Spirit
  5. Miss Loosey, dat McNeil guy wuz wiff JIM Lehrer, not TOM Lehrer. Tom wus a satirical myoosisian DA My Ma is such an idiot!! Ma poked Miss Susan wif a text dis afternoon. She habs had a rough day wif 1001 liddle annoyances spoiling the thrill of da new home. Dat stoopy previous owner had knot finished moving out. She lieft crap in the garage and had promised knot to. She took one ob da curtain rods and left the empty brackets. She left da refrigerator. She busted the garage door opener. Nuffin' that can't be dealt wif butt way too much to deal wif when dat seller was apposed to keep to her agreement. Miss Susan's nevvy had all the big stuff she ordered mailed to her apartment rather than to the new house, so it will all hab to be dealt wif. Just too too much aggravation for one day. Spirit
  6. Miss Halise, Ma remembers that Tom Lehrer guy and his buddy Robert McNeil too. Their news broadcast was superb. Uh oh, Miss Kathy. I bet da horsepiddle IT department is frantic. I hope they got those computers fixed fast. Miss RE Carol, I'm sorry dat werm got chopped. Ma always hates to chop an earthwerm so she knows how you feel. Guilty. I woulda been great going to lunch iwf da Thai guys! Too bad Ma is sefish and mean and did knot suggest that. Yay for Miss Elizabeth, Savior ob Owls! Miss Susan, we get owr water from a different comapny and pay a bout $16 dollars most months. A bit more when watering the garden. Miss Cindy, Ma SO feels for you. She got wide feet to start wif and dose bunioms. She's just completely giben up on style and goes for comfort. She gots to order shoes always on account ob it's hard to find wide shoes in shops. She wears lots ob Easy Spirit 'cuz their lasts werk for Ma's feet butt you would knot be happy wif dar dorky looks. I for my Ma. Many years ago she found Naturaliser to be to be a good compromise between decent looks and comfort. Galina, your're gonna join da Fambily Firm and become a therapy dog! Good for you! Back later... ...back sooner... Good luck wif da walk through ob da new house, Miss Susan! Dis is soooooo exciting! It's gonna be your for real and you can start making it into your home. Spirit
  7. Miss Susan, congrats on da house getting paid for and da grill being purchased! JJ, I'm so sorry dat so much illness had plagued your fambily and most especially you. Feel better. Charlie! Ma is doing OK butt is super busy at werk and so super tired when she gets home. Tomorrow she gets to take the IT guy from the Thai plant out ot lunch. This is supposed to be one ob many lunches and dinners the poor man is taking with local staff to get to know them. Ma was kinda dreading it on account ob shyness but she's gonna do her bery best to be a good hostess. Maybe she'll bring me a white box! Spirit
  8. Wowzer, Whiskey! Bof ob dose potential dogs are gorgeous! Butt it's to be da lubly Pandora! You can come hand wif us boys here when you get tired ob all da girls at your house, Whiskey. Mistress, I'm sorry about da loss ob your Unkle and da reminder of da loss ob Big Mama. Ma and Auntie Ann were saying that it is hard when your parent's generation is gone. Merc, Eastern Seaboard Pooper! Feel better, Miss Banessa. I bet you picked up some kinda Northern germ that you aren't used to, being a Southern Lady. More adventures for Abby! Ma saw the surgeon dis morning and is good to go for a whole year. Da hexrays look good and she can gradually do more butt she's still apposed to be careful how she bends that hip. She's feeling pertty good! Was real tired yesterday and conked out by 9:00, just like a Old Lady! Da doc said she could mow da grass as long as she did not fall offa da mower. Spirit
  9. Ma is finishing up at werk. She's mighty tired but she did it! Spirit
  10. I've just ordered a second Cordaroy bed and found that they were on sale now. The 40" is good for both my Greys. https://cordaroys.com/collections/pet-beds/products/pet-bed?variant=1686584295444 The cover is made of heavy denim fabric that is standing up to 2 nesters very well--one bed has been in constant use for almost a year and is in great shape. The covers are washable. They'll send extra stuffing for free after a recent order if you need to goose up the padding but I found them to be generous and comfortable.
  11. Goodness, Miss Patsy, how aggravating dat da cruise is all screwed up. I sure hope da trabel agent and Princess get it all sorted out to your complete satisfaction. Miss Charla, I'm so glad you are OK frew all dis earthqwaking. It must be nerve wracking waiting for da next event. Lila, I'm so sorry you had such a fright wif da firewerks. We're still getting them here too, 3 nights in a row so far, plus also we've had thunderboomers each night too. Natie does not like either ob dose fings. At. All. Isabella, Ma and Auntie Ann just started Good Omens too. Bery engaging and unusual. Miss Jen, da photos ob your Mom's condo were qwite impressive and I hope you are able to get a better, fairer price for it. blasted the drain line with nitrogen. Eeew! A 5” slimy snot wad came out. MIz Ducky, only at your house! I hope dis gibes you cool breezes for the rest ob da summer. Ivy, imagine how delish those plums must be! No wonder dat deer did knot wanna leave. Well, Ma goes back to werk tomorrow. She feel like she can do it OK wif da hip butt she's concerned that her stamina may knot be up to a full day. We shall see! Spirit
  12. Umm, Spirit? It wuz the porch roof dat had failed flashing, my Momma wuz KNOT flashing! Oh. Gosh Miss Kathy, I didn't think that a gracious lady like you would hab been flashing. I musta gotten real confused. Miz Ducky, Howie is a cutie! I bet he is grateful to you for helping him find a better home. Whiskey, I did knot get eben a bite ob pig-ina-blankie. Ma is so sefish! Miss Susan, you can plant plenty ob stuff in your yard wifout hurting the septic system or da fence. Isabella, hoe exciting dat your Mom's dissertation is reaching fruition! Are you gonna go help her defend it? You could growl and bark at anyone who did knot support it! I'll een send Nate to help. He's a real loudmouth. Feel better from you cold, Miss Banessa. Miss Jennie, Ma lubs those pop-up cards. Unfortunately, so does Tinker. He dismantled a lubly maple tree card and amde Ma cry. Miss Elizabeth, ob course you can't leabe Merc wifout weeping. He is your boy. Ma made MIss Susan sick dis morning by hauling her out to follow Ma to the car dealership to get her Forester serviced. Ma thought the repair would take all day and asked Miss Susan to drive her home from the dealership. The Souparoo, named Twyla, had a fit the day before Ma's surgery and turned on her Check Engine light so Ma habs been dreading taking her in butt the service people were really nice. Twyla needed a new alternator and the put it in under the warranty eben though it was bery close to the end ob the warranty. Ma is happy! Miss RE Carol, it is true as Miss Susan says that lots ob homes in the US are in counties and knot cities or towns and many don't hab access town sewer systems. Ma's house is like that too. Grammy's house was as well. After they'd lived in Grammy's house for about 20 years the neighborhood finally became eligible to get onto the sewer system. Ob course, they had to pay $$$ per foot for the pipes to be laid all along the street frontage of the house and also the lines from the street to the house. Grammy had a big, big yard and it costed her lots and lots ob money. Miss Susan, lots and lots ob great trees and shrubs and stuff will grow just fine in the bright sunshine ob your new yard! Spirit
  13. Happy Fourth ob July to those in da USA We had company today wif Miss Susan coming to hab pigs in blankets and uver good stuff to celebrate. There was lots and lots ob yacking. I napped. Feel better wif da rumblee tummy, Miss RE Carol. Nutmeg and Chancey need their sleep. I bet you do too. Wait. Beka's and Ivy's Mom habs been flashing? Dat does knot sound like Miss Kathy at all. Maybe it was just as well that her efforts at flashing failed. Beka, that's a great patriotic collar you are wearing. And Ivy has a red, white, and blue collar too! Oooh! Look at Miss Molly in her partiotic Mekker Hat! Safe trabels, Merc. Lila, that sounds like a good opportunity for Mistress to get you some extra treats! Spirit
  14. Miss Patsy, that is actually great news for you knee! No injury!! Still, I am so sorry that your wonderful plans were lost on account of it all. Mam, I'm so sorry that your barn kitteh was killed. Fare thee well, Misha. DA, that's an interesting solution to firewerks and thunder...I'll get Ma to cram some cotton balls into Nattie's earholes and tape him up. Ivy and Beka, did you ladies survive the wicked storm? Did you hab to swim in your own home? Oh wow, Miss Banessa, no innerwebs for a whole area. I bet lots ob peeps are really knot happy. I hope day get that fixed riteawayqwick. I hope you get some rain and relief for the holiday. Wow, Fancy, aren't those long horned cattle beautiful? Ma remembers seeing them when they lived in San Antonio. Giant, I'm sorry you had a brain qwake. My big bro who is a t The Bridge now, Piper The Perfect, had those brain qwakes pretty badly so Ma feels for Giant and for your humans too. Miss Tin, what pretty fishes you hab! Well, Ma had been pretty slack ober her recovery wif knot doing the fambily book keeping so she spent most ob yesterday catching up. That'll teach her to let things slide. Spirit
  15. Miss Patsy, Nate feels better lying on the baffroom floor, rught in front ob da potty. Try dat when da firewerks start, OK? I hope you get good news from this ortho doc. Spirit
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