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  1. Wow, Wiki, those liddle Rhinoceroses that Mistress painted are cute!! I wonder what it is wif da humans? Mas says that kinda thing to me, Nate, plus also the Cats. Auntie Ann will feed us and take care ob us! Hope the party goes off and that you get some ob the goodies. Miz Ducky, you have decorated the shed so nicely! It is charming. What a difficult and exhausting weekend for poor Fruitcake. Butt she habs a horse names Lucy! I hope eberyone at your house gets some good rest really soon. Miss Elizabeth, I sure hope you feets feel better soon. Being kept away fro
  2. I gots bery liddle news to report today. Ma's werking, sorta. Miss Banessa's anticipating her vacation! So are Miss Patsy and Miss Kathy! Miz Ducky is decorating and we all are gonna wanna see the results. Charlie gots teenage skin problems. Noxzema? Whipped Cream? More cookies! Charlie Bear, we do hab a largish yard. Thank goodness I wanna eat those tomatoes and knot pee on 'em, cuz you're right--that is way to high for me. Spirit
  3. Nutmeg, does that mean that you qwalify for the title Dirty Dog? I bet you are just one ob those magical dogs who neber gets dirty or stinky. Miss Nancy ob the 'Burg, that house selling and pulling up stakes (steaks ) is a huge change and making that call is knot easy. Ma's knot going anywhere yet...she just migration files at her werk. Way less fun than a trip butt fully a complicated as a household move. Spirit, far less wobbly w/o that extra Gabbing pencils.
  4. Good heabens! Miss Chris, what a horrible experience for Moxie and your friend Lisa. I'm so glad that Moxie was treated and is home recobering. Ivy and Cherry are indeed home and happy to be there! Wiki was a Who'sAGoodGirl! yesterday and gave up her most excellent find to Mistress. You sould be proud ob yourself! I am pretty sure I would knot hab gibben up that treasure and I know that Nate woulda growled at Ma if he thought she was gonna try to take it from him. Jerilyn, apparently IT is the same the whole world over. Honestly, this finance lady is someone I've worked happi
  5. Ivy and Cherry are gonna be home today! Miss Kathy and Mister Jim hadda long hard drive but they are safe home too. I hab seen fishes come outta cans and outa the freezer butt neber outta a truck or plane. Ma, I'm missed a lot in my life and it is YOUR fault! Time to fix that. I got nuffin' fun to report. I hab been getting the extra Gabbingpencils and now I'm really struggling to get up and to walk about. That seems to be a side effect ob that medication. I'm already struggling to get about and knot to fall, so Ma is gonna stop the extra pill. I hab a vet appointment n
  6. Wiki, that sounds like a bad storm you and Mistress got caught in. Miss Banessa is right! Ma's Ma's family is from South Western Virginia and Ma says that are is the home of her heart. They libed in Marion and in Blacksburg. Safe trip home, Miss Kathy and Mister Jim! AndiPants, are you tired ob running yet? Ma actually finished her test migration today. It took most ob the week butt it went pretty well! She'll hab one more chance to make program changes and fixes and to do a final test migration at the end ob May. After that she'll have to do a couple ob trial migrati
  7. Merc, I missed all the drama. for Miss Elizabeth. This morning, when I started to read I got real scared for you, butt by the end ob my reading, you were home and perstering your Mom as per usual! Widget, I hope dat fretlocker area on you leg feels all better really soon. AndiPants! Let the funs begin! Spirit
  8. This is Ma's day to feel excited--2 weeks after her 2nd Covid shot. She got that Pfizer one as well and had knot much in the way ob side effects. The sweet lady she werked wif at the office Monday said she though 30-somethings like she and her husman maybe get worser side effects than, um, older people like Ma on account ob older immune systems are more experienced wif germs and such. Ma is knot sure but she is glad to hab it all ober and done, at least for now. The werkjob lady figured out that if she opened her laptop Ma could hear her on Zoom meetings so Ma is delighted to KNOT be in th
  9. Lucy, 8 O'clocks are coffee beans. You have 4 O'clocks. Thank you for that link, Ducky. I like the idea of having some in a container. Wow, Miss Elizabeth, knitting a Greyhound! We're gonna wanna see it! I see it! That's a most excellent start, right? I see distinct houndie elements. Da idea ob a knitting machine reminded Ma ob the big electronic jacquard loom that was at her werk when she first went there. Intricate and elegant. and for Wiki and Mistress. What a frightening experience and so bery sad. Pippin! I was talking about the eating from the cob kinda c
  10. AndiPants, Nate is being pretty snarky again and it is all Ma's fault. The busier and more stressed she is with werk, the less training she does with Nattie. Shame on her! Her slacking off shows. She's gonna try to be better. Nate (and I) should knot suffer on account ob her werk. Hear that, Ma?! Ma remember how delish the corn on the cob was from her Grandmama's garden. I hope you get some good corns this year. Wiki, I fink humans can be SO DENSE at times. I mean, why on earf would Mistress set up for all that fun in the back yard and then leave you in the house. CooCoo.
  11. One of my hounds was timid/shy/frightened by many things. I think one of the keys with such dogs is to give them time. Everything calm, non-demanding, at her pace. You're smart to find the things she loves and then share them with her! There is so much change in a hound's life, moving from a kennel environment to a home. New people, new routines, new sights and sounds, and experiences. It's all particularly unnerving and exhausting for a dog who happens to be a bit timid by nature. Even confident Greys can take months to settle in to their new homes and let their personalities emerge. W
  12. I got lotsa to do. Cherry Pie, why are being weird wif Miss Tracey in your house? Your like her for walkies. What's up? Ivy, your purkle polkadot collar looks spiffy wif those vivid Azaleas. A classic color combo. Cherry, isn't it fascinating that your green collar looks just as good wif that same boosh? Fancy Pants, eggs and beef are not bad things to get to eat, butt I'm sorry there is worry about your health. Wiki gots a great glamor shot! Wowzer. Hope, it's KNOT "peepee leg". It's the Order ob the Golden Paw. I myownself am a 7th or 8th Level Order ob
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