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  1. Spirit is my "super senior", born 1/8/2007, so he's 12 years and 8 months old now. He was born a shy, skittish hound. Though he trained to race, the kennel owners quickly recognized that the track atmosphere (all those strangers ) would overwhelm him. They spent their time just loving on him. I visited the kennel to meet my pre-adopted girl, MoMo Meany Pants (aka FTH Chyna Moon) and Spirit worked his wiles on me. I brought him home a couple of weeks later. He's still a firm believer in stranger danger, but once he's been around a person often enough to trust them, he is a HUGE love sponge, who'll take any amount of petting and scratching and loving and kissing. When he arrived he had a very dark, mostly black face that has gradually faded to mostly white now. He is such a dear soul. His nicknames progressed from Little Boy to Booger Boy when I realized that the various small dark blobs on the yellow bathroom wall were Spirit's dried eye-boogers--he would come in for petting and then shake his head, depositing blobs on the wall. Here he is after winning this spiffy Ladies Man Hat in the 2018 Miss Nellie Auction. I love this photo--he's excitedly exploring a treat that arrived in a splendid care package from GTer sabrina. He hates it when delivery boxes are opened. I've no clue why, since he's never been assaulted or abused by an Amazon box. I took this picture of him up on the bed a few months ago after he'd swiftly fled the living room to escape a box opening. He can still hop up on that tall old-fashioned bed of mine when he wants a snuggle. Ensconced on his beloved Slumber Ball. At the vet's office, anxious and with one of his huge, gorgeous ears up--an all too rare sighting. And finally, hilariously occupying the cat bed and sharing the sunbeam with Miles. He's still eating eagerly, always ready for a treat or a Greenie. He plays with toys and with his newish brother, Nate. Runs sometimes in the yard. And yet...he's sometimes wobbly, worries about being knocked over when Nate gets rowdy, and is clearly slowing down considerably. He's my darling Old Man and I hope we can be together for many moons more.
  2. Ma sends this song to Miss Robin for JJ. It always makes her cry and touches her heart everytime she hears or sings it. Your Long Journey
  3. JJ, dear friend, I wish you had foreber with your beloved fambily, butt we are wise enough to know that it canknot be so. I can feel how hard this will be for Dustbin, your faithful friend and support, and for Miss Robin and Mister Kevin, who love you wif their whole hearts. You do knot need to worry. Dustbin and Mister Kevin will take good care ob your Mom and keep her safe and cheer her when she misses you. She could knot have had a better, more loving, braver protector than you have been through all these years. We will all miss you beyond what werds can say. Fare thee well, my friend. Enjoy the delights of reunions with dear old friends awaiting you up there. Spirit Robin and Kevin, I'm so sorry. What a joy that you both had last night snuggling with JJ. I remember how much my afternoon on a blanket in the sunshine with MoMo meant to both of us. A special chance to express love and savor time together. I'm so grateful for vet's who can come to your home. That is a loving, generous gift to their patients. LIke Spirit, I wish there were no goodbyes. Lucy
  4. Robin, it doesn't sound strange at all. I'm sitting at my desk in tears. The knowledge that JJ feels such confidence and trust in Kevin's character that he can relax and lay down his job as your protector, knowing that Kevin will be there, is beautiful beyond words. I completely understand how right and meaningful it would be for you and Kevin to be together to comfort and reassure JJ as he takes his next journey. I hope that the Pred will give him a bit longer with you, but if not, he will know you are safe and that he is beloved. Lucy
  5. Ma's Dachshund, Claire, lived to be 16 3/4. Winston was wif us until he was 14. Mo and Piper left when they were only 10. Somehow, no matter how long we lib, owr humans find the time to hab been far too short. Miss Nancy ob da Burg, I hope dat Mister Doug's surgery will knot be as frightening nad difficult as you bof fear. I hope his recovery is easy and trouble-free. Zorro, I'm sorry da ear problem has just continued to plague you. Best ob wishes for your surgery. Balti, you are gonna lose some big teefs? Oh no! You got a great poor-poor-pitiful-me look going on there. I bet that's good for getting pets and treats and extra food! Molly you are ailing and starving, poor girl. Feel better. Happy trabels for MIss Patsy and Miss Kathy! Hamish is entertaining his bruver Junior so that should be great fun. Miss Banessa, I gots some spry left in me sometimes. I ran i the yard a bit last night and I got some great petting from da nice nextdoor neighbor. I finally qwit barking at him. He stopped his mowing to chat wif Ma and they were bof complaining about how hot it still is and how hard it is to do lots ob yard werk when it is hot. Boring! Still, he gibs good scratches. Spirit
  6. JJ, I am 12 years and 7.5 months. I so agree wif da nifty idea dat us machore houndies should celebrate and hab a party! Lila, as I see it, you are perfectly willing to take care ob personal business outdoors. You get full points for that! I'm super glad you vet is willing to bisit you at home--so much easier on us delicate elderly houndies. Fortunately fo me, I don't seem to be in any particular pain. Seberal months ago, Ma talked to the vet on account of I was grizzling in my bed in the evening. You know, just lying there whining. Ma wondered if I was achy. I started taking Dasequin Advanced wif MSM. Those are the poop drops--gumdrop shaped brown chews that i gobble down eagerly. Wif dem onboard I have stopped all the whining so Ma finks I must be pretty comfy. I eat real good and sometimes run a bit in the yard, butt Ma sees me looking pretty frail and my powerful afterburner muscles are pretty miniscule now. Ma says dat I am a treasure, like all beloved elderly houndies. So remember, Whiskey, and JJ, and Lila, and Ambi--we are all ob us special Treasures! Spirit
  7. JJ, I'm sorry Irwin has knot come home. I do so hope he will come to Fruitcake and your New Dad one ob these days real soon. I'm sorry about your hind end becoming weak and da tail knot wagging anymore. It's sad to lose that way ob communicating the joy we are feeling. Still, as long as da tail gets out ob da way for pooping, that the most important thing. Am I right? Ma is watching me too as my once powerful rear leg muscles seem to be dwindling. I stand wif my hind legs a bit bent and I really do KNOT like it when Nate barges about and knocks into me 'cuz I can lose my balance. I feel for you, my friend. May we bof hab many more happy times in our lives and many more bright sunrisings upon owr venerable faces. Ambi! Happy 12 1/3+ Birfday! Life Celebration! Balti, I hope you get to keep alla your teefs today and that you don't feel too sore and tired to eat up all the good food I know Miss Tin will hab for you tonight. Spirit
  8. Welcome home, LuLu! You look like that long journey kinda wore you out, butt you are gonna get settled and get to know your new fambily and you're gonna be so happy. Miss Kathy, the weather in Italy sounds just perfect and quite beautiful. Enjoy seeing the sights and eating the great Italian foods. Miss Caroline and Daphne, and Bitzi are watching footsball. So, perhaps knot a stroke for Mister Richard, which is good news. I hope he takes his annybionical pills. Maybe the nursey home habs some ice cream or some ob dat nice facon paste Ma uses to gimme my pills. Spirit
  9. Miss Jen, I am so glad that the prognosis for your brother is so positive. We wish him the very best. congrats on the great new ride, Myka, and Saint! Dippy, breakfast upon demand sounds like the due ob all hounds. Spirit
  10. Nutmeg, I'm sorry it seems like Mister Richard might hab had a stroke. That poor man does knot need any additional impairments. I hope your Mum finds him doing OK. Merc, I'm sorry you and Miss Elizabeth hadda say so long farewell to your Dad as he heads back to Floriduh. When will you all be together again? Thanksgibing maybe! Spirit
  11. DA (The Cautious) and CK (The Big Whizzer), I'm sorry about that downed branch. It sounds like a big one. Glad you gots a Nuncle who can cut it up. Do you ahb a fireplace in which to burn da wood too? I hope so. The Sawtoothed Oaks in my backyard--3 ob 'em--drop limbs large (knot as big as yours ) and small alla the time. Ma gets tired ob picking up the tree trash under those butt they are the only shade we gots. Spirit
  12. MIss Kathy and Mister Jim are in Italy for their wonderful trip. Beka and Ivy, I hope you ladies enjoy your sitter visit to the max. Um um good, Whiskey! Homemade chili made wif your own garden sass. How mean ob Miss Chris to keep it all for the humans. Laila, Ma and Auntie Ann had that same experience a couple ob months ago when owr microwave waved bye-bye. They missed it at almost ebery single meal. Hope you can find a new one you like. Miss Patsy, hab a blast on your cruise. I fink you and Mister Patsy are really smart to do the things you wanna do now while you know you can enjoy them. Hamish, pooping and peeing take on a whole new sense of excitement and adventure when done in da night under da full ob da moon. Miss Noo Carol, what a nasty surprise you found whilst mowing. Ick! Ma says she completely understands the effect that tohse humids and heats hab on da vim and vigor wif which a person can attack yard werk. It amazes me how much more I can get done and how much less misery it involves, if I tackle big yard jobs when it is just a bit cooler/milder/dryer. Butt sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do and it really does me in. Lucy Hamish, I'm glad you had fun and confounded people in downtown Greenville. Andi had a photoshoot! Safe trip to pick up LuLu, Miz Ducky! Hey, Gino! What stoopid person did knot like your name? Ma too mowed da grass and edged the yard too late yesterday afternoon. She's glad to hab da chore done for another week. Before that she and Auntie Ann loaded up in the car and drove about an hour into the mountains to take a a pants fitting class. They had made their test garments outa muslin fabric so they hadda make sure they wore decent unnerwears for when they hadda try on pants outta that thin fabric. There were 6 people and da teacher in the class and it was great. They all kinda learned from each other. Ma now has an adjusted pattern and will make another muslin tester to further refine the fit. In about a month they are gonna take a blouse/top fitting class at the same place. Mostly Nate and I napped yesterday, which is so knot a bad way for a houndie to spend the day. Spirit
  13. Miss Bea, that is a most beautiful and impressive hydrangea you are posing with. The blooms compliment you to perfection! Plus also, guess what bitty burg I drove through yesterday--Pumpkintown, South Carolina! Pumpkintown, SC You could eat here. Pumpkintown Opry
  14. I'm here too! Thanks for the new Club, Hamish and Miss Susan. Um, Miss Elizabeth, years ago Ma took a bery interesting short course on Jungian-type dream analysis. She learned one chief tenant in understanding your dreams is that absolutely ALL of your dreams are really about you. They are your subconscious trying to tell you something about yourself that you need to hear. She was also taught that when you hab dreams about animals the dreams are focused on information about your own physical body and it's wellbeing and health. Ya wanna know what I fink dat interesting dream you had about Hamish piddling in da house meant? Huh? Do ya? Well I fink it means Miss Elizabeth should stay away from the couch and rugs when she gots to potty. Spirit, who is feeling kinda feisty today. No Ma, I'm knot an uppity boy.
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