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  1. Mistress hasta talk to 300 people? Pippin, what a beautiful and appealing cabin in the woods. Ma says that appeals to her right in her heart too. Most excellent news for Miss Sherrie! Cap'n Jack's news is knot so good. I am glad that he has lots people who lub him. Oh, no. Mam, I am so bery sorry about your Mom's health crisis at this most difficult time. Kibo, was your head cold there buddy? Miss Elizabeth, I'm glad Mister Richard is OK butt I'm sorry her got an excuse for staying in that cold NY house in the winter. Miss Molly looks lubly in her
  2. Dustin, I'm sure that a 6 hour arbitration hearing really NEEDED your calming presence. Imagine, some poor soul who doesn't know about houndies. What a shame for him. Miss Jen, that is a magnificent place where you werk! We like that Lake Tahoe house to. You got great taste! Ivy, how horrible. Another houndie assaulted. After alla that, I do hope they grow somefing in your pee that tells them the right medication to gib you. Laila, lookit your jaunty Chrispmix tree wif hats on it! What fun! Tiller! Full tummy is good. Miss Sherrie, I'm gonna backandfirthand
  3. Our HOA covenants as written absolutely do forbid running any kind of business. The covenants also give the HOA Board the right of approval, so we should be able to enforce what we decided on. This is just about the first time the board has had to say no to anyone though and we all wanted to make sure we were on the same page. Nate is doing beautifully with his training and these two women have done a superb job of guiding me in working with Nate. He's happily crating at bedtime and cheerfully going back to the crate if he needs to be let out to potty. There is far less--almost no--s
  4. Lucy, spill da beans and tell us what kinda smackdown you had with your HOA board! It wasn't bad, other than we're geared up to say NO to a request. The HOA is supposed to have approval over out buildings. So far, floks have want to put up moderate sized storage sheds. That's fine. Just paint them the color of your house and enjoy! This time, the guy who bought Ann's house wants to put up a HUGE aluminum out building to house to big trailers and welding equipment. The plans call for it to be far bigger than a 2 car garage. No. Too large for the site, and we suspect that he is thinking
  5. OMG, I started to make a postie yeaterday and Ma grabbed the computer from me so she could go grocery shopping. She neber let me hab it back at all. So unfair! Miss Nancy ob the Burg, how terrifying. I hope the police and community leaders are able to help. Plus also, how wonderful that you are feeling so much better! Good news about the continued life ob Miss Chris's furnace. Miss RE Carol, Ma is most intrigued by the idea ob a wormery right there in the garden bed. She's looking on line for more info. That would be a nearly perfect solution for her! Miz Ducky, t
  6. Summer, your real troo park is pretty darn nice as it is butt the park ob your dreams is magnificent! Miss Banessa, there is indeed rain and now mud in owr yard. Fortunately, me and Nate just don't go out. Unless forced. Spirit
  7. Cherry, wow. You are a risk taker, growling at your Mom. Miss Nancy ob the Burg, how terrifying. I am sorry that bad people are active and on the prowl in your neighborhood. Molly ate a log! Wiki, Hound ob the North! Sounds like a real promising book title. I say, if you like it do it! Good job keeping Mistress on her tippy toes. Miss Chris, I am so sorry about the loss ob those precious frozen vegimals. The werkers are gone. The last half ob the invoice is paid and Ma's all done habing to deal wif them. Ma is composing her review in her punkin head. It is
  8. Miz Ducky Those first installer guys should be for their sloppy, careless werk. Mistress, Ma says getting werker who know what they are doing and care enough to do it right is SO HARD. It makes Ma plus also and drives her to try to do stuff like the recent plumbing that is really beyond her capability just to avoid habing to deal wif the aftermath of finding and hiring someone. And them Miss Chris so profoundly mentions the other issue with hiring someone to do anything. $$$$ I'm so glad you yard got cleaned up wifout you habing to deal wif all that. Mistress, Li
  9. Wow, AndiPants, MIss Chris got some great piccies ob the mess in your yard this weather even caused. Lots ob cleaning up to come. I hope those precious camellias come through for you. Ivy and Cherry were torchered at the vet and Miss Kathy and Mister Jim were shocked by the invoice. Miss Jen, I'm glad you trip was soul healing and that Summer made a BFF! Laila, I'm glad your Mom is feeling better! Do you all know that it is apposed to reach a warm 70 degrees here today. That just does kont seem right. Miz Ducky, I'm sorry there is more shed drama but ob course we
  10. Fancy, Ma noticed that Nate had dug up one corner of the sand and gravel the werkers had prepared for the paff. Ma's tense and anxious butt ready to stick to her guns about getting a decent job. Wiki, I guess that you worried about those puppies on All Creatures Great and Small on account ob you are a broodie. Nate and I just snoozed. We all lubed that show and we did recognize who poor Hugh's actor is! Miz Ducky, those doc visits aren't generally as much fun as your was, right? How wonderful to know that you touched lots ob peoples' hearts whilst touching them in other plac
  11. Raining here today so nuffin' will happen wif the garden beds today. Miss Banessa, Auntie Ann will enjoy the vegimals and will help a bit in the garden, butt that is mostly Ma's show. I fink Auntie Ann is glad Ma's been home to deal wif these guys. Miss Caroline, I fink the estimator is indeed setting the tone. The guys doing the werk are only doing what he tells 'em to wif the supplies he sent out. What's got Ma agitated right now is that the estimator guy, Ivan, seems to hab done an awful lot ob "misunderstanding" after a long discussion wif Ma. She's determined to get a decent looking
  12. Nutmeg, this is what Ma told me about that shirt...a flock ob crows is called a murder. Two crows is knot wqite a flock and so is being called an attempted murder. Wait, Miss Sherrie already answered that question. A trifector of conservation. Good one, Miss Caroline! Aaahhhhh! Miss Chris hab had a wonderful, warm, shower! And there's mostly heat. One garden bed guy came out today to cover the work they've done so far with tarps since it is likely to rain tomorrow. They won't come if it rains. This was knot the estimator guy (Ivan) and the site supervisor (Able)
  13. Happy, wonderful, long oberdue good news of power and wramth for AndiPants and Miss Chris and Mister Dennis! A huge collective sigh of relief. Miz Ducky, your morning habs started out bad so I' hope the day gets better after that bad start. Miss Elizabeth you didn't hab too good a morning either. Ma is dressed in all black, trying to look sinister and serious. She's wearing her teaseshirt wif 2 Crows sitting on it wif the caption "Attempted Murder", as an implied threat. She's ready. Spirit
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