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  1. Let's see if this link works. Hedgehogs in tube floats for Jennie. Welcome liddle bull calf! Lila, dat Hada print is delightful! Mistress, I'm sorry your favorite holiday won't be wif you family this year. You got a great plan for making the best ob a bad situation. Laila, you poor Dad! What a miserable experience for him and the tenant too. Mam, it is hard indeed. I'm glad you had a beautiful day. Spirit
  2. Jerilyn, I know! 2005. Why?! It's for a retired product developer--one of my favorite people--and I think he's writing a technical paper about some earlier fabric development project. He's looking for style history and machine set up notes and raw material info. Financial data has a 7 year legal limit. I've learned that folks where I work are much inclined to start digging up elderly sales and production data at any time. I like to give it to them if I can. I've actually successfully restored some files back to 2000. Lucy Miss Kerry, I hope your shopping trip went well and you got some fresh stuff. Ma and Auntie Ann ventured to the grocery today too--one to the grocery and one to Costco. They are trying to limit these trips to only ebery 2 weeks--that's half the normal visits butt the still worry and feel guilty. Isn't Miss Susan's kitty cute! Georgie! Liddle Charlie, Ducky stole you mandage! Did she wash it first? Miz Ducky, I lub that poem for the teachers. Stay safe, MIss Kathy. Lots ob napping going on here. Ma's about to buckle down and do her taxes. I'll soupervise from my bed. Very carefully. Spirit
  3. Laila is getting fambily walks! DA, that is really great and relieving news. Miss Elizabeth, what a great idea and what a wonderful, heartening story. Spirit
  4. DA, I'm sorry you limplimplimping. I suppose that means you're gonna hab to see the vet. I hope all the news is good, my friend. Miss Hallise, I know dat you are worried. And you saw that vet. I'm glad the news is pretty positive. Enjoy your laser show! Ivy, no playgroup?! Dat is horrid! I'm sorry your Mom might get roped into more days at the command center. I'm sure she is super valuable there butt is is hard on you hounds and on her and Mister Jim too, I bet. Dustin I bet you are enjoying supervising you Dad whist he remodels that kitchen. Dat light sounds neato! Daphne & Bitzi. Are you all doing OK? Hamish, that dat is one bitty kitty coming to your home. You are gonna hab to be careful you don't sit on him. Ma went in to werk this morning but just for the morning. She saw a bit more ob the still evolving setup for the new product at her werk. Had 2 tapes from 2005 that failed to be read by the tape drive. She grumbled all the way home 'cuz that prolly means she'll hab to call IBM when she goes in to pick up the pager phone Monday. Lucky Ma is on call next week. Spirit
  5. My Grandmother had 2 huge Poinsettias in clay pots that she kept alive for years. They went out on the porch for warm weather and come in to the LR window for cold weather. They were quite healthy and lovely. One year she and I tried to bring them into color for Christmas. We failed completely but had fun trying. Spirit here...Ma is such a dud! She missed the whole Chrispmix ornament fing. Doofus.
  6. Lila, I made sure Nate heard your Pesto Refresher Course and he is at least smart enough to realize you were talking to him wifout habing me tell him. He does that BARKBARKBARK thing to. That boy is a mess! He digs too, just like you. Big holes where Ma doesn't want 'em. Ma just lubs seeing you sunbaffing! It reminds her ob MoMo's lub ob a good sunbaff. Good news for Widget's buddy Ollie. Miss Patsy, there's a lot going on that is hard on the heart and the spirit (knot ME ) right now. More wintery weather is knot helping. I'll poof some SC spring atcha few da USB hole. Sorry if some pollen arrives wif it. Miss Elizabeth habs the glooms too. Spirit
  7. Croton. Too heavy to move down for staging with poor patient Spirit. This thing has outgrown one pot and needs repotting again. Stromanthe Triostar, Tricolor Prayer plant. Almost unkillable.
  8. IndyLouWho, Piper retired and came to me when he was 2 years old. He has the first seizure I knew about 9 weeks after his adoption. He and I eventually got them managed quite well, though it took a while to get there and they never stopped completely. I still remember Piper's first seizure. It was utterly terrifying. He'd been acting oddly--restless and anxious. I was afraid he was bloating so I took him to the e-vet. They found nothing wrong so Piper and I came home. I gated him in the bathroom with me and hopped in the shower. A few moments later I heard something odd and found Piper having a tonic-clonic seizure on the bathroom floor. He was flailing his paws so that he caught first one wall, then the commode, then another wall, then the vanity--spinning like a breakdancer on the bathroom floor. I can laugh about it now--humor is so healing--but not at the time. I'm so glad your girl had a good day and seems to be getting adjusted to the Gabapentin. Warm good wishes to you and Indy.
  9. Hey there! This is Nate. Nate the Great. Nate the Reprobate. I wasn't doin' nuffin' wrong. I was just looking for fun things to chew and play wif! Ma always crabs at me for snatching her pillows or papers or pencils or magazines or clothing...WHATEBER! I wanna play! She says I get 3 strikes and then I haf ta wear my lector for a while. Bring it on, Fuzzy! I'd love a playmate to hab fun wif. I am a fun loving youngster stuck in a house full ob geriatric duds. Nate
  10. Chris, greysmom, has far better Tramadol and Gabapentin advice to give. I just wanted to chime in about seizures. One of my Greys had idiopathic epilepsy--seizures with no known cause. They can be quite frightening so I'll just mention a few things that helped me. --Try not to panic. There is not a lot you can do but ride it out. You can make sure she's knot hitting/bumping anything while she seizes. --Do make a specific note of the time it starts and stops. Seizures always feel as if they last forever but it can be helpful in determining treatment if you actually know how long they last. --As she recovers, you can give her something to eat--scrambled eggs, Breyers Natural Vanilla ice cream. Seizures are quite exhausting. I hope this is just a temporary medication reaction and that her seizures will be a distant memory soon. If the seizures do continue, there are are some great online resources for people with dogs who have seizures. I think those links would be unnecessarily overwhelming for you right now, so I'll hold off posting them for the moment, and we'll all hope and expect that this is just a blip in your girl's dental recovery.
  11. Miss Patsy, I"m real glad that you and the ND District 42 Democrat-NPL found a way to do the good werk ob democracy in these trying times. Molly! Mam, it's a good thing Widget and you still get your rides. I sure hope that TB recovers from his colic episode. Nice garden set up, Miss Chris! Grow liddle pea seeds, grow! Miss Nancy ob the 'berg, how bery good that habing you taking good care ob dare kittehs allowed you clients to stay wif fambily at such a sad time. Your really helped them. Sorry about the snot in your snout, Hamish. I got bof Ma and Auntie Ann infesting the house today. Spirit The SC governor closed all nonessential businesses as of today at 5:00 PM. My company meets the criteria to be essential and has letters for each employee verifying that. I'm still happily working from home and plan to keep that up as much as possible. I'll have to go in briefly on Friday for a non-Zoomable meeting and to load old 2005 data from tape for someone. Then I'll have to go in on Monday to get the on-call phone (oh joy!) and load the weekly backup tapes. I'm hoping to get someone who's still working in the office to manage the daily tape swap for me. If not, I can drive in, go to the lab--a seperate building with few people, plenty of space and the tape drive--deal with the tapes and then go home again. Nate is about to use up his "3 strikes" and get to wear his lector for a while. Talk about annoying coirkers! Lucy
  12. The most elegant napping venue ever. Enjoy those "warms", Tiger.
  13. Glad you made the most of your 11th birthday, Miss M!
  14. Dat is a real dilemma at your house, Charlie. I hope Zorro selects a new favorite soon. Miz Ducky is ober her stress eating and is walking! You are a inspiration for Ma. She habs planned to take us on a couple ob quick walks each day but has been so busy that none ob them had happened as planned. The stream ob problems, questions, emails, and issues/opportunities is neber ending. We did get owr heat pump werking again, all under warranty. It is both heating and cooling and we've used both in the last 24 hours. Lila, I'd lub to see you picture 'cuz I missed it last night. What can I say, I want what I want. And at owr age we own it to the humans who lub us to gibe them plenty ob opportunities to cater to owr needs and preferences. Spirit
  15. That clown. Thanks for the new Club, Hamish. Miss Banessa, thanks to you for the reminder ob what we were all talking about in the old club thread. Merc's toe, and Miss Patsy's new Moby2, purring away. Ma is werk from home again. Nate and Tinker helped her out some during a Zoom meeting yesterday. Spirit
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