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  1. Hey there eberyone! Miss Patsy, I like those !!! things too!! Ma and Auntie Ann took down the garden this weekend. The last big end ob the season chore. Cherry, that early morning walk sounds nice. Molly, I fink your fambily is being really smart and careful. O bet someday they'll be eating around the big indoor table again. Spirit
  2. Hey dare, Pippin. Merc, your Dad is coming home for Thanksgibing! Spirit
  3. I'm so sorry Cletus has flapped those chickken wings to The Bridge, but how wonderful that you two found each other! That Cletus polished off his splendid life as a Camper, loving and being loved. Thank you for shagring that wonderful boy with us.
  4. AndiPants, that sure does look like the most comfy way to snooze wif that cast on. Hada, I do knot hab a lady friend. I hab always been kinda shy and more inclined to stick wif my Ma than go out and court the ladies. I like being called Sweet cheeks way more then Sugar Butt. Waaaay more! What a great nickname! In spite ob my complaints, I really do hab two soft, cushy beds. We do knot think this think is a pressure sore on account ob it is knot located on a portion ob my anatomy that I lie on. It's kinda too high for that. Molly, it is gonna be a great Chrispix at
  5. That picture never fails to bring a smile to my face and a warm, happy glow to my heart. Thank you for sharing it with us.
  6. Isabella, what a lubly tree you hab put up at your house! Miss RE Carol's Chrispmix window is taking shape. That is another sure sign of the season. AndiPants, my behind is doing fine and looking good! The vet was so impressed by it that he gave Ma is ohone number so she can take a series ob photos ob my hind end as it heals up and send to him. Apparently he uses these photos to prove to doubters that this sugar treatment is the real McCoy. Ma is gonna hab to shave my furs away again today to get the bandich tape to stick. The vet thinks that it was an abscess that burst.
  7. Battle, I fink I congratulated you upon your splendid certificate. I bet Miss Susan is proud ob you and I'm glad that you are enjoying this showing gig! Spirit
  8. Gino, good job sharing space wif Fuzzy. Miz Ducky, I'm sorry about the laptop misbehaving. Sadly, Ma gots no more "brilliant" ( ) ideas. Just commissurations. eberyone. Ma's pretending to be retired today butt she's swinging by the werkjob place to leave 3 boxes ob Playdoh for their Chrispmix donation box. Spirit
  9. Ducky, your computer's 238 GIG is its long term storage for documents and photos you save and for software and apps that you install. I think you've got plenty of that. RAM is something different. RAM is Random Access Memory and it's the memory that your computer has available to use while it's working--to do all the things it does behind the scenes when you're browsing and editing photos and working in documents or spreadsheets, and to handle all the pretty significant overhead of its own operating system--Windows 10 in your case--which is always up to more than you'd imagine behind the sc
  10. Ma used that Manuka honey on MoMo amputated toe when it was so slow in healing. She says she talked to the vet about that. For Spirit's wound he likes the sugar better. It makes an almost honey-like "gel covering. So far, I hab knot gotten a taste of sugar, though Auntie Ann as started calling me Sugar Butt. Miz Ducky, I'm so sorry that you computer is habing a meltdown. I thought you got a new one...oh, I see that was the desktop one and the bad-acting one is a new laptop. Phooey! I'l so sorry. Ma's got nuffin' useful to offer, she's ashamed to say. Lila, you know us, w
  11. I had my first bandich change from Ma since the one from the vet was quite soggy form some bleeding. That seems to hab stopped, at least according to Ma. I will get my Gabbingpencils wif and antibioticals wif my dinner. I seem to be OK now, thought this is by far the worst attack I myownself hab suffered from those ebil creatures. Spirit
  12. Charlie, Ma feets went D E D one time and she fell on the floor, splat. I fink I would like to hab seen that. I hope you did knot splat. Ivy, I myownself hab just come from the vet's office so I am full ob commissurations for your pending unpleasant experience. I got 2 treats out ob my trip, though! SCORE! The vet finks my wound is indeed a Chupacabra bite that has developed an abscess. He assured me that he did knot feel anyfing lumpy or alarming at the site that would indicate cancer. He wants Ma to use sugar to treat it. He showed her some neato photos of a dog he treate
  13. According to Nate, the only problem with this scene is that there is a roll of paper towels that someone hasn't yet been able to finish eating.
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