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  1. Poor liddle Henry the Hedgie. Infuriating that someone let him get into that condition. We know you are taking good care ob him Miss Jennie and it sounds like his new foreber home will be wonderful indeed. He deserves some good in his life. Miss Caroline, I am just the type to take things too far. Ma and Auntie Ann are Downton Abbey fans to and they are looking forward to the 2nd movie, wheneber it comes out. Momma wunners if maybe you are resource guarding cause you can't see the rest of the resources around you and you just wanna keep what you got and not give it up??? Yeah, Miss Chris, that's kinda the thinking ob the behaviorist--that I am protecting myself and my turf extra diligently 'cuz I can't see. Ma looks upon the liddle growlies I give as a way ob letting her know that I am knot comfortable wif being petted right at the moment. She's looking for ways to avoid the full on Cujo episodes and, fortunately, we haven't had one ob those in many months. He really is hard to read sometimes--he solicits petting, enjoys it for a few moments, and then growls. I tend to pet briefly and stop. He gets more pets if he asks for more. Yesterday, I just decided that if he was going to be snotty he could jolly well get off my chair. Yeah, Wiki! I think my guff is justified too! Hi HI, Hope! We got owr tomatoes knocked down by the wind too, a couple ob weeks ago. Ma was able to shore 'em up additional stakes. I hope your Mom can save yours. It's real nice to meet you and Candy Pain and Mark. Dats right, Merc. You can't help if some girl houndie uses you as a pillow. All these eyeball woes...Rita, Miss Chris, and MIss RE Carol. I hope eberyfing werks out good. Nate
  2. Wiki, I'd eat those pine cones and Ma would buy one for me to help those zoo animals. What a good idea! You do look real regal and like you are surveying your domain in that photo. You're on the veldts ob Wisconsin. Miss Elizabeth habs been enjoying the Grape part ob Grape Hounds. Miss Jennie is still feeling good and Rita's booboo eye is doing OK. This is starting out to be a good day in the Chat Club. I had a nasty surprise last night. Unbeknownst to me, it was raining when I frollicked to the door for last potties. I decided that I did knot wanna go but Ma pushed and shoved and boosted my behind right out the door into the rain. I was outraged but I went on down the deck steps into the yard. Meany! I got my revenge...I whined and whined about 3:20 AM until she let me out again. It was knot raining and she was knot asleep. This morning I was sitting in Ma's comfy chair and she spoke to me and petted my head, whereupon I gave her a low growl. She then called me to her, making me get offa her chair, gave me a pet on my head and then put a laundry basket on her chair. I am now forced to sleep on one ob the dog beds. She is knot sure I'll make that connection butt she was, she says, just knot in the mood first thing in the morning for taking any ob my guff. Nate, with a lot ob excess guff to give away
  3. Wiki, wow. That's qwite a tole you took on Mistress. You roughed her up from stem to stern. It's a good thing she lub you. AndiPants, I'm knot sure about being an only. I managed being left alone OK yesterday. I seem to be AOK. Ma and Antoinette, the receptionist from the vet's office who brought the Cousin Catties into Ann's life, were talking about me being an only just yesterday. Ma's a bit disinterested in adding another dog on account ob my great Cujo impersonation when my space is crowded coupled with my complete and utter disrespect for the space ob others. She thought Spirit was a saint to put up wif me standing on top ob him to make him move out ob the bed he was in if I wanted it. Also, wif my special needs on account ob my blindness, she finks her own life will be easier wif my being an only. She'll see how it goes. One funny fing is the water bowl. Ma bought a great huge waterproof mat to go under it because Spirit always left a HUGE watery mess every time he drank and he drank lots ob water. I, on the other hand, am a super neat drinker. She just ordered a small, less unsightly mat to go under the water bowl. Nate
  4. Ivy, that started out as a very bad type ob day, butt you're home and doing great now and hab had so good food and Wiki Walkies. Sounds like all is right in the whirled again. Miss Jennie, I'm so glad that you are knot in such pain and that you are done draining. Rita, your poor eye. I'd say that it was likey a sneaky Chupacabra, though, unless you know for sure that your sister did it. Miss Banessa is a weather prognosticator. I hope you feel less achy. Oh woe, great woe! Miss Kerry and Pippin are stuck at home for 2 whole entire days. Stuck for all that time wif nuffin' to do butt walkies and reading? A real true tragedy. Sounds like bliss to Ma. Enjoy! I bet the beautiful color ob the moon that Ma as oohing and aahing about last night was a gift for those fires in the west. Wasn't it nice, Miss Banessa? Well, we hadda walk yesterday too--it hadda be early before it got too hot. Then I did some powerful napping whilst Ma ran errands. Nate I went to the vet's office to bring Spirits ashes and paw print home. It feels very right to have him home with us. Lucy
  5. Happy 13th, Petunia! I love the "gimme eyes" the the 2nd photo.
  6. Ivy, I'm glad you are home and feeling pretty good this morning! Flizzie felt worse than anyone realized. Still, she's feeling GREAT now and that's great news! Sid, I don't do nuffin' special to spiff up for my Old Girls, butt it sounds like your LTC visiting is a very special occasion. It'll be great for you to be back there, cheering them up. Show us which collar you choose, OK? The Buck Moon, Miss Banessa? We'll look for that tonight. It was sure a beautiful almost full moon wif a lubly amber tint, or so Ma said. Nate
  7. Ivy has shiny teefs and I bet she's almost home already! Daphne and Bitzi, what an awful storm you had. It made all kindsa mess and took your power and your TV too. NO FAIR! I'm glad things are back to normal now. Wiki, I hope that you have some fun and some rest for Mistress this Long Weekend. Maybe the clever friend who thinks she can outsmart Wiki will come ober and help Mistress set up this Wiki Baffler. Wiki, for what it's worth, my money is on you for the win! Ma, howeber, has her fingers crossed that Mistress' plot will work. Tiller, none ob that sounds fair, most especially the part in which you didn't get anything out ob that white box that smelled so good. Miss Chris, Ma and Auntie Ann are looking longingly at those whole house generators too. Hurricane Hugo waaay back in 1989 made a real impression on Ma. The figure that they'd be OK if they could keep the heat pump and the kitchen up at a minimum, they'd be OK. The water heater would be a nice thing to have as well butt water could be heated in the kitchen and bird baths could be taken by Old Girls. Nate What do you all call bathing from a sink with a washcloth? We always called that a bird bath when I was growing up. Lucy
  8. Miss Jerilyn, think ob it like a race. You've rounded the last turn and you are racing down the home stretch, neck stretched, legs flying, heading for Long Weekend! You can do it!
  9. Spirit would harvest tomatoes from the vine and gobble them down.
  10. Wiki, I'm sorry Mistress' werk is bad--busy, stressed, crabby humans are the WORST! You bited her hand instead ob the toy? Oh, wow. That was knot a good choice. Here's the spin to put on that....you were practicing for the coyote hunt. I am gonna get this backandforthbackandforth thing going for Ivy's vet visit. It's hard to do that walking if I keep my paws crossed. AndyPants, that was a really sweet comment, that I had been a part ob the Club butt just neber knew it. I suppose that means that Spirit blabbed about me. Gee, I wish I had been nicer to him. Nate
  11. Molly, it's a shame to lose that hampsome big tree butt way better that than the house or you or your humans. Fancy Pants, we got zucchini woes here too butt different ones--you don't get bees and we do get vine borers. I wonder sometimes why they garden at all. Hada, I'm sorry you are habing pee-in-the-house-kidie-bean problems. Feel better soon. Miss Jennie is up and doing some chores and looking forward to CHAWKLET! The Grape Hounds meeting is going great! Mam, this is knot an easy time at all for anyone, is it? I hope the inn's opening goes well and that you don't get too tired out by it all. Tiller, you don't see either? I don't give any evidence of seeing anything either butt I do AOK. I fink we're all just a bit "off" still--I'm knot enthused to eat breakfast. Ma's lacking in vim and energy. Still, we've had a couple ob decent walks. Thank you all for making me so welcome. Nate
  12. "neggst time yoo move to a hird floor, GET MOVERS!" You know, Charlie, that is sound advice. Sound enough to be carved into a decorative stone and given to your Auntie as a housewarming gift. Glad she's feeling better today--laid up, gimpy humans are THE WORST! Tiller! Nice to meet you. I'm Spirit's naughty younger bro, Nate. You Mom sounds like one smart cookie, getting her appointments all set up in advance at time the suit her. I bet that swimmin' will help her a lot! Oh wow! She fought a good fight and saved lots ob bickie money on da taxes for the house! Heart, time to settle in and OWN the house and your Ma. Remember, we are the hounds in the home and we get to decide. Everything. AndiPants. Cabbage? Wiki, you say you were a good girl yesterday in your report. I was knot a particularly good boy. Ma decided to try to chop off my toes and I growled at her. KNOT Cujo--I save the for big infractions. She says she's gonna take me somewhere to get my toes chopped off and I can be someone else's problem. What does she mean by that!? Nutmeg, your like tissues too? Listen, I got a tip for you. You do KNOT have to wait for the careless humans to leave a tissue lying about. They have whole boxes ob tissues salted about the house! I can't see a thing butt I can sure find those tissue boxes. Got hunt in your house for the Mother Lode of tissues. Ivy, It sounds like that lumpity will be gone and knot too bad. I can see you milking the recovery like a pro. Miss Elizabeth, Viola is a cutie and Ma loves her name--she made me write alla that. I'm glad you got to hold the kid since you wanted to. OOh! you are planning and end run at Grape Hounds! Go Merc and Miss Elizabeth! I say similar wif an r and so does Ma. Aw, Miss Jennie, I'm sorry that this 'pendix thing has been so rough on you. Feel better soonest. Miss Kathy is waging a fierce battle in the garden against marauding deer! I sure hope victory will be your! Laila's and Merc's fambilies are all going to Grape Hounds! Hab a blast! I took Ma for a walk today too. We did a circuit ob the neighborhood and it was great. She playing at being retired today so she's gonna walk wif me, piddle in the garden, do laundry, read. I figure I'll do some napping and supervise her yard activities. Nate
  13. Taking a "family" walk is also a great way to handle introductions and help bonding.
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