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  1. Summer, I'm glad your dental is ober. I bet you're warm and dry and awake by now. Lookit those cutie pie Alackers! Was that Tai Chill instead ob Tai Chi? Nutmeg and Chancey had a specially nice walk in the forest. That sounds like such fun. I just got Wiki Walkie in my same old neighborhood. Linus was a good boy about his crating and is now the beloved at the resort! HAb a wonderful visit, Miss Patsy. Nate
  2. Daphne, I don't suppose you or Miss Caroline like that you are gonna get a chestal hexray. I don't like it either. I hope all is well. Cherry is the Hall Monitor ob Play Group. Miss Patsy, Ma sometimes has good luck wif setting the kitteh carrier on it's back end, so that the door is facing upward, toward the ceiling. Then, she is at least knot dealing wif a recowcitrant kitteh whilst also bending ober. We hope it goes well. Linus, cooperate! Miz Ducky, I'm glad your friend it OK. You are a bery good person to hab as a friend. Nate
  3. Happy Anniversary for Guest and AndiPants, I like that werd--incorrigible--and if you're incorrigible it must be a GREAT thing! I'm now kinda proud. I'm sorry your Dad is feeling so bad on account ob getting his shot. Miss RE Carol, another surgery cancellation? What a frustrating situation. Wiki, poor Mistress, getting pulled into loooong meetings about that big project. I hope they all leave her alone about it soon. Laila, Ma and Auntie Ann lub BritBox. They enjoy Death in Paradise too! Try McDonald and Dodd. Also, they adore New Tricks as well. It habs a whole section of Agatha Christie shows. It's great! Nate
  4. Miss RE Carol, I so hope that you get those kittehs out ob your eyeballs next Monday. They don't belong in there. Good news that Flizzie's mouf is getting better. Miss Patsy, I'm getting excited for you! I hope this is a great visit, in spite ob the changes. Cherry, you're turning into a mean old Cujo like me. I don't know whether to cheer that I got some company in the Dawg House or chastise you to try real hard to be a good girl and knot growl. I'm sometimes trying to be a good boy. Ivy, 31 years is a long time--I bet you folks know each other real well and they are still happy to be together! That worth a big celebration! Gino, I'm just SURE that Miss Banessa is happy and cheerful each time to ask to go out to poop. Nate
  5. So far I hab knot hunted an chickamonks again. Ma hopes that one will spread the word and they'll avoid me when I'm out. Ma lubs 'em and doesn't want me to eat one. Miss Chris, what a wonderful photo ob Dude. I think everyone is gonna wanna werk in IT affer hearing alla these stories. Ain't it the truth! Problems, deadlines, responsibility wifout control, weekend werk and holiday werk too! Who wouldn't want all that. We're glad your project is a go and that it can all be handled. Ma lubs that idea ob habing something go into production and becoming someone else's problem. What bliss. She's always been in tiny shops where, if you eber touched a program, then your name is on it and it is foreber your problem. Ma's hierarchy problem habs vanished, just like magic! The figured out that if they get the invoice customers correct in the old system then they will be correct when the are migrated. Poof! Fixed! Happy Anniversary, Miss Kathy and Mister Jim! FancyPants, I'm sorry your kitteh Milo is slowing down. The Cousin Catties are bof 14 and Ma and Auntie Ann are keeping a close eye on 'em. They seem OK so far. Linus is gonna go to the kitty condo place. I gotta lunch time Wiki Walkie so I'm ready for a nice nap now. Nate
  6. Merc, it's real nice ob you to share your bed wif Miss Elizabeth and snuggle wif her when your Dad is gone. Win Win! Ob boy, Mistress. Ma send commiserations about the project glitch. How, she ponders, do people who should be validating and testing and checking fail to find somefing ober 2 whole years? Apparently it happens all the time 'cus Ma just got a spate ob frantic emails telling her that the "customer hierarchy" was wrong and invoice were going to go the the wrong place. Her first thoughts were, "#%!!!. I've been migrating for 3 (!) years. We're going live in 2.5 months. You are just now cutting your first invoice to test?!" The problem is not in the customer hierarchy. There is an "Invoice To Customer" that is gonna be at the root ob the problem--if there really is a problem. Butt she is migrating the invoice to customer value from the old system into the invoice to customer field in the new system. So, she knot even sure that is the issue. Anyway, she'll join Mistress in and If anyone subscribes to HBO/Max, Ma and Auntie Ann LUBBED the series "Only Murder in the Building". Gib it a try! Laila, that is an appealing house! Those back stairs look scary. Could your Dad build a ramp? Roasted greem beams! CK, aren't they great! Gino, I bet it's great to be home again, wif Miss Banessa. Guess what!! I almost cotched a chickamonk yesterday! Wiki, I'm trying to be a mighty hunter like you! Ma heard me barkBarkBARKING in the yard and went out to find me yelling at one ob the gutter downspouts. There was lots ob tiny-toes-scrambling going on in the downspout. Ma thought squirrel? of chickamonk? She lured me into the house wif the Magical Werds "Do you wanna cookie?!" and I got my cookie. She went out in a bit to check and saw a chickamonk fleeing the area. Ma hadda put the drainage spout thingy back on the downspout. I'll try again today! Nate The Great!
  7. Laila is gonna be a STAR! I fink you folks are real smart to hold out for somefing wif all the most important things just right--yard just the right size and no bad steps. Andipants, people will see your bloody leg and they saw Spirit's behind in those photos ob him Ma sent to the vet for his demo on the efficacy of the sugar bandich technique. I wish I could find a way to be famous wifout getting sick or getting bit by a Chupacabra. What to do? Miz Ducky, that chihuawow is lucky to hab you in her corner. Nate
  8. Miss Patsy is a bushwhacker and a primo blood donor! We had a super qwiet yesterday. I had a nice Wiki Walkie this morning and it was chilly enough here for Ma to wear a light fleece coat. I went nekkid! Nate
  9. Wiki, I'm sorry you wrasseled wif the cabinet, butt at least it sounds like you won! Murphy is a real cutie. Nate
  10. I'm glad Flizzie os AOK. Miss Chris, try knot to feel to guilty and upset wif yourself. Remember that humans can't be perfect like us houndies. Charlie, that's good news that there is improvement wif Zorro. Maybe he needs that hobby to keep him mind occupied--carry toys out then carry toy back in. Warsh and repeat! Miss Jennie, enjoy that long-awaited bowl ob pockcorms! Mam, that is the kinda hunting that Ma's Daddy used to do--mostly spend time outdoors wif buddies. Nate
  11. What a great birthday celebration for Sweep!
  12. I dunno, AndiPants. I'd take that as a compliment. Who could expect us houndies knot to know we're hot stuff! Miss Elizabeth, it costs a lot ob monies to be a human, doesn't it? Enjoy your new toof! Wiki, how funny. I suppose Mistress was trying to gib you some exercise. You just be sure to return the favor to her today! She'll lub it. Zeke and I must be related! I too am a loud and vigorous motivational speaker. FancyPants, you run a tight ship wifout the snark, it seems. What a great picture you bought, Miss Banessa! Wow! Ma is really sad to know that Grandy's Zee is gone and that he marks the last of the FTH houndies. Ma enjoyed watching those litters grow, seeing the adoptions unfold, and eben watching some ob the races of FTH houndies. She did knot expect to adopt an FTH pup herownself and then there was the magic ob MoMo Meany Pants (FTH Chyna Moon). Ma felt so lucky and was so blessed. Nate
  13. Ha! Miss RE Carol, Ma is eating her big salad for lunch and is sitting right beside the buckets, coir, and drill bits she needs to make those garden wermeries. She's gonna do it, butt prolly knot until next spring. By then she should be really and truly retired, unlike now when her plans are full ob projects and yet her brain is tied to the desk and the computer. Snicker snicker Pippin, Ma always says my self esteem is quite extreme! I got a Wiki Walkie at lunch time today. Another house is being built in owr neighborhood. There is a bobocat machine and a portapotty so they must be about to get down to business. Nate
  14. Wiki, Ma thinks you are a "real cutie" while I'm just real jealous. Cute houndie ears, Mam! Nate, whose yesterday was OK butt kinda boring.
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