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  1. Well, Ma's all angsty again on account ob the coworker who habs been werking in the department for 42 years is retiring at the end ob March. She is gonna werk part time for another company until she hits full retirement age. Ma is pleased for her, since Ma knows that this nice lady habs been wanting to figure out how to do this for the last year or so--retire before 65 and still afford insurance--and now she's got it sorted out. On the down side, that means they just went from 4 people sharing the 24-7 x 365 call schedule to only 3 people taking call and Ma is now the only person who can be on call at month end and year end. She'll be the only RPG/iSeries programmer as well. She'll miss her nice coworker on top ob the anxiety ob extra responsibility. Too many changes for the Old Girl to process. I'm gonna hab to take good care ob her for a while. Spirit
  2. Here is a picture of the Cordaroy bed in use by a real live hound. This is the bed that came plusher to start with.
  3. What a great photo ob Miss Susan and MIss Carol Ann! Hamish is looking pensive ( and hampsome) and Diana is beautiful! Oh boy, Ivy. Cherry The Chewer sounds a lot like owr Naughty Nattie. Ma unnerstands the worry about what goes into the tum. A muzzle wif a stool guard helps protect Nate. Ma put da moleskin you can buy for putting in shoes on the muzzle so it doesn't rub Nate's nose. He wears it when there is no human bean to keep their eyeballs on him. Remember some ob the things he eats...pea gravel in the yard, candy wrappers, pens (must be a Hound Thing!), paper, tissues. Well mostly anything that fit in his gaping maw. Ooo! That playgroup party is somefing your 'rents hab done before. You and Beka and Cherry gett o be the only houndies to attend. SCORE!! Merc, hang in there. Mam and her crew are getting snowed upon. Here's how I spent owr cold, rainy afternoon yesterday. Spirit
  4. Hye, Abby! Great post. You decorating activities sound like they didn't garner the acclaim that your efforts deserved. Let me rectify that right now. Great job! Most especially the chewing part. Sorry about all those big werds and what they may portend. Miss Tin, lookit all those sweetly snuggling houndies. Laila, I'm sorry your Dad had that scary ER visit. Hopefully, those annybioticals will fix him up. Hum, all that worry about clots makes sense and sounds alarming. Hamish got tripe. I am jealous. Miss Susan gets to meet up wif Miss Carol Ann and Mister Dan. Ma is jealous. Me too. Chilly and gloomy here butt nuffin' will fall from the sky except rain, so I can't complain too much. There was another big meeting last thing yesterday at Ma werk announcing a new product launch to employees. They all mostly knew about it already, ob course, but they got to see some ob the marketing materials that will be used at the big trade show coming up. Miss Elizabeth would be proud, I fink. There was an hilarious video they'd made involving training for a big fight between the new product and the current product. Then the meeting involved filming the actual fight to add to the video. The employees were there to cheer and jeer and clap and boo. It was hilarious, according to Ma. I myownself was knot invited. There was popcorms. Ma did knot bring me any. What a swizz! Thanks for that wonderfully expressive phrase, Nutmeg. Myka, how are fings at your house? Is Miss Jen's job OK? Are you taking good care ob her? Spirit
  5. What a smart idea, Miss Patsy. Daring Do to outrun a fearsome storm! Miss Robin, what werk did your Granddaddy do for that amazing 45 years? Safe trabels, Miss Elizabeth. Merc will be eagerly awaiting your return home, safe and sound. You sure did a wonderful job of looking after Merc by leaving a careful and detailed cookie, meal, and petting list for the Mister. Hab a good visit. Miss Banessa, maybe try some PoopDrops for Ginos's arthriticals? It really helps me. Ma says it is actually called Dasequin (get the one wif MSM). The chews are shapped like brown obersized gumdrops. Velvet and Miss Rachael. Miss Kerry, there is somefing qwite magical about that charming house. Good job helping that liddle bat, Miss RE Carol. Ma is indeed interested in reading that Terry Pratchett's books. He had the kind ob humor, wit, and outlook that speaks to her. Good luck wif thwarting those pesky squirrels, Miss Chris. They will clean out a feeder in no time at all! Ma's day started out normal butt then her boss announced that he's retiring at the end ob June. He is a terrific person and a great manager who'll be hard to replace. They are putting someone else Ma knows well, from a completely different dept, in that role now. The new boss will be just as kind and even keeled but she is gonna miss the old boss a lot. He, on the other hand, habs earned retirement and time wif his wife and grandchill'uns. Ma just gots a sort ob unmoored feeling at the moment 'cuz fings will change and she is a dyed in the wool rut dweller. I'll hab to be extra nice to her to help her frew this. Spirit
  6. Mistress, what a splendid werk anniversary! Twenny-fib-'lebenty years! That means you bring a lot ob inside knowledge of the history and the way things are done to your job. Ma's got a cowerker who's been here 42 years. She always jokes that she come right out of elementary school. She was pretty young when she came to werk there butt maybe knot quite that young. Spirit
  7. Guest and Mistress, feel better soon. Oh, no, Miss Kathy. Da garage door plus also the new car dinged. I wish that had knot happened to you. In my younger years I would wolf down my food wif the fastest ob 'em butt the last few weeks I am a bit slower and I wander away and come back is a few minutes and eat a bit more. Ma has to keep Nate in his crate until I finish my meal or he'll help me out. He's thoughtful like that. Ob course, trooth to tell, I'm thoughtful like that wif Tinker's cat food too. Spirit
  8. Lila, that sounds like a lot ob extra werk for you, habing a sickly Mistress. I hope she feels better soon. for bof ob you. It is troo, AndiPants--mostly nuffin is happening today in my whirled so I got nuffin' much to contribute eggscept my endless good will. Oh wait! Auntie Ann wonders if there is snow and freezings going on in he!! on account ob extremely shy kitteh Timex suddenly came out into the libing room last night and sat in Ma's lap for about fitteen minutes. He purred and snuggled and then he got up and left. That catty seldom visits like that and Ma and Auntie Ann were excited and delighted. Nate and I just napped through it all, which was prolly for the better. Spirit
  9. Miss Jennie, it is a relief that your Dad is in the horsepiddle where nursies will take good care ob him. I hope fings melt enough that you can see him soon. Miss Carol Ann, what a sad loss that poor boy is facing. I bet it helped him bery mich to know that someone understood the depth ob his loss and sadness. Spirit
  10. Molly, how disappointing that you don't get to see Miss Susan and Gigantor Hamish. Make sure Miss Carol Ann comes back wif lots ob good smells and stories for you. Oh no, Magoo is missing Miss Susan too. Well, Magoo, you and Molly can make up for the disappointment by habing a wonderful visit together! Um, are you gonna wear pants while visiting Molly? Merc, where are you all going? Is this time to leave Floriduh and go back to NY? Safe travels! Hamish! Congrats on the big win in the leg lifting competition! Nutmeg, Ma thinks that looks like a fun singing group to hear. We are getting rain again today so it's gloomy napping weather. Spirit
  11. Oohh! Miss Jennie, Kingfisher! What a great tatto idea, and a beautiful bird indeed. Miss Susan, FWIW, Ma like those opinionated, cranky Bluejays a lot and they are indeed gorgeous birds. Look Charlie, Zorro and Cap'n Jack! Merc, I just lub dat you can go to church and relax and listing to the praying and da singing. Dustin, I'm really glad that baby Dudly and Fancy-Too are respectful ob your preferences and understand your needs and pay attention to you when you say, "enough!" Fancy Pants, I'm sorry you got corn toes on so many feets. That just stinks. Owr MoMo dealt wif that and is made Ma sad too. I hope da booties will salvage at least some jogging time for you. Guest, enjoy your Kevin time! We are super soggy here wif rain, rain, and more rain. Nate and I are dutifully using owr dog doors butt Ma is knot there to dry me off wifa towel. Dat is mean and knot fair! Spirit
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