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  1. It is I, Spiritus, back from my long exile. At least for a while. Ma is frantically busy at werk and habs been unable to serve in her usual capacity as my typist. Then she gets home and...falls asleep in her comfy chair. This surgery can't come soon enough as far as I'm concerned. Ma is grateful for da birfday wishes. There are 5 people at her werkjob wif dat same birfday. What are da odds ob dat? One ob 'em is da comptroller and she and Ma werk together alla da time so day are friends. Day always celebrate together. Dare were 2 cakes. I got none. Wow, Miss Patsy! Think ob da airline miles dat car purchase is gonna get for you! Hey, Bikini! A new bitty hawg for MIss Jennie. Gino is struggling to get rid ob dose nasty hookwerms just like Nate. Nate is on a couple ob different meds, alternating ebery other week. A few more weeks until he gets a recheck. I wish 'em bof good luck getting rid ob da liddle buggers. Oops. I gotta go to da vet wif Tinker today for our annual checkups. Back later to finish catching up. Spirit
  2. Lila, Ma says dare is an old song to describe your spring, a Grammy-vintage song, dat starts "Spring will be a little late this year. A little late arriving...". Here, I'll sing it for you... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ICtCV3OJ7MQ Hey MIss Susan! Yeah, Nattie and I mostly napped this afternoon whilst Ma and Auntie Ann and Miss Susan galavanted about, eating and spending bikkie money. Oh, Miss Patsy, how frustrating that your phone got marinaded in cawfee! I am glad your got it all werking again, butt I know you did knot need dat extra frustration. A surprise new car purchase! It does sound like you and Mister Patsy made a wise decision. It is really good to habe bof ob you driving decent, non-rusty vehicles. Miss Jennie, if you type an emoti like you used to and it doesn't spring to life right before your eyeballs as you type on in your post, then it is one that you gotta select from the drop down above--dat tepidly smiling face in the options bar above. The nice thing is that that dropdown remembers the ones you use and keeps them waiting for you, right at the top ob da drop down. Dat makes it all pretty easy. Miss Banessa's phone went swimming in the potty! Laila, your Mom was real firm wif tour Dad. Glad you all had a nice fambily walk like Ivy and Beka do. Dis whole weekend is rainy. Eben when it stops raining eeryfing is soggy wet. Ma says that soggy clay is perfect for weeding so that is what's on her to-do list today--weed between showers. I'm just gonna stay in da house and nap. I am knot a big guy for da out ob doors. Nattie can keep an eye on the Old Girls while they're out in the yard. Spirit
  3. Good news for Miss Patsy! Happy Birfday, Ivy! I thought Gino ATE a couple ob liddel roaches butt he DID s couple ob liddle roaches. Laila thought so too! Spirit
  4. Fancy, I feel for you. We had rains last weekend. We're gonna get rained on today and all frew the weekend. Ma mowered the front yard Windsday after werk and the back yard yesterday after werk. Owr yard is now knot the most unmowed in the neighborhood. She really, really needed this weekend and next for yard werk before the surgery butt Ma can't control the weather so she'd just gotta go wif da flow. She finks she and Auntie Ann my got get now phones ober da weekend and change their phone service to save da bikkie monies. I'm all for dat! What a beautiful pin indeed, Miss Robin. That was a great interview as well. We are all so proud ob you! Articulate, capable, and committed. That joub sounds like a sort ob all-consuming one, being responsible for a whole town's wellbeing. Dat Gatoraid before surgery must be a "thing" now. They told all the peeps at joint camp that they should drink up dat Gatoraid stuff up until 3 hours before their hospital arrival. Siad it would help them knot be weak and dehydrated and that the electolights would be good for 'em. Ma will do her duty, though she's knot sure she's eber had Gatoraid before. Pippin, Nate is trying to find a bag to pack and head right up there to lib wif you! He is convinced that Miss Kerry would neber holler that awful "NO!" werd at him, no matter what he chews up, or grabs and runs off wif. I'll help him pack! Seriously, he raids dat trash and Ma and Auntie Ann hab a Peppermint Patty habit. Ma habs been horrified at the number ob foil wrappers she picks up in Nate's poop. They are gonna hab to throw their wrappers in the garbage can in the kitchen and knot in the LR trashcan. They'll hab to save him from himself. Miss Patsy is gonna hab her great baykayshun wif Kesstralyn! It always sounds like lots ob werk butt also lots ob good time together. Great that there will be a meal meet up! Best ob wishes for your head-lumpectomy. Gino was just following in MoMo paw prints. She was the champ ob eating up Miles' barf. I think Miss Banessa is just being selfish, hogging it all for herownself. WBSB, that's good news for Atom. I"m glad he can paly again. I hope those pills let him lead a long nad happy life. Good tattoo consult, Miss Susan! Spiritus
  5. Beka Congratulations on nice clear lunk hexrays! Miss Susan, congrats to you on getting da car you wanted. Spiffy! Oh, Whiskey. Please eat. Miss Chris needs a break and liddle Atom is knot gonna gib her one so you just gotta step up. We lub you and want you to celebrate your birfday! Luna! You are such a cutie wif your bonnet! Too many mascara wands now? I guess people hear ob da need and really came frew. Ma's back to doing another pass ob data migration. Lots ob tedious documentation and puzzles about why somefing dat was fine the first time is now a problem. Spirit
  6. How frustrating, Miss Halise. I do knot blame you for being It should knot be hard to read da destructions for delibery and to do ti right and on time. Poor Atom, leached all the time. Still, he would knot take it easy and limit actibity on his own. Feel better, liddle one. New van for Miz Ducky! Another day at the salt mines for Ma. That is what her Daddy used to say when going to werk...that he was headed for the salt mines. Silly! Spirit
  7. It remained too wet to mow da grass so Ma read and chilled instead ob mowing. Now owr grasses weeds are taller than the neighbors and Ma is antsy to get 'em cut. After werk is knot her favorite mowing time butt needs must. Howeber, knot tonight. She went to da UPS store on account ob they'll take packing peanuts and bubble wrap and reuse/sell them. Ma thinks gibing the packing stuff to UPS is way better than her throwing that stuff in da landfill. Then she hadda do some bookkeeping stuff at home. Maybe tomorrow she'll get da front yard at least. Spirit, who habs no intention ob mowing at all.
  8. Charlie Bear, dat sounds like a nice service for da GrandDaddy. I bet Miss Cynthia had fun driving his Caddy! Frozen Treats sound simply marvelous. I wonder why my Ma habs knot brought me a Frozen Treat? Lila, what a KNOT fun weekend for Mistress and you. Ivy & Beka spent da weekend wif dare friends and being sat upon. Dat actually sounds like fun. Sorta like a sleep ober. Still, da funnest part ob dat is the coming home wif Dad and Mom. Atom, you now hab the ability to change your Mom's plans. Wow! Dat is power. Use it wisely, young one. Miz Ducky, how distressing about Zorro. I hope wif my whole heart that he finds his way to safety and to home. Uh oh. Merc is on nursing dooty wif a snotty, sickling Miss Elizabeth. I hope she feels better really soon so she and Merc can party wif Mister Richard for his birfday. Miss Elizabeth, Ma's company habs a plant in Thailand, in a place called Lam Chabang. Eberyone from here who goes there comes back lubing the people and the food so I bet you will hab a wonderful trip. Miss Susan is habing fun in SC and we are delighted wif dat! Nikita, don't eat the entertainment. Spirit
  9. Hey dare Petunia and your Daddy! We got rained and stormed on yesterday butt it looks like Ma may knot be able ot con her way out ob mowing da grass dis afternoon. Da sun is shining and dat soggy grass will prolly dry enough to get a haircut. Atom, I' so glad you are home where Miss Chris can lub you and take care ob you. Whiskey, good job eating your supper too. Spirit
  10. Checking in on Atom. Feel better Atom Bomb. I hope you get home tomorrow. Whiskey, buddy, eat up. Maybe a Subway sammich would do da trick? I barked at Miss Susan today butt then I let her pet me. I fink I like her. She howeber, mostly had eyes for Naughty Nattie. Spirit
  11. Atom, what a scary eggsperience. Dat hex-ray ob your heart is frightening, poor boy. I'm so glad that what made you so sick is likely treatable. Wait. Treatable. Treats! You can get treats for this! Feel better soon. Miss Chris. I know dat you are worried for your baby boy. Daphne & Bitzi, I'm sorry your car is sick and I hope it's just gonna be a simple, inexpensive repair to get it running in top shape again. Miss RE Carol, what fun that you did your first solo bat rescue! I hope day get those cats out ob your eyeballs soon. Saint, dat poem and photo endeared you to bof Ma and Auntie Ann. Miss Susan, habing your art and decorative items about you will be good for your spirits. Spirit
  12. Congratulations to both you and Nigel. Your dedication is heartwarming.
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