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  1. Assuming it's legal where you are, CBD (cannabidiol) may be of significant relief. It's not only for humans. It can be used for pets. You would want to consult with your veterinarian and with the vendor regarding the type of product and dosage for your greyhound.
  2. That sucks. The vet said she once managed to keep a dog with IMHA alive for 2 weeks at the owner's insistance. She felt that it was 2 weeks too long. It's horrifying that the immune system can just spontaneously decide to eat all of an animal's red blood cells. Poor Q went from happy to dying in no time, just like Little Girl. Penguin is hanging in there. I think it helped that he was able to be with Q at the end and wasn't left anxiously waiting for his buddy to come home. He whimpered a little today and has been extra clingy but he also enjoyed some cuddling and watching the
  3. We suddenly lost Q. He had only been home for a couple of months. He stopped eating, became listless and his skin felt hot. We were concerned enough to take him to the vet if he wasn't better by morning, but when he peed brown urine we took him to the emergency vet. His skin and the whites of his eyes had turned yellow and his gums were pale. It was something we'd never heard of called IMHA (Immune Modulated Hemolytic Anemia). His immune system had suddenly gone bonkers and was slaughtering red blood cells by the billions. His liver and kidneys were shutting down and he was so wea
  4. Aventurine - Ave or Ava Carnelian - Carny? Morganite - Morgan Tiger Eye - Tiger Rose Quartz - Rose Snowflake Obsidian - Snowflake Azurite - Azure Selenite - Selena Sunstone - Sunny Agate - Aggie I named a foster Jasper. He was a big red boy.
  5. This is an old thread but it's worth bringing back up. I prefer to use slip leads for walking, specifically Mendota 1/2" slip leads with a leather stop. The stop keeps the loop from hanging loose or falling off when slack, and if they try to back out of it the slip lead will tighten as much as it needs to. I had a spook named Raven who was nicknamed "The Rubber Dog." She could pop out of even a snug martingale collar like it was nothing. She wriggled out of a 5 point Roman harness in 3 seconds flat. The only thing she could not escape was a slip lead.
  6. Ah, more comes out. The family who surrendered them said that Penguin was not safe with children. This made me go, "Say what?! That dude is a big squishy marshmallow." The only time I have witnessed Penguin utter even a murmur of discontent was when Q stepped over him. Penguin is the boss man and he doesn't like having his subordinate stand or step over him. This is normal canine behavior. And all he did was grumble like a grumpy codger telling that darned kid to get off his lawn. It would appear that he had the audacity to complain at an 18 month old toddler crawling all over
  7. I kinda think it was. They lost their home at the same time we lost our hounds sooooo....
  8. Q, Lord of the Couch. Man, that thing has seen better days. The couch, I mean. The dog is most definitely fine.
  9. They are really relaxing. It's like they've lived here forever and own the place. Penguin just plops his butt wherever he is most in the way. He has trouble understanding the concept of moving out of the way to avoid accidents, mayhem and toppling humans too. He doesn't know which direction to go so he stands there frozen like a deer in the headlights until you physically move him where he needs to be. He's ever so sweet and gentle but not the brighter of the pair. Those eyes could melt butter though. Q has become Lord of the Couch, though he only gets up on it when I invite hi
  10. I will give it the old college try catching Q on video rounding up his babies because it's adorable. He doesn't do it... well, on cue *groan*. The very first time he did it I was asleep and DH told me what had happened. We have dead fleas. Victory! Penguin and Q both were entranced by the fish at first but quickly got used to them. Every so often something exciting happens in a tank and they tune in to watch the action. They seem to regard the fish as curiosities but don't show any signs of wanting to turn them into sushi. We have a few very aggressive and toothy specimens who wo
  11. I keep thinking of Ps and Qs too. We have fleas! Dog fleas aren't normally a thing in South Dakota. It gets way below zero in the winter and they can't survive it. My guess is that they either came from TN (where their family had moved to) with fleas or they picked them up in the greyhound hauler the group hired to retrieve them along with a group of dogs from WV. I only noticed them because I saw one dart through Penguin's white hair while petting him. Then another. That prompted a quick application of Frontline to both boys. We don't need fleas in the house, on them an
  12. They seem to be settling right in. Q's separation anxiety is improving. He also LOVES snow. Penguin shocked me in that I don't think he looks very plump in photos either. But when I saw him in person he looked a bit like a Labrador retriever with a greyhound head grafted on. It's OK. He's already losing weight. DH chases him around the yard, which is what I did with Tiny. This gets Q going and he joins in the fun playing the "Catch the Penguin" game. Penguin enjoys having so much attention but after just a few seconds he's huffing and puffing and you can almost hear him saying, "OK
  13. ...but you might get what you need. We recently lost Finn and Lora. The house was empty and depressing. We asked the adoption coordinator for a young single hound that could live alone. Enter Q and Penguin, 2 senior boys who were bounced when their family had kids. They are completely Super Glued together and were not to be separated. Alrighty then. DH was frustrated at first but our adoption coordinator has great instincts and they were cat safe so I said, "Sure, let's roll with it." DH's frustration turned to mush when he met them. Penguin is a huge white boy with
  14. Would you mind looking at L the Penguin and his buddy Essentialquality?
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