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  1. Sorry for your loss. Kitties do sink their little claws into our hearts.
  2. I have an insane cat who does exactly the same thing. I think she learned it from Monty!
  3. Wow. I'm speechless beyond that. Just wow.
  4. Wonderful! I love to think of all the people whose days were made brighter by you both.
  5. He found himself in heaven, for sure! Welcome home, handsome!
  6. Do be extra careful to keep them separated! I agree that two doors between them is better than one (gates and door). I knew someone who had a dog (pet lab) that was overly interested in the guinea pigs and they got slightly careless one day and she got in through the door that didn't quite latch. She tore the cage to pieces to kill them before anyone could get upstairs to save them.
  7. With Monty it was mobility problems (and oncoming winter with ice and snow) that tipped the scale. For Allie it was increased and uncontrollable anxiety (causing severe diarrhea when any additional stress occurred). For my cats, Fruitcake was in kidney failure and her appetite failed so I had to hand feed her *any* time she might maybe eat (including multiple times in the night)...and she told me it was time when she sat hunched over her water dish with such a look of...misery on her face, like she was thirsty but couldn't bear drinking any more. And (cat) ShadeMan had what appeared to be a
  8. Monty would periodically poop on tree trunks. Made it difficult to collect, because it was usually later on a longer walk (out of pee, and very soft). Embarrassing to have to try to collect.
  9. I am so sorry to hear of your loss. He was greatly loved in the too short time that you had him, and I'm sure he knew it. Hugs for you and Penguin.
  10. Our Allie (nongrey) did the 'look' for about five seconds to tell you she needed out. That was it. My husband never seemed to notice, so she would then come to me and my husband would be surprised when I'd bundle up and take her out. Monty was a lot easier because he would pace, then whine, then whine higher pitch (which was very nice of him - three levels of need!). You may need to just take her out more often, as if she was a puppy. And make sure she's done everything or take her back out within half an hour again.
  11. Fruitycake


    I am sorry to see another well-known oldster has gone to the Bridge. Run free, Iker. You will be missed by many.
  12. The sad irony of many/most veterinarians harping about how unsafe it is to feed raw or home-cooked diets and yet *prescription* diets having these problems....
  13. Make sure that where she's pottied gets cleaned well with an enzymatic cleaner specifically formulated for pet waste. If not, the snell will linger and tell her 'this is a pottying spot' and it will encourage her to use the same spot. And when you go back there, definitely bring her in on lead then take her back out. Then watch her avidly and take her out immediately if she even looks like she might be sniffing around for a spot. It's true that you have to potty train her to your mom's house as you likely did to yours...and now you have to be hyper aware and prevent it from becoming a
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