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  1. My 6ft privacy fence will be completed in July! I can't wait...no more leash walking for every potty break. Bring on the fosters!!!
  2. I adopted all of my greyhounds at 6 or 7. I fostered a 13 month old. Holy Smokes what a difference! He was super sweet, but I was glad when he went to his home. I had to keep a constant eye on him at all times...he was a big boy too, 80 plus lbs. I will stick with 3 or older.
  3. I'm just seeing this now. I can't believe Murray is gone now too. Run free sweet boy...
  4. Rustyroo


    Oh my gosh, i have a lump in my throat. I am so sorry...run free Iker.
  5. It will hit 40 in WI on Sunday...break out the shorts
  6. She's beautiful. I was wondering how long it would take. Has she been introduced to french fries yet?
  7. I already sent my condolences on FB, but I want to do it here too. My heart sank when I saw Rocket's name. I wouldn't believe it at first. He will always be a Greytalk favorite. I always think of Rocket when I get fries.
  8. My Solo goes back to Exotic. Could that be one?
  9. Used to live in Greenfield too, lol...and Oak Creek, and Hales Corners. I moved around a bit during and after college.
  10. Where are you exactly? There is another grey owner that lives in Hartland too.
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