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  1. What's more stubborn than a stubborn broodie?.....A stubborn broodie teenager! Happy 13th Birthday Petunia! Petunia turns 13 today and you would never know it. She thinks she's about 5 years old. We celbrated with a cheezeburger plane and some fries for lunch. She will also get a whippy cream and peanut butter sundae a little later or tomorrow. I love this girl She is Daddy's Girl 100%, She was especially loving the fact that I was hand feeding her the burger. The Birthday Lunch Guarding the last fry We hope that she is here for many more birthdays! Sorry for the dark pictures. The monsoon has hit Phoenix the last 2 days and we are currently getting a thunderstorm. It is very dark here. Also - she has very wonky thick nails. They are not as untrimmed as they look - they are just her normal nails.
  2. Petunia and I went for a walk yesterday and ran into several neighbors along the way. One of the neighbors has an Aussie who was only a few weeks old the first time she and Petunia met, and Petunia was instantly in love with the puppy. Fast forward to yesterday and Petunia hasn't seen Tia (the Aussie) all summer because of the desert summer heat and the fact that neither of us handle the heat well. Tia is much bigger now but is also all puppy and not very well behaved. I'm still not sure what happened, but TIa did something that Petunia didn't like. Petunia took one step forward and shot a look to Tia that must have sent a message, because Tia immediately sat and didn't move. Petunia essentially corrected the puppy behavior. I busted out laughing as did Tia's owner. Tia's owner asked if Petunia could come over every day because that's the first time in over a year that she has listened or followed directions. The Broodie still has it!
  3. Petunia here. I am 12 today and I am too excited to wait for the old man to post it. Sing along everyone....Happy Birfday to meeeeeeeeee,,,,,,,
  4. Long story, but the condensed version is that Petunia was getting back at Kate for scooping her Slumber Ball. Petunia looks pretty proud of herself.
  5. The cable company pulled out up front to check an equipment box on the street this evening. Mrs. Kravitz 1 and Mrs. Kravitz 2 both jumped from their beds to go see what was going on in the neighborhood. It was the most excitement we've had here all day.
  6. One year ago today Petunia came to visit us while her Foster Mom "went to a meeting" (yeah, right...) She was here less than an hour when I told DW to "just write the check." This little old lady girl pulled both of us out of the funk of losing Rocket months earlier. We weren't ready for another dog. Petunia thought otherwise. Happy one year Gotcha Day to our bossy, foot-stomping, whining, talking broodie.
  7. Kate likes rolling in the leaves - the few we have. Petunia thinks the shady part of the yard is much better.
  8. I came home from running errands on Wednesday morning and DW was also gone for about an hour that overlapped my errands. On Tuesday night we grabbed fast food at Whataburger for dinner and found the next morning that Kate apparently also loves Whataburger. Notice how Petunia sells her out by stepping backward when I ask who made the mess. Also, listen right at the end for Kate's chattering when I compliment her work. Some of you may have seen this already as DW also posted it on Facebook. The new locking trash can arrived the next day, as it wasn't Kate's first adventure with the trash. https://youtu.be/dZMBUSnLqOM
  9. The girls are hard at work today being retired greyhounds. Classes are available for those needing instruction. Foster Kate - Champion Roacher Petunia - Party Hostess Trolley - Manning the office today. Snickers - "Who says the guest bed is only Trolley's?"
  10. Trolley is visiting for a night or three. I grabbed fast food for dinner tonight and Petunia has become as fry-obsessed as Rocket was. Trolley turned them down at first because Petunia was trying to horn-in on every fry instead of sharing. Eventually, Trolley came over for some fries. Note the stinkeye from Petunia who is no longer at the front of the line.
  11. Although the Golden Girls had their party on the 4th of July for all of their birthdays, Petunia officially turned 11 today - going on 4. You would never know this girl is anywhere near 11 years old. She will have another Birthday Sundae later to celebrate, and most likely some fries with her dinner. Happy Birthday to my girl!
  12. Does this Slumber Ball make my butt look big? She slept for about the past 15 hours, got up to eat and went back to bed. I think she's starting to figure out this retirement thing. A couple nights ago I realized that she had stolen one of my shoes and left a hedgehog in it's place. Seems like a fair trade.
  13. We are having our traditional 4th of July greyhound party but putting a new spin on it this year. In the past, Rocket hosted this party for his friends and those friends who couldn't handle the noise of fireworks. With Rocket's passing in October and the arrival of Petunia this year, we are instead having a birthday party for the Golden Girls, all of whom have birthdays in July. Our friends who usually come here to avoid fireworks can't be here today, but we are thinking about them and missing them, wishing they were able to be here too. (Conner and Val we miss you) So, the first picture is a teaser with more to come later. From left to right - Trolley who turned 12, Petunia who will be 11, and our friend Bella who will also be 11. To quote Petunia - "I ain't wearing no stinking tiara......oh hell no...." More to come later tonight.
  14. Petunia had a play date today with Bella, the hound we were taking care of when her owner broke a hip. The girls were excited to see each other although there wasn't enough "play" to take any pictures. We mostly watched them sleep on beds while we talked with Bella's owner. Bella's owner had the book with all of her records and we found that her racing name was Phoenix Chomper. Her daddy was none other than Dave The Dog! I'm thinking that Dave The Dog's owner either is or used to be here on GT but don't remember if it was his racing owner or retirement owner. I think it's cool that Bella is one of Dave The Dog's offspring. I seem to remember that Dave The Dog was pretty entertaining and was pretty popular here when his owner posted things about him . Just curious if his owner is still here on GT. (edited to fix typo) Bella looks a lot like her daddy.
  15. Petunia and Bella waited until the hottest part of the day to go sunbathing.
  16. ... Daddyman. Note the eye that is watching Daddyman from behind the blanket.
  17. This afternoon with the front door open enjoying the breeze. Tonight since dinner - 3.5 hours ago. Edited to add the bed fail in front of me at the moment. Occasionally there's a little growl of contentment.
  18. Note the really quick stinkeye when I tell her she can't tear the toy at about the 50 second mark.
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