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  1. Hi all, We just got our new foster last week and he's a little sweetheart. The biggest difficulty we have is he gets either very scared, distracted, or overwhelmed by traffic and freezes. He's totally fine while walking in the woods. Its just the traffic that gets him. He's not treat oriented at all so I can't get him moving with a treat. Most of the time I'll stop and he'll move on his own in a minute or two. A few times we've been frozen while crossing a street and I've had to pull him more than I'd like to get out of the traffic? Any thoughts or recommendations. We live in a busy area so I
  2. We just got Comet last week. He was a hemopet in Texas. comet (1 of 1) by Dom, on Flickr comet (2 of 3) by Dom, on Flickr comet (1 of 3) by Dom, on Flickr
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