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  1. My 6ft privacy fence will be completed in July! I can't wait...no more leash walking for every potty break. Bring on the fosters!!!
  2. I adopted all of my greyhounds at 6 or 7. I fostered a 13 month old. Holy Smokes what a difference! He was super sweet, but I was glad when he went to his home. I had to keep a constant eye on him at all times...he was a big boy too, 80 plus lbs. I will stick with 3 or older.
  3. I'm just seeing this now. I can't believe Murray is gone now too. Run free sweet boy...
  4. Rustyroo


    Oh my gosh, i have a lump in my throat. I am so sorry...run free Iker.
  5. It will hit 40 in WI on Sunday...break out the shorts
  6. She's beautiful. I was wondering how long it would take. Has she been introduced to french fries yet?
  7. I already sent my condolences on FB, but I want to do it here too. My heart sank when I saw Rocket's name. I wouldn't believe it at first. He will always be a Greytalk favorite. I always think of Rocket when I get fries.
  8. My Solo goes back to Exotic. Could that be one?
  9. Used to live in Greenfield too, lol...and Oak Creek, and Hales Corners. I moved around a bit during and after college.
  10. Where are you exactly? There is another grey owner that lives in Hartland too.
  11. Welcome! I live in Hartland now, but originally from Milwaukee.
  12. I also lost my Franny in August too. I miss my baby girl so much.
  13. Our Franny, my little baby girl, is gone. The house is so empty without her here. This is the first time in 15 years we have not had a greyhound. My kids have not known life without a greyhound in it. This is a first for us all. Franny came to us as a bounce seven years ago to keep Solo company after losing Rusty. Her gotcha day was one day before her birthday. She was a good little sister for a month until Solo left us. Then she became the queen. Everyone loved her. She thought all humans were put on this earth to pet her. She helped us foster a couple of grey's and dog sit. Nothing fazed her, not the kids running around, not fireworks, not thunderstorms, not cats, not even little yappy's. She would lay in her big fancy dog bed and watch everything around her. She loved my kids and all of their friends that came to visit. The last six months or so we noticed she was showing her age. She was getting weak in her rear legs, was diagnosed with arthritis in her spine, and seemed to just be a little off. Last Thursday my son called me at work in a panic letting me know Franny couldn't walk. I rushed home and he was right so carried her to the car and rushed to the emergency vet. The emergency vet believed she had lesions on her brain, a brain tumor, a blood clot or she stroked. I asked the hard question about her quality of life and was told she had very little. We knew what we had to do. Even my 12 year old said she shouldn't be in any more pain. She is now running freely with Rusty and Solo and all her other doggy friends.
  14. Funny you should mention that. Franny was 13 in February. She has had unusual shedding this year. I call it little tufts of fur that fall out. I can actually see the tufts on her. It's different than her regular shedding.
  15. Franny still continues to pant and pace throughout the night, and now she is panting more during the day. My son noticed yesterday while she was panting that she has a red lump on the side of her tongue. I can't get a picture of it. She closes her mouth when i get near her to look. Any thoughts or ideas? Oh, and she also has the big D this week too. I do have a vet appointment for her tomorrow morning.
  16. I have only adopted bounces. Two were six and one was seven. My first greyhound lived to 13 1/2. My second to 12 and my 3rd is still here at almost 13 1/2. None of them ever needed to be rated. Bounces need homes too and the good thing is that they have lived in a home before.
  17. My Franny has been doing this too, but she starts at 7:00pm. I'm convinced she has the onset of doggy dementia. It's like we have a newborn in the house that has her days and nights mixed up.
  18. That was done at her last visit in late May. The vet said everything was fine there, but i'm not to sure about that.
  19. I have thought of that. I think it may be the start of it since she is fine during the day. I have read up on the signs and symptoms, but it's hard to tell if it's that or just her being a greyhound. She's never played with toys in the 7 years that we have had her, and she is not very active anymore because she has arthritis in her spine. She does though have some confusion, restlessness and major change in her sleep cycle.
  20. I'm not sure if I should put this here or in health and medical, but this seemed to be more of a behavioral. So Franny has been doing a lot of heavy panting and pacing in the middle of the night (i did post that in H&M a few weeks ago), but last night she did something completely strange and kinda scary. Along with the pacing and panting, she also needs to be let out at least once a night. She can't get through the night anymore without being let out...my old lady. Last night I let her out around 3:15 and i'm waiting for her to do her business and she seemed to be taking a lot longer than normal. I called her to come in and she just stood there staring at me. I called her a few more times, still nothing. So I went out to grab her collar and gently lead her in, she wasn't that far from the door. She backed off and ran away from me like she was afraid of me. This is not normal behavior, she is my velcro dog. Totally took me by surprise. She did this to me three times. I was actually getting scared. I didn't know if I was going to be able to get her back in the house. She has never done this before.
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